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Civil Servants In Swaziland Set To Strike Over Salary Hikes  NewsClick

Civil servants in Swaziland are set to go on a countrywide strike on January 28, The international organizer for the Communist Party of Swaziland (CPS), ...

Swaziland : UHC leaving no one behind in the Kingdom of Eswatini  African Daily Voice

NEWSROOM (ADV) – The World Health Organization (WHO) recently conducted the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) scoping exercise in the Kingdom of ...

African Daily Voice
WYD Panama: Swaziland youth challenges elders to listen to Pope  Vatican News

On the sidelines of WYD in Panama, 28-year-old Thoba says the reality in Swaziland is that young people are afraid of following their calling, and he ...

Vatican News
Swaziland: Evicted Farmers Take On Swaziland Absolute Monarch to Get Their Land Back  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Swaziland's government has been evicting farmers from their land to expand the monarchy-controlled sugar industry for decades. After years of empty promises ...

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
Swaziland: Trade Unions Boycott King Mswati's Businesses After Bar On Strike  NewsClick

After the King Mswati III's monarchical government of the Swaziland managed to stop what was expected to be the largest strike in recent times by getting the ...

Swaziland: Industrial Court Stops Swaziland Public Servants Strike At Last Minute  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

The Industrial Court in Swaziland / eSwatini stopped the national strike by public servants hours before it was due to start. At an urgent hearing on Sunday (27 ...

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
Swaziland youth challenges elders to listen to Pope  Newsbook

In Swaziland the King changes people's names. Thoba was the name given at birth to a young man who today is 28. The King changed his name to Swatini.

Caps United duo try luck in Swaziland  NewsDay

CAPS United defender Stephen Makatuka and midfielder Cabby Kamhapa have reportedly left for Swaziland, where they are angling to join Mbambane ...

Swaziland losing millions on neglected leather tanning business  African Daily Voice

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (ADV) – Swaziland continues to lose millions of Emalangeni in a neglected leather tanning training business. It is believed ...

African Daily Voice
Swaziland has a new name - eSwatini - but will anything else change?  BBC News

King Mswati III of Swaziland has changed his country's name to eSwatini. The BBC's Nomsa Maseko asks whether the lives of its citizens will change. Crowds ...

BBC News
Supporters Renew Push for Nationwide Paid Family Leave in US  VOA News

Democrats pushed on Tuesday for a nationwide paid family leave system in the United States, the only developed nation that does not guarantee pay to workers ...

VOA News
eSwatini, Swaziland name change challenged by activists  Quartz Africa

To rebrand an entire country takes more than an announcement and some applause, as eSwatini—or is it still Swaziland?—is finding out. King Mswati III ...

Quartz Africa
Swaziland king renames country 'the Kingdom of eSwatini'  BBC News

There are not many people in the world who are able to change the name of a nation. But King Mswati can - he is one of the world's few absolute monarchs.

BBC News
Swaziland's name change challenged in court | News | Africa  Mail & Guardian

In a crucial test of the powers of King Mswati III, the Swazi High Court has been asked to strike down the king's unilateral change of Swaziland's name to ...

Mail & Guardian
eSwatini, Formerly Swaziland, Heads for First Elections Under New Name  VOA News

The tiny African nation of eSwatini is officially holding its first set of elections Friday under its new name, which was bestowed by the king in April. Critics say this ...

VOA News
Why is Swaziland’s king renaming his country?  The Economist

THE King of Swaziland, Mswati III, has a problem. “Whenever we go abroad”, he says, “people refer to us as Switzerland.” So on April 18th, at a celebration ...

The Economist
The country formerly known as Swaziland adapts to ‘more African’ name eSwatini  Citizen

One of the world's last absolute monarch's took the decision to rename the country without warning or consultation. At the main campus entrance, a large ...

Why Swaziland Is Now the Kingdom of eSwatini  Smithsonian.com

You might need to go shopping for a new globe. That's because Mswati III of Swaziland, Africa's last absolute monarch, has declared that his nation's official ...

Swaziland or eSwatini? King Mswati's name change faces legal challenge  Independent Online

Mbabane - A human rights activist in Swaziland is challenging King Mswati III's decision to change the tiny southern African nation's name to the Kingdom of ...

Independent Online
Africa’s Premier Social Football League taken to greater heights  Ghanasoccernet.com

Following the success of Castle Lager's inaugural Africa 5s social football league, the vibrant continental showpiece makes an astounding return this year by ...

Swaziland going to polls, but there's only one winner | Pretoria News  Independent Online

Results seem a foregone conclusion with absolute monarch King Mswati III sure to be the winner as democracy again takes the back stage.

Independent Online
Swaziland holds its first-ever pride parade  CNN

Hundreds of people marched down the streets of the capital Mbabane waving rainbow flags and holding signs that read, "Turn hate into love" -- a scene almost ...

Eswatini | Médecins Sans Frontières  Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International

Eswatini (former Swaziland) has one of the world's highest rates of HIV, with nearly one in three adults living with the disease. However, around 80 per cent of ...

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International
Swaziland's Teachers Wage Struggle Against Police Brutality  NewsClick

A teachers' union leader, Maxwell Musa Myeni, who resisted a gun-wielding police officer from firing at a meeting of teachers in Swaziland's Manzini city has ...

Letter from Africa: Why did Swaziland take 50 years to change its name?  BBC News

In our series of letters from African journalists, Ghanaian writer Elizabeth Ohene explains why she backs the Swazi monarch's move to rename his country.

BBC News
Swaziland: Private Sector Corrupt, but Public Sector Worse  OCCRP

The Kingdom of eSwatini, formerly known as Swaziland, lost US$2.09 million due to fraud and corruption in various sectors of the government, the national ...

Amid poll restrictions, Eswatini activists hope for change  Al Jazeera English

Country formerly known as Swaziland set to hold elections but democracy activists question fairness of poll system.

Al Jazeera English
Review: In ‘Liyana,’ Swaziland Orphans Turn Hardship Into a Folk Tale  The New York Times

By addressing strife in Africa in a roundabout way, “Liyana” breaks free of the heaviness that can weigh down an issue-based documentary. The movie, directed ...

The New York Times
Swaziland: Police Turn Swaziland City Into 'Warzone' As National Strike Enters Second Day  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Police in Swaziland turned the city of Manzini into a 'battlefield' and a 'warzone' on the second day of the national strike in the kingdom.

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
From Swaziland to eSwatini: What's in a name change?  DW (English)

On Thursday, the former Swaziland marks 50 years of independence. To celebrate, King Mswati III renamed the country eSwatini. The move is part of an attempt ...

DW (English)
Despite record inequality, UK and EU won't challenge Swaziland's monarch  OpenGlobalRights

The UK and EU are ignoring Swaziland's threats to human rights and civic space, refusing to hold the monarchy to account.

Swaziland's leaders must stop eating all the grass  Mail & Guardian

When King Mswati III, our reigning monarch, celebrated his 50th birthday last month, he was apparently wearing a diamond encrusted watch worth an incredible ...

Mail & Guardian
Swaziland Workers Occupy the Streets in a Historic Strike Against Monarchy's Anti-labor Policies  NewsClick

In the small, landlocked nation-state of Swaziland, the last remaining absolute monarchy in sub-Saharan Africa, a militant workers' movement has taken to the ...

Swaziland is now called 'eSwatini'  CNN

At a celebration marking 50 years of independence from Britain, Africa's last absolute monarch announced he is renaming his country to the "Kingdom of ...

Changing Swaziland's name 'won't happen overnight and won't be costly', says govt  News24

Swaziland's ministry of home affairs has reportedly said that the changing of the country's name to the Kingdom of eSwatini "won't happen overnight".

Swaziland, a Taiwan ally, did not attend the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in Beijing this week  Quartz

Almost every African nation sent a representative to this week's Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) in Beijing, eager for a slice of China's new ...

Swaziland's proposed law on 'foreign love' is 'absurd, ridiculous' – activists  News24

Activists in Swaziland have criticised a draft law that might force citizens to pay dearly if they want to marry a foreign national.

Fears that Swaziland's government is listening in on cellphone calls  Independent Online

MP Mjuluko Dlamini told the House of Assembly that Swazis are scared to communicate on their cellphones because they fear calls are being monitored.

Independent Online
Commercial Law In Swaziland - Corporate/Commercial Law - Swaziland  Mondaq News Alerts

The Kingdom of Swaziland is a former British protectorate which became independent in 1968. Swaziland is a landlocked country bordered on the north, west ...

Mondaq News Alerts
and Swaziland: how they compare - The Local  The Local Switzerland

Swaziland may be changing its name to avoid confusion with Switzerland, but apart from a similar name what do they have in common? We came up with five ...

The Local Switzerland
Top Africa stories: Mugabe, Swaziland's law on 'foreign love'  News24

Zimbabwean former president Robert Mugabe was reportedly "rushed" out of the country after his health "suddenly deteriorated", and Swaziland's proposed law ...

Wave of Strikes Hits Swaziland as Public Servants Demand Salary Hikes  NewsClick

Nurses in Swaziland went on a strike on September 5, demanding a hike in salaries of 6.5% based on the cost of living adjustment (COLA). The nurses ...

eSwatini has no interest in $60bn the Chinese have earmarked for Africa  Independent Online

The tiny kingdom of Swaziland was absent from this week's Focac summit and appears to have no plans of attending anytime soon.

Independent Online
Swaziland: Campaign Growing for Arrest of Swaziland Prince Over Kidnapping and Rape Allegation  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

A campaign is gaining momentum in Swaziland/Eswatini to have a member of the Royal Family arrested on a rape charge. One newspaper reported the prince ...

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
The tiny country of Swaziland held its first ever Pride event on Saturday  Mashable

Rock of Hope, an LGBTI advocacy group, organized Swaziland's first ever gay pride event this Saturday.

Swaziland Has No Cash to Pay Elderly Pensions, Prime Minister Says He Will Fly Business Class to Save Money  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Swaziland/Eswatini is so broke that pensions for the elderly are not being paid. State-controlled radio has been broadcasting the news over the past few days.

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
EDITORIAL COMMENT : Sadc’s undying Frontline spirit commendable  The Herald

THE formation of a democratic government in South Africa in 1994 led to the disbandment of the Frontline States alliance, whose main objective was to ...

The Herald
Swaziland: From Swaziland to eSwatini - What's in a Name Change?  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Analysis - On Thursday, the former Swaziland marks 50 years of independence. To celebrate, King Mswati III renamed the country eSwatini. The move is part of ...

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
Threats Will Not Stop the First Ever Swaziland LGBT Pride in Southern Africa  The Daily Beast

The first ever LGBT Pride march takes place in eSwatini (formerly Swaziland) on Saturday. 'This will be the day the government starts paying attention to us,' its ...

The Daily Beast
eSwatini - Taiwan's last friend in Africa  BBC News

China has tried to win over eSwatini repeatedly, but the tiny kingdom, previously known as Swaziland, is staying with Taiwan for "diplomatic and political ...

BBC News
Swaziland to change its name – and Switzerland's partly to blame  The Local Switzerland

The southern African country of Swaziland has announced it is to change its name, partly because people keep mixing it up with Switzerland.

The Local Switzerland
Swaziland: Housing demolitions leave dozens homeless - Eswatini  ReliefWeb

English News and Press Release on Eswatini about Protection and Human Rights; published on 10 Apr 2018 by Amnesty.

Hail Pounds Saudi Desert, Kills Cattle in Swaziland  Breaking Israel News

Hashem said to Moshe, “Hold out your arm toward the sky that hail may fall on all the land of Egypt, upon man and beast and all the grasses of the field in the ...

Breaking Israel News
Swaziland Court Forces Teachers to Postpone Strike, Bans Public Servants' Action  AllAfrica.com

The Swaziland Industrial Court has forced teachers to postpone a strike planned to start on Tuesday and banned outright one by public *service* workers.

Swaziland King Says Angels Told Him Whom to Appoint As New Prime Minister, but He Won't Yet Reveal the Name  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

King Mswati III, the absolute monarch of Swaziland / Eswatini, told a meeting of the kingdom's 'People's Parliament' he had been visited by angels whom told ...

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
'It's a private matter,' says Swaziland on Zambian leader's $4bn mansion  News24

Swaziland has reportedly said that the issue involving Zambian President Edgar Lungu's plans to build a mansion in that country is a "private matter".

Swaziland has 1.1 million citizens, but only 12 ambulances  Independent Online

There are only 12 working public ambulances in the whole of Swaziland/Eswatini to serve 1.1 million people.

Independent Online
PICS: People freely cross Swaziland border into SA | The Mercury  Independent Online

About 500 people are allowed to “stroll” in and out of the country daily in front of members of the South African National Defence Force.

Independent Online
Former Orlando Pirates coach Kosta Papic lands Swaziland national team coaching job  Goal.com

According to EFA president Adam Mthethwa, Papic will be given the permission to appoint his own assistant.

WATCH: Swaziland crumble at home to Tunisia  Goal.com

The Carthage Eagles made it two wins from two Afcon qualifiers by defeating the King's Shield on Sunday afternoon.

Swaziland: King Mswati in Complete Control As Another Year of Human Rights Struggle Ends in Swaziland  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Opinion - King Mswati III demonstrated how powerful he is as the absolute monarch of Swaziland / eSwatini by ignoring provisions in the constitution when he ...

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
Swaziland: No Food for Hospital Patients As Broke Swaziland Government Leaves Supplier Bills Unpaid  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

The public hospital in Swaziland's capital city Mbabane has run out of food for patients because the government has not paid its bills to suppliers.

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
Swaziland: Couple in Swaziland Face Up to 15 Years Jail Under New Sexual Offences Law for Making Love in Front of a Child  AllAfrica.com

A couple in Swaziland/eSwatini might face up to 15 years in jail because they had sex in front of a child. It is thought to be the first case of its kind brought under ...

Leaks indicate Orlando Pirates have trip to Swaziland in Champions League  TimesLIVE

The draws for both the Caf Champions League and the Caf Confederation Cup‚ which kick off at the end of the month‚ have been delayed but leaks say Orlando ...

Swaziland: Low Turnout At Swaziland Election Fuels Doubts About Support for King's Absolute Monarchy  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Fewer than one in three people who registered to vote actually did so in the first round of Swaziland's national election, an analysis of poll data reveals. The low ...

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
The kingdom that China just can't flip  CNN

Mbabane, Swaziland (CNN) When 15-year-old Nozipho Mpapane first arrived at the temple as a tiny child, she thought the hundreds of white statues inlaid into ...

Swazi king's wife took overdose  News24

King Mswati's eighth wife, Senteni Masango – known as Inkhosikati LaMasango – has died after allegedly committing suicide.

King Mswati III faces court challenge over Swaziland name change  News24

A leading constitutional lawyer and human rights activist, Thulani Maseko, has taken Swaziland's King Mswati III to court for changing the country's name and ...

Swaziland: Death of Swaziland Newspaper Editor Puts Spotlight On Kingdom's Health Crisis  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Thulani Thwala the editor of the Swazi Observer died in hospital after collapsing in a toilet. When he was taken to a public hospital there were no doctors ...

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
Swaziland: Food Assistance Fact Sheet - May 7, 2018 - Eswatini  ReliefWeb

English News and Press Release on Eswatini about Agriculture, Contributions, Drought, Insect Infestation and more; published on 07 May 2018 by USAID.

Criminal's delight: Swaziland cops forced to "hitchhike or walk" to crimes scenes  The South African

Back in April, King Msawiti officially renamed Swaziland to “the kingdom of eSwatini” or eSwatini for short. Since then, things have not gone from “strength to ...

The South African
Local Media: eSwatini King Appoints MTN Executive as Prime Minister  VOA News

eSwatini's King Mswati has appointed Ambrose Dlamini, chief executive of the local unit of telecoms group MTN, as new prime minister of the southern African ...

VOA News
Land in Mpumalanga belongs to Swaziland: Freedom Front Plus  SowetanLIVE Sunday World

The Freedom Front Plus has claimed that land in Mpumalanga belongs to Swaziland. Speaking during the public hearing on the proposed amendment of ...

SowetanLIVE Sunday World
King Mswati III changes name of Swaziland to eSwatini  The Star, Kenya

Swaziland's King Mswati III has announced he is renaming the country as the Kingdom of eSwatini. The monarch announced the official change at Golden ...

The Star, Kenya
Swaziland King Appoints New Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini in Violation of Constitution  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

King Mswati III, the absolute monarch of Swaziland/ Eswatini, chose his new Prime Minister Ambrose Dlamini in violation of the kingdom's Constitution.

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
Swaziland: Report Says Swaziland Police Spying On Legal Protests  AllAfrica.com

Police in Swaziland / Eswatini are video recording and keeping data of protest marches by political parties and labour federations. They then use the information ...

Swaziland: Six Children Die in Swaziland in Diarrhoea Outbreak. Vaccines Short Since Government Has Not Paid Suppliers  AllAfrica.com

At least six children in Swaziland died this week from diarrhoea and many more are sick because the government is broke and cannot pay for vaccines.

Swaziland: Students in Taiwan Forced to Work 'Like Slaves' in Frozen Chicken Factory  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Students from Swaziland / Eswatini studying in Taiwan are being made to work in a frozen chicken factory for 40 hours a week to pay for tuition and ...

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
Swaziland: Results of Swaziland Election Not Published One Month After Poll Questioning Kingdom's Claim to Democracy  AllAfrica.com

Opinion - The results of the House of Assembly election in Swaziland/Eswatini have still not been published one month after the vote took place.

Ten things you never knew about... Swaziland  Express

Today is Independence Day in Swaziland, marking the 50th anniversary of its independence from the UK on September 6, 1968.

Swaziland: Report - Patients Die As Swaziland Government Hospital Runs Out of Cash  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

More evidence that public health facilities in Swaziland/eSwatini are grinding to a halt emerged over the holiday period with news that the Intensive Care Unit ...

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
DA: Whether you are from Switzerland or Swaziland, you must be documented in SA  CapeTalk

The DA defends its immigration plans saying no country can afford not to secure its borders.

The best safaris in Eswatini (Swaziland)  World Travel Guide

Eswatini (Swaziland) is home to the Big Five – lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo – but remains largely untouched by mass tourism and is ...

World Travel Guide
Op-ed: Swaziland's King Mswati's birthday is overshad...  Daily Maverick

While Swazis mark the birth of their king and their country's independence, Amnesty International is aware of at least two other communities living in fear as they ...

Daily Maverick
Swaziland Heading for Lowest Election Turnout As Ordinary People Support Democratic Change  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Swaziland could be heading for the lowest election turnout in its modern history on Friday (21 September 2018).

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
Taiwan says Swaziland assures on ties as China steps up pressure  Channel NewsAsia

Taiwan has received assurances from its only remaining African ally, Swaziland, that their diplomatic ties are secure, the island's foreign minister said on ...

Channel NewsAsia
Swaziland: Poisonous Chemicals in Swaziland River Affects Thousands. Children Eat Dead Fish - Report  AllAfrica.com

Poisonous chemicals have been dumped into the Mlumati River in Swaziland/eSwatini killing hundreds of fish and affecting more than 3000 people who rely on ...

Swaziland: Deceased Swaziland Prime Minister Barnabas Dlamini Had Life Embroiled in Allegations of Corruption  AllAfrica.com

Opinion - Barnabas Dlamini the former Prime Minister of Swaziland whose funeral was on Saturday (13 October 2018) had a life embroiled in allegations of ...

Swaziland: How becoming paraplegic helped an Englishman tackle HIV through rugby  CNN

Michael Collinson died three times on the night he crashed into a bull.

Why Swaziland Was Just Renamed eSwatini  Mental Floss

With the arrival of a new African nation, mapmakers just got a little bit busier. The king of Swaziland surprised foreign powers and compatriots alike when he ...

Mental Floss
Egypt announce date and venue for Swaziland clash  Goal.com

Egypt will take on Swaziland on October 12 at the Al-Salam Stadium for their 2019 Africa Cup of Nations qualification clash. The Pharaohs bounced back from ...

Swaziland Police Fire Gunshots, Set Off Grenades and Rubber Bullets As Voters Protest During Election  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Police fired gunshots in the air and grenades and rubber bullets during Swaziland's election as voters protested against completed ballot papers being taken ...

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
Ghanaian striker charms Chitembwe  NewsDay

BY TAWANDA TAFIRENYIKA. CAPS United coach Lloyd Chitembwe has reportedly been charmed by Ghanaian international striker Agyemang Louis, who is ...

Swaziland denies buying luxury cars worth $7.5m for King's birthday  Independent Online

Swaziland's Ministry of Public Works has denied that the government bought a fleet of cars worth $7.5 million ahead of King Mswati III's 50th birthday.

Independent Online
Taiwan's last African ally holds out despite overtures by China  Reuters

MBABANE (Reuters) - While China meets African leaders at a major summit in Beijing next week, the king of eSwatini, self-ruled Taiwan's last remaining ally on ...

Swaziland: Vicious Attack By Swaziland Police On Defenceless Workers Captured On Video  AllAfrica - Top Africa News

Police officers in Swaziland have been captured on video viciously attacking defenceless workers on the street in Manzini during a legal protest over pay.

AllAfrica - Top Africa News
Inmate wants freedom after nine years in Swaziland prison awaiting trial  eNCA

The murder suspect could not afford bail when he was arrested in 2009.

Swaziland: People Offer Bribes to Members of Swaziland's House of Assembly for Seat On Kingdom's Senate  AllAfrica.com

Opinion - Credible evidence is emerging that people are offering bribes to members of the House of Assembly to be given a seat on the Swaziland Senate.

Fueled by climate change, Zimbabwe's erratic harvests cause farmers with HIV to struggle  CNN

In the arid south of Zimbabwe, farmers have long experienced the adverse effects of climate change as they witness their crops fail each season and face a ...

Young man threatened in Swaziland arrives in US  Peninsula Daily News

PORT TOWNSEND — Walter Maphalala, 19, flew 40 hours to reach Seattle-Tacoma International Airport from Swaziland, leaving behind a life that put him in ...

Peninsula Daily News

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