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Wegan: On Meeting on Myspace and Making a Living Being Cute Online  The Daily Dot

This week on 2 Girls 1 Podcast, Alli and Jen interview Megan and Whitney about meeting online and what adorable plans they have for Valentine's Day.

The Daily Dot
Where in the World Is Myspace Tom?  HowStuffWorks

Myspace took the world by storm and Tom was everyone's first friend. But then we left Myspace and Tom, too. HowStuffWorks found out where he is now.

Kyunchi Is Making MySpace Music for 2019  Papermag

The bedroom musician is helping lead the #20ninescene revival by making what they call "Myspace music for 2019."

Top 9 MySpace songs to bring back in twenty ninescene  Brag Magazine

We are taking a look at some of the top 9 songs from the MySpace era to celebrate the start of twenty nine-SCENE.

Brag Magazine
Why Facebook faces the MySpace graveyard in Asia  South China Morning Post

The social media mammoth faces various problems in the region, but perhaps the greatest is that it is seen as the boring domain of old people LINE, Instagram ...

South China Morning Post
Drake thanks Kanye West ahead of ‘So Far Gone’ streaming release despite him ‘wildin on Twitter’  NME Live

Drake has thanked Kanye West ahead of the release of his 2009 mixtape on streaming platforms, despite the 'Ye' star “wildin on Twitter”

NME Live
MySpace: The OSINT Left Behind For Collection  Forbes

If you are above 30, the chances that you had a MySpace account before Facebook came along are high. My question to you in this Open Source Intelligence ...

What Happens When Facebook Goes the Way of Myspace?  The New York Times

Facebook earned more than $5 billion in profit last quarter, and yet it has spent much of 2018 trapped in a defensive crouch. This year was defined by brutal ...

The New York Times
Shari’s Choice: Should Redstone Give Up on a CBS-Viacom Merger and See the Light of a CBS-Discovery Deal?  Vanity Fair

A marriage of relative equals led by an established executive could stoke the markets. But is that enough to motivate Shari?

Vanity Fair
Katharine McPhee Jokes About Picking a Bridal Party for Her Wedding to David Foster: It’s ‘Like a Real Life Myspace Top 8’  Us Weekly

Katharine McPhee took to Twitter on Sunday, January 27, to joke about picking a bridal party for her wedding to David Foster — find out more!

Us Weekly
Fox Stock Is Quite Risky  Investorplace.com

Fox stock is risky because of the escalating cost of sports-broadcasting deals and Rupert Murdoch's impulsive nature.

Remember Myspace? It still exists  Metro US

Myspace was the most popular website in the U.S. at one point. Then, by 2010 and beyond, it seemed to disappear. What happened to Myspace?

Metro US
Facebook is Adopting a Popular MySpace Feature  khak.com

Facebook is about to start testing a new profile feature and it's giving me high school flashbacks!

MySpace turns 15: Looking back at a pre-Facebook world  CNET

Fifteen years ago, on Aug. 1, 2003, a man named Tom Anderson launched one of the most popular social networking sites of its time. Known as MySpace, it ...

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y '2009' 1 Listen Album Review  DJBooth

Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y's '2009' is an elaborate 10-year challenge in the form of an album.

Mark Zuckerberg did everything in his power to avoid Facebook becoming the next MySpace – but forgot one crucial detail…  The Register

Comment Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: Facebook, its CEO Mark Zuckerberg, and its COO Sheryl Sandberg, and its public relations people, and its ...

The Register
Katharine McPhee and David Foster planning summer wedding in London  Page Six

Katharine McPhee and David Foster are planning to get married in London, we're told. Sources say that McPhee has fallen in love with the British city while ...

Page Six
Becky Brosnan's murder by husband Uriah is focus of Grave Mysteries  Monsters and Critics

The murder of 32-year-old Becky Brosnan by her estranged husband Uriah Brosnan is the focus of the latest episode of Grave Mysteries on Investigation ...

Monsters and Critics
Myspace co-founder Tom Anderson trolls Facebook  CNBC

Myspace co-founder Tom Anderson bashed the Facebook on Monday, but the original data from Myspace users is still used today by Time.

Remember Myspace? This is what the website looks like now  Wales Online

If you were a teenager in the mid 2000's the chances are you had a Myspace account. You will have signed up to be greeted by your first friend called "Tom".

Wales Online
Myspace, which still exists, may be up for sale again  Fast Company

While Facebook has dominated the news for the last decade or so, Myspace is still around. I'm as surprised as you. Though it lost the social network war a long ...

Fast Company
Setlist: 20 years of CMU – The rise and fall of MySpace  Complete Music Update

This week's episode of Setlist is another marking CMU's 20th birthday, the seventh in a series of special editions reviewing the 20 biggest stories CMU has ...

Complete Music Update
Who You Used To Be On My Space, According To Your Zodiac Sign  Elite Daily

Before the days of Facebook and Instagram, Myspace was one of the many reasons why Millennials couldn't make it to school on time in the morning. Yes, we're ...

Elite Daily
Cyber-security firm doxxes hacker who sold MySpace and Dropbox databases in 2016  ZDNet

Recorded Future claims Tessa88's identity is a 29-year-old Russian named Maksim Vladimirovich Donakov.

Actually, Myspace Sold Your Data Too  Motherboard

In the wake of Facebook's privacy debacle, Myspace Tom has emerged as an unlikely hero. But the platform he built and the data you put on Myspace continues ...

John Oliver Corrects The Record: MySpace Is Not Back  HuffPost

Although John Oliver did not have a new episode of “Last Week Tonight” on HBO this week, he did take to YouTube on Sunday night to clear up some erroneous ...

MySpace Tom beat Facebook in the long run  The Outline

Wouldn't you rather be a rich nobody than whatever Mark Zuckerberg is?

The Outline
Doja Cat talks early MySpace rap battles, practicing Hinduism, and more on First Times  The FADER

Doja Cat has been keen on using technology to her advantage, adopting Periscope early on to livestream silly live moments and music sessions. Combined with ...

These People Who Still Use MySpace Say It’s A ‘Huge’ Part Of Their Lives  The Daily Caller

MySpace was once the largest social media platform in the world. At its peak, it had 100 million accounts. Users then abandoned it for Facebook, and the once ...

The Daily Caller
Slaughter & Rees Report: Time for a Myspace Comeback?  Tuck School

How can a company provide a “free” *service* to more than two billion people but generate more than $40 billion in revenue and $16 billion in profit? This is one ...

Tuck School
Why Facebook could become the next Myspace  IT PRO

Facebook is getting a bit desperate for attention – "thirsty", as the internet informs me the kids say, probably while on Snapchat. Figures from eMarketer predict ...

Bring on the Haters: Dane Cook Plots a Comedy Comeback  Hollywood Reporter

Dane Cook, a successful stand-up of the mid-2000s, has new material, a new tour, a new (20-year-old) girlfriend and a few choice words for Louis C.K.

Hollywood Reporter
The ghost of MySpace haunting Facebook and Twitter  The Washington Post

One potential reason the markets panicked over Facebook and Twitter this week implicates the very business model that made these companies so successful.

The Washington Post
Facebook will become MySpace, says FANG-focused fund manager  MarketWatch

Scott Freeze of Sabretooth Advisors thinks that Facebook will be hamstrung by E.U. regulations limiting advertisers' data access, and he wouldn't be shocked if ...

MySpace, other social media platforms off the radar  Tahlequah Daily Press

The World Wide Web has existed for more than 25 years, and during that time, it has been a battleground for tech companies and entrepreneurs to see who can ...

Tahlequah Daily Press
Ryan Adams Dangled Success. Women Say They Paid a Price.  The New York Times

For nearly two decades, Ryan Adams, one of the most prolific singer-songwriters of his generation, has been heralded as a mercurial creative genius and a ...

The New York Times
Here's What Tom From Myspace Is Doing With His Life Now  NowThis

Ever wonder what Tom from Myspace is doing now? In 2005, Tom sold the social media platform for $580 million to Rupert Murdoch. He then retired and has ...

Chrissy Teigen's Love Of Myspace Is So Relatable, You'll Wish You Could Add Her To Your Top 8  Bustle

In case you were wondering, Vogue revealed on Tuesday that Chrissy Teigen loved MySpace as a teenager. In her interview with the magazine, the Cravings: ...

Mystikal Released From Prison On $3 Million Bond In Rape Case  Vibe

Mystikal was reportedly released from prison on a $3 million bond in his pending rape case.

‘Jennifer’s Body’ Captured Myspace-Emo Camp in All Its Glory  Noisey

Diablo Cody's underrated cult classic turns nine this week – we look back on how it juggled bisexuality, desire and early 2000s mainstream emo.

This Glittery 3D Art Is Making Us Majorly Nostalgic for Myspace  VICE

This article is part of our Women in Net Art series, a weekly column curated by artist Nicole Ruggiero. Read more articles from this series here. This week, I ...

Just How Bad is Facebook for Us? Stanford Study Findings  TechCo

Despite its continual bad press for privacy concerns and alleged ability to influence real-world politics, Facebook remains the most popular social network ...

Myspace sold our embarrassing secrets and it's hard to cure the cringe  Metro

The social network's archive is filled with mortifying details of your life in the noughties - which is still out there unless you've deleted it.

Robokid Talks Discovering Himself In The MySpace Era & 'Not Hiding' His Sexuality  Billboard

Robokid is a product of the Internet. Born Ethan Budnick, the L.A.-based producer and singer/songwriter credits his DIY approach to music and visuals to the ...

University Of The Virgin Islands Becomes First HBCU With Free Tuition Option  Vibe

The journey to free higher learning hit a new stride this month after it was announced the University of The Virgin Islands will provide free tuition to students, ...

Queer Zines From the Pre-MySpace Era and More Art Shows This Week  Bedford + Bowery

White Lies Opening Thursday, October 11 at Derek Eller Gallery, 6 pm to 8 pm. On view through November 11. For better or for worse, we can all agree ...

Bedford + Bowery
Snap Q2 Earnings: Looking Like Myspace As DAUs Fall  Seeking Alpha

DAUs grew 8% year over year but dropped by 3 million from Q1. Declining DAUs can be attributed to the app redesign, but regaining momentum is difficult for a ...

Seeking Alpha
Here's what Mark Zuckerberg says he would do if Facebook hadn't worked out  CNBC

If Facebook had never become a social media giant, CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg tells Freakonomics Radio he "would build whatever the next thing is.

Tom from MySpace is Now A Photographer—And He's Actually Pretty Good - Resource  Resource Magazine

It turns out your first friend on MySpace is not just a one-trick-pony. After retiring as a multi-millionaire, Tom Anderson, one of the founders of MySpace, became a ...

Resource Magazine
Myspace Security Flaw Let Anyone Take Over Any Account Just By Knowing Their Birthday  WIRED

If you know someone's date of birth, you can crack their Myspace account.

Hack Brief: Your Old Myspace Account Just Came Back to Haunt You  WIRED

360 million old Myspace accounts are vulnerable in one of the biggest hacks yet.

Facebook has music deals with every major record label now. Why?  Quartz

Facebook just inked deals with the world's biggest record companies—meaning users will be able to add almost any song they want to videos and messages.

Tom, U Up?: Contemplating a move back to MySpace  Pacific Northwest Inlander

There's been a lot of talk among my actual friends and social media "friends" about leaving Facebook behind in favor of less data-breachy outlets. It's hard to ...

Pacific Northwest Inlander
This is what Tom from Myspace is doing now  HELLO! Magazine

Tom Anderson was the co-founder of Myspace and everyone's first friend on the social networking site. The mogul sold the website to News Corp in 2009 and ...

HELLO! Magazine
The enduring portrait of Myspace Tom, the Mona Lisa of profile pictures  The Verge

Picture Myspace founder Tom Anderson in your head. What do you see? A man, 20-something, with short hair, looking over the shoulder of his white T-shirt.

The Verge
Myspace paedophile jailed for rapes against two girls  BBC News

A man who raped a 12-year-old girl after grooming her on Myspace has been jailed. Nicholas Day was 23 when he groomed the girl online, claiming he was 17, ...

BBC News
Dame Dash Apologizes To Jay-Z And Jim Jones: "I'm Not Angry No More"  Vibe

Dame Dash is making amends. The music mogul recently issued an apology to Jay-Z, Jim Jones, and more on Instagram on Feb. 12, for potentially offending ...

MySpace co-founder's advice for Snap's Spiegel  USA TODAY

LOS ANGELES — Chris DeWolfe has been there. As the co-founder of MySpace, the first huge social network, he saw what happened when a small company ...

The Instagram mixing Y2K fashion, trash pop culture, and Myspace aesthetics  Dazed

laraberlyne features modern-day faces and your fave 00s 'It' girls Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Capital - Why Facebook will never die  BBC News

Despite scandals over fake news and data privacy, the social network is unlikely to disappear any time soon.

BBC News
MySpace – what went wrong: ‘The site was a massive spaghetti-ball mess’  The Guardian

Sean Percival on corporate interference, Punch The Monkey, and a failed attempt to buy Spotify: 'They sure as hell were not selling to us...'

The Guardian
Your Old MySpace Account Was An Easy Target For Hackers  Forbes

Remember MySpace? Sure you do, it was one of the hottest sites on the Web ten years ago. But did you remember to delete your account when you stopped ...

Rupert Murdoch's MySpace Apparently Still Haunts Mark Zuckerberg  Gizmodo

On Monday, Wired published an inside look at Facebook's struggles with fake news over the last two years. It should come as no surprise that Mark Zuckerberg ...

Report: XXXTentacion Left Out Of Grammys Memoriam Due To Abuse Allegations  Vibe

XXXTentacion was reportedly left out of the Grammy's traditional In Memoriam segment due to his past domestic abuse allegations.

Myspace still exists, and it's desperate enough to blackmail you into logging in  Washington Post

Myspace sent a message to thousands of former users, reminding them it still has all their embarrassing photos.

Washington Post
MySpace NYC agent fired after shouting racial slurs outside bar  The Real Deal

A Brooklyn real estate agent was fired after reportedly hurling a string of racial slurs at a bouncer outside a Bushwick bar. Chris Giardina, 29, an agent with ...

The Real Deal
Marvin Gaye's Lost Album Gets Release Date Decades After Being Shelved  Vibe

Motown is set to debut a previously unreleased Marvin Gaye album next month, days ahead of what would have been the late soul legend's 80th birthday.

In honor of Trump's birthday, we dug up his completely real MySpace profile  Mashable

In honor of Donald Trump's birthday, we decided the ultimate present would be to dig up his rarely seen Myspace profile for everyone to enjoy.

Top 8: Let's all friend request Field Mouse's new Myspace-inspired website  Vanyaland

These days, it's hard to stand out on social media. But back in the long-lost 2000s, all you needed was a pimped-out Myspace page complete with ...

Time Inc. now owns MySpace, more or less by accident  The Verge

MySpace was once seen as the king of social media, a heavyweight with upstarts like Facebook nipping at its heels. But after being purchased by Rupert ...

The Verge
Former MySpace CEO Makes A Comeback As A Mobile Gaming Hitmaker  Forbes

A decade ago, Chris DeWolfe ran the world's most successful website, one that Facebook turned into a punch line. Now DeWolfe is back, seeking permanence ...

These footballers' MySpace & Bebo accounts are peak noughties  BBC Three

The rapid march of social media means there's really nowhere to hide for the modern footballer. Whether they're geo-tagged in the exact city of the club they've ...

BBC Three
J. Cole On Grammy Awards: “Seeing Cardi Win Makes Me Feel Like I Won”  Vibe

The "Middle Child" rapper shares some enlightening thoughts on winning awards.

#FBF: Karlie Redd's Old MySpace Photos are Proof That She Hasn't Aged a Day  VH1.com

Karlie Redd has been out and about for a minute and we're wondering what her skin care routine is. Before there was an Instagram, a SnapChat, or a Twitter, ...

Generation Z doesn't even remember Myspace  BBC Three

What separates Gen Y from Gen Z? Is it which side of the year 2000 they were born on? The probability of them owning a home one day, or receiving a pension?

BBC Three
BRB Group Think: MySpace Top Five Texans  Battle Red Blog

Get ready to get steamy as the masthead gets together and gives their top five greatest Texans of all time.

Battle Red Blog
“Let’s colonise MySpace!”: inside the alt-right’s internet  New Statesman

An echo chamber of hate is being created as the far-right flee Facebook and Twitter.

New Statesman
Myspace Tom Is Now a Photographer  Architectural Digest

Tom Anderson, a.k.a. Myspace Tom, no longer focuses his efforts on the social networking world, but instead on travel photography.

Architectural Digest
The multi-millionaire founder of MySpace retired before he was 40 to travel the world — here are some of his most stunning photos  Business Insider

Courtesy of Tom Anderson If you were a teenager with a computer in the early aughts, there's a good chance you had a profile on MySpace, the music-centered ...

Business Insider
Facebook's MySpace Problem  Seeking Alpha

Could fake news and horrific videos in the Facebook news feed create Facebook's MySpace moment? It's not as far-fetched as it may sound. It's also a case ...

Seeking Alpha
Why Facebook Triumphed Over All Other Social Networks  Forbes

Facebook was a late-comer to the social networking market, defying the business mantra of “first-mover advantage.” Why did it succeed so fabulously where the ...

13 Things We Learned From Taylor Swift's Former Internet Life  E! Online

Before Taylor Swift was, well, Taylor Swift, she was just like the rest of us, posting vlogs on YouTube and sharing her teenage thoughts and commentary on our ...

E! Online
Will MySpace Ever Successfully Get Resurrected?  VICE

The story of MySpace's rise, fall, and (so far failed) resurrection is a kind of case study for internet companies. In 2006, three years after it launched, MySpace ...

Time Inc. Buys Myspace: Are We Back To The M&A Future?  Forbes

Time Inc. announced last week that it was purchasing a controlling interest in Viant, the owner of Myspace, one of the more fabled brands from the early Internet ...

When usage goes out the window  Columbia Journalism Review

The recent success of Dreyer's English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style, provides a good excuse to talk about one of author and Random House ...

Columbia Journalism Review
How To Quickly Recover All Your Embarrassing Myspace Photos  The Daily Dot

Your old Myspace photos are still out there, waiting to be rediscovered and embarrass you. Here's how to quickly find (and delete) them.

The Daily Dot
How the Corpse of MySpace Will Feed the Future's Content Farms  Motherboard

MySpace was acquired by Time, Inc, because *content* farms and social networks aren't that different at this point. They are both pages of *content*, usually ...

J.J. Watt's MySpace may still exist and it's everything you could ever hope for  Chron.com

UPDATE: This article was published a year ago today and we are thrilled to inform you... The page is still there! Previous story: ...

Does MySpace Have Any Distribution Juice Left for Publishers?  AdAge.com

MySpace has a partnership strategy, and works with media companies like Complex Media to host and distribute their *content* to its 1 billion registered users.

When celebrities used Myspace: the profiles A-listers try to forget  The Guardian

With early Tyler, the Creator music unearthed through his page, we tracked down the profiles of other stars – including Tom Hardy and Taylor Swift.

The Guardian
Remember Tom From Myspace? He Is Living Every Millennial's Dream Now  Influencive

When people talk about Myspace, they tend to remember two things: the often hilarious status updates they shared as teenagers, and the face of Tom, the first ...

Sad But True: People Are Actually Going On MySpace In Search Of #TBT Pics  Huffington Post

MySpace is back! Kind of. People are returning to the social media site of yesteryear so they can dig up old photos for their new favorite social m...

Huffington Post
Myspace's Top 8 Has Been Kept Alive by This Enterprising Dude  The Daily Dot

A lot of folks here on the internet are nostalgic for that great social networking behemoth-turned-dinosaur called Myspace. They miss the personalized layouts.

The Daily Dot
Top 8 Things You'll Miss About Classic Myspace  Mashable

Some of the features we'll miss now that classic Myspace is discontinuing.

All The Dating Advice From 'He's Just Not That Into You' That Still Holds Up 10 Years Later  Bustle

When He's Just Not That Into You hit theaters in 2009, it was the first of many big-budget, star-studded romantic comedies to be released in the years to come.

MySpace Is Dead. Long Live Myspace.  Mashable

The new Myspace, which first came online in late 2012 as a music-discovery *service* with the support of Justin Timberlake, has officially launched.

Inside the Hack that Blew Up Myspace  Motherboard

Motherboard's new show animates famous incidents of computer hacking.

Why the Myspace Hack Matters  Daily Beast

A Myspace hack compromised 360 million accounts. Here's why you should care.

Daily Beast
Former MySpace CEO explains why MySpace lost out to Facebook so badly  Digital Trends

Mike Jones, the former head of MySpace, says he knows the reason why Facebook crushed MySpace in social networking popularity.

Digital Trends
Is Myspace Destined to Fail (Again)?  LA Weekly

Few things conjure as much nostalgia for 20- and 30-somethings as MySpace. For many younger Gen X-ers and older Gen Y-ers, it was their first social network, ...

LA Weekly

Myspace Videos

Don Omar ft Wisin y Yandel- Myspace
Don Omar ft Wisin y Yandel- Myspace
My Space - Don Omar ft. Wisin y Yandel
My Space - Don Omar ft. Wisin y Yandel
9 Things You Totally Forgot About Myspace
9 Things You Totally Forgot About Myspace
The current state of MYSPACE
The current state of MYSPACE
What Ever Happened to Everyone's Friend MySpace Tom?
What Ever Happened to Everyone's Friend MySpace Tom?
The Rise and Fall of MySpace
The Rise and Fall of MySpace
Reacting To My Old Myspace | Andrea Russett
Reacting To My Old Myspace | Andrea Russett
My Space - Don Omar ft Wisin y Yandel (Video Oficial)
My Space - Don Omar ft Wisin y Yandel (Video Oficial)
MYSPACE Memories
MYSPACE Memories
Don Omar Wisin Y Yandel - No Se De Ella (My Space) y aun en 2018
Don Omar Wisin Y Yandel - No Se De Ella (My Space) y aun en 2018

Myspace Images

girly under breast tattoo | www.myspace.com/evies.ink | Flickr
girly under breast tattoo | www.myspace.com/evies.ink | Flickr
Annie & photography - Annie Lennox
Annie & photography - Annie Lennox
Michelle Anderson | Nikkiz Angels
Michelle Anderson | Nikkiz Angels
Tim Conigrave "Holding The Baby" article
Tim Conigrave "Holding The Baby" article
Ironman - Graffiti - 3Steps - Giessen - Art | 3Steps ...
Ironman - Graffiti - 3Steps - Giessen - Art | 3Steps ...
Security Arms | Firearm Photo Archive
Security Arms | Firearm Photo Archive
Andrew VanWyngarden (MGMT) graduates at Wesleyan - family ...
Andrew VanWyngarden (MGMT) graduates at Wesleyan - family ...
Shoulder Tattoo close-up – Tattoo Picture at CheckoutMyInk.com
Shoulder Tattoo close-up – Tattoo Picture at CheckoutMyInk.com
La Alegría de Vivir | Logotipo para el sello asturiano "La ...
La Alegría de Vivir | Logotipo para el sello asturiano "La ...
Quelle est la taille de Nicki Minaj?
Quelle est la taille de Nicki Minaj?

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Myspace (stylized as myspɑce) is a social networking website offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music, and videos. Myspace was the largest social networking site in the world from 2005 to 2009. It is headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.Myspace was acquired by News Corporation in July 2005 for $580 million, and in June 2006 surpassed Google as the most visited website in the United States. In April 2008, Myspace was overtaken by Facebook in the number of unique worldwide visitors and was surpassed in the number of unique U.S. visitors in May 2009, though Myspace generated $800 million in revenue during the 2008 fiscal year. Since then, the number of Myspace users has declined steadily in spite of several redesigns. As of January 2018, Myspace was ranked 4,153 by total Web traffic, and 1,657 in the United States.Myspace had a significant influence on pop culture and music and created a computer game platform that launched the successes of Zynga and RockYou, among others. Despite an overall decline, in 2015 Myspace still had 50.6 million unique monthly visitors and had a pool of nearly 1 billion active and inactive registered users.In June 2009, Myspace employed approximately 1,600 employees. In June 2011, Specific Media Group and Justin Timberlake jointly purchased the company for approximately $35 million. On February 11, 2016, it was announced that Myspace and its parent company had been purchased by Time Inc. Time Inc. was in turn purchased by the Meredith Corporation on January 31, 2018.