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Pope to visit Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia  Vatican News

The Director of the Holy See Press Office, Greg Burke, announced the Apostolic Journey on Thursday.

Vatican News
Ancestral purity or genetic mirage? The case of Macedonia, HELEN ABADZI | Kathimerini  www.ekathimerini.com

The year 2018 has transformed relations between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The Prespes agreement, signed on June ...

Macedonia Moves Forward With Amnesty Law  Balkan Insight

A much-disputed law offering an amnesty to some of those involved in last year's mob attack on the Macedonian parliament is moving closer towards adoption, ...

Balkan Insight
Macedonia reforms its security services in line with EU guidelines  Emerging Europe

The Republic of Macedonia's Administration for Security and Counterintelligence (UBK), the country's domestic security agency, is to be the subject of a series of ...

Emerging Europe
Too cold to live in: how families in Macedonia are rebuilding their homes  Financial Times

In a ground-floor apartment of a large block on the outskirts of Skopje, three-year-old Derin Bajram is pushing his red plastic fire engine across the floor.

Financial Times
Macedonia parliament attack amnesty sparks prison protest  Washington Post

SKOPJE, Macedonia — Hundreds of inmates at Macedonia's main prison outside the capital have refused to accept meals to press demands that an amnesty ...

Washington Post
GAR Article: Indian couple's claim against Macedonia underway  GAR

Nigerian arbitrator Funke Adekoya SAN is presiding over an investment treaty claim brought against Macedonia by members of a prominent Indian business.

Vying for influence, Russia accuses US of meddling in Macedonia  Channel NewsAsia

ATHENS: The United States is meddling in Macedonian domestic affairs by pushing a name accord with Greece to boost the Balkan state's bid to join ...

Channel NewsAsia
Macedonia's Amnesty Caught Between Law and Pragmatism  Balkan Insight

While rights experts say the proposed amnesty will violate legal principles and create a dangerous precedent, others view it as a price worth paying to get the ...

Balkan Insight
Bulgarian Minister Touches Raw Nerve in Macedonia  Balkan Insight

Macedonia's Foreign Ministry is trying to calm a potential dispute with Bulgaria, after the Bulgarian Defence Minister accused the Skopje government of 'playing ...

Balkan Insight
Zaev Claims ”I’m Macedonian and I’m Speaking Macedonian”  Greek Reporter

The Prime Minister of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, insisted that he is ''Madeconian.'' He also insisted that his language is ...

Greek Reporter
Macedonian Lawmakers OK Draft Language For Name-Change Amendment  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

Macedonia's parliament has approved the language of a draft constitutional amendment on the country's name change, clearing another barrier toward ...

Macedonia's Fugitive Ex-PM Spotted in Hungarian Capital  Balkan Insight

A Hungarian news site on Wednesday managed to film Macedonia's fugitive ex-Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski at a restaurant in Budapest, where he fled to ...

Balkan Insight
Russia accuses US of pressurising Macedonia into name-change  The Telegraph

Russia's foreign minister has accused the United States of interfering in Macedonian politics after the small Balkan state struck a deal with Greece this summer to ...

The Telegraph
US sees Macedonia in NATO in mid-2020 after name change deal  Channel NewsAsia

SARAJEVO: The United States expects Macedonia to join NATO in mid-2020 by which time its name change deal with Greece should be fully implemented ...

Channel NewsAsia
Thousands Protest Macedonian Name Change Deal In Skopje  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

Several thousand protesters from Macedonia's right-wing opposition have marched through the capital, Skopje, to protest against Prime Minister Zoran Zaev's ...

Protesters In Skopje March Against Macedonia Name Change  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

Thousands of protesters marched through the Macedonian capital, Skopje, demanding that the government resign over its plan to change the name of the ...

In Macedonia, A Nascent Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Emerges From The Shadow Of Its Neighbors  Forbes

Entrepreneurship in Macedonia, one of a handful of former Yugoslavian countries, has been slow to take hold. Soon to be renamed the Republic of North ...

Macedonia President Denies Playing Role in Parliament Violence  Balkan Insight

Following Thursday's testimony by a defendant in the trial for the attack on parliament last year, the Macedonian President – and the Army General Staff – have ...

Balkan Insight
Macedonian Ex-Leader, Facing Prison, Claims to Receive Asylum in Hungary  The New York Times

SKOPJE, Macedonia — A former Macedonian prime minister who fled the country while facing a prison sentence on corruption charges claimed on Tuesday that ...

The New York Times
Former Macedonian Leader Seeks Asylum in Hungary to Avoid Prison  The New York Times

For those seeking refuge from war and violence, Hungary has been an unwelcoming place. Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been at the vanguard in casting ...

The New York Times
Zaev reignites controversy over 'Macedonian' language | News  www.ekathimerini.com

Reigniting the controversy over the issue of a "Macedonian" language, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Premier Zoran Zaev said Monday, “It is ...

Macedonia Arrests Former Secret Police Chief  Balkan Insight

Macedonian police on Tuesday arrested former secret police chief Vladimir Atanasovski, after he was named in court as a suspected organiser of the attack on ...

Balkan Insight
Thousands Protest In Skopje Against Macedonia Name Change  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

A few thousand people rallied in the Macedonian capital, Skopje, to protest against a landmark agreement with neighboring Greece over the country's name.

Macedonia's 10-mo tourist numbers in Macedonia rise 13.1%  SeeNews

SKOPJE (Macedonia), December 12 (SeeNews) – The number of tourists staying in Macedonia rose by 13.1% year-on-year in the first ten months of 2018, r.

Macedonia moves closer towards name change  EURACTIV

Macedonia's lawmakers moved closer on Sunday (2 December) to rename the country and remove a key hurdle on the road to breaking a decades-long ...

Mitsotakis calls on Greek parties to reject Macedonia name change deal  EURACTIV

The leader of the main Greek opposition party, New Democracy (EPP), called on Wednesday (5 December) on Greek political parties to block the name change ...

Macedonia Eyes Modest Windfall From Kosovo-Serbia Feud  Balkan Insight

Macedonia's business community and government say the custom tax battle between Serbia and Kosovo may help some of their exporters in the short term – but ...

Balkan Insight
Bulgarian deputy PM raises obstacles for Macedonia's EU, NATO accession  EURACTIV

Bulgarian deputy Prime Minister Krassimir Karakachanov stated on Saturday (8 December) that he would not let Macedonia join the EU and NATO, reacting to ...

Macedonia And The One That (Maybe) Got Away  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

*Fresh* finger-pointing erupts in Skopje after Macedonia's fugitive former prime minister, Nikola Gruevski, appears to turn up as an asylum seeker in the EU.

Amending the constitution: A historic opportunity for Macedonia  EUobserver

After the fleeing of ex-PM Nikola Gruevski to Hungary, what Macedonia needs is an independent judiciary so that wrongdoers from all parties are brought behind ...

Eko-svest urges Macedonia to make renewables support system more competitive  Renewables Now

SKOPJE (Macedonia), December 10 (SeeNews) – Macedonian environmental group Eko-svest, member of the European Environmental Bureau (EEB), said i.

Renewables Now
Macedonia Ruling Party 'Coordinated' Parliament Violence, Trial Hears  Balkan Insight

The group that coordinated last year's mob attack on Macedonia's parliament was stationed on the eighth floor of the VMRO DPMNE party's headquarters, a trial ...

Balkan Insight
Macedonia Summons Hungarian Envoy Over Ex-Prime Minister's Escape  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

The Macedonian Foreign Ministry has summoned Hungary's ambassador to Skopje to formally demand that the government in Budapest reject an asylum ...

Bulgaria threatens to block FYROM from EU and NATO over “Macedonian language” comment  Greek City Times

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and VMRO party leader Krassimir Karakachanov has threatened to block FYROM's path to the EU and NATO if its Prime ...

Greek City Times
Macedonian, Albanian bilateral ties see satisfactory development - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua

SKOPJE, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov and Albanian Parliament Speaker Gramoz Ruci agreed that the bilateral ties have witnessed ...

Macedonia PM Backs Amnesty Deal 'in Principle'  Balkan Insight

Macedonia's Prime Minister on Friday said he agreed 'in principle' with the opposition on a draft law offering an amnesty or pardon to some of those involved in ...

Balkan Insight
FYROM's PM Zaev insists he is “Macedonian and speaks Macedonian language”  Greek City Times

FYROM's Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on Monday responded to Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister Krassimir Karakachanov's threat to block FYROM's path to the ...

Greek City Times
Macedonia, Greece say progress made on school books talks  Miami Herald

Senior officials from Greece and neighbor Macedonia said Friday that progress has been made in talks to revise school books in the two countries as part of an ...

Miami Herald
Macedonia: Ex-secret police chief in custody over violence  ABC News

A former Macedonian secret police chief has been taken into custody for a minimum of 30 days over his alleged involvement in violence in parliament during the ...

ABC News
EU and US back Macedonia over ex-leader’s asylum bid in Hungary  The Irish Times

Facing jail at home, Nikola Gruevski claims to have been given refuge in Budapest.

The Irish Times
Over 100 border markers between Greece, Macedonia removed  WBRC

Police in northwestern Greece say that unknown individuals have removed more than 100 border markers over a section of the frontier between Greece and its ...

Protesters Rally In The Rain Against Macedonia Name Change  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

Thousands of protesters rallied in the Macedonian capital, Skopje, against an agreement with Greece which would see the country change its name to North ...

Macedonia Opposition Party Launches Protest Marches  Balkan Insight

Macedonia's main opposition VMRO DPMNE party on Wednesday is to launch the first in a series of anti-government protests aimed at toppling a government ...

Balkan Insight
Hungary in spotlight for helping former Macedonia PM to flee  Financial Times

More evidence has emerged of Hungary's role in helping Nikola Gruevski, Macedonia's convicted former premier, to travel through the Balkans to seek asylum in ...

Financial Times
Macedonia Albanians Renew Push for 'Consensus' President  Balkan Insight

The junior ethnic Albanian partner party in Macedonia's government has relaunched its demand for an inter-party consensus on the election of a new president ...

Balkan Insight
Macedonia to Make Political Party Finances Public  Balkan Insight

As part of a new draft law on public information access, Macedonia plans to make political party finances public and to fine those who refuse to disclose the data.

Balkan Insight
Dilemma for Orban as Macedonia's fugitive ex-PM flees to Budapest  The Irish Times

Unclear how Nikola Gruevski entered tightly guarded, anti-immigration Hungary.

The Irish Times
The Pope will Visit Bulgaria and Macedonia in May  Novinite.com

Pope Francis will visit Bulgaria and Macedonia in May 2019. This was said by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva.

Macedonia Waging 'Fake' War on Pollution, NGOs Say  Balkan Insight

Environmental NGOs and activists have condemned a government plan that sets aside only 1.6 million euros a year to tackle alarming levels of air pollution as ...

Balkan Insight
Macedonia Detains Former Secret Police Chief  Balkan Insight

Macedonian authorities have detained the country's former secret police chief, Saso Mijalkov, who was seen as a grey eminence during the rule of the now ...

Balkan Insight
FYROM PM's statement about teaching 'Macedonian language' in Greece causes controversy  Neos Kosmos

Zoran Zaev's remarks have alarmed officials in Greece. In his attempt to gain the support of the Parliament, FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev has stirred the pot ...

Neos Kosmos
Macedonia court orders 30-day custody for former spy chief | WJAX-TV  ActionNewsJax.com

SKOPJE, Macedonia (AP) - A former Macedonian intelligence chief has been taken into custody for a minimum of 30 days after judicial authorities considered ...

Hungarian intelligence facilitated escape of former Macedonian leader  POLITICO.eu

Hungarian intelligence took part in facilitating the escape of a former Macedonian prime minister to Hungary, two individuals with knowledge of the matter told ...

EPP's Weber under pressure to break his silence over Macedonia name deal  EURACTIV

Manfred Weber, the European People's Party (EPP) Spitzenkandidat for the EU elections, has been silent over the name change deal reached this year between ...

Macedonia files new charges against fugitive ex-premier  Minneapolis Star Tribune

SKOPJE, Macedonia — A Macedonian special prosecutor has filed additional criminal charges against the country's former prime minister, who has fled to ...

Minneapolis Star Tribune
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to Further Strengthen its Cancer Control Following an IAEA Review  International Atomic Energy Agency

An IAEA-led imPACT mission to the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) last month concluded that the country has established the necessary ...

International Atomic Energy Agency
Macedonia Govt Risks Paying Price for Forgotten Pledges  Balkan Insight

While the new government makes major strides in foreign policy, it appears to have forgotten the many pledges it made in 2016 about key domestic reforms.

Balkan Insight
EU demands Hungary explain why ex-Macedonia PM granted asylum  euronews

By Daphne Psaledakis BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban needs to offer a "sound explanation" of his country's decision to grant ...

Report: Europe's most polluted country is Macedonia  B92

Euronews is further reporting that pollution in that country is "spiking ten times over recommended levels." "Heavy traffic and the use of heating stoves are ...

Macedonia Wastes Millions on Non-Working Civil Servants  Balkan Insight

Over the past nine years, Macedonia has spent more than 40 million euro on newly employed minority civil servants who were never actually given jobs.

Balkan Insight
Macedonian Foreign Ministry Reacts after a Speech by Bulgaria's Defense Minister  Novinite.com

The Macedonian Foreign Ministry has come up with a serious reaction following the threat of Bulgaria's Defense Minister Krasimir Karakachanov that Bulgaria ...

Zaev: Macedonia can join the EU by 2023  European Western Balkans

SKOPJE – “At the moment, we have adapted our legislature and completed much of the work. There are chapters which we are going to open and then ...

European Western Balkans
Macedonia's annual producer price inflation flattish in Oct – table  SeeNews

SKOPJE (Macedonia), December 10 (SeeNews) – Macedonia's industrial producer prices edged up 0.5% year-on-year in October, compared to an annual i.

World Bank urges Macedonia to use its potential to accelerate economic growth  bne IntelliNews

EU-aspiring Macedonia has the potential to accelerate its economic growth and reduce poverty if it leverages the advantages of its strategic location ...

bne IntelliNews
Macedonia: A new front in Russia-West tensions  Emerging Europe

On September 30, 94 per cent of voters in Macedonia's referendum cast their ballots in favor of adopting a new name for the country and working toward ...

Emerging Europe
'New' Macedonia's Failure is More than Symbolic  Balkan Insight

If Zoran Zaev's government cannot show any actual results, it could at least signal that it intended to do things differently from the previous one.

Balkan Insight
70 public prosecutors in Macedonia wiretapped in new scandal  bne IntelliNews

Macedonian prosecutors have launched a pre-investigative procedure to probe the latest scandal related to the wiretapping of the fixed phones in the Public ...

bne IntelliNews
Macedonia | World  The Guardian

Letters: Andy Stelman says the new government of North Macedonia must not forget the importance of the Ohrid framework agreement. And Alexandar ...

The Guardian
Macedonia jobless rate drops in Q3  SeeNews

SKOPJE (Macedonia), December 7 (SeeNews) – Macedonia's unemployment rate edged down to 20.8% in the third quarter of 2018 from 21.1% in the previ.

NIU Business plans to offer the first US graduate degree program in Macedonia  NIU Today

Contingent on approval from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), the University of Tetovo(UT) anticipates welcoming NIU Business faculty in spring 2019 ...

NIU Today
Hungary Grants Asylum to Macedonian ex-PM Convicted for Graft  OCCRP

The day Macedonia requested his extradition, former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski announced he has been granted political asylum in Hungary, ...

Macedonia's Q3 c/a surplus rises – table  SeeNews

SKOPJE (Macedonia), December 5 (SeeNews) - Macedonia's current account was in surplus of 202.2 million euro ($229.9 million) in the third quarter, as c.

Hungary is making a rare exception to its draconian asylum laws – for the disgraced former prime minister of Macedonia  The Conversation - UK

Nikola Gruevski, the former prime minister of Macedonia has announced that he has been granted asylum in Hungary in a case that has caused some surprise ...

The Conversation - UK
Macedonian Ex-PM Gruevski 'Harmed Own Party' by Fleeing  Balkan Insight

Political analyst Nenad Markovic told BIRN that that the only beneficiary of ex-premier Nikola Gruevski's escape from justice in Macedonia was himself, while the ...

Balkan Insight
Macedonia to propose law to ban coal use to reduce air pollution - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua

SKOPJE, Dec. 10 (Xinhua) -- The Macedonian government will propose passing a law to ban the use of coal in households aiming to reduce air pollution in the ...

Hungary suspected of helping former Macedonian PM Gruevski escape  DW (English)

Research conducted by DW indicates that Hungary may have helped former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski flee a prison sentence for corruption.

DW (English)
“Our Macedonian language will be taught at schools across Greece,” says FYROM PM Zaev  Greek City Times

FYROM's Prime Minister Zoran Zaev made provocative statements over the weekend claiming that Skopje's “Macedonian language” will be taught in Greece, ...

Greek City Times
UkrInform: Ukraine calls on Macedonia to impose sanctions against Russia  Kyiv Post

Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze, has called on Macedonia to impose sanctions ...

Kyiv Post
COLUMN HOOD: In the Macedonia Community | Community News  Berkeley Independent

Churches Celebrations. Providence Baptist Church will be having their Christmas Program on Sunday, Dec. 16 during their 11a.m. *service*. All are welcome to ...

Berkeley Independent
English language prof receives Fulbright Specialist Award to Macedonia  WSU News

By C. Brandon Chapman, College of Education. Washington State University professor Joy Egbert has received a Fulbright Specialist Award from the U.S. ...

WSU News
Macedonia's annual inflation slows down in Nov  SeeNews

SKOPJE (Macedonia), December 7 (SeeNews) – Macedonia's consumer prices rose 1.2% year-on-year in November, after adding 1.5% in the previous mont.

Macedonia's building permits decrease 31% y/y in Oct  SeeNews

SKOPJE (Macedonia), December 12 (SeeNews) – The number of building permits issued in Macedonia in October fell by 31.0% year-on-year to 276, the stat.

Macedonia's GDP grows 3% y/y in Q3  SeeNews

SKOPJE (Macedonia), December 6 (SeeNews) – Macedonia's economy grew by an estimated 3% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2018, reaching 172.06.

Macedonia's Jan-Oct trade gap widens  SeeNews

SKOPJE (Macedonia), December 5 (SeeNews) - Macedonia's trade deficit increased to 90.4 billion denars ($1.7 billion/ 1.5 billion euro) in the first 10 months of ...

FYR Macedonia tops European pollution poll  Euronews English

FYR Macedonia has been ranked Europe's most polluted country with pollution spiking ten times over recommended levels. That's according to the European ...

Euronews English
DM wants Montenegro and Macedonia treated differently now  B92

These two Serbian neighboring countries are among those who on Tuesday backed Pristina's failed bid to join Interpol. "I call on President Vucic to change his ...

InterCapital Croatia - IC After Hours Special - Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Dec 12, 2018  SeeNews

IC After Hours Special - Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, MacedoniaThe report provides an overview of regional indices, top traded shares.

Steward Health Care joins PM on state visit to Macedonia  Newsbook

Joining the Prime Minister on his state visit to Macedonia, were representatives from the private healthcare provider Steward Health Care. It is understood that ...

Macedonia's Uni Banka planning 5 mln euro perpetual bond issue  SeeNews

SKOPJE (Macedonia), December 6 (SeeNews) - Macedonian lender UNI Banka [MSE:UNI] said that it intends to issue a 5 million euro ($5.7 million) perpetual ...

EU parliament calls on Hungary to extradite Macedonian ex-PM  EUobserver

The European Parliament on Thursday called on Hungarian authorities to extradite Macedonian ex-prime minister Nikola Gruevski to his home country, who has ...

Liechtenstein vs. Macedonia live: UEFA Nations League 2018/2019 - AS.com  AS English

Check the latest details for the UEFA Nations League 2018/2019 Liechtenstein vs. Macedonia match with live commentary on AS.com.

AS English
Greece and Russia to normalise relations after spat over Macedonia  Foreign Brief

Today, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will travel to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin and officially normalise diplomatic relations after tit-for-tat expulsions ...

Foreign Brief
Szijjártó: Gruevski Asylum Legal Matter, Hungary Backs Macedonia NATO Accession  Hungary Today

The asylum request of former Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski was a legal matter and the authorities acted independently from the government, ...

Hungary Today
A Crisis of Conscience in Fake News  The Atlantic

A teenager in Veles, Macedonia, grapples with the far-reaching consequences of his desire to make a quick buck.

The Atlantic
77 pct of Macedonian youth considers emigration: survey - Xinhua | English.news.cn  Xinhua

SKOPJE, Dec. 5 (Xinhua) -- About 77 percent of Macedonian youth considers emigration due to poor life quality in Macedonia, Marija Risteska, manager of ...

Greek Police Calendar Map shows FYROM as ‘Macedonia’, Occupied Part as ‘North Cyprus’  Greek Reporter

Greek Police is investigating the official 2019 calendars that feature a map showing FYROM as Macedonia and the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus as North ...

Greek Reporter
Pegasus Airlines plans new Macedonia flights  EX-YU Aviation News

Turkish low cost carrier Pegasus Airlines is planning to launch new services to Macedonia next year. According to the Macedonian Embassy in Turkey, the no ...

EX-YU Aviation News
Macedonia: Former Leader on the Lam  Sputnik International

Our final topic, picked by you, dear listeners, earlier in a poll on our Facebook page, is “Macedonia: Former Leader On The Lam”, focusing on Nikola Gruevski's ...

Sputnik International
Macedonia Baptist Church honoring Moores | Faith  Magnoliareporter

Macedonia Baptist Church will honor Pastor Earnest Moore and First Lady Essie Moore at 11 a.m. Sunday.


Macedonia Videos

Macedonia name referendum fails to reach the turnout threshold
Macedonia name referendum fails to reach the turnout threshold
Macedonia Referendum fails to attract voters
Macedonia Referendum fails to attract voters
Macedonia: La población vota el nuevo nombre del país para poner fin una a disputa con Grecia
Macedonia: La población vota el nuevo nombre del país para poner fin una a disputa con Grecia
Macedonia PM to press on with country's name change
Macedonia PM to press on with country's name change
Pavlos Efthymiou on Macedonia's referendum to change names
Pavlos Efthymiou on Macedonia's referendum to change names
Macedonia: dopo il referendum?
Macedonia: dopo il referendum?
Macedonia name vote
Macedonia name vote
Macedonia Name Change Approved In Referendum With Low Voter Turnout | TIME
Macedonia Name Change Approved In Referendum With Low Voter Turnout | TIME
LIVE: Macedonian referendum on country’s name change: opening of polls
LIVE: Macedonian referendum on country’s name change: opening of polls
Referendo sobre cambio de nombre de Macedonia declarado inválido
Referendo sobre cambio de nombre de Macedonia declarado inválido

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Macedonia Travel Destination Advice | Passport Health
Macedonia Travel Destination Advice | Passport Health
File:Map Macedonia 336 BC-es.svg - Wikimedia Commons
File:Map Macedonia 336 BC-es.svg - Wikimedia Commons
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The One Thing I Don't Want to See at the Beach, I Saw In ...
File:Macedonia road sign 201.svg - Wikimedia Commons
File:Macedonia road sign 201.svg - Wikimedia Commons
File:Flag of Macedonia - initial design.svg - Wikimedia ...
File:Flag of Macedonia - initial design.svg - Wikimedia ...
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The Republic of Macedonia geographically roughly corresponds to the ancient kingdom of Paeonia, which was located immediately north of the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia. ...
Macedonia: Geographical and historical treatment of Macedonia, including maps and statistics as well as a survey of its people, economy, and government.
Macedonia most commonly refers to: . Republic of Macedonia, a country in southeastern Europe; Macedonia (Greece), a traditional geographic region, spanning three administrative divisions of northern Greece:
Explore Macedonia holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Part Balkan, part Mediterranean and rich in Greek, Roman and Ottoman heritage, Macedonia has a fascinating past and a complex national identity.Glittering Lake Ohrid and its historic town have etched out a place for Macedonia on the tourist map, but there is a wealth of natural beauty in this small country.Dramatic ...
Macedonia: Macedonia, ancient kingdom centred on the plain in the northeastern corner of the Greek peninsula, at the head of the Gulf of Thérmai. In the 4th century bce it achieved hegemony over Greece and conquered lands as far east as the Indus River, establishing a short-lived empire that introduced the
The Republic of Macedonia, (Macedonian: Република Македониjа, Republika Makedonija) is a landlocked country in the Balkans.It is bordered by Serbia and Kosovo to the north, Albania to the west, Bulgaria to the east, and Greece to the south.
Macedonia gained its independence peacefully from Yugoslavia in 1991. Greek objection to Macedonia’s name, insisting it implies territorial pretensions to the northern Greek province of the same name, and democratic backsliding have stalled the country’s movement toward Euro-Atlantic integration.
Macedonia is an historic region that spans parts of northern Greece and the Balkan Peninsula. The ancient kingdom of Macedonia (sometimes called Macedon) was a
World news about Macedonia. Breaking news and archival information about its people, politics and economy from The New York Times.
The historic country of Macedonia was once the Kingdom of Macedon, ruled by Alexander the Great (355-325 BC). Over many centuries it was exploited by the Romans, Byzantines, Bulgars and Serbs; before finally being conquered by the Ottoman Empire.

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Macedonia most commonly refers to:Republic of Macedonia, a country in southeastern EuropeMacedonia (Greece), a traditional geographic region, spanning three administrative divisions of northern Greece:Western MacedoniaCentral MacedoniaEastern Macedonia and ThraceMacedonia (region), a region covering all of the above, as well as parts of Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo and Serbia (see map)Macedonia (ancient kingdom), also known as Macedon, the kingdom that became Alexander the Great's empireMacedonia, Makedonia, Makedonija, or Makedoniya may also refer to: