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Calista Corporation declares $2.2 Million Akilista Dividend  -  The Delta Discovery
Calista (cha-LIS-tuh) Corporation's Board of Directors approved today (Oct. 19th) the second dividend for 2016. This Akilista (aw-KEE-lis-tuh) dividend totals $2.2 Million, a 10 percent increase from the previous year. Calista has declared six ...

As Younger Shareholders Enroll, Calista Brings Ways To Connect With Jobs And Training To Bethel  -  KYUK
Over the coming months, the Calista Corporation expects to begin the process of enrolling tens of thousands of descendants as shareholders. The influx is expected to expand shareholder numbers from about 13,000 to approximately 40,000. Many of those ...
Calista Corp. announces second dividend of 2016  -  Fairbanks Daily News-Miner
Visit newsminer.com/subscribe or call 907-456-6661. The Calista Corp. announced its second dividend in 2016 totaling $2.2 million, after the board of directors approved it Wednesday. The Alaska Native corporation has about 13,000 individual ...

Calista Corporation approves Akilista dividend, second shareholder dividend of the year  -  Alaska Public Radio Network
According to a Calista press release, the $2.2 million dollar Akilista dividend is a 10 percent jump from last year, and totals out to be $1.67 per share. The Calista Corporation serves around 13,000 shareholders, with the average shareholder owning ...
Calista Corporation Releases Akilista Dividend As Winter Energy Costs Approach  -  KYUK
The Calista Corporation has announced a second dividend for shareholders this year. The Akilista dividend is based on the corporation's investments and will total $2.2 million this year, 10 percent higher than last year. This is in addition to the ...
Calista Corporation announces Calista Stock Will Drive  -  The Delta Discovery
Calista Corporation announces the inaugural Stock Will Drive for Calista Shareholders. Stock Will Forms are posted on Calista's corporate website , calistacorp.com, and available directly from Shareholder Records. Shareholder Records can be reached by ...
Calista Corporation closes Solstice Advertising  -  The Delta Discovery
Calista (cha-LIS-tuh) Corporation announces that Solstice Advertising is closing its operations this week (Sept. 27th). Additionally, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Tribal Providers Conference has been cancelled until further notice. All inquiries ...

Calista Shareholders Elect One New Board Member, Reelects Two  -  KYUK
Calista Corporation shareholders elected three members to its board of directors at its annual meeting Saturday. Shareholders elected newcomer Wayne Don to represent Unit 6; Paul George Guy will continue to represent Unit 4; and Johnny Evan will stay ...

Calista Shareholder Dividends Now Available in Direct Deposit  -  KYUK
This is due to a new software program not named in the release, the corporation anticipates more 'shareholder-friendly features' to be announced over the following year once testing is done. Calista shareholders can find the application to sign up for ...

Calista Corp. shareholders will get a boost from record dividend  -  Alaska Dispatch News
Alaska Native corporation Calista Corp. announced Tuesday its board of directors has approved a record spring dividend of $5.6 million. Calista's 13,000 shareholders will be paid $4.23 per share. The average shareholder owns 100 shares. This year's ...

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Calista Corporation
Calista Corporation
Calista Corporation Internships
Calista Corporation Internships
Calista Corporation Enrolls Descendants
Calista Corporation Enrolls Descendants
(English) Calista Descendant Enrollment Vote
(English) Calista Descendant Enrollment Vote
(Yup'ik) Calista Descendant Enrollment Vote
(Yup'ik) Calista Descendant Enrollment Vote
Yulista Interns by PAIMIU FILMS
Yulista Interns by PAIMIU FILMS
Andrew Guy Speech on Education
Andrew Guy Speech on Education
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Alaska Crane, Winter Construction on Blue Lake Hydroelectric Dam in Sitka
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Tom Begich on Alaska Redistricting Board Plan
Tom Begich on Alaska Redistricting Board Plan

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Yulista Management Services, Inc.
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Regional corporation formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. Land holdings with potential for oil and gas exploration and mining of gold, silver ...
Calista Corporation (pronounced [tʃɑlɪstɑ]) is one of thirteen Alaska Native Regional Corporations created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 ...
Research and review Calista Corporation jobs. Learn more about a career with Calista Corporation including all recent jobs, hiring trends, salaries, work environment ...
October 3, 2016. Calista Corporation Announces Stock Will Drive. Drawing: 25 Shareholders Will Win $250 Each (Anchorage, Alaska) - Calista Corporation announces the ...
Calista may refer to: Calista, Western Australia, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia; Calista, Kansas, a community in the United States; Calista Corporation, an ...
Ownership. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Calista Corporation, YHL proudly serves over 13,000 Alaska Native shareholders in Southwest Alaska. As is expected of any ...
Calista (pronounced Cha-lis-ta) is the second largest Native Regional Corporation in Alaska. In the Yup'ik Eskimo language, the name “Calista” translates to ...
This pattern book introduces Classic Elite Yarns Calista, a unique 100% cotton yarn. Included in the collection are nine knit and crochet patterns for your spring and ...
OUR MISSION. At Brice Environmental we work relentlessly to support our client’s varying missions through the delivery of superior environmental, construction and ...
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Calista Corporation (pronounced [tʃɑlɪstɑ]) is one of thirteen Alaska Native Regional Corporations created under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA) in settlement of aboriginal land claims. Calista was incorporated in Alaska on June 12, 1972. Although the Calista region is in western Alaska, Calista Corporation is headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska. Calista is a for-profit corporation with 17,300 Alaska Native shareholders primarily of Yup'ik descent.The name Calista (worker) is a portmanteau of the Central Alaskan Yup'ik words cali-, meaning "to work," and -ista, meaning someone or something which does. The Yup'ik language does not have a word for "corporation".As part of ANCSA, Calista received patent for 4,997,263 acres (20,223.21 km2) from the federal government as well as approximately $80 million, making it the second largest corporation established under ANCSA. The Calista region covers Alaska's Bethel and Kusilvak census areas and includes 56 villages.