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Late opening Tuesday at UD | UDaily - UDaily  UDaily

The University of Delaware's Newark campus and other UD locations in New Castle County will be closed from 5-11 a.m., Tuesday, Feb. 12, due to inclement ...

Parade of Trabants celebrates car, and the fall of the wall  The ClassicCars.com Journal

Welcome to the 12th annual “Parade of the Trabants,” a combination classic car show, urban road rally, and class in Cold War history staged this past weekend ...

The ClassicCars.com Journal
I drove a hot pink communist-built Trabant around Berlin  CNET

Toot toot. Andrew Hoyle/CNET. I thought I'd already seen Berlin from every angle. I've seen it from rooftop cocktail bars. I've seen it from walking tours. I've seen ...

UD parking garages all gate-free with Trabant update  Newark Post

If you've parked at the University of Delaware's Trabant garage in the last week, you may have noticed something a little different. Trabant is the latest, and final, ...

Newark Post
Vellum Venom: Trabant 601  The Truth About Cars

On a frigid Detroit winter morning in 1998, I foolishly argued with a CCS professor over the need for conventional sedans or hatchbacks for our India design ...

The Truth About Cars
Great European drives by Ferrari, Mini and Trabant  The Times

Tuscany by FerrariItaly is synonymous with both fast cars and jaw-dropping roads. On Red Travel's four-day Florence & Tuscany self-drive trip, you and your ...

The Times
Spy museum celebrates East Germany's Cold War-era Trabant automobiles  The ClassicCars.com Journal

East Germany's Trabant and its Cold War history are celebrated each fall at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., where the 2018 Parade of ...

The ClassicCars.com Journal
EHF Champions League 2018/19  European Handball Champions League

CSM secured their fourth Women's EHF Champions League Quarter-final berth in a row on Sunday, following a dominating performance against Thüringer HC, ...

European Handball Champions League
The Trabant Turns 60  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

1 East Germany had a problem -- well, a few problems at the height of the Cold War, but a shortage of raw materials was one of the most pressing. With only a ...

I Just Stumbled Across A Tiny Trabant Museum In Prague  Jalopnik

Today I happened upon one of the coolest displays of automotive history I've ever seen: An absolutely tiny Trabant museum sitting on the second floor of a ...

East Germans abandon their Trabant cars in Prague – archive  The Guardian

07 Oct 1989: Many refugees hoping to settle in the west dump their communist built vehicles near the West German embassy. Anna Tomforde. Fri 7 Oct 2016 ...

The Guardian
The Trabant Is The Best Commie Car Made Of Cotton We've Ever Driven  Jalopnik

I've always wanted to drive a Trabant. When I tell this to people who know Trabants well, they give me the same sort of look as if I'd said “I've always wanted to ...

Get involved | UDaily  UDaily

Jacob Wasserman joins UD student groups, connects with state and federal government leaders.

What it’s like to drive a Trabant, the official car of communism  New York Daily News

There are many ways to tour Berlin, but the best way is in a smoky, plastic, communist heap of junk.

New York Daily News
East Germany's iconic car the Trabant - top speed 62mph - can be yours for £6,000  Express.co.uk

That's the asking price for the last of the factory-*fresh* Trabants of the old communist East Germany which first rolled off the production line 60 years ago.

Berlin Welcomes Back the Trabant, if Only for a Day  New York Times

The Trabant, the flyweight car produced by East Germany, remains a beloved artifact in Germany.

New York Times
The Trabant, the iconic East German car, turns 60  DW (English)

On November 7, 1957, the first "Trabi" rolled off the line. Thousands of them crossed from East to West Germany in 1989, two years before its production was ...

DW (English)
Couple set for 2,000-mile drive - in a Trabant  Newark Advertiser

A couple are set to drive from John O'Groats to Land's End in a vehicle dubbed the “worst car ever made.”

Newark Advertiser
Trabant: The car that gave communism a bad name  The Detroit News

Santa Ana, Calif. — It's been said that beauty is skin deep, but ugly is to the bone. The late and clearly not lamented communist-era East German Trabant was ...

The Detroit News
Trabant 601: Trabi in Neuwagen-Zustand zu verkaufen  SPIEGEL ONLINE

Vor 25 Jahren wollte keiner mehr Trabi fahren. Heute ist der DDR-Wagen ein Sammlerstück. In Ostbrandenburg ist ein Trabant im Neuwagen-Zustand ...

A Tribute to the terrible Trabant  OCRegister

President Ronald Reagan viewed the Berlin Wall while standing on a balcony behind two panes of bullet-proof glass and uttered his famous words: “Mr.

Trabants Took Over Washington, DC, for a Colorful Parade  Washingtonian.com

Various photographers and pedestrians stopped by 9th and F streets, Northwest, on Saturday morning, curious about the strange display of vintage cars lining ...

Trabant: Little car's big role in fall of Berlin Wall - CNN  CNN

There are few cars in the world where the difference between driving them and watching them being driven is greater than with the Trabant.

East Germany's Trabant a Hit in the USA  Wall Street Journal

The tiny, smoke-belching Trabant, East Germany's answer to the Volkswagen, has become a collectible in the U.S. Video/Photo: Rob Alcaraz/The Wall Street ...

Wall Street Journal
Stuffing An Audi TT Engine Into A Trabant Is So Perfect I Can't Even Handle It  Jalopnik

Thank goodness we live in modern times, where stuffing a much newer, much more powerful West German engine into an ultra-light cotton-composite East ...

The Trabant Was a Wonderfully Terrible Little Car  RoadandTrack.com

First built in 1957, the Trabant stayed in production for more than three decades. In that time, its design never received a significant refresh. Why? Because it was ...

Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov unveils its answer to Tesla  TechCrunch

The Russian weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov, best known for making the AK-47 machine gun * gas-operated – rotating bolt rifle with automatic capabilities, ...

UD police: on-campus death was likely overdose  The News Journal

Campus police said the 45-year-old man was found in a Trabant University Center bathroom.

The News Journal
Watch This Guy Rallycross His Trabant  The Drive

This 601-S channels its rally roots, but not very well.

The Drive
Plovdiv, Bulgaria: European Capital of Culture 2019  RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty

The southern Bulgarian city of Plovdiv celebrated its inauguration as a European Capital of Culture with an opening show on January 12. The city shares the ...

Trabant and Wartburg – cars that evolved behind the Berlin Wall  The Telegraph

The Berlin Wall has now been 'down' for longer than it was in place. Its failure at the end of the Eighties led to the reunification of Germany and a mass exodus of ...

The Telegraph
Insane 180 HP Coal Rollin' Trabant Is The Ultimate Middle Finger To Dieselgate  Jalopnik

Holy crap, look at this turbodiesel-swapped Trabant 601 Deluxe. I don't know if I'm listening to a car or an army of angry tractors bulldozing my house.

East Germany's Trabant: Crummy car and a cherished icon  Driving

As the world celebrates 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, we salute East Germany's most famous car.

World's Worst Car, The Trabant, is Still on The Roads of Cheltenham  autoevolution

One of the most ridiculed communist byproducts was, without a doubt, the East German Trabant, a car so puny and unimpressive that it earned, in time, the title ...

First Look: Hard Rock Cafe Dublin reopens with splash of luxury rock den chic  Irish Times

Bar-restaurant gets a bunch of new memorabilia including Phil Lynott's guitar and Cranberries' lyrics but U2's Trabant is out.

Irish Times
Trabant adventure film hits Czech cinemas  Radio Prague

Czech adventurer Dan Přibáň is well-known as the team leader of a number of expeditions using what was considered the world's worst car – the Soviet-era ...

Radio Prague
Trabants across Australia: Documentary crew embark on cross-continent trip in 'world's worst car'  ABC Local

A team of European documentary film-makers will drive across Australia in the world's most notoriously unreliable car - the East German Trabant.

ABC Local
The Trabant Lures Car Collectors Feeling Nostalgic for Soviet Bloc  Wall Street Journal

Trabants, described by one car collector as 'weedwackers in a plastic box,' live on in the hearts of those seeking Soviet Bloc nostalgia.

Wall Street Journal
A Bunch Of Snails Destroyed A Trabant  Jalopnik

When you read that headline up there about a bunch of snails destroying an old Trabant, I'm sure most of you were thinking “In drag race, right?” but that's ...

World’s worst car made from wood chip and cotton is still going strong 28 years after The Sun gave it away in  The Sun

The East German Trabant, which was widely ridiculed for having a body made of recycled cotton and wood chippings, has resurfaced in Cheltenham and is ...

The Sun
Sadly, It's True. The Electric Trabant Is Real.  Wired News

That horrid rumor we heard in August is hideously true — there is a new Trabant on the way, it is an electric car and it could be on the road by 2012 if the ...

Wired News
Trabant put smoke, if not heat, in the Cold War  The Australian

Look, real motoring writers like our own Phil King get to test Ferraris, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis and McLarens in exotic locations like the south of France and ...

The Australian
Bryce Canyon's Mysterious Trabant (Somewhat) Demystified – News  Car and Driver

An East German relic rests in Utah. But why? Read the story at Car and Driver.

Car and Driver
Time Machine Test Drive: Exploring Budapest in a Communist-era Trabant  Motor Authority

With Lenin, Marx, and Engels literally looking down on us, my fiancée Mindy, a Hungarian taxi driver—whose name I never did catch—and I pushed a ...

Motor Authority
Cars survived but are in poor shape, says Trabant expedition leader Dan Přibáň  Radio Prague

Members of a Czech-led expedition traveling in Fiats, Jawa motorcycles, and Trabants across Australia and Southeast Asia, have returned to Prague. In the past ...

Radio Prague
Henry Marsh: 'Ukraine is like a Trabant that wants to be a Ferrari'  The Guardian

Henry Marsh is a celebrated neurosurgeon who travels the world teaching his exacting craft. Robert McCrum joins him in Ukraine as he tries to save the life of ...

The Guardian
Classic East German Trabant cars find home in Longmont  Daily Camera

More than two decades after the last Trabant rolled off Sachsenring's production line in Zwickau, Germany, at least three have found a welcoming new home in ...

Daily Camera
Where Have the Trabis Gone?  New York Times

It's been estimated that 800000 Trabants survive, so it's fair to ask: what happened to the other 2296099?

New York Times
A Rattletrap East German Icon Has Its Day Again  New York Times

Trabant owners gathered to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the car, a symbol of nostalgia for a time before the Berlin Wall fell.

New York Times
East vs. West: This Audi-powered Trabant keeps up with a BMW M5 on a drag strip  Digital Trends

A skilled Polish enthusiast has turned a humble Trabant into a Porsche-beating track monster powered by an Audi engine. The 270-horsepower four sends the ...

Digital Trends
How I Found The Most Remote Trabant On Earth  Jalopnik

If you know about a two-stroke Trabant that's daily-driven more far out than where I found this one, please prove me wrong. But for now, this mustard yellow ...

The Commies Were Serious About Selling Trabants To The West  Jalopnik

In the summer of 2011, I was having a breakfast with my English friends at a posh restaurant on the bank of the Danube, and we started an argument about cars.

Trabant expedition likely to set out from Perth at weekend  Radio Prague

The “Trabants across Australia and Southeast Asia” expedition appears set to start from Perth at the weekend after the authorities allowed the nine-member crew ...

Radio Prague
Driving the Trabant, East Germany's terrible car that will never die  Yahoo Singapore News

German engineers can take credit for some of the best cars ever created. I was about to drive one of their worst. In fact, so wretchedly bad is the homely East ...

Yahoo Singapore News
Looking Back ... at Times staff photographer George Trabant  Tampabay.com

George Trabant was an award-winning staff photographer who worked for the Times from the 1940s to the 1970s. The text below comes from his May 28, 2004 ...

University Student Centers  University of Delaware

Engage in countless opportunities for student life and community within Perkins and Trabant. Our buildings are home to 300+ vibrant student groups, our ...

University of Delaware
On the road with a Trabant  The Nation

A Czech adventure and his pals will be setting off from Perth next month on their way to Bangkok.

The Nation
When U2 Turned an East German Clunker Into Art  Wall Street Journal

Tim Cunningham, 35, a Chicagoan who works in community relations, on his U2 Trabant, as told to A.J. Baime. I have seen U2 71 times—not that I'm counting.

Wall Street Journal
An odyssey on vintage wheels  The New Indian Express

The Trans Trabant team of Czech and Slovakian nationals is in Fort Kochi with iconic Cold War-era cars to begin their Indian adventure which is part of the final ...

The New Indian Express
Insane Price For A Trabant  Hungary Today

All right, Trabant was an iconic car in Central-European culture in the 70s, 80s . Yes, and it can be really unique, cool even sexy if you are an owner of a veteran ...

Hungary Today
MCALEER: Trabant did what it had to do in tough times  North Shore News

When the Berlin Wall came down, some 25 years ago, thousands and thousands of East Germans streamed across the border, reunited with relatives at last.

North Shore News
East German Trabant to make unlikely comeback as eco-car  CNN International

The much-maligned symbol of motoring in Communist East Germany, the Trabant, is set to make an unlikely comeback as a concept car at this year's ...

CNN International
Eye Candy: 1981 Trabant De Luxe  Wheels.ca

The Trabant was East Germany's Volkswagen, and people would wait two years to own one, sometimes even longer.

Trabant emits Cold War vibes  Washington Post

Why did we win the Cold War? An odd little car in a Great Falls garage may provide a clue.

Washington Post
School district gives nod to updated LGBTQ policy  Prince George Citizen

The School District 57 board approved an updated sexual orientation and gender identity policy that more explicitly adopts language aimed at protecting ...

Prince George Citizen
Falling Off The Map  Times of India

Seven men embark on a 25000-km overland trip from Kochi to Prague in an ancient Fiat, a Jawa and two Trabants – Soviet-era cars as puncture-prone as ...

Times of India
Will Self: can a road trip make up for ​my disgraceful behaviour?  The Guardian

The novelist is a very tall man, who once made a terrible joke about small people. So he asked his old friend Michael Shamash to take a trip in a tiny car to East ...

The Guardian
University of Delaware overdose 'not typical' for campus, officials say  The News Journal

Officials say a fatal overdose at the University of Delaware last week was an anomaly and that despite the swell of overdoses statewide, there has not been a ...

The News Journal
Trabi Museum in Prague highlights the heyday of the communist-era plastic car  Radio Prague

Last Saturday Trabant fans from around the country descended on Prague's Motol district, in the western suburbs of the city, for the opening of the one-and-only ...

Radio Prague
Turning 50, Trabant is German cult object  ABC Online

Fifty years on, the boxy Trabant has become the focus of a cheap-chic hot rod culture.

ABC Online
Just Like New: Stunningly Well-Preserved Example Of Legendary Communist Trabant Car Goes On Sale In Hungary  Hungary Today

A stunningly rare and unbelievably well-preserved example of Eastern Europe's legendary Trabant car has gone on the market with a mere 784 kilometres on ...

Hungary Today
How Come Duroplast Didn't Become A Thing While Fiberglass Went Big?  Jalopnik

I'm not an expert on composites, but the way I see it, Duroplast was a smarter choice than fiberglass, yet Trabants were the only cars made out of this ...

Trabant garage tickets to be “SOLD OUT” this fall – The Review  University of Delaware Review

BY ERIN EVANS STAFF REPORTER. This fall, the Trabant University Center Garage will join the Visitors Center Lot 41, the Center for the Arts Garage and the ...

University of Delaware Review
Sept. 3-Nov. 12: Brabant Now | UDaily  University of Delaware

University Student Centers and the Division of Student Life have teamed up with registered student organizations and Greek chapters to offer Trabant Now, ...

University of Delaware
When Trabants Were Like Ferraris  Jalopnik

Think cars and waiting lists and what comes to mind is the months ticking away after the down payment on a 458 Italia—or Horacio Pagani's little black book.

Mum to travel 2,000 miles in 'worst car ever made' in memory of her daughter  Nottingham Post

A mum who lost her daughter to severe asthma plans to drive from John O'Groats to Lands End in a Trabant, dubbed 'the worst car ever made' to raise money ...

Nottingham Post
UD President Emeritus Trabant remembered at celebration ceremony  University of Delaware

4:41 p.m., Aug. 13, 2012--University of Delaware President Emeritus Edward Arthur (Art) Trabant was remembered as a person of deep personal integrity, ...

University of Delaware
Travelling across Africa in a Trabant  Radio Prague

The Soviet-era Trabant – a tiny plastic car built in former East Germany that was left “by the roadside” following the collapse of the Berlin Wall, may have been ...

Radio Prague
UK | England | Derbyshire | Trabant man loses his last appeal  BBC News

A Derbyshire man who spent 20 years collecting Trabant cars, loses his final appeal to keep them.

BBC News
This week’s best radio: Will Self is a star in an unreasonably sized car  The Guardian

Self Drives: The Trabant (Weekdays, 1.45pm, Radio 4) is an extraordinary road trip: Will Self is 6ft 5in and his passenger – childhood friend Mike Shamash – is ...

The Guardian
Oppin firefighters lift a classic Trabant into the air just by using their powerful hoses  Daily Mail

The firefighters in Oppin, eastern Germany, managed to elevate the Trabant just by using the pressure from the water. A video shows how they attached multiple ...

Daily Mail
Bulgarian man has collection of 52 Trabants  The Sofia Globe

Bulgarian Ivailo Antonov is able to boast that he owns 52 cars, meaning that he can drive a different one each week of the year – the thing is, however, that each ...

The Sofia Globe
Washington, D.C., Spy Museum Hosts a Parade of . . . Communist-Era Trabants?  Car and Driver

The International Spy Museum in downtown Washington, D.C., exists to tell the history of espionage and national security by connecting the realities of ...

Car and Driver
Driving the Depressing, Crappy, Communist-Era Trabant Across Berlin  AutoGuide.com

The Trabant is an East German car that was designed to mobilize the masses. We recently took one of these relics on a drive through Berlin.

Trabant Museum opens in Prague  Prague Daily Monitor

Prague, May 2 (CTK) - A new museum dedicated to the Trabant car, the most popular product of the East German car industry that was well-known in the former ...

Prague Daily Monitor
The best worst cars ever  OCRegister

Which are the worst cars ever produced? There have been lot of horribly-designed vehicles, but does that make a car bad? The terrible Trabant usually makes ...

Trabi project aims to electrify 'Ostalgia'  The Local.de

Its chuntering motor and belching exhaust once heralded the coming of the communist utopia. Now the east German 'Trabi' is leading a new revolution, and this ...

The Local.de
Man Found Dead In University Of Delaware Bathroom  First State Update

File The University of Delaware Police Department sent out an alert this afternoon regarding a man that was found dead on campus. Officials said the ...

First State Update
UDress to host 10th annual Fall Fashion Event at Trabant University Center  UD Daily

10:30 a.m., Nov. 4, 2015--The 10th annual UDress Fall Fashion Event will be held at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 14, in the Multipurpose Rooms of the University of ...

UD Daily
SD57's inclusivity teacher dedicated to widening reach  Prince George Citizen

When Sue Trabant walks into schools across District 57, she sees the subtle signs of inclusivity.

Prince George Citizen
UD reaches settlement with family of student killed in bike crash  Newark Post

The family of a University of Delaware student struck and killed by a bicycle two years ago has reached a settlement with the university, the family's attorney ...

Newark Post
Trabant Coffee Gets the Boot for STG Expansion in the Neptune Building  TheStranger.com

Last week, some of the business owners in the University District's Neptune building—many of whom have been on that block for over a decade—reported that ...

When Visual Artists Make Music  The New York Times

Musical works by Marcel Duchamp, Yves Klein and Laurie Anderson all feature in an exhibition in Vienna that explores intersections between two art forms.

The New York Times
Tourist requests lead to symbolic Trabant on legs being moved forward in German Embassy garden  Radio Prague

It took half a dozen men around half an hour to pull a large sculpture around 15 metres forward in the garden of the German Embassy in Prague's Mala Strana ...

Radio Prague
SCPAB announces spring film series at Trabant Theatre  UD Daily

8:16 a.m., Feb. 5, 2016--The University of Delaware Student Centers Programming Advisory Board (SCPAB) will present a film series during the spring semester ...

UD Daily
UD President Emeritus EA Trabant dies  University of Delaware

6:40 p.m., July 20, 2012--Edward Arthur Trabant, the 22nd and 24th president of the University of Delaware, died at 3 p.m., Friday, July 20, at the Cokesbury ...

University of Delaware
What's The Similarity Between A Tesla Model 3 And A Trabant? More Than You Might Think  Transport Evolved

To anyone who experienced it first hand, the massive queues we saw last Thursday at shopping malls and high streets around the world of happy, enthusiastic ...

Transport Evolved
Modified Trabant takes on Nissan GT-R in 1/4-mile battle - Autoblog  Autoblog

A modified Trabant 601 wagon takes on a slightly modified Nissan GT-R at the drag strip.

Trabant + BMW = Hitler  Jalopnik

It's the easiest mod ever. All you need is a white Trabi and a black BMW grille, and your touching tribute to German unification is ready to roll.

East German 'Trabi' car reaches 235 kph  Reuters

(Reuters Life!) - Two German car enthusiasts took their Trabant -- the iconic car of communist East Germany -- to the limit while celebrating the 20th anniversary ...


Trabant Videos

The Trabant Was an Awful Car Made By Communists
The Trabant Was an Awful Car Made By Communists
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I Took My Trabant to the Drag Strip
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What Has My Trabant Ownership Experience Been Like?
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Con estilo: Trabant P601S | Al volante
Conan Drives A Rickety East German Trabant  - CONAN on TBS
Conan Drives A Rickety East German Trabant - CONAN on TBS
Trabant 601S (1981) review
Trabant 601S (1981) review
1993 Top Gear about the Trabant
1993 Top Gear about the Trabant

Trabant Images

1963 Trabant Interior | Spartan interior of a 1963 Trabant ...
1963 Trabant Interior | Spartan interior of a 1963 Trabant ...
Revell Slot Car 08387 - Trabant 601 auf Carrera DIGITAL ...
Revell Slot Car 08387 - Trabant 601 auf Carrera DIGITAL ...
Trabant Gallery
Trabant Gallery
Trabant 1.1 | Trabant heißt die ab 1957 in der DDR ...
Trabant 1.1 | Trabant heißt die ab 1957 in der DDR ...
Trabant - Wikipedia
Trabant - Wikipedia
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Trabant 600 - mein Trabant 600
1988 - Trabant 601 Limousine und Universal
1988 - Trabant 601 Limousine und Universal
bryanbarcena 1990 Nissan GT-R Specs, Photos, Modification ...
bryanbarcena 1990 Nissan GT-R Specs, Photos, Modification ...

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Trabant Wiki

The Trabant (; German: [tʁaˈbant]) is an automobile which was produced from 1957 to 1990 by former East German car manufacturer VEB Sachsenring Automobilwerke Zwickau. It is often seen as symbolic of the former East Germany and the collapse of the Eastern Bloc in general. According to automotive journalist Doug DeMuro, the Trabant was loud, slow, poorly designed, and badly built. The Trabant had a hard plastic body mounted on a one-piece steel chassis (a so-called unibody), front-wheel drive, a transverse engine, and independent suspension – unusual features at that time (1950s) — but it remained the same up until the 1990s. The 1980s model had no tachometer, no headlights or turn signals indicator, no fuel gauge, no rear seat belts, no external fuel door, and drivers had to pour a mix of gasoline and oil directly under the bonnet/hood.Called "a spark plug with a roof", 3,096,999 Trabants in a number of models were produced over nearly three decades with few significant changes in their basic design. Older models have been sought by collectors in the United States due to their low cost and fewer restrictions on the importation of antique cars. The Trabant also gained a following among car tuning and rally racing enthusiasts.