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PSD sees big increase in Marshallese students  -  Paragould Daily Press
Her parents are from the Marshall Islands and she is helping with other family members who have moved here from there. Bollong reported that she handled the situation with the customer with grace. “We're still learning,” said Bollong. “The biggest ...

Nuclear Weapons – The Time for Abolition is Now  -  Common Dreams (press release)
US nuclear weapons test at Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands in 1946. (Photo: US Government). Nuclear weapons present the greatest public health and existential threat to our survival every moment of every day. Yet the United States and world ...

Short Interest to Follow: A Reversal for Euroseas Limited Marshall Islands (NASDAQ:ESEA) Is Not Near. The Stock Has ...  -  Post News
The stock of Euroseas Limited Marshall Islands (NASDAQ:ESEA) registered an increase of 50.66% in short interest. ESEA's total short interest was 68,700 shares in October as published by FINRA. Its up 50.66% from 45,600 shares, reported previously.

Marshalls EPA lab gets US certification  -  The Guam Daily Post (press release) (registration)
... Moriana Phillips and acting President Mattlan Zackhras (second and third from left, respectively) were on hand to recognize RMI EPA laboratory staff who received certification from the US EPA for water quality testing. Hilary Hosia, Marshall ...

Nuclear Disarmament Case and Marshall Islands  -  Voice of Journalists
The Marshall Islands turned into a member of the United Nations in September 1991. The Marshall Islands upholds embassies in the United States, Fiji, the Philippines, Japan, and the Republic of China (Taiwan). They also maintain consulate in Honolulu, ...

A Drop in the Bucket: Jerry cans bring safe water to Marshallese  -  Reliefweb
Republic of the Marshall Islands—Martha is no stranger to disaster. In 2013, Martha and her family survived the RMI drought. In 2014, Martha's outer island home on Bekarej, Arno burned down displacing Martha, her husband, and their children. A year ...
Maritime challenge to develop clear plan  -  Fiji Times
Pacific states, led by the Marshall and Solomon Islands, with support from Fiji and Tonga, have been actively calling on the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) to take urgent and ambitious action to develop a clear work plan for reduction of ...
Necessity of Ending Blockade for 25th Occasion  -  Radio Cadena Agramonte
Havana, Oct 26.- For 25th occasion, Cuba will submit today to the UN approval the draft resolution on the necessity of ending the blockade policy imposed by the United States. Up to now, even when U.S. President Barack Obama has adopted some executive ...

Marshall Islands' 16th Annual Ralik Ratak Shootout draws huge crowd  -  FIBA
MAJURO - A crowd estimated at well over 1,000 was on hand to witness the Ralik Ratak Shootout earlier this month in the Marshall Islands' capital of Majuro. Sitting on top of cars, in the back of pickups, on apartment walkways across the street and ...
Island states raise pressure over shipping climate deal plans  -  Pasifik News
Mr Mose invoked the spirit of former Marshall Islands foreign minister Tony De Brum, who told the IMO in 2015 that 'time was not on its side' in its race to cut emissions. “These words must be remembered,” said the Ambassador, who told a hushed plenary ...

Marshall Islands Videos

The toll of climate change, from US to the Marshall Islands: 'No one's an exception'
The toll of climate change, from US to the Marshall Islands: 'No one's an exception'
Majuro, Marshall Islands
Majuro, Marshall Islands
The Marshall Islands
The Marshall Islands
\"Paradise Lost\" with Lijon Eknilang - Marshall Islands
Atomic Testing in the Marshall Islands
Atomic Testing in the Marshall Islands
Hilda Heine, President of the Marshall islands. #Nation #Marshall #ClimateChange
Hilda Heine, President of the Marshall islands. #Nation #Marshall #ClimateChange
Marshall Islands...
Marshall Islands...
Trip to Marshall Islands Part 1
Trip to Marshall Islands Part 1
Marshall Islands, Pacific Islands travel destination
Marshall Islands, Pacific Islands travel destination

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study released last week by the Solomon Islands Young Women ...
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Domestic Violence against Women in the Marshall Islands - YouTube
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The People of the Marshall Islands
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Azores Islands - CR2X - CQ WW DX SSB Contest 2011
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Battle of Eniwetok | Military | Pinterest
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Found on tripstodiscover.com
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Helgoland begrüßt mit freundlich, bunten Häusern im Unterland.
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Australasia & Pacific - Fit For Travel
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比基尼环礁与沉没的航母, Bikini Atoll,Marshall Islands
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ETC Paradigm® system controls architectural and exhibit lighting at ...
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ウグイ(鯎、石斑魚、学名:Tribolodon hakonensis ...
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Sydney Opera House- Sydney Opera House in Australia- History of Sydney ...
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Kwajalein Amateur Radio Club (V73AX)
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Thread: Bulken Girls vs Bulken Guys (Bosnians, Croatians, Serbians etc ...
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Pacific Ocean with Mauna Kea highlighted.
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Tyco Resolute: The Mightiest Cable Laying Ship at the Sea
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The Marshall Islands, officially the Republic of the Marshall Islands (Marshallese: Aolepān Aorōkin M̧ajeļ), is an island country located near the equator in the ...
How to Complete Commercial Invoice To expedite the clearance process, and help customs officials correctly assess duties and taxes on your merchandise, check here to ...
Marshallese Import Export World Trade portal. Find new trading partners in Marshall Islands, transport, customs, shipping, freight, logistics
Provides information on development assistance to Marshall Islands, economic data and analysis, the latest news and publications, and regional initiatives
More information about the Marshall Islands is available on the Marshall Islands Page and from other Department of State publications and other sources ...
This Web site is currently under construction. Please be sure to visit this Web site again in the near future! Attention Webmaster: This is your current default ...
NOTE: The information regarding Marshall Islands on this page is re-published from the 2016 World Fact Book of the United States Central Intelligence Agency.
EBEYE, Marshall Islands — Linber Anej waded out in low tide to haul concrete chunks and metal scraps to shore and rebuild the makeshift sea wall in front ...
Welcome to MasterCard.MasterCard Worldwide manages a family of well-known, widely accepted payment cards brands including MasterCard®, Maestro® and Cirrus® and ...
By Journal on October 21, 2016. A Range Rat’s view of Majuro Journal 10/22/1976 P1 Kusaie celebrations start January 4 The celebrations for the new district of ...

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The Marshall Islands, officially the Republic of the Marshall Islands (Marshallese: Aolepān Aorōkin M̧ajeļ), is an island country located near the equator in the Pacific Ocean, slightly west of the International Date Line. Geographically, the country is part of the larger island group of Micronesia. The country's population of 53,158 people (at the 2011 Census) is spread out over 29 coral atolls, comprising 1,156 individual islands and islets. The islands share maritime boundaries with the Federated States of Micronesia to the west, Wake Island to the north, Kiribati to the south-east, and Nauru to the south. About 27,797 of the islanders (at the 2011 Census) live on Majuro, which contains the capital.Micronesian colonists gradually settled the Marshall Islands during the 2nd millennium BC, with inter-island navigation made possible using traditional stick charts. Islands in the archipelago were first explored by Europeans in the 1520s, with Spanish explorer Alonso de Salazar sighting an atoll in August 1526. Other expeditions by Spanish and English ships followed. The islands derive their name from British explorer John Marshall, who visited in 1788. The islands were historically known by the inhabitants as "jolet jen Anij" (Gifts from God).The European powers recognized Spanish sovereignty over the islands in 1874. They had been part of the Spanish East Indies formally since 1528. Later, Spain sold the islands to the German Empire in 1884, and they became part of German New Guinea in 1885. In World War I the Empire of Japan occupied the Marshall Islands, which in 1919 the League of Nations combined with other former German territories to form the South Pacific Mandate. In World War II, the United States conquered the islands in the Gilbert and Marshall Islands campaign. Along with other Pacific Islands, the Marshall Islands were then consolidated into the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands governed by the US. Self-government was achieved in 1979, and full sovereignty in 1986, under a Compact of Free Association with the United States. Marshall Islands has been a United Nations member state since 1991.Politically, the Marshall Islands is a presidential republic in free association with the United States, with the US providing defense, subsidies, and access to U.S. based agencies such as the FCC and the USPS. With few natural resources, the islands' wealth is based on a service economy, as well as some fishing and agriculture; aid from the United States represents a large percentage of the islands' gross domestic product. The country uses the United States dollar as its currency.The majority of the citizens of the Marshall Islands are of Marshallese descent, though there are small numbers of immigrants from the United States, China, Philippines, and other Pacific islands. The two official languages are Marshallese, which is a member of the Malayo-Polynesian languages, and English. Almost the entire population of the islands practises some religion, with three-quarters of the country either following the United Church of Christ – Congregational in the Marshall Islands (UCCCMI) or the Assemblies of God.