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Small Assault-Style Rifle Firms Thriving Under Activists' Radar  U.S. News & World Report

BOSTON (Reuters) - A decade ago, Kentucky's Anderson Manufacturing was a small machine shop that didn't make firearms. By 2016, it was making more rifles ...

U.S. News & World Report
Small makers of assault rifles thriving under the radar of gun control activists  The Union Leader

BOSTON (Reuters) - A decade ago, Kentucky's Anderson Manufacturing was a small machine shop that didn't make firearms.

The Union Leader
Bushmaster XM-15 XD Pistol Equipped with SB Tactical Arm Brace Available at Retail  AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Huntsville, AL – -(Ammoland.com)- Bushmaster is proud to announce the introduction of its SD Pistols, so named for the Advanced Armament Corp Square Drop ...

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
When Guests Want to Check In With Firearms, What Can Hotels Do?  The New York Times

U.S. lodging chains are caught up in the debate over safety and gun rights, leaving a confusion of policies that can vary from location to location.

The New York Times
Nora Freeman Engstrom on Soto v. Bushmaster Firearms Int'l, LLC | Stanford Law School  Stanford Report

In this Q&A, Professor of Law, Associate Dean for Curriculum, and Deane F. Johnson Faculty Scholar Nora Freeman Engstrom discusses a brief she co-

Stanford Report
U.S. gunmaker Remington exits bankruptcy in tough gun climate  Reuters

U.S. weapons manufacturer Remington Outdoor Co Inc said on Thursday it had emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy with less debt and more stable financing ...

Letter: A citizen militia can never match military  Times Union

In his Viewpoint, Lawrence Corbett suggested that those who wrote the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution had taken to heart experiences arising from ...

Times Union
Gun Test: Ruger .450 Bushmaster Gunsite Scout  The Daily Caller

Boom! You can solve most problems with a 300 grain bullet and this Ruger carbine is incredibly accurate too.

The Daily Caller
Gun Maker Remington Seeks Bankruptcy Protection  The Wall Street Journal

Firearms maker Remington Outdoor Co. sought bankruptcy protection Sunday, in the face of a heavy debt load, falling sales and lawsuits tied to the Sandy Hook ...

The Wall Street Journal
Bushmaster Reviews: What Gun Owners Say about Bushmaster  Newsmax

Bushmaster Firearms International is one of the most popular manufacturers of semi-automatic rifles in the United States.

Firearms maker Remington emerges from bankruptcy  Triad Business Journal

Madison-based Remington Outdoor Co. announced Thursday that it has emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy after the firearms manufacturer implemented its ...

Triad Business Journal
The Waffle House shooting suspect had his guns taken away -- twice  CNN

The first time, police said, Travis Reinking's father took the firearms away. Then last August law enforcement seized them.

Gun sales slow | News, Sports, Jobs  Marietta Times

Black Friday gun purchases were at their lowest in four years, dropping 10 percent to 182093, according to the FBI. Statistics from the FBI say there was a d.

Marietta Times
Bushmaster Minimalist SD Rifle Introduces Advanced Weight Savings  AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Bushmaster Firearms International is proud to announce today, its latest modern sporting rifle offering - the Bushmaster Minimalist-SD Rifle.

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
New Mexico Compound Suspects Charged, Given Bail as Baffled Community Reels  Rolling Stone

On Monday afternoon in Amalia, New Mexico, up a rocky stretch of dirt road, the land is quiet, the only noise coming from cicadas and news crews walking on ...

Rolling Stone
Opinion | It's Time to Talk About the N.R.A.  The New York Times

Saving lives is not just about changing laws, but also about defanging the N.R.A..

The New York Times
Mercer County doctor sentenced to probation for bringing guns to Trump hotel  WFMJ

A Pennsylvania doctor learned his fate on Friday after authorities found a semi-automatic pistol and an AR-15-style rifle in the car he parked last year at the ...

Gun Maker Remington Plans to File for Bankruptcy Protection  Wall Street Journal

Remington, a gun manufacturer that private-equity owner Cerberus spent more than a decade building into an industry giant, is now on the brink of bankruptcy ...

Wall Street Journal
Gunmaker Remington to File for Bankruptcy Protection as Sales Slide  Fortune

Remington Outdoor Co., one of the largest firearms makers in the United States, said on Monday it planned to file for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy deal as part of a ...

Bushmaster Firearms founderstarts new company  Press Herald

PORTLAND — The former owner of Bushmaster Firearms International LLC and other investors have started a new rifle company in the former Bushmaster ...

Press Herald
Bank of America to stop lending to makers of 'military-style firearms'  CNN

Bank of America plans to stop lending to manufacturers of "military-style firearms" used by civilians, an executive told Bloomberg. "We want to continue in any ...

Gun sales plunge for Smith & Wesson owner  CNN

American Outdoor Brands posted lousy earnings Thursday, as the gun industry continues to suffer. The company, which owns the famous Smith & Wesson ...

Suit Against Maker of Gun in Newtown Massacre Can Proceed, Court Rules  New York Times

A Connecticut judge declined on Thursday to dismiss a lawsuit brought against the maker of the assault-style rifle that a gunman used in the 2012 massacre at ...

New York Times
Traditions Outfitter G2 and 450 Bushmaster models now shipping  Guns.com

Traditions Performance Firearms announced its latest rifle, the G2 Outfitter, is now available in a variety of calibers with the models now shipping to dealers.

Remington settles class-action suit to replace faulty gun triggers  UPI.com

After several accidental deaths and serious injuries, an estimated 7.5 million Remington gun owners have 18 months to replace a defective trigger.

Man who brought guns to Trump Hotel in DC pleads guilty to firearm offense  WTOP

A Pennsylvania man who brought a semiautomatic pistol and an AR-15-style rifle to the Trump Hotel in D.C. last year pled guilty to a firearms offense on Friday.

Doctor with Mercer Co. ties convicted after bringing guns to Trump hotel  WFMJ

A Pennsylvania doctor with ties to Mercer County pled guilty Tuesday to a firearms charge filed after authorities found a semi-automatic pistol and an AR-15-style ...

Citing Shield Law, Judge Dismisses Sandy Hook Families’ Suit Against Gun Manufacturer  Insurance Journal

A Connecticut judge threw out a lawsuit by families of victims of the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting, a major victory for the gun industry and in.

Insurance Journal
AR-15 Guns and School Shootings: How Many Assault Weapons Have Been Used in Schools in 2018?  Newsweek

Newsweek looked at 24 school shootings that have taken place in 2018 to determine how many might have involved an AR-15 or similar gun.

Remington Set to Exit Bankruptcy Under New Ownership  The Wall Street Journal

Remington Outdoor Co. saw its bankruptcy process move swiftly toward an end Wednesday when a judge said he would approve the firearms maker's ...

The Wall Street Journal
Bank of America is still working with gunmaker Remington  CNN

A top Bank of America executive pledged in April that the bank wouldn't "finance military-style firearms for civilian use," but the bank is still lending $43 million to ...

Sen. Flake's plan to raise age limit for long guns leaves both sides unhappy  The Daily Courier

WASHINGTON – When Sen. Jeff Flake said he would work to restrict access to AR-15s for anyone younger than 21, he somehow managed to unite pro-gun ...

The Daily Courier
My first rifle: how young is too young to operate a gun?  The Guardian

In 30 states, it's legal for a child to possess a rifle or shotgun, which advocates say teaches them to use guns responsibly – but critics see it laying a path for ...

The Guardian
3 Powerful AR-15 Cartridges for Survival Use  Shooting Illustrated

A large hole in the muzzle of your AR-15 might help keep you alive if the world falls apart. Here are three big-bore cartridges compatible with your go-to AR-15 ...

Shooting Illustrated
Virginia Tech Freshman arrested for illegally possessing assault rifles  WDBJ7

Virginia Tech Police have arrested a university freshman after police say they found multiple rifles that were being changed into assault rifles in his possession, ...

The TSA Has Found 3D-Printed Guns at Airport Checkpoints 4 Times Since 2016  TIME

The Transportation Security Administration said workers have found 3D-printed guns and accessories at airport security checkpoints at least four times in the last ...

Savage 110 Wolverine in 450 Bushmaster Packs Power and Precision  AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Chambered for the straight-walled 450 Bushmaster cartridge, the new Savage 110 Wolverine offers both precision and power for deer, bears and hogs.

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
Bushmaster Firearms Law Enforcement Discount Program with a Twist  AmmoLand.com

2010 Bushmaster Individual Officer Purchase Program offers pricing below retail, 25% off, on nine of our most popular law enforcement rifles...

How Freedom Group Became the Gun Industry's Giant  New York Times

In the last few years, many of the top names in rifles and shotguns have been acquired by a corporate unknown: the Freedom Group.

New York Times
Sandy Hook Families Make Last-Ditch Plea to Save Gun Lawsuit  Bloomberg

Family members of the children and adults killed in the Sandy Hook school massacre asked Connecticut's highest court to revive their lawsuit against Remington ...

Sentencing takes place for Crawford man's firearms case at Trump's Washington hotel  Meadville Tribune

WASHINGTON — A physician from Crawford County was sentenced in federal court to time served and supervised released for a firearms violation stemming ...

Meadville Tribune
Remington: Bushmaster not a 'dealer'  Guns.com

Remington targeted indirect relationships contained in the “negligent entrustment” argument made by families of Sandy Hook victims in a motion for summary ...

3 Wichita men charged with stealing firearms from sheriff's office vehicle  KWCH

Three Wichita men are charged with possessing firearms that were stolen from a Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office vehicle.

SWORD International Introduces the MK-17 Rifle to the Civilian Market  AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

SWORD International is excited to announce that their highly popular MK-17 rifle is now available to the civilian market.

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
Illegal guns and ammo worth US$1.34 million seized in Taiwan  South China Morning Post

Six people arrested – but not the mastermind – in largest such weapons seizure headed to the island in 10 years.

South China Morning Post
Main gun in Newtown also used in D.C. sniper shootings  USA TODAY

The primary weapon used in the Connecticut school massacre — a semiautomatic assault rifle — has a history in high-profile incidents of gun violence in the ...

'Major' marijuana grow house, stolen firearms seized in Berkeley County  Live 5 News

Officials with the Berkeley County Sheriff's Office say a "major" marijuana grow house and stolen firearms have been seized in Goose Creek.

Live 5 News
How America Is Exporting Gun Violence to Mexico  In These Times

A failed drug war and lax U.S. gun regulations spell out disaster for Mexico.

In These Times
Man arrested at Trump hotel after assault rifle is found in vehicle, D.C. police say  The Washington Post

A Pennsylvania man was arrested early Wednesday at the Trump International Hotel in downtown Washington, authorities said, after police found a Bushmaster ...

The Washington Post
Brownells adds .458 SOCOM and .450 Bushmaster AR-15 Barrels to inventory  Guns.com

Brownells announced new additions to its catalogue, introducing big bore AR-15 barrels in .450 Bushmaster and .458 SOCOM.

This Machine Gun Merchant Sold Hundreds of Fully Automatic Weapons Last Year  Fortune

A machine gun typically shoots about 600 to 800 rounds a minute, while the Bushmaster AR-15 will fire about 45 rounds a minute.

The 10 biggest gun companies in the US Market  AOL

As the debate over gun control rages once again, here's a look at the manufacturers who supply the most firearms to Americans.

Smith & Wesson Made the AR-15 Used in Florida School Massacre  Fortune

The semi-automatic AR-15 assault rifle used in the Parkland, Florida school shooting Wednesday was manufactured by American Outdoor Brands Corp., ...

Proof of Your Manhood – The Man Card from Bushmaster  AmmoLand.com

To become a card-carrying man, visitors of Bushmaster.com will have to prove they're a man by answering a series of manhood questions...

Sandy Hook shooter's writings ordered released to public  mySanAntonio.com

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — Some of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter's personal belongings, including personal journals containing stories about ...

'Trump Slump' hits gun manufacturers  The Daily Courier

In the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, when pollsters predicted a win for Democrat Hillary Clinton, sales of guns skyrocketed, because Clinton's views ...

The Daily Courier
Exclusive: Trump administration prepares to ease export rules for U.S. guns  Reuters

The Trump administration is preparing to make it easier for American gun makers to sell small arms, including assault rifles and ammunition, to foreign buyers, ...

Physician from Edinboro Arrested with Guns at Trump Hotel in D.C. Pleads Guilty  erienewsnow.com

As part of the plea, a firearms charge was dismissed.

SWORD International Introduces MK-18 Rifle  AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

SWORD International MK-18 semi-automatic sniper rifle, built on the AR-15 platform, was previously only available to the military.

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
New Savage 110 Wolverine brings .450 Bushmaster to eager hunters (VIDEO)  Guns.com

As part of their updated AccuFit line of Model 110 offerings, Savage has something for sportsmen looking to take advantage of new straight-walled rifle seasons.

Major foreign guns purchase by Brazilian LE market  The Firearm Blog

Although most Brazilian law enforcement agencies have for long been limited – mostly, forced by legal restraints – to acquiring *service* guns in the local market ...

The Firearm Blog
Remington gets $75 million lifeline  CNN

A federal judge approved $75 million worth of loans to Remington so the company can keep making guns as it works through bankruptcy, according to court ...

Dick's Sporting Goods expected 'backlash' but got flowers instead  CNN

Dick's Sporting Goods expected some backlash when it said it would stop selling assault-style rifles. Instead, it got flowers. "We have been humbled by the calls, ...

Owner seeks to sell rifle maker Bushmaster  Press Herald

Gun makers, retailers and investors took steps Tuesday to distance themselves from the rifle that was used in last week's fatal shootings in Connecticut, as public ...

Press Herald
Bushmaster founder's new company files bankruptcy  Guns.com

Bangor gun maker MG Industries filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to sell off assets to resolve debts, according to documents filed to a Maine federal court this ...

How legislation forced the .450 Bushmaster into the spotlight  Guns.com

The .450 Bushmaster caliber quietly crept back into the limelight this year, its resurgence linked to legislation from the Midwest. How did updated hunting ...

Edinboro doctor to plead in Trump hotel gun case  GoErie.com

Bryan Moles, charged in Washington, D.C., in May 2017, has been undergoing mental-health treatment and is in line to get a sentence of time served, according ...

Bank of America will fund assault-type rifle maker  Fox Business

The bank is part of a group that will help finance Remington Outdoor as it merges from bankruptcy.

Fox Business
Why Gunmakers Would Rather Sell AR-15s Than Handguns  Fortune

The modern sporting rifle—a category whose best-known product is the AR-15—commands far more attention.

Should Assault Rifle Marketing Be Held Responsible for Assault Rifle Massacres?  The Trace

More than 14 months after victims' families sued Bushmaster Firearms in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, the lawsuit is finally ...

The Trace
Neither 'Capacity' Nor 'Power' Distinguishes 'Assault Weapons' From Other Firearms - Hit & Run : Reason.com  Reason

Joanna Andreasson / ReasonIn an editorial published the day after the shooting that killed 11 people at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday, The New York ...

Bushmaster Introduces the Minimalist-SD AR  American Rifleman

Bushmaster has announced its latest AR-patter rifle—the Minimalist-SD.

American Rifleman
Sandy Hook victims' families file lawsuit against gun maker  BBC News

The families of nine of the 26 people killed in a 2012 mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School have filed a lawsuit against a rifle manufacturer.

BBC News
Enid men among alleged Universal Aryan Brotherhood members indicted by federal grand jury  Enid News & Eagle

Alleged members of the Universal Aryan Brotherhood, including two from Enid, have been charged with crimes including possessing methamphetamine with ...

Enid News & Eagle
State Police: All 26 Newtown victims shot with assault rifle  Ct Post

Lt. J. Paul Vance, the face of an ongoing Connecticut State Police investigation into worst grade-school shooting in U.S. history, Thursday debunked media and ...

Ct Post
Editorial: Let's talk about solutions to gun violence  The Daily Courier

The talk on the local and national streets has been “what to do about guns?” In the wake of another school shooting — this one at a Parkland, Florida, high ...

The Daily Courier
Remington Outdoor Company Announces Management Change  Business Wire

Remington Outdoor Company (“Remington” or “the Company”), one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of firearms, ammunition, and related.

Business Wire
US Army Eyes Adding Unique 40mm Cannon To Its Stryker and Bradley Armored Vehicles  The Drive

The 40mm Cased Telescoped Cannon is compact and powerful and could arm some of the *service's* future Next-Generation Combat Vehicles, too.

The Drive
The other man responsible in Waffle House shooting  CNN

Police say the suspect's father repeatedly returned confiscated guns to Travis Reinking, including one used in the mass shooting, writes Jill Filipovic. He should ...

Why the AR-15 is the mass shooter's go-to weapon  CNNMoney

The AR-15, the type of rifle used in the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, is the weapon of choice for mass killers. Omar Mateen used a Sig Sauer AR-15 ...

What Are Assault Rifles -- and Which Companies Make Them?  Motley Fool

Two companies are in the crosshairs for gun regulators -- and two stocks could profit amazingly.

Motley Fool
All-American Killer: How the AR-15 Became Mass Shooters’ Weapon of Choice  RollingStone.com

The AR-15 assault rifle was engineered to create what one of its designers called “maximum wound effect.” Its tiny bullets – needle-nosed and weighing less ...

New Multi-Caliber Weapon System called KONEV Modular Rifle  The Fire Arm Blog

In this article, we will take a look at a new modular rifle designed by a gentleman named Konstantin Konev. The new rifle is called Konev Modular Rifle.

The Fire Arm Blog
Bushmaster closing Windham plant  Press Herald

Four years after being acquired by a private equity firm, Bushmaster Firearms International plans to close its manufacturing plant in Windham, effective March 31.

Press Herald
A Va. politician is giving away an AR-15 rifle as a Second Amendment statement  The Washington Post

Giving away the style of gun used in several mass shootings, candidate Corey Stewart says he “will never compromise on your God-given right to keep and bear ...

The Washington Post
Newtown Massacre: What Is a Bushmaster .223?  ABC News

Law enforcement officials said that Adam Lanza was armed with four firearms when he started his rampage at a Connecticut elementary school Friday that ...

ABC News
What's behind growing gun rights support in the US?  BBC News

A slim majority of Americans now support protection of gun rights over gun control. What's driving this support? On Monday the families of children killed in the ...

BBC News
NRA Files Comments in Support of Trump Administration's Export Reform Effort  NRA ILA

Established in 1975, the Institute for Legislative Action (ILA) is the "lobbying" arm of the National Rifle Association of America. ILA is responsible for preserving ...

SundayGunday: Howa Mini Action .300 BLK  American Hunter

Get a closer look at the Howa Mini Action in .300 BLK, the latest addition to our #SundayGunday series.

American Hunter
What Makes the AR-15 So Appealing to Mass Shooters?  Fortune

What do James Holmes, Adam Lanza, and Omar Mateen have in common? Besides being the perpetrators of three of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. ...

Newtown shooter's guns: What we know  CNN International

Adam Lanza brought three weapons inside Sandy Hook Elementary school on December 14 and left a fourth in his car, police said.

CNN International
Colorado school district arming security officers with semi-automatic rifles  The Guardian

Gun control advocates fear that arming security staff could be the start of a dangerous trend of bringing high-powered firearms into US classrooms.

The Guardian
Sandy Hook suit moved to federal court in Hartford  CT Post

The families' lawsuit claims that the Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, which can fire 30 bullets in a matter of seconds -- each of which is capable of piercing body armor ...

CT Post
Study finds Mexican gangs prefer high-powered assault rifles  Houston Chronicle

WASHINGTON — Convicted gun smuggler John Phillip Hernandez of Houston was likely not the kind of customer that Bushmaster Firearms International had in ...

Houston Chronicle
Firearms Export Control Reform (ECR) - Opportunities for International Retail Sale  AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

For U.S. companies that sell, or want to sell, aftermarket firearm components to foreign retail customers, Export Control Reform (ECR) will significantly expand ...

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
Beyond State Control: Improvised & Craft-produced Small Arms  AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Beyond State Control is an aptly titled study of improvised, homemade, and craft-produced firearms and light weapons from around the world. It will be useful ...

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
New AR-15 Rifles for 2017  Shooting Illustrated

We protected our firearms freedoms with an unprecedented display of political strength in 2016. Check out the new AR-15 rifles that 2017 brought us.

Shooting Illustrated
How They Got Their Guns  New York Times

A vast majority of guns used in 19 recent mass shootings were bought legally and with a federal background check.

New York Times
Century Arms Appoints Kipp Oertle as New Regional Sales Manager  AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

Century Arms, North America's premier AK manufacturer, has announced the appointment of a new Regional Sales Manager, Kipp Oertle.

AmmoLand Shooting Sports News
The Ruger Model 77 Rifle Turns 50  American Rifleman

Three distinct M77 generations (top to btm.) are exemplified by: a first-year production push-feed action with innovative Ruger integral scope bases; a Mark II ...

American Rifleman

Bushmaster Firearms International Videos

Is a Bushmaster AR15 Any Good?
Is a Bushmaster AR15 Any Good?
Bushmaster Assault Rifle and Arm Pistol
Bushmaster Assault Rifle and Arm Pistol
Bushmaster AR-15
Bushmaster AR-15
Bushmaster XM15 M4 style rifle
Bushmaster XM15 M4 style rifle
M4 (Bushmaster)
M4 (Bushmaster)
Unboxing - Bushmaster MOE Magpul Edition AR15
Unboxing - Bushmaster MOE Magpul Edition AR15
450 Bushmaster  2018 NRA Dallas
450 Bushmaster 2018 NRA Dallas
Unboxing the Bushmaster QRC AR15 W/Red Dot
Unboxing the Bushmaster QRC AR15 W/Red Dot
Bushmaster XM-15
Bushmaster XM-15
Bushmaster M4 Patrol Rifle
Bushmaster M4 Patrol Rifle

Bushmaster Firearms International Images

Bushmaster M17S - Wikipedia
Bushmaster M17S - Wikipedia
"Bushmaster ACR 5.546 Nato (nR21422) New
"Bushmaster ACR 5.546 Nato (nR21422) New
ARMSLIST - For Sale: Bushmaster ar-15
ARMSLIST - For Sale: Bushmaster ar-15
Prensa Libre Nagua: El Bushmaster .223, versión civil del ...
Prensa Libre Nagua: El Bushmaster .223, versión civil del ...
Rifles - SHOT Show 2014 New Products - all4shooters.com
Rifles - SHOT Show 2014 New Products - all4shooters.com
Newtown Massacre: What Is a Bushmaster .223? - ABC News
Newtown Massacre: What Is a Bushmaster .223? - ABC News
High-Res Vector Logo Resources - Airsoft Canada
High-Res Vector Logo Resources - Airsoft Canada
ARMSLIST - For Sale: .450 bushmaster
ARMSLIST - For Sale: .450 bushmaster
Ruger Firearms
Ruger Firearms
ARMSLIST - Bushmaster 10.5" AR-15/M4 Upper Knights ...
ARMSLIST - Bushmaster 10.5" AR-15/M4 Upper Knights ...

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Bushmaster Firearms International, LLC, based in Madison, North Carolina, United States, is a manufacturer and distributor of firearms. The company's product line revolves around semi-automatic pistol and rifle variants of the M4 / AR-15 design.