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Penny Arcade partners with Wizards of the Coast to publish official ‘Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual’  GeekWire

Penny Arcade, the Seattle-based webcomic that spawned the popular PAX video game conventions, is partnering with Dungeons & Dragons publisher Wizards ...

Get a job: Wizards of the Coast is looking for a Senior Software Engineer  Gamasutra

The Gamasutra Job Board is the most diverse, active and established board of its kind for the video game industry! Here is just one of the many, many positions ...

Wizards of the Coast is fixing the main sore spot of Magic: Arena soon  Destructoid

Magic: Arena is a pretty fantastic rendition of the paper version: so fantastic that it's become my most-played digital card game at the moment. But there was one ...

Mountain Goats take on ‘Dragons’: Longtime band promoting geeky album with Wizards livestream  GeekWire

The Mountain Goats are into dragons. Dungeons & Dragons, specifically. The longtime American folk rock band has an especially geeky new album, called “In ...

'Stranger Things' Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set Plays Mike Wheeler's Adventure  Comicbook.com

At New York Toy Fair 2019, Hasbro / Wizards of the Coast unveiled something that we should have seen coming - a Stranger Things-themed Dungeons ...

Kotaku  Kotaku

Magic the Gathering's Japanese event MagicFest Kitakyushu has been canceled due to a Wizards of the Coast scheduling mistake. Originally slated for May ...

Blurr and more revealed for Wizards of the Coast's Official Transformers Trading Card Game  seibertron.com

It's that time again folks, thanks to the hard work of fellow Seibertron user, #Sideways#, we have more reveals for Wave 2: Rise of the Combiners to share with ...

With Axis & Allies Online, Beamdog goes beyond ‘enhancing’ old D&D games  VentureBeat

Beamdog announces Axis & Allies Online today, adding "adaptation" to its existing model of enhancing classic Dungeons & Dragons role-playing video games.

Season 2, Ep 93 - Modron (w/ Chris Perkins of Wizards of the Coast)  WBEZ

We learn about the half organic, half robotic Modron, Weewoo, visiting from another, more orderly plane of existence. Also, there's magic and stuff. More *content* ...

The Transformers Card Game's Next Delightfully Silly Combiner Set Is Superion  Gizmodo

Last month, Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast revealed that the first expansion for their Transformers card game would be bringing in the Combiners—which ...

Magic Bans Top Pro's Pet Card  Kotaku Australia

Sometimes a Magic card gets printed that is so degenerate that Wizards of the Coast is forced to ban it. Sometimes it takes a while for everyone to realise just ...

Kotaku Australia
Wizards' Mythic Invitational format is a sour, but necessary entry into esports  VPEsports

Wizards of the Coast's announcement of the Magic: The Gathering million-dollar Mythic Invitational released to mixed reception. Many welcomed it. After all, it ...

Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast Announce Major Esports Entrance For Magic: The Gathering®  PRNewswire

RENTON, Wash., Dec. 6 , 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Today live on stage at the Game Awards, Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast announced a brand new esports ...

‘It just brings the fantasy to life:’ Wizards of the Coast president on D&D, Magic, and what’s next  GeekWire

Perhaps no other company has had such a guiding influence on geek culture as Wizards of the Coast. The Renton, Wash., based company has been delighting ...

Magic’s new card breaks one of the basic rules of the classic card game  Polygon

Every great card in Magic: The Gathering succeeds by breaking a fundamental rule of the game. One new card in particular does so in an extremely satisfying ...

From little kid to president of the company, Wizards of the Coast leader stays in the ever-evolving game  GeekWire

RENTON, Wash. — There's something special about a workplace where you meet with the president of the company, ask to take his photograph and then watch ...

Wizards of the Coast Wants You to Photoshop Your Own Dungeons & Dragons Monster  Gizmodo

Ever wanted to create your own fantastical, horrifying creature by literally slapping various body parts together? Well, without some kind of access to some level ...

Wizards of the Coast Selects The Martin Agency as Agency of Record  AgencySpy

Hasbro subsidiary Wizards of the Coast, the parent company for collectible card game Magic: The Gathering and other games, has tapped The Martin Agency as ...

Wizards of the Coast Is Making a Transformers Card Game  Gizmodo

The company behind Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering is adding another card game to its tabletop roster, only it's slightly less weird than ...

Artists Heading to Dungeons & Dragons Session Say ICE Detained Them, Would Not Allow Them Entry to U.S.  Gizmodo

Three artists traveling to Wizards of the Coast's headquarters to join the latest Dungeons & Dragons brainstorming session were reportedly denied entry into the ...

Neverwinter: The Heart of Fire is Now Available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One  Gamasutra

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. ndash; January 15, 2019 ndash; Today, Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play MMORPGs, and Cryptic.

Artists on Their Way to a Wizards of the Coast Brainstorming Session Detained by ICE  The Mary Sue

Three Magic: The Gathering artists were detained at SeaTac on their way to a Dungeons and Dragons brainstorming session/ "concept push" at Wizards of the ...

The Mary Sue
A Keith Baker-Produced Eberron D&D Adventure Path is On the Way  411mania.com

Eberron remains one of Dungeons & Dragons' most popular settings fifteen years after its release, and now a new adventure path is on the way.

Wizards of the Coast invest $10 million into MTG: Arena esports  PC World

Wizards of the Coast have announced a restructuring of their pro-level MTG circuit of tournaments to accommodate Magic: The Gathering Arena esports events ...

PC World
Acquisitions Incorporated Dungeon Manual For 5th Ed Coming This Summer  TechRaptor

This summer, Wizards of the Coast and Penny Arcade are releasing an Acquisitions Incorporated sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Called the ...

A Talk With Wizards of the Coast's Nic Kelman About Brandon Sanderson and Magic's Lore  TechRaptor

We talk to Wizard of the Coast's Principal Entertainment Designer for Magic: The Gathering about Magic's new approach to storytelling.

Dungeons, dragons and diversity: How the world’s most influential RPG turned the tables on inclusion  GeekWire

At GeekGirlCon this weekend in Seattle, six members of the Dungeons and Dragons team from Wizards of the Coast, the company behind D&D, described ...

Lewis inspires kids to never give up | Arts & Entertainment  Half Moon Bay Review

On Sunday, Arthur Lewis, also known as “King Arthur” of the Harlem Wizards, energized the coast as he and his team brought their slapstick variety of ...

Half Moon Bay Review
ESA is Joined by SEGA, Riot Games, THQ Nordic, and Other Publishers  VGR.com

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is an organization that represents video game companies over at the United States. A few days ago, the US ...

15 best D&D podcasts & tabletop gaming podcasts you need to hear  Polygon

From Wizard of the Coast's official Dragon Talk to Adveture Zone to Critical Role and other actual-play podcasts, we've got your Dungeons and Dragons needs ...

Pro Magic Player Protests World Championships, Hoping To Change The Pro Scene  Kotaku

Magic: The Gathering pro player Gerry Thompson says he is protesting this weekend's World Championship event, the game's most prestigious tournament, ...

Riot, Sega, four more join ESA  GamesIndustry.biz

The Entertainment Software Association has six more members. The US games industry trade group today announced the addition of Riot Games, Sega of ...

Magic: The Gathering pro sits out World Championship to protest conditions  Polygon

Last month, a select group of professional-tier Magic: The Gathering players met in Las Vegas, Nevada for the classic collectible card game's World ...

Dungeons & Dragons gets a major crossover with Magic: The Gathering this fall  Polygon

After many free D&D / M:tG crossover sourcebooks, Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica will be the first in print. Wizards of the Coast also announced fan-favorite ...

Dreadwing Soars In To The Official Transformers Trading Card Game And App Launch  seibertron.com

Thanks to fellow Seibertron user and contributor, #Sideways#, we've now learned that Blackwing and Dreadwind are set to make an appearance in the Wave 2: ...

OPINION: Wizards of the Coast Targets Esports With Recent Magic: the Gathering Initiatives  The Esports Observer

The newest attempt at digitizing Magic looks promising, but an esports-focused invitational has players in an uproar.

The Esports Observer
Major Link Soccer: Carlos Vela could be headed to FC Barcelona  Sounder At Heart

The Catalan team are reportedly interested in borrowing the striker for the rest of the season. Also, Reddit Soccer Streams is shut down, and Australia's WNT ...

Sounder At Heart
Week in Review: Most popular stories on GeekWire for the week of Jan. 13, 2019  GeekWire

Get caught up on the latest technology and startup news from the past week. Here are the most popular stories on GeekWire for the week of Jan. 13, 2019.

Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast Announce Transformers Trading Card Game  Bleeding Cool News

Some awesome news to cap off our day: Hasbro and their subsidiary Wizards of the Coast announced a new trading card game for Transformers.

Bleeding Cool News
Create A Monster And Win An Awesome Prize In D&D's Summon The Terror Of The Undermountain Contest  Forbes

Wizards of the Coast and Adobe team up to make it easy to use Photoshop to create your own D&D monsters.

You Can Design a Monster for DUNGEONS & DRAGONS  Nerdist

If you've ever wanted to create your own creature for Dungeons & Dragons (what do I mean if? Of course you have!), you'll be excited to learn that Wizards.

'Dungeons & Dragons' Has a Free Holiday Adventure  Comicbook.com

Dungeons & Dragons just released a new holiday-themed adventure perfect for introducing your friends and family to the tabletop roleplaying game. It's the ...

Wizards of the Coast Announces TWO NEW Settings for Dungeons and Dragons  Nerds on Earth

First, the press release, then I'll follow with some thoughts. “Wizards of the Coast is psyched to announce the first collaboration on a major product between ...

Nerds on Earth
The unlikely resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons makes its way to the Inland Northwest  Pacific Northwest Inlander

Nearly 45 years after its creation, a fantasy game played with paper, pencil and dice is having its biggest year yet in the Inland Northwest and around the globe.

Pacific Northwest Inlander
Preview: ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ may finally get game right for video games  East Bay Times

Despite pioneering the trading card game on paper, Wizards of the Coast has had a rough go of it in the digital space. “Magic: The Gathering Online” hasn't had ...

East Bay Times
Magic: The Gathering — Arena launches open beta test September 27  VentureBeat

Wizards of the Coast announced today that Magic: The Gathering -- Arena will launch its open beta phase on September 27, bringing special events with it.

Dungeons & Dragons unveils contest-winning monster to join game: See the terrifying finalists  SYFY WIRE

When Dungeons & Dragons opened up a contest with Adobe Photoshop CC to have fans create the art for a monster lurking in the depths of their new campaign ...

Behind the scenes of the making of Dungeons & Dragons  Seattle Times

Columnist Nicole Brodeur got to take a step inside Wizards of the Coast headquarters in Renton, see what the makers of Dungeons & Dragons are working on, ...

Seattle Times
Brandon Sanderson Wrote a Magic: The Gathering Novella, and You Can Read the First Chapter Right Here  Gizmodo

Brandon Sanderson is known for his fantastical, intricate magic systems across the whole interconnected worlds of his Cosmere novels. But now, he's turning to ...

Wizards of the Coast wants you to stream ‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ … responsibly  GeekWire

Starting today, all participants in the Magic: The Gathering Arena closed beta will be able to create videos and stream *content* from the game, marking a new ...

'Dungeons & Dragons' and 'Magic: The Gathering' Could Have More Crossovers in Future  Comicbook.com

The president of Wizards of the Coast said to expect more crossovers between Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering in the future.GeekWire recently ...

‘Magic: The Gathering Arena’ To Hold Monthly Streamer Events  Variety

Wizards of the Coast is bringing custom streamer events to its free-to-play digital collectible card game “Magic: The Gathering Arena,” it announced on Thursday.

Dungeons & Dragons Streams Its Most Ambitious Live Event Yet  PR Newswire

LOS ANGELES, June 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Starting today, Dungeons & Dragons will live-stream a weekend of adventure with the Stream of Many Eyes, ...

PR Newswire
Welcome The Challenge - Magic: The Gathering Arena Open Beta Live Today  PR Newswire

RENTON, Wash., Sept. 27, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Wizards of the Coast has announced its highly anticipated digital game Magic: The Gathering Arena is now ...

PR Newswire
‘Magic the Gathering’ Is Getting Rid of Sexist Art — and Some Fans Are Mad  Inverse

For decades, popular trading card game 'Magic the Gathering' has been releasing new cards on a regular basis, and a decent number of those cards feature ...

Magic: The Gathering’s next three sets return to Ravnica  Polygon

Magic: The Gathering publisher Wizards of the Coast, now celebrating the game's 25th anniversary, has announced that it will return to the plane of Ravnica.

Arena's Open Beta Is A Good Way To Play Magic: The Gathering, But It Has Some Pitfalls  Kotaku

Magic: The Gathering Arena is the venerable card game's new entry into the digital space, and the free-to-play game is finally in open beta on PC after several ...

Wizards Of The Coast To Begin Stress Testing 'Magic: The Gathering Arena' Today  Forbes

Hasbro subsidiary Wizards of the Coast is looking to revamp its digital footprint in a big way by opening up a new online game, 'Magic: the Gathering Arena.'

Ravnica Got Me Into Magic, And Now We're Going Back  Kotaku

Magic: The Gathering is a card game, but the storytelling and worldbuilding that goes into informing those cards is basically unmatched across the world of ...

Transformers Trading Card Game announced by Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast  Flickering Myth

Hasbro Inc. and Wizards of the Coast have announced the upcoming release of Transformers Trading Card Game, which is set to roll out later this year.

Flickering Myth
First startups, then goblins! Tech CEOs unite around Dungeons & Dragons, embrace their inner geek  GeekWire

Intriguing and quirky characters flock to the tech industry. But how many of them would happily classify themselves as a barbarian or a sorcerer, a druid or cleric?

'Dungeons & Dragons Art and Arcana' Is A Treasure  Forbes

A new illustrated history is providing an unprecedented look at the visual evolution of the game, showing its continued influence on the worlds of pop culture and ...

Check out our Mordenkainen's Tome Of Foes preview for a chance to win your own copy  The A.V. Club

Whether it's thanks to podcasts, streaming series, or Stranger Things, the world of Dungeons & Dragons is being demystified for those who thought it was all ...

The A.V. Club
Siakam, Anunoby lead Raptors past Wizards with Leonard watching from bench  Coast Reporter

TORONTO — Pascal Siakam had 44 points and OG Anunoby added 22, both career highs, as the Toronto Raptors rallied to down the Washington Wizards ...

Coast Reporter
‘Magic: The Gathering – Arena’ faithfully replicates everything about the card game, good and bad  GeekWire

Here's my history with Magic: The Gathering: I played it compulsively about 20 years ago, until I ran into That Guy, who had narrowed the total focus of his life ...

Exclusive first look: The comprehensive visual history of Dungeons & Dragons  SYFY WIRE

Mike Witwer, Sam Witwer, Jon Peterson, and Kyle Newman talk their visual history of Dungeons & Dragons.

How tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons can be therapeutic for players  Syfy Wire

When you're enjoying a role-playing tabletop game like Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons, you might not think about the game much beyond having a good ...

Syfy Wire
SDCC 2018 - Wizards of the Coast Transformers Trading Card Game Announced  Tformers.com


‘Magic: The Gathering’ returns with a new comic book in celebration of 25th anniversary  GeekWire

Wizards of the Coast and IDW Publishing announced this week that, as part of the ongoing festivities surrounding the 25th anniversary of Magic: The Gathering, ...

Why Magic: The Gathering picked Tencent as its partner in China  VentureBeat

When Western game developers look at China, they see a market that could hit nearly $38 billion this year (as market research firm Newzoo estimates). But they ...

Eight Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From 'Dungeons & Dragons'  Forbes

Dungeons & Dragons reveals that we have the innate ability to become better, more thoughtful leaders. Here are eight best practices and leadership lessons ...

New D&D art book delivers the history of the original role-playing game  Polygon

Exclusive art from Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana: A Visual History, the first book to compile the complete visual history of the original role-playing franchise ...

The Twenty-Five-Year Journey of Magic: The Gathering  The New Yorker

Neima Jahromi writes about the history of the Dungeons & Dragons–inspired role-playing game Magic: The Gathering, and Ed Steed illustrates scenes from a ...

The New Yorker
New Dungeons & Dragons Card Game Promises Fast, Fun Gameplay  Screen Rant

Wizards of the Coast announces that tabletop classic Dungeons & Dragons will be getting its own card game, called Dungeon Mayhem, later this year.

Screen Rant
'Dungeons & Dragons' First 2019 Book Will Have Nautical Themes  Comicbook.com

Dungeons & Dragons will be getting wet with their first publication release of 2019.Nathan Stewart and Kate Welch confirmed today on D&D's Twitch channel ...

Netmarble partners with Wizards of the Coast on real-time multiplayer Magic: The Gathering mobile game  Pocket Gamer.Biz

Netmarble has partnered with Magic: The Gathering publisher Wizards of the Coast to develop a new mobile game based on the fantasy IP.

Pocket Gamer.Biz
D&D beginner’s guide: how to get started with Dungeons & Dragons  Polygon

Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition (aka D&D 5e) has created a boon for the tabletop RPG. Here's what you need to get started playing, DM-ing / running a ...

The New Transformers Trading Card Game Is Kind Of Magical  Kotaku

Giant transforming robots deserve giant trading cards, and they get them in the new Transformers Trading Card Game. Hasbro tapped Wizards of the Coast to ...

3 Reasons Why Magic: The Gathering's Reid Duke Broadcast Experiment Worked  The Esports Observer

For one weekend in September, fans of Magic: the Gathering were treated to a unique streaming experience. Grand Prix Richmond, a Legacy tournament.

The Esports Observer
The D20 Beat: The DM’s Guild is a fantastic way for D&D to resurrect old settings  VentureBeat

Wizards of the Coast made big news this week with an announcement for two new books: Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica, which is a new guide for a Magic: The ...

D&D children’s books teach ABCs and 123s through roleplaying games  Polygon

Two new nerdy children's books — The ABCs of D&D and The 123s of D&D — teach the alphabet, counting and the fundamentals of role-playing through the ...

Wizards of the Coast Has Big Plans to Expand into Movies, Games & More  GameSpace.com

Wizards of the Coast has huge plans for IPs like D&D and Magic as well as new irons in the fire all coming in the very near future.

Six Things We Want to See in 'Dungeons & Dragons' in 2019  Comicbook.com

Dungeons & Dragons had one of its best years ever in 2018, and the popular tabletop RPG is looking to build on that momentum in the coming year.While 2018 ...

Like a wily old wizard, 'Dungeons & Dragons' shows it has enduring magic  Los Angeles Times

Next year marks the 45th anniversary of “Dungeons & Dragons,” the old-school tabletop game that — when compared to today's video games — seems like a ...

Los Angeles Times
Amazon Leaks Next Dungeons & Dragons Book, Revealing a Major Crossover  Bleeding Cool News

The folks over at Amazon just gave away a major crossover event for Dungeons & Dragons today after leaking their next unannounced book.

Bleeding Cool News
Wizard’s Upcoming Releases Prove D&D Is Still Going Strong  Nerd Bastards

Dungeons & Dragons has been around for a very long time. The popularity of the game seems to continue to grow as more people try the Fifth edition and love it.

Nerd Bastards
Magic Arena Fifth Card Problem Finally Getting Fixed | ScreenRant  Screen Rant

Wizards of the Coast announced today that the company would finally be addressing Magic The Gathering Arena's fifth card problem. The update that addresses ...

Screen Rant
Wizards of the Coast is releasing an official app to support your D&D campaign  The Verge

Stacks of papers are a staple at any regular Dungeons & Dragons game, but Wizards of the Coast is finally offering a digital client to help gamers manage their ...

The Verge
25 Years Of Magic: The Gathering, And How It's Changed The Gaming World  WBUR

Twenty-five years ago, the card game Magic: The Gathering hit store shelves. More than 30 million people are still playing in this fantasy battle world.

Hasbro Announces New Leadership for Wizards of the Coast  Business Wire

Hasbro, Inc. today announced that Greg Leeds has resigned as President of Wizards of the Coast, and will be replaced by Chris Cocks who joins the comp.

Business Wire
New Competitive 'Dungeons & Dragons' Tournament Announced  Comicbook.com

A popular streaming production company has announced a new competitive Dungeons & Dragons tournament as a way to merge competitive esports with ...

Magic: The Gathering Arena better than previous digital releases  South China Morning Post

The latest attempt from Witches of the Coast to put its turn-based card game in the digital realm is much more accessible, understandable and exciting than its ...

South China Morning Post
Pistons vs Wizards preview: Detroit looks to extend winning streak  Detroit Bad Boys

Well, would you look at that: Despite everything that's happened in this at-times-unwatchable season, the Detroit Pistons find themselves squarely back in the ...

Detroit Bad Boys
Wizards of the Coast Opens Digital Studio  IGN

By Lucy O'Brien Game publisher Wizards of the Coast has opened up a digital studio, with the aim of recreating some of its practical properties in a virtual space.

New Dungeons & Dragons book is a real monster  The Seattle Times

"I think the book has something for everyone," co-author Michael Witwer said, "anyone who is interested in fantasy art or pop art."

The Seattle Times
Wizards of the Coast Unban Two Legendary Magic: The Gathering Cards  Bleeding Cool News

It's not uncommon for Wizards of the Coast to ban certain cards and sets from Magic: The Gathering as time goes on, it keeps the game *fresh* as new sets are ...

Bleeding Cool News
Wizards Of The Coast Bans Bullies  Kotaku Australia

Wizards of the Coast has taken what they describe as their first step in bettering the Magic community, issuing a lifetime ban to Jeremy Hambly, owner of ...

Kotaku Australia
Magic: The Gathering Teases New 'War of the Spark' Set  Comicbook.com

Wizards of the Coast continues to tease their upcoming War of the Spark Magic: The Gathering Set and a few new details have risen to the surface.The Wizards ...

Upcoming 'Dungeons & Dragons' Publications Will Explore More Areas Influenced by Non-European Cultures  Comicbook.com

Dungeons & Dragons plans to explore parts of the Forgotten Realms influenced by non-European cultures.During a Twitch stream yesterday, D&D senior ...

How D&D Beyond brings Gary Gygax’s role-playing game into the digital age  The Verge

In March, Wizards of the Coast announced at PAX East that it would be bringing the traditional pen-and-paper role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons into the ...

The Verge

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Magic: The Gathering
Magic: The Gathering
Dungeons & Dragons
Dungeons & Dragons
If Wizards of The Coast Were 100% Honest With Us...
If Wizards of The Coast Were 100% Honest With Us...
Wizards Of The Coast Stole My Entire Collection
Wizards Of The Coast Stole My Entire Collection
Wizards of the Coast QUALITY hits a NEW LOW + Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook
Wizards of the Coast QUALITY hits a NEW LOW + Dungeons & Dragons Players Handbook
Wizards of the Coast Fires Vice President of Production due to POOR QUALITY
Wizards of the Coast Fires Vice President of Production due to POOR QUALITY
Wizards of the Coast Sent me a Surprise Package!
Wizards of the Coast Sent me a Surprise Package!
A Letter From Wizards of The Coast ................................................................
A Letter From Wizards of The Coast ................................................................

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Wizards of the Coast game store - MTG Wiki
Wizards of the Coast game store - MTG Wiki
D&D Icons of the Realms Monster Menagerie | WizKids
D&D Icons of the Realms Monster Menagerie | WizKids
Rebecca Guay - Wikipedia
Rebecca Guay - Wikipedia
KHANS OF TARKIR - The Temur Frontier | MythicSpoiler.com
KHANS OF TARKIR - The Temur Frontier | MythicSpoiler.com
Wallpaper of the Week: Progenitus | MAGIC: THE GATHERING
Wallpaper of the Week: Progenitus | MAGIC: THE GATHERING
File:Dissension expsym.svg - Wikipedia
File:Dissension expsym.svg - Wikipedia
Illuminati Xanadu New World Order Game Trading Card
Illuminati Xanadu New World Order Game Trading Card
5E Sorcerer - Connors Campaigns
5E Sorcerer - Connors Campaigns
Volrath's Curse (Tempest) - Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering
Volrath's Curse (Tempest) - Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering
Flying Crane Technique | KHANS OF TARKIR Visual Spoiler
Flying Crane Technique | KHANS OF TARKIR Visual Spoiler

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Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ:HAS), is the leader in entertaining the lifestyle gamer. The company holds an exclusive patent on trading card games (TCGs) and their method of play and produces the premier trading card game, Magic: The Gathering , among many other trading card games and family card and board games.
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Wizards of the Coast. Showing 1 of 1 results that match your query. Search Product Result. Product - Shadowghast Manor - Dungeon Tiles : A 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Accessory. Product Image. Product Title. Shadowghast Manor - Dungeon Tiles : A 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Accessory.
Until May 2010, Wizards of the Coast (or WotC) was the license-holder and publisher of the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, the Star Wars Trading Card Game, and Star Wars Miniatures. The first Star Wars Roleplaying Game product was released in 2000 and the Revised Core Rulebook, containing a new...
Wizards of the Coast (often referred to as WotC or simply Wizards) is an American publisher of games, primarily based on fantasy and science fiction themes. Originally a basement-run role-playing game publisher, the company popularized the collectible card game genre with Magic: The Gathering in...
The DCI (formerly, Duelists' Convocation International) is the official sanctioning body for competitive play in Magic: The Gathering and various other games produced by Wizards of the Coast and its subsidiaries, such as Avalon Hill.The DCI provides game rules, tournament operating procedures, and other materials to private tournament organizers and players.
54 Wizards of the Coast jobs, including salaries, reviews, and other job information posted anonymously by Wizards of the Coast employees. Find Wizards of the Coast jobs on Glassdoor. Get hired. Love your job.
We are looking for an experienced Publishing Art Director to join us! This person will be the standard bearer for WOTC’s artistic quality, leading their projects and peers into the next generations of interactive entertainment.
The Wizards Play Network delivers the tools you need to help your store succeed. Access exclusive events, attract loyal players, and turn your store into a vibrant gaming community.
Based on the award-winning Betrayal at House on the Hill, Betrayal Legacy offers a unique opportunity to create the iconic house’s story through decisions and actions taken in the game.

Wizards of the Coast Wiki

Wizards of the Coast LLC (often referred to as WotC or simply Wizards) is an American publisher of games, primarily based on fantasy and science fiction themes, and formerly an operator of retail stores for games. Originally a basement-run role-playing game publisher, the company popularized the collectible card game genre with Magic: The Gathering in the mid-1990s, acquired the popular Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game by purchasing the failing company TSR, and experienced tremendous success by publishing the licensed Pokémon Trading Card Game. The company's corporate headquarters are located in Renton, Washington in the United States.Wizards of the Coast publishes role-playing games, board games, and collectible card games. They have received numerous awards, including several Origins Awards. The company has been a subsidiary of Hasbro since 1999. All Wizards of the Coast stores were closed in 2004.