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How the United States Can Support Armenia’s Fledgling Democracy  Open Society Foundations

The people of Armenia have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to enact sweeping anticorruption and criminal justice reforms. Here's what U.S. policymakers ...

Open Society Foundations
United States signals it may toughen stance on Cuban lawsuits provision  Channel NewsAsia

WASHINGTON/HAVANA: The Trump administration on Wednesday shortened the U.S. government's customary waiver of legislation that would allow Cuban ...

Channel NewsAsia
Sen. Isakson proposes entry fee for visitors to the United States to fund border security  11Alive.com WXIA

Senator Johnny Isakson (R-Ga) proposed a new idea to fund U.S. border security and end the partial government shutdown: establish an entry fee for everyone ...

11Alive.com WXIA
EU ambassador to the U.S. to visit IU's Hamilton Lugar School  IU Newsroom

Ambassador David O'Sullivan, head of the delegation of the European Union to the United States, will visit the Indiana University Hamilton Lugar School of ...

IU Newsroom
ISIS Attack in Syria Kills 4 Americans, Raising New Worries About Troop Withdrawal  The New York Times

Critics of President Trump's drawdown plans said his claim of victory over the Islamic State may have emboldened its fighters and encouraged the suicide ...

The New York Times
Could Nancy Pelosi be the next president of the United States? | TheHill  The Hill

This scenario will not happen by election in 2020, but by succession to the White House this year.

The Hill
You Might Want to Check Your Netflix Bill  New York Magazine

Fifty-eight million Netflix subscribers in the United States are getting their monthly rates increased.

New York Magazine
‘I have to try’: New migrant caravan leaves Honduras and heads for the United States  The Washington Post

SAN PEDRO SULA, Honduras — An estimated 2,000 migrants formed a caravan in this northern Honduran city late Monday and early Tuesday and set off ...

The Washington Post
‘No Deal’ on Brexit Is the Best Deal for Britain and the United States  Daily Signal

A “sovereign Brexit” would provide a tremendous impetus to a U.S.-U.K. free trade agreement, advancing economic freedom on both sides of the Atlantic.

Daily Signal
Increasing polarisation points to stark choice in 2020 US poll  The Straits Times

In less than two weeks since taking her seat in the house, Bronx-born Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, at 29 the youngest congresswoman ever, has elicited some of ...

The Straits Times
Opinion | United States has ties in the war in Yemen  The Breeze

In 2015, there was an uprising by the Arab Spring in Yemen, leaving the country to digress economically and politically. Shiites and Sunnis have been at war ...

The Breeze
CDC: Flu Cases Hit 7 Million in the United States  Infectious Disease Advisor

HealthDay News -- The flu season is picking up steam, with about 7 million Americans having been struck by a strain of the flu virus, health officials said Friday.

Infectious Disease Advisor
Former US ambassador to NATO: The United States is 'no longer the most important actor'  CNN

Former US ambassador to NATO and current president of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, Ivo Daalder, says the United States is "no longer the most ...

Star Guelph runner taking her talents to United States  GuelphMercury.com

The St. James Lion who has been flyin' to one huge running accomplishment after another is taking her skills to the United States.

American journalist who works for Iranian TV arrested in US, state-run media says  CNN

Iran's foreign minister called for the United States to release Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi in comments carried on the website of state-run IRNA news.

United States air traffic controllers warn flying less safe, New Zealand colleagues lend support  New Zealand Herald

Air traffic controllers in the United States warn that flying is less safe because of the partial government shutdown which means they are working for no pay.

New Zealand Herald
Elizabeth City: DynCorp International awarded United States Coast Guard contract | The Coastland Times  The Coastland Times

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) Aviation Logistics Center (ALC), Long Range Surveillance Product Line Division, awarded DynCorp International (DI) ...

The Coastland Times
Trade war could be over by summer, former US diplomat in China says  South China Morning Post

A former US diplomat and China strategist has added his voice to the growing chorus of experts who believe a short-term resolution to the trade war can be ...

South China Morning Post
United States of Fashion: CNN's New Original Series Decode American Style  Forbes

CNN's new Original Series, American Style, examines the changing styles of the 20th century as they mirror the shifts in political, social, and economic climate.

A blood-red supermoon will happen Sunday, and the entire U.S. will be able to see it  Washington Post

On Sunday night, the air will be cold and the sky will be clear for most of the country as a total lunar eclipse bathes the moon in an eerie blood-red hue.

Washington Post
The U.S. Should Get Tough on Timber With Peru  The New York Times

When the trade deal between the United States and Peru went into effect in 2009, proponents touted it as a shining example of environmental good sense.

The New York Times
Nanobiotix Plans to Conduct Registered Public Offering in the United States  Associated Press

Nanobiotix Plans to Conduct Registered Public Offering in the United States Paris, France and Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), January 16, 2019 ...

Associated Press
As West Grows Wary, Chinese Investment Plummets  Foreign Policy

Chinese investment in the United States and Europe dropped sharply in 2018 after a couple of gangbuster years as Beijing seeks to control flows of capital and ...

Foreign Policy
Pence Says U.S. Still Waiting on North Korea for ‘Concrete Steps’ to Denuclearize  The New York Times

WASHINGTON — Vice President Mike Pence told American ambassadors on Wednesday that North Korea has failed to take any substantive steps to give up its ...

The New York Times
Trump Discussed Pulling U.S. From NATO, Aides Say Amid New Concerns Over Russia  The New York Times

WASHINGTON — There are few things that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia desires more than the weakening of NATO, the military alliance among the ...

The New York Times
Shutdown’s Economic Damage Starts to Pile Up, Threatening an End to Growth  The New York Times

WASHINGTON — The partial government shutdown is inflicting far greater damage on the United States economy than previously estimated, the White House ...

The New York Times
Corporate Membership  US SAILING

Join and be counted alongside over 45,000 sailors and 1700 sailing organizations from across the country! Corporate members of US Sailing recognize the ...

Why Don’t Unpaid Federal Workers Walk Off the Job?  The New York Times

Several hundred thousand federal workers keep showing up at their jobs every day — screening luggage for explosives, policing prisons, preparing to open tax ...

The New York Times
Can immigration save the U.S. from its birthrate crisis?  The Washington Post

A birthrates fall, America's immigration equation is changing.

The Washington Post
United States Mint honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  FOX 29

With Martin Luther King Jr. Day less than a week away, a new memento of the great civil rights leader and his wife is being released. The United States Mint is ...

FOX 29
Trump says a border wall would ‘help stop drugs.’ El Chapo’s smugglers suggest it won’t.  The Washington Post

Former associates of the Mexican drug kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán testified that drugs were smuggled into the United States through legal ports of ...

The Washington Post
Dividing Delaware LLCs - Wealth Management - United States  Mondaq News Alerts

Most financing agreements have covenants limiting the ability of a borrower to merge, consolidate, create subsidiaries, declare and pay dividends or other ...

Mondaq News Alerts
State Department Identifies American Killed In Nairobi Terror Attack  NPR

The U.S. State Department has identified the American killed Tuesday in a terrorist attack on a luxury hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, as Jason Spindler of Houston.

US Trade Rep Lighthizer saw no progress on 'structural issues' in China trade talks, Sen Grassley says  CNBC

United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer saw little progress on key issues in last week's talks aimed at settling the ongoing trade dispute between ...

American ISIS member Warren Clark says he wanted to see 'what the group was about'  NBC News

Warren Christopher Clark, who is being held in Kurdish custody, told NBC News in an exclusive interview that he does not regret throwing in his lot with ISIS.

NBC News
Sears survives bankruptcy auction and will keep 400 stores open  The Straits Times

WASHINGTON (WASHINGTON POST) - Sears, the iconic retail chain that was forced into bankruptcy in October, avoided a total shutdown after billionaire Eddie ...

The Straits Times
As U.S. Exits Syria, Mideast Faces a Post-American Era  The New York Times

The pending withdrawal from Syria is the latest example of a broader American disengagement from the Middle East. Russia and Iran are filling the void.

The New York Times
Hunton Retail Law Resource: Restaurants On Wheels - Corporate/Commercial Law - United States  Mondaq News Alerts

In a 2017 interview, Nigel Travis, former CEO of Dunkin' Brands, stated that delivery will be the next wave in the restaurant industry and that it would be like a ...

Mondaq News Alerts
China goes all out to boost its economy during trade talks, while the effect of US stimulus is fading  CNBC

As the U.S. and China negotiate on trade, Beijing is working overtime, pulling multiple levers to steady its lagging economy and boost markets.

Monster snowstorm to blanket more than half of United States  The Guardian

Winter storm 'expected to create havoc' as it moves from western US across the middle of the country.

The Guardian
NBA to reinforce policing of gambling amid expanding sports betting in United States  ESPN

LONDON -- The NBA is preparing to double down on policing its players, teams and staff amid the expansion of legalized sports gambling in the United States, ...

Infringing Hytera Products Banned from Importation to United States  Business Wire

Motorola Solutions, Inc. (NYSE: MSI) announced that the International Trade Commission's (ITC) importation ban and cease-and-desist orders for Hytera'

Business Wire
Helping U.S. Exporters  The New York Times

A former head of Export-Import Bank of the United States writes that the agency is being blocked from doing its job by Senate Republicans.

The New York Times
United States title match set for WWE Royal Rumble  Figure Four Online

During Tuesday's SmackDown, it was announced that United States Champion Rusev will defend his title against Shinsuke Nakamura at the Royal Rumble.

Figure Four Online
Russia, U.S. fail to save missile treaty, Washington to pull out  Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The United States on Wednesday rejected a Russian offer to save a landmark treaty that keeps nuclear missiles out of Europe because it ...

Guatemala’s corruption crisis is also the United States' migration problem  The Globe and Mail

Robert Rotberg is the founding director of the Harvard Kennedy School's Program on Intrastate Conflict, a former senior fellow at CIGI and president emeritus of ...

The Globe and Mail
Migrants depart from El Salvador as new U.S.-bound caravan forms  Reuters

At least 150 Salvadoran migrants departed in a group for the United States on Wednesday, the latest in a string of such 'caravans' that U.S. President Donald ...

Sands ranked No. 19 in the United States  EyeWitness News

NASSAU, BAHAMAS - Bahamian boxer Amron Sands (7-0) moved into the top 20 in the heavyweight rankings this week. Sands is currently ranked at No. 19 in ...

EyeWitness News
As Trump pushes for a wall, authorities keep finding drug tunnels under the U.S.-Mexico border  The Washington Post

One tunnel is about 50 feet long, unfinished, and stretches across two countries. It starts along the drainage channels that a U.S. border town shares with Mexico ...

The Washington Post
Odds of dying from accidental opioid overdose in the US surpass those of dying in car accident  CNN

For the first time on record the odds of dying from an opioid overdose in the United States are now greater than those of dying in an automobile accident, a new ...

U.S. Carbon Emissions Surged in 2018 Even as Coal Plants Closed  The New York Times

WASHINGTON — America's carbon dioxide emissions rose by 3.4 percent in 2018, the biggest increase in eight years, according to a preliminary estimate ...

The New York Times
The polar vortex has fractured, and the eastern U.S. faces a punishing stretch of winter weather  The Washington Post

The swirling winds tens of thousands of feet high in the sky above the Arctic — the dreaded polar vortex — broke apart into three parts to ring in 2019. Now the ...

The Washington Post
Can The US Keep Its Nuclear Industry Afloat? | OilPrice.com  OilPrice.com

The United States is severely lagging when it comes to new nuclear investment, but a new $115 million commitment hopes to change that.

US: China death sentence against Canadian 'politically motivated'  Aljazeera.com

Ottawa rallying allies after China arrest of Canadian citizens in wake of detention of top Huawei executive in Canada.

Giant US Bank Reveals 29 Percent Pay Gap Between Men, Women  VOA News

Female employees at Citigroup Inc around the world are paid just 71 percent of what men earn, the giant bank said on Wednesday, declaring its intentions to ...

VOA News
Fatty liver disease is becoming a problem across United States  UpperMichigansSource.com

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Ann Silverman, author of Defatting America, held a lecture for the community to learn about fatty liver disease.

US to Launch Secret Spy Satellite Saturday  Space.com

The NROL-71 spacecraft is scheduled to launch atop a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base on Saturday ...

Traffickers at the El Chapo trial say drugs aren't smuggled through open parts of the border  CNN

Most drugs are smuggled into the United States onboard fishing boats, trains, tractor-trailers and ordinary cars that come into the country at legal ports of entry, ...

Passenger takes gun on flight from United States to Japan after airport security bungle  ABC News

An unsuspecting traveller who forgot a gun was in their carry-on luggage was able to take the firearm on an international flight due to an airport security bungle, ...

ABC News
Did lettuce kill more Americans than undocumented immigrants?  PolitiFact

As the country was slogging into the third week of a government shutdown, a claim about federal paralysis caught fire on social media. Over an image of leafy ...

US fertility rate is below level needed to replace population, study says  CNN

The total fertility rate for the United States in 2017 continued to dip below what's needed for the population to replace itself, a new report said. That year, South ...

Doctor exposed to Ebola brought to United States  POLITICO

A U.S. physician who was exposed to Ebola while treating patients in the Democratic Republic of Congo arrived in the United States today and was taken to a ...

Trump Doesn't Want Alliances Like NATO, He Wants US Soldiers to Be Guns for Hire  The Daily Beast

From Europe to the Korean Peninsula, Trump insists countries pay more for the U.S. troops. Meanwhile Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong Un enjoy the spectacle of ...

The Daily Beast
Donald Trump Is a Clear and Present Danger to the National Security of the United States, Former DOJ Chief Says  Newsweek

A top former Department of Justice official warned that President Donald Trump has become a clear and present danger to the national security of the United ...

The U.S. Oil and Gas Industry Is Drilling Us Towards Climate Disaster  Common Dreams

As the 116th Congress commences, in the wake of dire reports from climate scientists, the debate over U.S. climate policies has taken a welcome turn towards ...

Common Dreams
New Directions Behavioral Health wins EAP contract for United States Postal Service  PRNewswire

KANSAS CITY, Mo., Jan. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- New Directions Behavioral Health today announced it has been awarded the contract to provide its ...

What Foods Are Banned in Europe but Not Banned in the U.S.?  The New York Times

The European Union prohibits many food additives and various drugs that are widely used in American foods.

The New York Times
Mueller Draft Report Says Trump 'Helped Putin Destabilize the United States', Watergate Journalist Says  Newsweek

Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein has said that he's been told that special counsel Robert Mueller's report will show how President Donald Trump helped ...

United States added to list of most dangerous countries for journalists for first time  NBC News

At least 63 professional journalists were killed doing their jobs in 2018, a 15 percent increase over last year, Reporters Without Borders said.

NBC News
Flu cases on the rise in the United States, CDC says  CNN

Flu activity is increasing in the United States, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Friday.

Last Known WWII Nazi Living In U.S., Deported To Germany Last Year, Is Dead at 95  NPR

The United States stripped Jakiw Palij of his citizenship in 2003, but it was difficult finding a country to take him. He was never charged for his involvement in the ...

U.S. to Withdraw About 7,000 Troops From Afghanistan, Officials Say  The New York Times

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has ordered the military to start withdrawing roughly 7,000 troops from Afghanistan in the coming months, two ...

The New York Times
US cancer death rate hits 25 years of decline, study says  CNN

Cancer death rates in the United States have seen a steady 25-year decline, a new study finds. The study projects that 1762450 new cancer cases and 606880 ...

‘America First’ is only making the world worse. Here’s a better approach.  Brookings Institution

Foreign policy was the last thing on voters' minds in the midterm elections, but as we look toward 2020, one thing is clear: President Trump's “America First” ...

Brookings Institution
Is Hungary becoming a rogue state in the center of Europe?  Brookings Institution

Most of the international criticism directed at Hungary over the past nine years has focused on domestic indicators such as the rule of law, separation of powers ...

Brookings Institution
Polyamory is a quietly revolutionary political tool in the US  Quartz

In the late 1960s, feminists made the groundbreaking argument that the personal is political. Contemporary polyamory is radical politics from that perspective.

Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat in the US 2019  Yelp Blog

Millions of people use Yelp across the country to search and share experiences at all kinds of restaurants — from food trucks to Michelin-starred restaurants, and ...

Yelp Blog
Trump pulled out of a massive trade deal. Now 11 countries are going ahead without the US  CNN

New York (CNN) A major 11-country agreement goes into effect Sunday, reshaping trade rules among economic powerhouses like Japan, Canada, Mexico and ...

8-Year-Old Migrant Child From Guatemala Dies in U.S. Custody  The New York Times

An 8-year-old boy from Guatemala died in United States custody early Christmas Day, the second death of a child in detention at the southwest border in less ...

The New York Times
U. S. charges Chinese hackers in alleged theft of vast trove of confidential data in 12 countries  The Washington Post

The United States and four of its closest allies on Thursday blamed China for a 12-year campaign of cyberattacks that vacuumed up technology and trade ...

The Washington Post
Syria’s Kurds, Feeling Betrayed by the U.S., Ask Assad Government for Protection  The New York Times

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Feeling betrayed by the United States, its Kurdish allies in Syria asked the Syrian government on Friday to protect them from possible ...

The New York Times
Trump to Withdraw U.S. Forces From Syria, Declaring ‘We Have Won Against ISIS’  The New York Times

WASHINGTON — President Trump has ordered the withdrawal of 2,000 American troops from Syria, bringing a sudden end to a military campaign that largely ...

The New York Times
Text of a Memorandum from the President to the Secretary of Defense Regarding the Establishment of the United States Space Command  Whitehouse.gov

MEMORANDUM FOR THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE. SUBJECT: Establishment of United States Space Command as a Unified Combatant Command.

US pledges $10.6B aid for Central America, southern Mexico  The Associated Press

MEXICO CITY (AP) — The United States pledged $5.8 billion in aid and investment Tuesday for strengthening government and economic development in ...

The Associated Press
Nearly 40,000 People Died From Guns in U.S. Last Year, Highest in 50 Years  The New York Times

More people died from firearm injuries in the United States last year than in any other year since at least 1968, according to new data from the Centers for ...

The New York Times
Investors worry Bezos divorce will affect Amazon, United States News & Top Stories  The Straits Times

NEW YORK • A day after Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced his impending divorce, shares of the company seesawed as investors questioned how it would ...

The Straits Times
No More Bread and Water: U.S. Navy Scraps an Age-Old Penalty  The New York Times

A law taking effect Jan. 1 that updates many facets of military justice will put an end to a disciplinary practice left over from the era of sailing ships.

The New York Times
Syria Pullout by U.S. Tilts Mideast Toward Iran and Russia, Isolating Israel  The New York Times

President Trump's decision to withdraw American troops from Syria clears the way for Iran to expand its influence and leaves Israel alone to stop it.

The New York Times
Charts of the week: Immigration and border security  Brookings Institution

As the standoff in Washington continues between Donald Trump and Congress over funding for a border wall, and the continued shutdown of parts of the federal ...

Brookings Institution
Trump’s shutdown could wear out his welcome in the Senate once and for all  Brookings Institution

Elaine Kamarck writes that the shutdown pits Trump against the Senate in a way that could present risks further down the road if indeed the House decides to ...

Brookings Institution
Don’t let Russian S-400s peel Turkey away from the West  Brookings Institution

Turkish-Russian relations are far from a real strategic partnership. Hence, there is a pragmatic solution that Washington can pursue to resolve the impasse over ...

Brookings Institution
Richard Overton, America's oldest World War II veteran and the oldest man in the US, dies at 112  CNN

Richard Overton, America's oldest World War II veteran and the oldest man in the United States, died Thursday afternoon at the age of 112.

N. Korea insists US act first before it gives up nukes  The Associated Press

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea said it will never unilaterally give up its nuclear weapons unless the United States first removes what Pyongyang ...

The Associated Press
'We sacrificed our lives for this': How U.S. prodigy Ben Lederman's career was almost ruined at Barcelona  ESPN

Ben Lederman's trying to crack into the Gent first team but is still learning the physicality of the Belgian league compared to his time in Spain. Courtesy of KVV ...

Some terrorism good news  Brookings Institution

For an America still viewing the terrorism threat through the lens of 9/11, it's important to recognize that, for 2018 at least, jihadist-linked terrorism was on the ...

Brookings Institution
Is there a glimmer of hope for the INF Treaty?  Brookings Institution

Washington should test whether recent suggestions from Moscow represent just more Kremlin posturing or a serious effort to save the INF Treaty.

Brookings Institution
Jim Mattis, Defense Secretary, Resigns in Rebuke of Trump’s Worldview  The New York Times

Officials said Mr. Mattis went to the White House on Thursday afternoon in a last attempt to persuade President Trump to keep American troops in Syria.

The New York Times
RL Zeigler Co., Inc. Recalls Chicken and Pork Red Hot Sausage Products due to Possible Foreign Matter Contamination  USDA.gov

R. L. Zeigler Co., Inc., a Selma, Ala. establishment, is recalling approximately 11664 pounds of ready-to-eat (RTE) poultry and meat sausage products that may ...

CANCELLED – The future of U.S. policy in Afghanistan  Brookings Institution

On January 14, the Foreign Policy program at Brookings will host a discussion on the future of U.S. policy in Afghanistan.

Brookings Institution
Congress in 2019: Why the first branch should bring back earmarks  Brookings Institution

House Democrats have talked openly about bringing back earmarks at the start of the 116th Congress, and it's great news. Earmarks—individual provisions ...

Brookings Institution

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The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S. or US) or America, is a country composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions. At 3.8 million square miles (9.8 million km2), the United States is the world's third or fourth largest country by total area and slightly smaller than the entire continent of Europe's 3.9 million square miles (10.1 million km2). With a population of over 327 million people, the U.S. is the third most populous country. The capital is Washington, D.C., and the largest city by population is New York. Forty-eight states and the capital's federal district are contiguous in North America between Canada and Mexico. The State of Alaska is in the northwest corner of North America, bordered by Canada to the east and across the Bering Strait from Russia to the west. The State of Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid-Pacific Ocean. The U.S. territories are scattered about the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, stretching across nine official time zones. The extremely diverse geography, climate, and wildlife of the United States make it one of the world's 17 megadiverse countries.Paleo-Indians migrated from Siberia to the North American mainland at least 12,000 years ago. European colonization began in the 16th century. The United States emerged from the thirteen British colonies established along the East Coast. Numerous disputes between Great Britain and the colonies following the French and Indian War led to the American Revolution, which began in 1775, and the subsequent Declaration of Independence in 1776. The war ended in 1783 with the United States becoming the first country to gain independence from a European power. The current constitution was adopted in 1788, with the first ten amendments, collectively named the Bill of Rights, being ratified in 1791 to guarantee many fundamental civil liberties. The United States embarked on a vigorous expansion across North America throughout the 19th century, acquiring new territories, displacing Native American tribes, and gradually admitting new states until it spanned the continent by 1848. During the second half of the 19th century, the Civil War led to the abolition of slavery. By the end of the century, the United States had extended into the Pacific Ocean, and its economy, driven in large part by the Industrial Revolution, began to soar. The Spanish–American War and World War I confirmed the country's status as a global military power. The United States emerged from World War II as a global superpower, the first country to develop nuclear weapons, the only country to use them in warfare, and a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council. During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union competed in the Space Race, culminating with the 1969 Moon landing. The end of the Cold War and the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 left the United States as the world's sole superpower.The United States is the world's oldest surviving federation. It is a federal republic and a representative democracy, "in which majority rule is tempered by minority rights protected by law". The United States is a founding member of the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Organization of American States (OAS), and other international organizations. The United States is a highly developed country, with the world's largest economy by nominal GDP and second-largest economy by PPP, accounting for approximately a quarter of global GDP. The U.S. economy is largely post-industrial, characterized by the dominance of services and knowledge-based activities, although the manufacturing sector remains the second-largest in the world. The United States is the world's largest importer and the second largest exporter of goods, by value. Although its population is only 4.3% of the world total, the U.S. holds 33% of the total wealth in the world, the largest share of global wealth concentrated in a single country. The United States ranks among the highest nations in several measures of socioeconomic performance, including human development, per capita GDP, and productivity per person, while experiencing a substantial amount of income and wealth inequality. The United States is the foremost military power in the world, making up a third of global military spending, and is a leading political, cultural, and scientific force internationally.