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Stellar Foundation Taps Mozilla’s COO Denelle Dixon as CEO  Finance Magnates

The Stellar Development Foundation has appointed former Mozilla executive Denelle Dixon as its Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Finance Magnates
Mozilla Foundation issues Firefox updates | SC Media  SC Magazine

Mozilla Foundation has issued security advisories for several vulnerabilities in Firefox ESR 60.5.1 and Firefox 65.0.1. The updates patch a use-after-free in skia ...

SC Magazine
Firefox Send lets you share 2.5GB encrypted files for free  The INQUIRER

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has announced a full rollout for Firefox Send, its *service* that allows users to share files of up to 2.5GB free of charge using just ...

Mozilla Releases Free File Transfer Service, Firefox Send  Silicon UK

Mozilla gives ability for users to send encrypted files up to 2.5Gb in size with launch of Firefox Send. The Mozilla Foundation has officially released its Firefox ...

Silicon UK
Mozilla is bringing Tor's 'letterboxing' privacy technique to Firefox  The INQUIRER

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has announced it is teaming up with The Tor Project to bring one of its key security features to the Firefox browser. The technique ...

Streamlio Launches Streamlio Cloud, Firefox Announces Firefox Send, GraphQL Foundation Collaborating with the Joint Development Foundation, the Fedora Project Is Sponsoring Libravatar and the Linux Foundation Announces Community Bridge  Linux Journal

News briefs for March 13, 2019. Streamlio announces Streamlio Cloud, "its new cloud-native *service* for fast data". Streamlio Cloud is powered by Apache Pulsar ...

Linux Journal
Mozilla, Internet Society and Others Pressure ...  Dark Reading

Mozilla Foundation, the Internet Society, and eight other organizations have teamed up to push retailers to demand that Internet of Things manufacturers ...

Dark Reading
Analysis: Nike's self-lacing shoes are a lesson in the Internet of Things  The Keene Sentinel

Nike's most-advanced kicks have been turning into bricks. Blame the Internet.

The Keene Sentinel
Nike’s self-lacing shoes stopped lacing. Blame the Internet.  Washington Post

Nike's most advanced kicks have been turning into bricks. Blame the Internet. Last month, Nike began selling shoes that lace themselves, much like Marty ...

Washington Post
Surveillance firm asks Mozilla to be included in Firefox's certificate whitelist  ZDNet

Mozilla caught between a rock and a hard place on the issue of DarkMatter root certificates.

Mozilla fears encryption law could turn its employees into insider threats  Naked Security

Mozilla has told the Australian government that its anti-encryption laws could turn its own employees into insider threats.

Naked Security
Cyber-Mercenary Groups Shouldn't be Trusted in Your Browser or Anywhere Else  EFF

DarkMatter, the notorious cyber-mercenary firm based in the United Arab Emirates, is seeking to become approved as a top-level certificate authority in Mozilla's ...

Mozilla promises Firefox Reality for Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 in summer  VentureBeat

Mozilla's mixed reality browser will be one of the earliest apps for Microsoft's second-generation augmented reality headset, when it becomes widely available.

Nike's Self-Lacing Shoes Are a Lesson in the Internet of Things  NDTV

Nike's most-advanced kicks have been turning into bricks. Blame the Internet. Last month, Nike began selling shoes that lace themselves, much like Marty ...

Don’t Get Your Valentine an Internet-Connected Sex Toy  WIRED

Mozilla expands its “Privacy Not Included” gift guide to the bedroom: It's all sexy fun and games until someone hacks a WiFi-enabled butt plug.

The Internet of Dongs remains a security dumpster-fire -- UPDATED  Boing Boing

The Internet of Dongs is Brad Haines's term for the world of internet-connected, "teledildonic" sex toys, and Haines, along with Sarah Jamie Lewis, have ...

Boing Boing
Public-interest technology: Why companies should get involved  Help Net Security

"For the last 15 or 20 years, anything Silicon Valley companies did was seemingly in the public interest, and society has encouraged that view until quite.

Help Net Security
'Hamilton' producer among spring Milstein speakers  Cornell Chronicle

The multidisciplinary Milstein Program in Technology & Humanity will bring prominent thinkers to campus this spring for thought-provoking public events and ...

Cornell Chronicle
Hybrid entities can bring for-profit strategies to NGO funding  OpenGlobalRights

Hybrid entities that mix for-profit and not-for-profit strategies have the potential to free NGOs from constantly seeking foundation funding.

Proposing a 'Declaration of Digital Independence'  WIRED

This message is mainly for the leaders and enthusiasts of the broad-based movement toward decentralizing *content*, but especially social media. I'm not trying to ...

Is Your Holiday Gift Spying On You? A Guide Rates The Security Of Smart Devices  NPR

Before you start making that wish list, you might want to check another list: The Mozilla Foundation made a "Privacy Not Included" guide to help shoppers be ...

Mozilla's 2017 expenses grew twice the rate of revenue  Computerworld

Most of the Firefox browser-maker's $562M in revenue came from deals struck for the default search engine spot.

Decentralized or Nothing: Song Duels IBM Over Blockchain Hype at SXSW  CoinDesk

More or less decentralized? For Jimmy Song, there's no in between. An author and partner at venture firm Blockchain Capital, Song made that point repeatedly ...

The New York Times Is Planning to Experiment With Blockchain Publishing  CoinDesk

UPDATE (March 13, 2019, 16:10 UTC): This article has been updated to note that the NYT took down its job posting after publication. A screenshot of the posting ...

What Is the Point of Mozilla?  Linux Journal

Is Mozilla a software organization or an advocacy group? Few journeys in the world of open source have been as exciting as Mozilla's. Its birth was dramatic.

Linux Journal
Protect your privacy with Firefox's Beta and Focus browsers  Fast Company

Mozilla has put its most advanced features in its lesser-known desktop and mobile browsers. Here's how the latest versions work, and how to make the most of ...

Fast Company
Facebook must take 'real action' against disinformation, Mozilla Foundation and 32 civil society groups demand  Fox News

Facebook needs to stop paying lip *service* to the fight against disinformation and take more concrete actions, the Mozilla Foundation said in a letter posted ...

Fox News
Open letter from Mozilla Foundation and other companies to Facebook urging transparency in political ads  Packt Hub

Mozilla Foundation and other organizations, wrote an open letter to Facebook this week. The letter urges Facebook to do it's part against political advertisement ...

Packt Hub
Mozilla Has Big Plans for Thunderbird in 2019  Thurrott.com

The Mozilla Foundation this week announced that it has big plans to modernize its Thunderbird email client in 2019, improving its performance, usability, and ...

Mozilla confirms that Flash will be disabled in Firefox 69  The INQUIRER

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has confirmed that it will stop default support of its Flash plug-in starting with Firefox 69, as a first step towards decommissioning it ...

Mozilla challenges educators to integrate ethics into STEM  Fast Company

The nonprofit's founder and chairwoman explains her latest initiative: a $3.5M competition in partnership with the Omidyar Network to explore new ways to teach ...

Fast Company
Mozilla's Internet Health Report Diagnoses Life Online  WIRED

The foundation released a broad, sweeping report Tuesday about the state of our lives online.

Mozilla confirms Firefox Test Pilot is dead in favour of full team development  The INQUIRER

Mozilla confirms Firefox Test Pilot is dead in favour of full team development.

Why Mozilla Matters  iProgrammer

Mozilla revenue rose by over $40 million USD in 2017 which sounds good until you notice that its expenses went up by over $80 million. Mozilla has filed its ...

Firefox to feature sponsored content as of next week  The Register

The Mozilla Foundation has revealed that links to sponsored posts have started to appear in its Firefox browser and pledged to deliver them without invading ...

The Register
The Internet has serious health problems, Mozilla Foundation report finds  Ars Technica

As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg prepared to face nearly half of the Senate today to explain what went wrong with his company's handling of personal data ...

Ars Technica
Mozilla will mute autoplay videos in Firefox 66  The INQUIRER

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION'S quest to rid the internet of everything annoying has added another arrow to its quiver of whimsy. The next version of its Firefox ...

Mozilla Foundation: Tech giants like Amazon and Facebook should be regulated, disrupted, or broken up  VentureBeat

The Mozilla Foundation today released its inaugural Internet Health Report, which calls for the regulation of tech giants like Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Tech suffers from lack of humanities, says Mozilla head  The Guardian

Technology companies need to diversify their hiring practices to include more people from backgrounds in philosophy and psychology if they want to tackle the ...

The Guardian
Mozilla hires former Google executive as its new policy and security chief  TechCrunch

Mozilla has hired Alan Davidson, a former Commerce Dept. digital director, as its new global policy chief. The Firefox browser maker said Tuesday that the ...

Internet-connected holiday gifts that are secure and trustworthy  Quartz

How do you know if your holiday gift is going to leak your personal information or create an unlocked door for hackers to enter? Mozilla, the non-profit foundation ...

Mozilla gets a new CFO  TechCrunch

Mozilla, the not-for-profit behind the Firefox browser and other open-source projects, today announced that it has hired Roxi Wen, the former CFO of display ...

Firefox To Block Third-Party Trackers That Harvest Your Data and Slow Down Your Internet  Popular Mechanics

In a major change from standard online operating procedure, the Mozilla Foundation has announced it will soon by defaults turn off all third-party tracking in its ...

Popular Mechanics
Mozilla’s Firefox Reality web browser is now available  TechCrunch

Mozilla's vision of a VR-first web browser is ready for consumers to download and judge. Firefox Reality is a browser built entirely for virtual reality. While you ...

Mozilla's record 2016 revenue funded its Firefox Quantum browser  Computerworld

The Mozilla Foundation brought in more than half a billion dollars in 2016, largely from deals with search engines. That money helped underwrite an overhaul of ...

The creepiest tech devices and gadgets  Quartz

Mozilla Foundation, maker of web browser Firefox, has created a tech shopping guide based on how much digital devices and gadgets encroach on your ...

Swiss Exchange to List XRP Exchange-Traded Investment Product  CoinDesk

Switzerland's primary stock exchange SIX could soon list another cryptocurrency-based exchange-traded product (ETP), which will track the price of XRP, the ...

Mozilla tells EU it needs to force Facebook to be more transparent  The INQUIRER

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has become the latest big hitter to openly criticise black sheep of social networking Facebook. In a letter to the EU, Denelle Dixon, ...

Mozilla wants to seduce BOFHs with button-down Firefox  The Register

The Mozilla Foundation has released a Firefox for Enterprise with sysadmin controls to manage deployment. F4E arrives in beta form today. Firefox hooks into ...

The Register
Mozilla uses AI to serve up suggested content in Firefox  The INQUIRER

INTERNET BROWSER Firefox has added another of its 'Test Pilot' beta extensions, as part of an ongoing series to test public reaction to functionality that may ...

Coinbase Exchange Users Can Buy and Sell XRP Starting Today  CoinDesk

UPDATE (26, February 17:20 UTC): Coinbase Pro announced Tuesday that it had enabled full trading for its XRP/BTC, XRP/USD and XRP/EUR order books.

US-based Mozilla Foundation appoints Sunil Abraham to top role  Business Standard

Sunil Abraham, Executive Director of Bengaluru-based The Centre for Internet and Society, has been appointed as Vice President, VP, Leadership Programmes, ...

Business Standard
Crypto Mogul Moshe Hogeg’s ICOs Have Unusual Patterns, Analysis Finds  CoinDesk

Best-known internationally as the chief executive of the blockchain smartphone startup Sirin Labs, Moshe Hogeg is becoming known for something else in Israel ...

Mozilla is redesigning the Firefox logo and wants your opinion  The INQUIRER

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION, which makes the Firefox browser, amongst other things, wants your help to redesign the Firefox logo and visual brand.

Vox Media acquires comment moderation platform The Coral Project  WTOP

Digital news company Vox Media Inc. has acquired The Coral Project, an open-source platform with the Mozilla Foundation that helps news publishers ...

Microsoft guy: Mozilla should give up on Firefox and go with Chromium too  ZDNet

Microsoft engineer wants Mozilla to climb down from its "philosophical ivory tower", stop making a browser that few use, and become a research organization.

Mozilla: Why Microsoft Edge's switch to Google's Chromium is bad news  ZDNet

Microsoft's move probably won't help Edge and it's also bad for the open web, say Mozilla, Vivaldi.

Microsoft staffer riles Firefox faithful by telling Mozilla to embrace Chrome  CNET

Debate: Does Mozilla have more influence as a Chrome rival or ally?

Mozilla's office grows in Portland  Portland Business Journal

The maker of the Firefox web browser has doubled the size of its Portland office.

Portland Business Journal
Wetlands Mapping, Teacher Bias Research, And Other Eugene-Based Projects Get Mozilla Money  KLCC FM Public Radio

Eugene is receiving $90000 in grant money. The Mozilla Foundation – the non-profit arm of Firefox – is providing the funds, for what it calls “tech for.

KLCC FM Public Radio
Mozilla Is Working on a Chrome-Like "Site Isolation" Feature for Firefox  BleepingComputer

The Mozilla Foundation, the organization behind the Firefox browser, is working on adding a new feature to its browser that is similar to the Site Isolation feature ...

Waterfox 56.2.7 released  Ghacks Technology News

The developer of the Waterfox web browser, Alex Kontos, released Waterfox 56.2.7 (and to the public recently. Waterfox 56.2.7 is the first release of the ...

Ghacks Technology News
The Internet is sick. Here’s how Mozilla is making it healthy again  Digital Trends

The suggestion that the internet is unwell sounds a bit goofy, but according to the Mozilla Foundation — a non-profit Silicon Valley organization which believes ...

Digital Trends
Why your internet choices just got narrower  CNN

Microsoft's concession to Google on its browser could threaten the internet, says Mozilla's Mitchell Baker, because making Google more powerful is risky on ...

Mozilla declares war on third-party cookies in latest Firefox build  The INQUIRER

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has taken the covers off the latest version of its Firefox Quantum browser, and it includes some interesting new functionality for ...

The creator of Firefox is making a voice-controlled browser that will read the entire internet to you out loud  Business Insider

The project, which will named Scout, would allow users browse the internet with voice commands like "Hey Scout, read me the article about polar bears.

Business Insider
Mozilla, Others: FCC Net Neutrality Reg Rollback Broke Law  Multichannel News

Public Knowledge, Mozilla, the Benton Foundation, INCOMPAS and others challenging the FCC's Restoring Internet Freedom order say that was not just bad ...

Multichannel News
Mozilla awards final grants from its $1.2 million Community Gigabit Fund  VentureBeat

As part of a six-year effort to highlight the benefits of gigabit networks, the Mozilla Foundation today announced that it has awarded the final 14 prizes from its ...

How creepy is that Christmas gift? A guide to seasonal tech  Toronto Star

Teddy bears linked to your smartphone, smart home speakers, a baby monitor with sensors that let you “feel” motion in the nursery. All great holiday gifts ...

Toronto Star
Holochain Mozilla Preliminary Talks Confirmed  Crypto Briefing

Speculation over a Holochain Mozilla partnership has circulated for months. Holochain said in recent AMA, they are in talks.

Crypto Briefing
These Founders Killed It In 2018, And Their Returns Are All Impact  Forbes

Let's face it. Celebrated founders tend to be men. There's a litany of reasons for this, but one that's hard to dispute is that less than 20% of founders in the ...

Firefox Is Back. It’s Time to Give It a Try.  New York Times

Mozilla redesigned its browser to take on Google's Chrome. Firefox now has strong privacy features and is as fast as Chrome.

New York Times
Mozilla, Wikimedia and Github urge IT Min RS Prasad to abandon proposed Intermediary Liability guidelines  MediaNama.com

Mozilla, the Wikimedia Foundation, and the now Microsoft-owned GitHub have written an open letter (pdf) to RS Prasad, the Union Minister of Electronics and IT, ...

SAHA wins $10,000 for solar Wi-Fi project  San Antonio Express-News

Inexpensive solar panels powering a local network delivering Wi-Fi to public housing residents has caught the attention of the Mozilla Foundation, the nonprofit ...

San Antonio Express-News
Mozilla to Remove Support for Built-In Feed Reader From Firefox  BleepingComputer

Mozilla engineers are preparing to remove one of the Firefox browser's oldest features —its built-in support for RSS and Atom feeds, and inherently, the "Live ...

Mozilla advises India's tech startups to respect user privacy  Quartz

For companies, valuing privacy isn't always just about respecting user rights—it's often plain business sense. This, among other things, was what Mozilla sought ...

Mozilla, With Revenue Up 28%, Maps An Ambitious Agenda  Forbes Now

The Mozilla Foundation, buoyed by a 28% increase in revenue, is mapping out ambitious plans in its efforts to promote the "open Internet."

Forbes Now
The State of Mozilla 2017 report focuses on internet health and user privacy  Security Boulevard

The State of Mozilla 2017 report is out and contains information on areas where Mozilla has made an impact and its activities in 2017-18. We look at some of the ...

Security Boulevard
Mozilla funds winners of the 2018 Creative Media Awards for highlighting unintended consequences of AI in society  Packt Hub

Mozilla announced funding for the seven projects of its 2018 Creative Media Awards, earlier this week. These projects aimed at promoting art and advocacy to ...

Packt Hub
Q&A: Mozilla exec wants better internet  Lowell Sun

CAMBRIDGE -- The manifesto Mitchell Baker wrote for the free software community Mozilla declared the internet to be a global public resource and privacy a ...

Lowell Sun
Mozilla’s $3.5M plan to teach ethics to coders  Fox News

Despite the high-minded promise of tech's potential to enrich our lives, each day brings a new headline about its negative effects.

Fox News
Mozilla's Money Story Is Like Nothing Else In Silicon Valley  Forbes

Mozilla, which makes the Firefox browser and operating system, has pulled back the curtain on its own finances. The latest disclosures include intriguing details ...

How Stanford became a billionaire factory, Education News & Top Stories  The Straits Times

In the first of a four-part series, Senior Education Correspondent Sandra Davie talks to Professor Charles Eesley on what goes into Stanford University's 'secret ...

The Straits Times
This is the shady reason the Firefox New Tab page does not show NSFW links  MSPoweruser

For some years now Firefox has had the rather convenient privacy feature of not showing your NSFW bookmark links in its New Tab Page, which is normally a ...

Firefox will finally fix annoying page jumps  ZDNet

Firefox 66, scheduled for release in mid-March 2019, will remember the user's position on the page as new *content* is loaded and existing *content* is pushed ...

Mozilla is ditching Facebook ads in wake of Cambridge Analytica scandal  The INQUIRER

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has announced it is to stop advertising on Facebook in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. The not-for-profit will 'pause' ...

Mozilla announces $225,000 in grants for "artwork and advocacy exploring AI"  Boing Boing

Kevin from Mozilla writes, "In a world where biased algorithms, skewed data sets, and broken recommendation engines can radicalize YouTube users, promote ...

Boing Boing
Mozilla Is Flailing When the Internet Needs It the Most  WIRED

... open web is in constant peril. Almost a generation ago, everyone worried Microsoft, which had the dominant web browser of the time, could dictate the *content* ...

End nears for RSS? Firefox 64 to drop built-in support for RSS, Atom feeds, says Mozilla  ZDNet

Mozilla to kill off RSS features in Firefox because they're hardly used and would take too much effort to modernize.

Why does the world still need the Mozilla Foundation?  VentureBeat

With its Firefox browser rapidly losing share, and its financial ties to Google finished, the Mozilla Foundation finds itself facing the most pivotal moment in its ...

Mozilla Firefox Reality becomes default web browser for HTC Vive VR displays  Download.com

While social networks and entertainment streaming have their own dominant apps, web browsers are still a popular portal between us and the online world.

Windows Firefox 65 rollout halted by Mozilla: AV clash stopped users browsing  ZDNet

Avast disables feature for inspecting HTTPS traffic for malware after a conflict with Firefox 65.

Look for the Trustable Technology Mark on connected devices  Fast Company

Think of the Trustable Technology Mark as an “organic” sticker for connected devices.

Fast Company
Firefox and Edge add support for Google's WebP image format  ZDNet

WebP image format gets new life courtesy of Microsoft and Mozilla. Apple is last browser maker without WebP support.

Mozilla patches critical Thunderbird bugs that can cause exploitable crashes | SC Media  SC Magazine

The Mozilla Foundation has released the latest version of its Thunderbird email client, fixing 14 security vulnerabilities, including five critical ones, three of which ...

SC Magazine
Firefox 62 arrives as Windows XP support is sunsetted  The INQUIRER

THE MOZILLA FOUNDATION has announced the release of Firefox 62, the latest edition of its 'Quantum' browser. The new version also marks the retirement of ...

Eight big ideas win $1.6 million in connectivity challenge  StateScoop

Perhaps someday soon, when a natural disaster takes down a neighborhood's wireless tower, all it will take to get reconnected is unpacking the equipment ...

Firefox to get a 'site isolation' feature, similar to Chrome  ZDNet

Mozilla announces Project Fission, a project to add true multi-process support to Firefox.

Mozilla removes nearly two dozen browser add-ons from Firefox for spying on users  Download.com

A little over a month ago, both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox removed the Stylish plug-in for logging your browsing history. But Mozilla has apparently ...


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Getting Mozilla’s Lightning/Iceowl to work in Thunderbird ...
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