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Manischewitz Just Asked Adam Sandler to Write a Passover Song. The Result Might Surprise You  Inc.

Comedian, movie star, and SNL alumnus Adam Sandler hasn't responded to Manischewitz's offer yet--meaning a Passover song to match his Hannukah song ...

Our Food Roots: How Cincinnati Jews changed how America ate  Cincinnati.com

This occasional series, Our Food Roots, is about how different immigrant groups have contributed to how Cincinnati eats. But the Jews who came to Cincinnati in ...

Manischewitz Kosher wine is a hit in some Caribbean communities  USA TODAY

Just over a year ago, I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a picture of a billboard in Haiti advertising Manischewitz wine. The kosher wine has been a ...

Manischewitz Donates $100000-Worth Of Grape Juice To New York's Neediest  Forward

Alexander Rapaport, owner of Masbia Soup Kitchen, is not a fan of “food rescue,” but when a tractor full of $100,000 worth of Welch's-Manischewitz grape juice ...

Worldwide Kosher Foods Market 2019-2026 SWAT Analysis By Manischewitz, Nestlé, Streit's, Art Chocolatier, BASF, Blommer Chocolate  World News Today

Global Kosher Foods Market 2019 – 2026 Analysis. We, at “Marketsresearch” believe in delivering readers with facts and forecast. This report on the Global ...

World News Today
Is that Manischewitz? The Kosher wine is a hit in some Caribbean communities.  PRI

Just over a year ago, I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a picture of a billboard in Haiti advertising Manischewitz wine. The kosher wine has been a ...

Listen to noted perv Bob Crane improv an ad for "Man, Oh Manischewitz"  Boing Boing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oUdOY-Dz2lI "Red Coke," aka Riunite on Ice, was largely inspired by the 1940s "Man, Oh Manischewitz" ads. Here ...

Boing Boing
A spiced Caribbean black cake for Christmas, aged in rum & memory  Salon

“You should have started months ago. You remember. This is a cake that requires your attention, your respect and, most importantly, your time.” These were my ...

The Manischewitz Company Urges Adam Sandler to Write A Passover Song  WGNO

As part of its preparations for Passover this year, The Manischewitz Company felt that one thing was missing to get consumers into the holiday spirit: a Passover ...

Manischewitz Wine: A Kosher Drink Popular In Caribbean Communities  WLRN

Just over a year ago I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a picture of a billboard in Haiti advertising Manischewitz wine. The kosher wine has.

Adam Sandler Offered Matzos for Life to Pen Passover Song  NBC 7 San Diego

Manischewitz really wants Adam Sandler to write a Passover song, and the Jewish food giant says it's prepared a "suite" offer to get him inspired — a hotel room ...

NBC 7 San Diego
Manischewitz Asking Adam Sandler To Write ‘The Passover Song’  CBS Philly

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Manischewitz wants Adam Sandler to write a follow-up to his smash hit “The Chanukah Song.” The leading brand of kosher products is ...

CBS Philly
'Man, Oh Manischewitz': When The Jewish Wine Was Big With Gentiles, Too  NPR

The wine associated with Jewish tradition was once a huge crossover success. At one point, the typical drinker was described as an urban African-American ...

Manischewitz Welcomed Paul Ryan To The Tribe — Then Deleted The Tweet  Forward

To show its excitement over House Speaker Paul Ryan's newfound Jewish connection, the Manischewitz company prepared him a Welcome Basket of kosher ...

Manischewitz welcomes Paul Ryan to the Jewish faith with matzo and cultural tips  Quartz

"Catch up on Seinfeld and every Mel Brooks movie; If you think you need a sweater, take one, you never know."

Manischewitz: The Great Story of a Not-So-Great Wine  Modern Farmer

Next, a clarification for those not in the know. Manischewitz is not just a wine, but rather the name of the company that cornered the market on all foodstuffs ...

Modern Farmer
What is Manischewitz, and what does it taste like? | Ask Dr. Vinny  Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator's resident wine expert, Dr. Vinny, explains kosher wine and Manischewitz, made from Concord grapes.

Wine Spectator
Some Non-Jews Think Manischewitz Wine Tastes Good, Befuddling Jews  Wall Street Journal

Manischewitz, the sweet and kosher wine popular during Jewish holidays, is gaining a following among other groups, especially Asians, befuddling Jews.

Wall Street Journal
How the quintessential American Jewish wine became a crossover hit  Haaretz

NEW YORK — For many American Jews, Passover is synonymous with Manischewitz. The sweet Concord grape wine is widely used to make the Ashkenazi ...

Manischewitz Just Started Making Frozen Pre-Sliced Gefilte Fish For Your Passover Seder  Forward

The first-ever frozen gefilte fish, gloriously pre-sliced and satisfyingly pre-cooked, is now being sold in select retailers.

Manischewitz reportedly shutting down Newark plant  NJ.com

The kosher food maker opened a plant in the city more than a decade ago.

A Rabbi Who Keeps Things Kosher at Manischewitz  The New York Times

Rabbi Aron Yonah Hayum, plant manager and rabbinical supervisor at Manischewitz in Newark, makes sure that food adheres to Jewish dietary requirements.

The New York Times
Making matzo with Manischewitz: A behind the scenes look  WABC-TV

Manischewitz is a company known worldwide, and it's headquartered in Newark, New Jersey.

The Eyes Have It  Shepherd Express

I'm Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain'a? So yeah yeah, there was no regular Shepherd issue last week and if you enjoyed my absence, ...

Shepherd Express
Matzah Madness: Who is The Breadwinner?  Jewish Exponent

The hefty square resembling cardboard is hardly a favorite snack, but some are admittedly digestible — even edible — or even good. Slap on some butter or ...

Jewish Exponent
What a wine! The Brooklyn history of Manischewitz  Brooklyn Paper

These grapes Concord Brooklyn! Those who sip Manischewitz wine — the sweet kosher wine that is a staple of the Seder table — are partaking in a local ...

Brooklyn Paper
Manischewitz Makes Terrible Food and Wine. How’d It Become So Popular?  Slate Magazine

If you happen to be headed to a Passover seder this weekend, there is a strong chance that your meal will feature at least one product manufactured by...

Slate Magazine
At Manischewitz, the Private Equity Owner Keeps Kosher  New York Times

It's up to Rabbi Yaakov Y. Horowitz to ensure Manischewitz stays true to its principles under its new owner. “We schmooze a lot,” he said.

New York Times
Manischewitz CEO Receives Anti-Defamation League Award  Forward

The Manischewitz Company's president and CEO, David Sugarman, was honored last week by the Anti-Defamation League, which gave him its Americanism ...

Welch's Teams With Manischewitz In Battle Over Kosher Grape Juice  NPR

Grape juice giant Welch's is huge in every market in the U.S. except among Orthodox Jews. That used to be Kedem's turf. But now, on the eve of Passover, ...

Equity Fund Buys Maker of Matzos  New York Times

The Manischewitz Company is expected to announce its sale to Sankaty Advisors, part of Bain Capital, as it works to reach beyond its established Jewish ...

New York Times
A Brief History of Manischewitz and Other Holy Wines  The Slatest

Perhaps the relationship between the gods and the grape peaked early—way, way back in the ancient days when mortals on all continents offered libations...

The Slatest
Beyond the Seder table: Manischewitz wine popular among Asian Americans  Jerusalem Post Israel News

The famously sweet concord wine has gained a following among non-Jewish populations, according the WSJ.

Jerusalem Post Israel News
Watch chef Stephen Hasson make Manischewitz brisket pizza  Chicago Reader

Challenged to create a dish with Manischewitz Concord Grape Wine, Stephen Hasson of Ugo's Kitchen & Bar comes up with a take on his grandmother's ...

Chicago Reader
Valentine’s Day Recipe: Manischewitz Pasta  My Jewish Learning

It's February. You're going about life as usual. Work, eat, sleep. Eat, sleep, work. Eat some more. Then you realize it's three days before Valentine's Day.

My Jewish Learning
For Falcone, No Joy in the Sale of Manischewitz  New York Times

Philip A. Falcone suffered a loss when his hedge fund sold its position this week to Sankaty Advisors, people close to the matter said.

New York Times
Company kicks off Hanukkah by breaking world record for most people spinning dreidels at same time  11Alive.com WXIA

The company partnered with students and staff of the Rosenbaum Yeshiva of north New Jersey to spin a world record 1369 dreidels at the same time!

11Alive.com WXIA
Manischewitz 'Kids Edition' Matzo Products  Progressive Grocer

The Manischewitz Co., based in Newark, N.J., is introducing three new “Kids Edition” matzo items in time for Passover, which begins April 10 at sundown.

Progressive Grocer
11 Best Kosher Wines and Spirits to Drink on Passover Not Named Manischewitz  TheStreet.com

For many American Jews, Manischewitz wine is as much as part of Passover as the four questions and matzoh ball soup. It is not a wine lover's drink, though.

The Grape Juice Wars of Passover  The New York Times

During the holiday, Orthodox Jews consume a lot of the beverage, mostly from the kosher titan Kedem. Now Welch's has gotten into game.

The New York Times
Make this Manischewitz Whiskey Sour for Passover — or whenever, really  Mic

It's liquid echo of the traditional charoset. It's Passover, in a glass.

Manischewitz Creates Kosher Food for Gentiles  New York Times

Manischewitz is expanding its product line beyond the kosher aisle with products meant to appeal to consumers who aren't Jewish.

New York Times
Welch’s and Manischewitz Are Releasing a Certified Kosher Grape Juice Together  The Daily Meal

Two ubiquitous American brands, Welch's and Manischewitz, hope to disrupt Kedem's monopoly on kosher grape juice.

The Daily Meal
Sammy Davis Jr. on Manischewitz almond flavored wine  Boing Boing

https://youtu.be/cwsmJX-5yKc Manischewitz makes some vile flavors of kosher wine, but Sammy Davis Jr. makes almond sound like a good idea. Earlier, Pesco ...

Boing Boing
Manischewitz breaks century-old tradition with its first triangular matzo as part of pizza kit - NY Daily News  New York Daily News

NEWARK, N.J. — It's not your bubbe's matzo. The New Jersey-based largest producer of kosher food in North America is breaking tradition in its 129-year history ...

New York Daily News
Kosher Wines You’ll Want to Drink After Passover (Yes, Really)  Bloomberg

Ask a seasoned, Passover-celebrating wine drinker what kosher wines they recommend. Expect an ironic laugh and a “life's too short to drink kosher wines” ...

'Schmaltz' Makes the Man  Tablet Magazine

Anthony Rose never particularly wanted to write a cookbook. As the chef and co-owner of six restaurants in Toronto—including the nouveau delicatessen Rose ...

Tablet Magazine
With Passover looming, it's crunch time at matzo factory  NorthJersey.com

Rabbi Aron Hayum picked up a crispy golden square and held it up for inspection.

Manischewitz Co. to cut 169 jobs, close plant in Newark  NJBIZ

The Manischewitz Co. issued a WARN notice on Thursday for 169 employees at its headquarters in Newark.The Manischewitz Co. issued a WARN notice on ...

Beyond Manischewitz: 5 Kosher Wines From Around The World :: Drink :: Lists :: Kosher Wines :: Paste  Paste Magazine

The Passover seder is one of the most traditional meals of the year and one of the only Jewish celebrations where wine plays an integral role; guests are ...

Paste Magazine
Ask The Salty Waitress: What gift should a non-Jew bring to a Hanukkah party?  The Takeout

Hi Salty: Not sure if this is your realm of expertise or not, but I got invited to a Hanukkah party at the home of friends of friends who are pretty observantly Jewish.

The Takeout
Should Be Forgot, Again  Shepherd Express

I'm Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain'a?

Shepherd Express
Kosher-for-Passover food: More products than ever  NorthJersey.com

New Jersey is a hub for kosher food companies that are pushing the Passover envelope with exotic new products.

11 Kosher Drink Ideas For Passover 2018 That Are Delicious & Creative  Bustle

Tuck away the Challah bread; it's time for Passover. That means matzo will be stocking shelves and filling your bellies instead. You'll need something to wash ...

Manischewitz Wine & Kosher Coke: Part of Brooklyn's Jewish heritage  Brooklyn Daily Eagle

It's no secret that Brooklyn boasts one of the largest Jewish communities in the country. A group of men enjoy Manischewitz wine. Photo courtesy of Brooklyn ...

Brooklyn Daily Eagle
Rabbi sues NJ company Manischewitz for not being Kosher enough  New York Daily News

Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Horowitz feels the temperature just before sheets of unbaked matzo enter a massive oven at the matzo production line at the ...

New York Daily News
Manischewitz: It's Not Just For Jewish Grandmothers Anymore  Huffington Post

If you grew up in a Jewish home, or spent a lot of time in one, you are probably familiar with the kosher food brand Manischewitz. You've probably eaten the ...

Huffington Post
It's "the triumphant return of the most important pop-up of the year, the amazing “Chai-vy and Cohen-y” Hanukkah Bar"  PoPville

From an email: “Ivy and Coney, located at 1537 7th St NW in historic Shaw, is proud to announce the triumphant return of the most important pop-up of the year, ...

Welch's enters kosher juice market just before Passover  Fox News

A food fight is breaking out in the kosher aisle — just in time for Passover next month.

Fox News
4 ways to celebrate Hanukkah around Washington — with latkes and dreidel competitions  The Washington Post

Hanukkah begins Sunday night, but Washington's celebrations start Saturday and run throughout the week. DJs, dreidel competitions and latke feasts are ...

The Washington Post
Daphne Merkin Knows About Good Wine, But Still Has a Soft Spot for Manischewitz Concord Grape  Tablet Magazine

I can still remember with resounding clarity all these years later the note of horror in my mother's voice the first time she called me and I sounded audibly drunk.

Tablet Magazine
Readers Respond: Manishewitz Wine Is Really Popular  WLRN

After I reported a story about the popularity of Manischewitz wine in Caribbean communities during the holidays, many of our readers and listeners.

Should Adam Sandler record a Passover song? A debate  Salon

Apparently there are people who think this would be a great idea, and Salon's Jeremy Binckes is one of them.

Manischewitz cocktails: why not?  Chicago Reader

In this past week's Cocktail Challenge, Luke LeFiles threw down the ingredient Manischewitz. Now, I realize I'm not in quite the same spirit-swilling league as ...

Chicago Reader
Watch out, Miracle on Seventh Street: There’s a new holiday pop-up in D.C.  The Washington Post

For four years, the Miracle on Seventh Street has been Washington's go-to holiday bar, filling the city's Instagram and Snapchat feeds with its over-the-top decor: ...

The Washington Post
Kosher foods get an update  Marketplace.org

Organic matzoh? The 129-year-old Manischewitz is keeping up with food trends.

Paul Bensabat of Manischewitz, a King of Kosher  New York Times

The food business has long been important to Paul Bensabat of the Manischewitz Company. He learned his first business lesson selling lollipops at age 6.

New York Times
Israeli Wine: Not Your Bubbe's Manischewitz  Jewish Exponent

Some may have chosen the latter last week during the Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce (PICC) wine-tasting event, which featured Israeli wines and ...

Jewish Exponent
The Manischewitz Pie Crust Debacle  Forbes

We were invited to a Passover Seder last Friday night, and my wife offered to bring dessert. Aware that there are special foods required for Passover, she ...

What's Manischewitz?  Boulder Weekly

This week, Jewish people worldwide are celebrating Passover. Though the celebration continues for a whole week, the holiday's most important meal — the ...

Boulder Weekly
Two holiday bars are popping up in Shaw. How do they stack up?  Washington Post

For the third year in a row, the holiday spirit is coming to Shaw. But this year, it's not just the pop-up Miracle on Seventh Street bar that will provide a rosy glow to ...

Washington Post
A Cocktail Mixed With a Punch Line  New York Times

A Manischewitz and bourbon cocktail? Now there's some chutzpah. Meet the Drunken Pharaoh, a drink that sounds like a Sammy Davis Jr. routine served over ...

New York Times
‘I Still Have Nightmares.’ The Dicey Future of Jarred Gefilte Fish  The Wall Street Journal.

As they float new artisanal recipes, some foodies don't mince words about the beige dumplings Manischewitz has sold since the 1940s. Tri-color gefilte fish with ...

The Wall Street Journal.
Will Welch's & Manischewitz stomp out kosher market?  The Times of Israel

Combining their forces, the grape juice giants hope to squish out kosher competition.

The Times of Israel
Why is most matzo now square?  Brandeis University

Matzo is a central food in the Passover Seder, its roots derived from Exodus when the Israelites ate unleavened bread in great haste prior to fleeing Egypt.

Brandeis University
Drink a Manischewitz Martini at London Grill’s Passover Seder  Eater Philly

In Israel there's only one Passover seder, but in other parts of the world Jews get to, or have to, sit through two — the difference in enthusiasm for the extra ...

Eater Philly
5 Steps to Curing Your Passover Hangover, Because Manischewitz Brings the Hurt  Bustle

There are hangovers — the throbbing headache after a night of tequila binging, curable only with a life-vest of a bacon-egg-and-cheese sandwich — and then ...

'Mad Men' Recap: Sno Ball, Manischewitz and Envy | Special: Mad Men  AdAge.com

If the slow-moving season five of "Mad Men" is heading toward the kind of dramatic finale to which we've become accustomed, it's going to be a complete ...

Baseball Rules Are Complicated Enough, Now Add Passover  The Wall Street Journal

MIAMI—Baseball is a sport of a thousand rules, but it has nothing on Passover. For kosher baseball fans attending the season's first games during the holiday ...

The Wall Street Journal
Goodbye, Manischewitz; Hello, Cabernet?  NPR

These days, there are hundreds of quality kosher wines, so there's no need to dread the four glasses involved in the ceremonial Passover Seder. Host Michel ...

How to Celebrate Hanukkah in Boston  Eater Boston

Pre-order latkes, drink Manischewitz cocktails, and more.

Eater Boston
Rosh Hashanah Kosher Wines Are Not What They Used To Be  Forbes Now

Kosher wines don't have to be sweet and you don't have to be Jewish to enjoy them.

Forbes Now
How Manischewitz Matzo Helped Make America  Forward

Matzo is bread made from flour of members of the wheat and barley families mixed with water and then, to avoid engendering hametz, baked within 18 minutes ...

Keeping kosher, with a twist | NJBIZ  NJBIZ

The Manischewitz Co. in Newark manufactures the leading kosher brand in America. Almost any Jewish family in the state could tell you that.

The 11th Plague? Why People Drink Sweet Wine on Passover  The Atlantic

Wines like Manischewitz aren't very good—but we love them anyway. The story of a uniquely American tradition.

The Atlantic
Pop Rock Band HAIM Releases Hanukkah Holiday Song About Latkas, Manischewitz Wine and the Maccabees  Algemeiner

Popular American pop rock band HAIM celebrated the first night of Hanukkah on Tuesday with a new song that pays homage to the Festival of Lights. The trio of ...

Manischewitz's kitniyot brand: Why this Passover is different from all other Passovers  The Star-Ledger

Only during Passover would unsalted rice cakes be considered a treat. This year, observant Sephardic Jews — those from the Mediterranean rim, whose dietary ...

The Star-Ledger
Hundreds Of Students Set World Record For Dreidel Spinning  CBS New York

RIVER EDGE, NJ (CBSNewYork) – Hundreds of New Jersey students set a world record Friday, just in time to celebrate Chanukah this Sunday evening.

CBS New York
Are You Ready for the Kosher Grape Juice War?  Forward

Welch's is teaming up with Manischewitz to offer a line of certified kosher grape juice that will compete with Kedem's, which has long dominated the kosher ...

Forget Manischewitz. Sip a Wine Really Made in Israel  Wall Street Journal

Sadie Flateman, an Israeli buyer for 67 Wine & Spirits on Manhattan's Upper West Side, wants wine drinkers to think of Israel as they would any other ...

Wall Street Journal
Kosher for Gentiles  New Yorker

The newly appointed C.E.O. of Manischewitz says that the company's future may include a lot more gentiles.

New Yorker
This Passover, Manischewitz says 'Let my legumes stay'  Haaretz

Are Ashkenazim warming up to eating kitniyot on Passover? In honor of the move, a green fava and herb rice recipe.

Forget Manischewitz: The 8 Best Wine Pairings for Hanukkah  The Daily Meal

Though many of us are familiar with the Hanukkah customs of lighting the menorah, playing dreidel, praying, and gift giving, Hanukkah is a holiday with deep ...

The Daily Meal
Sinkers vs. floaters: a matzo ball taste-off for Passover  Minneapolis Star Tribune

Sinkers or floaters? That is the question this Passover — at least when it comes to matzo balls. The classic holiday soup dumplings can be light as air or dense ...

Minneapolis Star Tribune
WATCH: Jared Kushner Is Drunk, Crying And Shirtless — On 'SNL'  Forward

This week's episode of NBC's “Saturday Night Live” saw a new take on presidential advisor/son-in-law Jared Kushner — by way of another hit show for the ...

I Turned Welch's Grape Juice Into Wine  Thrillist

One writer's intrepid quest to find out if you can make decent wine from regular old Welch's grape juice.

No, it doesn’t taste like Manischewitz  The Boston Globe

In Israel, Sandy Block of Legal Sea Foods finds an ancient wine region with new potential.

The Boston Globe
Love of matzo transcends religious significance  Albany Times Union

It was at the ripe age of 25 when I encountered my first matzo ball. Sitting down to lunch with a friend at a diner in my university's Manhattan neighborhood, she ...

Albany Times Union
It's 'Hide the Matzo' for Real: Tam Tams Are Scarce  New York Times

Why is this Passover different from all other Passovers — or at least the last 68 of them? No Tam Tams. It's true. Manischewitz, which manufactures the bite-size ...

New York Times

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Review: Manischewitz Concord Grape Wine
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Happy Passover with The Jewish Cowboy! - YouTube
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Manischewitz (; Hebrew: מנישביץ‎) is a leading brand of kosher products based in the United States, best known for their matzo and kosher wine. Founded in 1888, it became a public corporation in 1923 and remained under family control until 1990, when it was bought out by a private equity firm. On April 7, 2014, Sankaty Advisors, an arm of private equity firm Bain Capital, bought the company from a group including investment firm Harbinger. It is the world's largest matzo manufacturer and one of America's largest kosher brands.