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Somalia: United States Supports Media Representatives On International Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against ...  -  AllAfrica.com
On the International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists, the United States honors the men and women of the Somalia media who, despite threats of intimidation and violence, continue to provide news and information to the Somali people.

Kenyan woman rescued from Somali pirates  -  TUKO.CO.KE
On the evening of May 11, 2014, Loise Njoki and James Kuria left for Somalia aboard a Safari Air Express flight and arrived in Mogadishu after three hours. The two had been hired by a Kenyan running a herbal clinic in Mogadishu. After staying in the ...
Kenya: Mother Back Home After Two Years in Captivity By Pirates in Somalia  -  AllAfrica.com
On May 11, 2014, at 6:30pm, Ms Loise Njoki and her friend James Kuria boarded a Safari Air Express flight at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA), Nairobi, for Somalia. Three hours later, they landed at Mogadishu, the capital city of the country ...
Prague students support teacher sued for banning hijab in class  -  Prague Daily Monitor
Prague, Nov 2 (CTK) - Tens of female students from a Prague secondary nursing school on Wednesday gathered outside a courtroom to support their head teacher who was sued by a former Muslim student from Somalia banned from wearing the Muslim veil ...

Tears of joy as Nakuru mother returns home after two years in Al-Shabaab captivity  -  SDE Entertainment News (satire) (press release) (blog)
"My name is Loise Njoki... and I want to give thanks for what God has done." These were the first words Ms Njoki, who has been held captive for close to two years in Somalia, uttered when she emerged out of Nairobi's Wilson Airport last Tuesday. She ...
Wagosha Movement of Somalia warns UAE over its land grabbing deal in Jubba Valley  -  Mareeg Media
The Executive leader of Wagosha Movement of Somalia, HE Eng Yarow Sharif Aden has warned the UAE over its illegal involvement and land grabbing deal in Jubba Valley of Southern Somalia. Speaking in Brussels after submitting a case against UAE to a ...
Somalia: KDF Forces Conduct Sweep in Beled Hawo, Raze Houses  -  AllAfrica.com
A Somali official says KDF troops have carried out an operation in Beled Hawo twon which lies the Somali-Kenyan border and grabbed land and property from local Somali residents. Confirming the incident, Mohamed Hussein Al Qadi, who is serving as the ...

Rapper brings immigrant tale to TV – Skaggs, Stapleton honored by ASCAP  -  Arab Times Kuwait English Daily
Born in Somalia, K'naan came to the US when he was 13 and lived in New York and then Toronto, where he spent his teenage years. He said he is “trying to tell a story that reorganizes in the public consciousness how they see Muslim-Americans,” and wants ...

Looking ahead to November 11  -  Oshawa Express
... having watched the Blackhawk Down movie (based on a true story), how sad the U.S. families of the 19 Marines who died in the Somalia conflict in October 1993, trying to capture a corrupt warlord who was stealing food and medicine for starving Somalia.

Wagosha Movement Of Somalia Warns UAE Over Its Land Grabbing Deal In Jubba Valley Of Somalia Brussels - The Executive leader of the Wagosha Movement of Somalia, Eng Yarow Sharif Aden has warned the UAE over its illegal involvement and land ...

Somalia Videos

NEED TO KNOW | The ghost city: Inside Mogadishu, Somalia | PBS
NEED TO KNOW | The ghost city: Inside Mogadishu, Somalia | PBS
SOMALIA, I'M BACK! | Vlog #Somalia2016
SOMALIA, I'M BACK! | Vlog #Somalia2016
Militant Somalia: The Fight Against al Shabaab
Militant Somalia: The Fight Against al Shabaab
Turkey’s first Africa military base in Somalia
Turkey’s first Africa military base in Somalia
situation in Somalia
situation in Somalia
Somalia Back to the World stage - Mogadishu #Somalia |HD
Somalia Back to the World stage - Mogadishu #Somalia |HD
Somalia: Jazeera Beach considered to be one of the finest attractions
Somalia: Jazeera Beach considered to be one of the finest attractions
Somalia: The Forgotten Story (Part 2) - Al Jazeera World
Somalia: The Forgotten Story (Part 2) - Al Jazeera World
Barbaric Attacks In Somalia - World Documentaries
Barbaric Attacks In Somalia - World Documentaries
Somalia 2016 - A Solo Female Travelers' Perspective | Expedition 196
Somalia 2016 - A Solo Female Travelers' Perspective | Expedition 196

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Somali landscapes | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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Somali animals :) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
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File:Somalia 5 shillings.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
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File:Jubaland flag.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
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Some of the children in the Garowe orphanage.
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215 fgs brandenburg frigate german navy eunavfor somalia
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Wikileaks Wagers Sudan’s Comprehensive Peace Agreement to Leak a Few ...
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gizi yang parah di Rumah Sakit Banadir, Mogadishu ibukota Somalia ...
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Moktar Hossam
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Cyperus alternifolius {Cyperaceae} Umbrella Plant
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africawiki - ethiopian climate
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Karte von Dschibuti – Karten21.com
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Ziege beim Fressen 11
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Mapa afryki - wszystko o Afryce
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Valitse haluamasi maa joko kartalta tai valikosta
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Somalia WebSites

Somalia has been inhabited since at least the Paleolithic. During the Stone Age, the Doian and Hargeisan cultures flourished here. The oldest evidence of burial ...
Somalia: Concerns Over Corruption in Election (Shabelle) Somalia: Mogadishu Airport Security Foiled Al Shabaab Network (Dalsan Radio) Somalia: Troops Recapture ...
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The United States Army in Somalia 1992-1994 . Americans consider themselves to be a compassionate people, and the United States Army has a long tradition of ...
Somalia liegt im Osten des afrikanischen Kontinents, am Horn von Afrika auf der Somali-Halbinsel. Der nördliche Teil des Landes ist größtenteils bergig und liegt ...
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Mareeg.com - World news - Somalia ... By Ali Osman MOGADISHU- Every boat that is lost in the sea the dead is certain to be ten percent Somalis.
War in Somalia (2009–present) Part of the Somali Civil War and the War on Terror
Al-Shabab's terrorist activities have mainly focused on targets within Somalia, but it has also carried out deadly strikes in the region, including coordinated ...

Somalia Wiki

Somalia (/səˈmɑːliə, soʊ-, -ljə/ so-MAH-lee-ə; Somali: Soomaaliya; Arabic: الصومال‎‎ aṣ-Ṣūmāl), officially the Federal Republic of Somalia (Somali: Jamhuuriyadda Federaalka Soomaaliya, Arabic: جمهورية الصومال الفدرالية‎‎ Jumhūrīyat aṣ-Ṣūmāl al-Fidirālīyah), is a country located in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Ethiopia to the west, Djibouti to the northwest, the Gulf of Aden to the north, the Indian Ocean to the east, and Kenya to the southwest. Somalia has the longest coastline on Africa's mainland, and its terrain consists mainly of plateaus, plains and highlands. Climatically, hot conditions prevail year-round, with periodic monsoon winds and irregular rainfall.Somalia has a population of around 10.8 million. Around 85% of its residents are ethnic Somalis, who have historically inhabited the northern part of the country. Ethnic minorities are largely concentrated in the southern regions. The official languages of Somalia are Somali and Arabic, both of which belong to the Afroasiatic family. Most people in the country are Muslim, with the majority being Sunni.In antiquity, Somalia was an important commercial centre. It is among the most probable locations of the fabled ancient Land of Punt. During the Middle Ages, several powerful Somali empires dominated the regional trade, including the Ajuran Empire, the Adal Sultanate, the Warsangali Sultanate, and the Geledi Sultanate. In the late 19th century, through a succession of treaties with these kingdoms, the British and Italian empires gained control of parts of the coast and established the colonies of British Somaliland and Italian Somaliland. In the interior, Mohammed Abdullah Hassan's Dervish State repelled the British Empire four times and forced it to retreat to the coastal region, before succumbing to defeat in 1920 by British airpower. The toponym Somalia was coined by the Italian explorer Luigi Robecchi Bricchetti (1855–1926). Italy acquired full control of the northeastern, central and southern parts of the area after successfully waging the so-called Campaign of the Sultanates against the ruling Majeerteen Sultanate and Sultanate of Hobyo. Italian occupation lasted until 1941, yielding to British military administration. British Somaliland would remain a protectorate, while Italian Somaliland in 1949 became a United Nations Trusteeship under Italian administration, the Trust Territory of Somaliland. In 1960, the two regions united to form the independent Somali Republic under a civilian government.The Supreme Revolutionary Council seized power in 1969 and established the Somali Democratic Republic. Led by Mohamed Siad Barre, this government later collapsed in 1991 as the Somali Civil War broke out. Various armed factions began competing for influence in the power vacuum, particularly in the south. During this period, due to the absence of a central government, Somalia was a "failed state", and residents returned to customary and religious law in most regions. A few autonomous regions, including the Somaliland, Puntland, and Galmudug administrations, emerged in the north. The early 2000s saw the creation of fledgling interim federal administrations. The Transitional National Government (TNG) was established in 2000, followed by the formation of the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) in 2004, which reestablished national institutions such as the military. In 2006, the TFG, assisted by Ethiopian troops, assumed control of most of the nation's southern conflict zones from the newly formed Islamic Courts Union (ICU). The ICU subsequently splintered into more radical groups such as Al-Shabaab, which battled the TFG and its AMISOM allies for control of the region.By mid-2012, the insurgents had lost most of the territory that they had seized. In 2011–2012, a political process providing benchmarks for the establishment of permanent democratic institutions was launched. Within this administrative framework a new provisional constitution was passed in August 2012, which reformed Somalia as a federation. Following the end of the TFG's interim mandate the same month, the Federal Government of Somalia, the first permanent central government in the country since the start of the civil war, was formed and a period of reconstruction began in Mogadishu. Somalia has maintained an informal economy, mainly based on livestock, remittances from Somalis working abroad, and telecommunications.