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Davao City's Batang Pinoy chess team complete  -  Sun.Star
STANDOUTS Earl Rhay Mantilla and Irish Yngayo will lead the Davao City chess team to the upcoming Batang Pinoy 2016 National Championships after topping their respective events in the eliminations held at the Microtel by Wyndham in Damosa, Lanang ...

Countdown to the World Chess Championship  -  Huffington Post
For chess fans around the world, it is a very exciting time period. In the first time in decades, the World Chess Championship will be held in the U.S. from November 11th - 30th at the South Street Seaport in New York City. The existing World Chess ...

Game of politics: Knowing how to outplay your opponents  -  EJ Insight
Just like professional chess players, people who play high-stakes politics need to think many moves ahead. When chess grandmasters make a move, they anticipate how their adversaries will respond and how they themselves will respond to the ...
National chess league begins  -  The New Times
The national chess league championship started Sunday with a team from Eagles Chess Club (ECC) dominating after the first two rounds played at the University of Rwanda's College of Science and Technology premises, in Kigali. The reigning champions ...

South Florida student wins World Cadets Chess Championship ...  -  7News - WSVN-TV
MIAMI (WSVN) - A local student has been named the winner of the World Cadets Chess Championship. Nikhil Kumar, an eight grader at Ransom Everglades ...

The bullpens of the Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs have engaged in a chess match  -  RollingStone.com
Whether you know it or not, you've been watching a big chess game since October 25, the start of the Cubs-Indians World Series, and probably for much longer than that. It's all thanks to baseball managers' use of the bullpen. As is customary in the ...
India Cultural Center of Greenwich offers Cultural, STEM, Martial Arts and Chess Classes.  -  Greenwich Free Press
India cultural Center of Greenwich is offering Cultural, STEM, Martial Arts, Chess, and newly added Bollywood, Yoga and Art classes. Register now! ICC Greenwich is excited to start our fall classes along with some new class offerings as well. FIVE NEW ...

Ransom Everglades student Nikhil Kumar wins World Cadets Chess...  -  Local 10
Ransom Everglades eighth grader Nikhil Kumar traveled all the way to Batumi, Georgia to take part in the World Cadets Chess Championship and came back to ...

The rise of the machines  -  Livemint
Rather than hang up his gloves, Kasparov began to toy with the idea of a chess tournament that allowed humans to collaborate with computers. He created the Advanced Chess Tournament, a cyborg chess championship in which humans could team up with ...

An African story told truthfully  -  Daily Nation
One of the most captivating and passionate scenes in the recent Hollywood movie, Queen of Katwe, is when, after winning her first Chess Olympiad match, Phiona Mutesi (Madina Nalwanga) bolts out of the hotel and lets out a loud cry of jubilation that ...

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Top 8 Chess Mistakes
Top 8 Chess Mistakes
Halloween Gambit Speed Chess Tournament [214]
Halloween Gambit Speed Chess Tournament [214]
10 Golden Moves | Chess
10 Golden Moves | Chess
King of the Hill Speed Chess Tournament [215]
King of the Hill Speed Chess Tournament [215]
Magician Defeats NYC Chess Hustler!
Magician Defeats NYC Chess Hustler!
Top 7 Aggressive Chess Openings
Top 7 Aggressive Chess Openings
Anand vs Carlsen - 2013 Tal Memorial Blitz Chess
Anand vs Carlsen - 2013 Tal Memorial Blitz Chess
The Fastest Chess Game ever played Impressive!
The Fastest Chess Game ever played Impressive!
10-year-old Chess Prodigy beats Grandmaster
10-year-old Chess Prodigy beats Grandmaster

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Chess Board Black And White clip art - vector clip art online ...
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Excalibur Electronic Chess Game | Vintage Electronics | Pinterest
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The Simpsons Chess set | Psychamok Records | Pinterest
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Picture Of Chess Pieces - ClipArt Best
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Clics Chess 2
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Chess Fun. | Chess Miscellaneous | Pinterest
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Tri Dimensional Chess set | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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Guernsey International Chess Festival
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500 x 500 png 51kB
London Chess Classic 2012
498 x 103 png 18kB
Sugar Pie DeSanto - Ace Records
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Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2012
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Magnus Recaps the Shamkir 2014 Chess Tournament — Magnus Carlsen
1024 x 848 jpeg 114kB
Agropoli, Italy
500 x 344 jpeg 48kB
CSH#22 – tamthientran
1280 x 720 png 1328kB
Km 6 vía Duitama-- Nobsa Puntalarga SUCURSAL: Nobsa plazoleta ...
1241 x 1022 jpeg 248kB

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Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. Chess is played by millions of people worldwide, both amateurs and professionals.Each player begins the game with 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. Each of the six piece types moves differently. The most powerful piece is the queen and the least powerful piece is the pawn. The objective is to 'checkmate' the opponent's king by placing it under an inescapable threat of capture. To this end, a player's pieces are used to attack and capture the opponent's pieces, while supporting their own. In addition to checkmate, the game can be won by voluntary resignation by the opponent, which typically occurs when too much material is lost, or if checkmate appears unavoidable. A game may also result in a draw in several ways.Chess is believed to have originated in India, some time before the 7th century, being derived from the Indian game of chaturanga. Chaturanga is also the likely ancestor of the Eastern strategy games xiangqi, janggi and shogi. The pieces took on their current powers in Spain in the late 15th century; the rules were finally standardized in the 19th century. The first generally recognized World Chess Champion, Wilhelm Steinitz, claimed his title in 1886. Since 1948, the World Championship has been controlled by FIDE, the game's international governing body; the current World Champion is the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen. FIDE also organizes the Women's World Championship, the World Junior Championship, the World Senior Championship, the Blitz and Rapid World Championships and the Chess Olympiad, a popular competition among teams from different nations. There is also a Correspondence Chess World Championship and a World Computer Chess Championship. Online chess has opened amateur and professional competition to a wide and varied group of players. There are also many chess variants, with different rules, different pieces, and different boards.FIDE awards titles to skilled players, the highest of which is grandmaster. Many national chess organizations also have a title system. However, these are not recognised by FIDE. The term "master" may refer to a formal title or may be used more loosely for any skilled player.Until recently, chess was a recognized sport of the International Olympic Committee; some national sporting bodies such as the Spanish Consejo Superior de Deportes also recognize chess as a sport. Chess was included in the 2006 and 2010 Asian Games.Since the second half of the 20th century, computers have been programmed to play chess with increasing success, to the point where the strongest home computers play chess at a higher level than the best human players. Since the 1990s, computer analysis has contributed significantly to chess theory, particularly in the endgame. The computer IBM Deep Blue was the first machine to overcome a reigning World Chess Champion in a match when it defeated Garry Kasparov in 1997. The rise of strong computer programs (known as "engines") that can be run on hand-held devices has led to increasing concerns about cheating during tournaments.