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2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Cabrio: Perfect urban two seater!  Voiceonline.com

By Autoreviewman. For 2018/19, there is now a funky All-Electric version of the venerable Smart Car. Hard to believe the little Smart car had been around for ten ...

2018 smart fortwo EQ Is a Cute, Simple and Deeply Flawed Electric Car  autoevolution

Alright, so we don't know if you know about this, but there's a thing called a smart car. It's small, owned by Mercedes and hasn't been doing very well in North ...

Meet Smart ForTwo by ARTHELPS, a convertible with social responsibilities  Forma car News

Sportservice Lorinser came to the Essen Motor Show with a Smart ForTwo convertible wearing a special film wrapping by ARTHELPS, an art group dedicated to ...

Forma car News
From Chelsea star N’Golo Kante’s Mini Cooper to Bernando Silva’s Smart Fortwo: Premier League stars who drive  The Sun

These stars may earn mega money, but when it comes to their motors they shun flash cars like Ferraris or Lamborghinis for something more practical.

The Sun
Smart EQ ForTwo test drive | Car reviews 2018  The Car Expert

For an inner-city driver, the Smart EQ ForTwo makes plenty of sense. However, those looking to travel further afield may find it a little too limited.

The Car Expert
Why did Raden, the smart suitcase company, go out of business?  Vox.com

How venture capital, competing startup Away, and an FAA smart luggage ban made Raden go bust.

Little Smart Fortwo carries big benefits | Business  Eagle-Tribune

The new Smart Fortwo is a smart electric car. It's built the way electrics should be built today, designed around the capabilities of the technology, rather than ...

7 Ways the 2018 Electric Smart ForTwo Is Not Dumb | News  Cars.com

To my surprise, the 2018 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive microcar met most of my needs in the city most of the time and was actually fun to zip around in.

Tigers Ready For Saturday Vegas Neon Hoops Classic  LSUSports.net

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – The LSU Tigers look to get back on the winning side of things here Saturday night when they face the Saint Mary's Gaels in the second ...

Fantasy Football: Chris Thompson a smart play in Week 15  NFL Spin Zone

For most people, the fantasy football playoffs have started. If you're scrambling for a running back, Chris Thompson is a must-start.

NFL Spin Zone
Smart Fortwo Gets 190-HP Bike Engine, Adds Brawn To Its Brains  Motor1.com

An owner in the U.K. has created a wild Smart ForTwo with the engine from a Kawasaki ZX-10R in the bike. It's deafening to drive.

2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Review: Novel and niche, but not a great value - Roadshow  CNET

The ultra compact Smart Fortwo switches to a fully electric lineup for 2018, but keeps its disproportionately large price tag.

Smart farming: How IoT, robotics, and AI are tackling one of the biggest problems of the century  TechRepublic

It's still early days for precision agriculture, but two UK-based projects are proving the feasibility and value of the concept.

Why the Smart Fortwo ED May Be the Most Pointless Car on Earth  The Drive

Back in 1998, Daimler created a spin-off brand known as Smart, the primary product of which is the cutesy Fortwo. So named because it fits two people, and not ...

The Drive
Smart ForTwo Electric Drive quick spin review  Engadget

By Jeremy Korzeniewski I went into my weeklong loan of the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive expecting to dislike it. Seven days later, I didn't find anything that h...

2018 Smart Fortwo Prime Cabrio Review & Rating  PCMag

If you want a new EV convertible, the Smart Fortwo Prime Cabrio isn't perfect, but it's your only choice.

Smart ForTwo Recall | Fire Risk  ConsumerReports.org

Mercedes-Benz USA is recalling thousands of 2008 and 2009 Smart ForTwo cabriolet and coupe vehicles in the U.S. because of a potential fire risk in the ...

The Brabus 125R Is a Ballistic 125-HP Smart ForTwo Pocket Rocket  Jalopnik

You remember Brabus, right? It's the high-performance Mercedes tuner that recently created this, uh, custom Smart limousine. But that's the great thing about ...

This $80 'smart' mug keeps coffee piping hot and has Joe and Nick Jonas as investors  CNBC

"Hot coffee is a big deal," says Joe Jonas, who, along with his brother Nick, has invested in the Ember "smart mug." It's sold at Starbucks and Apple stores.

The Smart car goes electric before it plans its autonomous future  The Verge

Look at some of the autonomous vehicle concepts, predicting a future of us being able to treat a car as a lounge or work area when we don't want to actually ...

The Verge
2008-2009 Smart ForTwo: Recall Alert | News  Cars.com

Approximately 42800 model-year 2008-09 Smart ForTwo electric city cars are being recalled.

2018 Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio Test Drive Review: No Longer Called ED, Still Comes Up Short  CarBuzz

Mercedes, Smart's parent company, has leaped into the electrification race with both feet, and many of its models are already offered with various electric options ...

Smart Fortwo EQ Cabrio Tested By Autogefühl: Video  InsideEVs

Autogefühl definitely prefers the cabrio EQ over the coupe and considers convertible and electric a fantastic match.

DII football championship: How DeShaun Thrower has played for two NCAA titles and helped make Ferris State a DII powerhouse  NCAA.com

DeShaun Thrower heads to the DII football championship with Ferris State. It's his second title game in ten months.

Is A Rolls-Royce Quieter Than A Smart Fortwo Electric Car?  InsideEVs

Is a super-luxury Rolls-Royce really the quietest car in the world? Is this true even when compared to a tiny, battery-powered city car? If so, what about the "quiet ...

We drove a $24,000 Smart car and a $15,000 electric 3-wheeler to see which tiny vehicle is better — here's the verdict  Business Insider

Big SUVs and large pickups might be dominating the US auto market these days, but hope springs eternal for smaller rides. I sampled a Smart convertible and a ...

Business Insider
Man trapped in grease vent of empty restaurant for two days: police  CTV News

A man who authorities say was possibly trying to burglarize an abandoned Chinese restaurant has been rescued from the grease vent, where officials say he ...

CTV News
Mercedes-Benz recalls roughly 43000 Smart ForTwo cars  New York Daily News

Mercedes-Benz issued a recall for almost 43,000 Smart ForTwo vehicles in the U.S. this week over a potential fire risk. A possibility of a fire inside the Smart ...

New York Daily News
2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Test Drive Review  InsideEVs

Driving experience, especially in the parking lot and in the city is exceptional. The smart is so nimble, turns back on itself almost in its own place and the low-end ...

The Electric Smart ForTwo Is Maybe The Most Fun Car On The Road  Jalopnik

Of all cars, the little electric Smart ForTwo does not seem like it would be the most, uh, sporty. But watch this and you may change your mind.

Almost 43,000 Smart Cars Recalled by Mercedes-Benz in the U.S.  The Drive

German luxury automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is recalling almost 43000 Smart cars in the U.S. market, because of a potential risk of fire in the engine ...

The Drive
2018 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Cabrio Review  The Drive

As a New Yorker, it's easy to see the appeal of the Smart ForTwo. Finding a parking spot is the bane of a Big Apple existence, after all, and the lack of ...

The Drive
Ring vs Nest: Choosing a DIY home security system is a bigger decision than you might think  TechHive

If you've spent any time looking at DIY smart home security products, you'll have come across Ring and Nest. These aren't the only companies in this space, but ...

At $23,500, Could This Hayabusa-Powered 2002 Smart ForTwo Be For You?  Jalopnik

With its estimated 173-horsepower, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 'Smartacus' packs about four-times the ponies of a stock ForTwo. Let's see if this wild ...

2018 Smart Fortwo EQ Review  Car Keys

Smart has updated its fully-electric Fortwo, which is now compatible with fast chargers. We get behind the wheel to see how it stacks up.

Car Keys
2018 Smart EQ Fortwo Cabriolet Test Drive Review  autoTRADER.ca

Perhaps I got a little infatuated with the Smart EQ Fortwo Cabrio in just one short week, but as I drove it around on miscellaneous errands, I kept returning to the ...

Car Review: 2018 Smart Fortwo EQ Cabrio  Driving

Fully electric little city car is better than ever but still not the vehicle for everyone.

Smart Fortwo EV Cabrio is the tiny car for the big city  Engadget

There are cars out there that fill a need in someone else's life. Maybe you live in a large city and don't have the room or desire for a truck with a powerful d...

Smart Forease 2018 Paris auto show concept: Electric ForTwo drops its windshield  autoweek.com

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Smart revealed a new concept this week at the Paris auto show. Dubbed Forease and based heavily on the new EQ Fortwo ...

Report: the Smart Brand Could be in Trouble  AutoGuide.com

Pick your jaw up off the floor. The Smart brand, officially spelled with a lowercase “s” that we can't abide by, is now 20 years old, but seems destined to leave this ...

Watch a Roofless Smart Car Take a Trip Through the Car Wash  The Drive

A professional automotive photographer by the name of Calvin Courjon recently drove an open-air Smart Crossblade through an automatic car wash in France, ...

The Drive
The Smart Story  Wheels.ca

The Smart Story: Evolving new, revolutionary approaches which ultimately led to the concept of the super-compact automobile with a length of two and a half ...

Smart ForTwo Heads To The Dark Side With PureBlack Edition  Carscoops

The Forease Concept isn't Smart's only premiere at the 2018 Paris Auto Show, as the Daimler-owned brand has a special edition of the ForTwo on display as ...

2018 Smart Fortwo Cabrio Electric Drive First Drive  Digital Trends

We flew to San Diego for sightseeing in our latest 2018 Smart Fortwo Cabrio Electric Drive First Drive, bidding farewell to its gas engine.

Digital Trends
Philips Hue smart bulb deal: Colour Ambience 3-pack price gets slashed  T3

Get three awesome Philips Hue White and Colour Ambience smart bulbs for one amazingly low price point.

Production model inspired by 2017’s Vision EQ Fortwo Concept  Top Speed

While the Smart Vision EQ Concept had a futuristic and bubbly design, the production ForTwo EQ is identical to the regular model. Actually, it's identical to the ...

Top Speed
2019 Brabus 125R: A Tiny Two-seater With Plenty of Performance Potential  The Drive

Topline: With 125 horsepower and 148 pound-feet of torque from a 0.9-liter, turbocharged, three-cylinder engine, the Brabus 125R easily lives up to its nickname ...

The Drive
ATCAA Executive Director Announces Departure  MyMotherLode.com

One of the Mother Lode's most successful poverty-fighting nonprofit public agencies will shortly be looking for a new leader.

Dutch Suspect In Sarah Papenheim’s Murder To Be Detained For 2 Weeks  WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police in the Netherlands say a man suspected of killing a college student from Minnesota will remain behind bars.

WCCO | CBS Minnesota
Smart to go all-electric worldwide by 2020: Daimler CEO  Green Car Reports

The U.S. sales history of the Smart two-seat minicar started with a bang in 2008, when gasoline prices soared, and has waned since then. A complete redesign ...

Green Car Reports
Smart brand might be doomed - Autoblog  Autoblog

Reports are painting a less than rosy picture of the Smart brand's future. The Daimler-owned carmaker is going fully electric in 2020, but that might not be ...

Brabus 125R: Limited-run Smart ForTwo revealed  CarAdvice

Brabus has revealed its latest take on the Smart ForTwo, in the form of the limited-edition 125R.Although power still comes from a three-cylinder turbocharged ...

Kyrie Irving, Marcus Smart and Marcus Morris play the heroes and 10 more takeaways from Boston Celtics/Washin…  Celtics Blog

Boston had to work overtime for the win, but the Marcii and Kyrie were at the best when it was needed most.

Celtics Blog
Brabus reveals angry little 125R Smart ForTwo Cabriolet...  Carmag South Africa

The folks over at Brabus may spend much of their time fettling Mercedes-Benz products, but that doesn't mean they're averse to tuning the little Smart ForTwo.

Carmag South Africa
Smart ForTwo With AMG GT R Genes Is The Preposterous Mashup Of The Day  Carscoops

If the Smart ForTwo and the Mercedes-AMG GT R would have a baby, then it would definitely look a lot like this. It sure makes no sense at all, so it's a good thing ...

Smart ForTwo EV 10th Anniversary Edition Launched  Kelley Blue Book

Mercedes-Benz's Smart brand is rolling out a 10th Anniversary Edition 2018 ForTwo Electric Drive Coupe to celebrate a decade of the brand's sales in the U.S. ...

Kelley Blue Book
First production EQ electric car is the Smart EQ ForTwo  Family Car Guide

In the lead up to this week's 2018 Geneva International Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz said it was planning to present the first production electric car from its new ...

Family Car Guide
Siena men's basketball uses NBA stars as code words to help defense  The Daily Gazette

LOUDONVILLE — Each time the Siena College men's basketball team works through learning about its next opponent, it sounds like the Saints are preparing to ...

The Daily Gazette
Smart Reveals Forease Electric Concept  InsideEVs

At the upcoming Paris Motor Show, smart will present a new all-electric concept – the forease. It's based on the standard-production smart EQ fortwo cabrio, but ...

Smart ForTwo Mobile Disco Has Night Fever  Automobile

Smart is “Stayin' Alive” with its Smart ForTwo Mobile Disco show car—a must for dance fans on the go. Party until the wheels fall off.

Is the Smart car, as it turns 20 years of age, a future classic or dumb idea?  The ClassicCars.com Journal

Technically, it takes 25 years before a car is considered to be a classic. But there's no such time restriction on “future classics,” a category we enjoy exploring ...

The ClassicCars.com Journal
Special-edition 2018 Smart Fortwo electric minicar marks 10 years of two-seater in US  Family Car Guide

Birthed from the uncommon alliance between watch company Swatch and Mercedes-Benz, Smart's goal was to bring a stylish city car to the masses with a level ...

Family Car Guide
2018 Smart ForTwo Electric: The world's cutest convertible  Los Angeles Times

Mercedes-Benz's Smart ForTwo is now offered as a battery electric cabriolet, making it the world's most smallest, cutest and affordable convertible plug-in.

Los Angeles Times
UK Drive: The ForTwo EQ recharges the Smart range  Aberdeen Evening Express

In a motoring world quickly converting to electric, Smart has been ahead of the game. In fact, it's the first manufacturer to announce that it would be moving from ...

Aberdeen Evening Express
What to watch as Georgia begins Sugar Bowl practices  247Sports

Dawgs247 reels off five areas to keep an eye on as Georgia starts bowl practices on Friday.

The Electric Smart ForTwo Is The Answer To People Who Say Cars Aren't Weird Anymore  Jalopnik

Where have all the weird cars gone? I feel such lament every time I see that Jason drives some odd plastic French thing, my mom talks about her Isetta or I have ...

Brand new electric Smart cars to share in Stuttgart  www.electrive.com

The car2go fleet in Mercedes' home town Stuttgart is the first to include the electric Smart of the latest generation. They boast the new faster charger and Smart ...

Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Is Not The Ideal City EV You’d Expect  Carscoops

The 2018 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive may look funky and come with a zero-emission powertrain, but it does have its flaws. According to Driving.ca, who took the ...

Brava Review  Digital Trends

The Brava Oven uses light frequencies to cook food, meaning your chicken and asparagus can go in – and come out – at the same time, both perfectly done.

Digital Trends
smart fortwo Car Fire Investigation Ends  CarComplaints.com

August 27, 2018 — Mercedes-Benz smart car fires that occurred without collisions are no longer under a federal microscope as the National Highway Traffic ...

Pedro Arrais review: Smart car the perfect antidote to high gas prices  Times Colonist

The 2018 Smart Fortwo EQ Cabriolet is unique in so many ways — but are they enough to ensure the survival of the model, let alone the brand? Smart is a ...

Times Colonist
2018 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Cabriolet first drive review: the perfect city car  Green Car Reports

I try very hard to go into each review with an open mind, but in the case of the 2018 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Cabriolet, I was prepared to dislike it. I expected ...

Green Car Reports
Pamplin Media Group - Electric drive is the smartest smart car  Pamplin Media Group

Electric drive is the smartest smart car , Local Wheels, Portland local Wheels, Breaking Wheels alerts for Portland city.

Pamplin Media Group
Andy Serkis on why there was room for two Jungle Books  BBC News

Andy Serkis hopes his retelling of The Jungle Book will still find an audience - despite Disney's 2016 adaptation effectively driving it on to the small screen.

BBC News
Feds Upgrade Investigation Into Fires In Smart fortwo  Forbes Now

Indicating an increasing concern over fire danger in some Smart fortwo models, federal investigators are upgrading an investigation started late last year.

Forbes Now
6×6 Mania Engulfs Smart ForTwo Owner, Try Not To Laugh  Carscoops

Despite 6×6 trucks proving surprisingly popular in recent times, we're pretty sure this Smart ForTwo has just had its entire purpose defeated. Although, we ...

2018 smart fortwo Review & Ratings  Edmunds.com

Edmunds' expert review of the 2018 smart fortwo provides the latest look at trim-level features and specs, performance, safety, and comfort. At Edmunds we drive ...

What Do You Want To Know About The Electric Smart ForTwo?  Jalopnik

Long name, tiny car. I'm off to drive the 2018 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Cabrio. I love weird, quirky, teeny city cars, and the Smart car has always been as close ...

Special Edition Smart Fortwo Electric Arrives For Brand’s 10th Anniversary In U.S.  InsideEVs

Smart celebrates a decade of business in the U.S. with this 10th Anniversary Edition Fortwo Coupe Electric Drive.

US utilities test distributed energy management  pv magazine USA

Distributed energy management systems can capture added value from solar and storage by shaving peak loads, providing grid services, and deferring grid ...

pv magazine USA
Smart ForTwo Explodes After Owner Accidentally Fills Air Intake With Gasoline  The Drive

A driver is lucky to be alive this week after accidentally pouring several gallons of gasoline down the air intake of her 2005 Smart ForTwo—which promptly ...

The Drive
Best Cheap Car Insurance in Arizona  U.S. News & World Report

Find the best cheap Arizona car insurance here. Visit our site to learn about Arizona minimum auto insurance coverage requirements & get your quote online!

U.S. News & World Report
Daimler Reboots Smart Car's Management for Electric-Only Future  Bloomberg

Daimler AG is changing top management at the maker of the tiny Smart car, part of the latest plan to overhaul a brand that's always been an awkward fit for the ...

Daimler brings electric smart cars under new Mercedes-Benz EQ family, adds faster charging  Electrek

Daimler is getting ready to launch its latest electric vehicle effort under its new Mercedes-Benz 'EQ' brand. We thought that the all-electric 'EQC' SUV would be ...

Pittsburgh Steelers fans acknowledge Tom Brady as GOAT  247Sports

Pittsburgh Steelers fans hate Tom Brady. They do so with a passion. There are very few players in league history that have caused them more heartache. He has ...

smart fortwo Brabus Gets The Virtual OEM Tuning Treatment  autoevolution

Daimler AG is a large corporation, spanning from city cars such as the smart fortwo to no-nonsense sports cars like the Mercedes-AMG GT R. But did you ever ...

Konica Minolta Recognized with Industry Accolades for its Security Offerings  GlobeNewswire

Bizhub Multifunction Printers Receive Platinum, Gold and Silver Awards for their Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) Solution.

The EQ ForTwo recharges the Smart range as ideal about-town transport  Jersey Evening Post

Jak Evans gets behind the wheel of the latest all-electric car from Smart to find out what it's like.

Jersey Evening Post
Mercedes to stop selling gas-powered Smart car in U.S.  USA TODAY

In a sign of the times, the gas-powered version of the nation's smallest car is about to disappear from the U.S. motoring scene, Mercedes-Benz said Monday.

Campaigns & Elections. Lobbying & Government.  Florida Politics

Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis is bringing into his administration five political and governmental professionals for top spots in the Executive Office of the Governor.

Florida Politics
Mercedes-Benz USA recalls smart fortwo cabrio and fortwo coupe vehicles  ConsumerAffairs

Mercedes-Benz USA is recalling over 42000 smart fortwo cabrio and fortwo coupe vehicles due to a defect in the rear insulation mat.

2018 Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Cabrio First Drive  Edmunds.com

With significant limitations, the electric-only 2018 Smart Fortwo faces an uphill battle.

7,000-plus Smart cars in Canada recalled over fire risk  Driving

Smart is recalling some 7,028 Fortwo coupes in Canada over an engine fire risk posed by underbody insulation touching hot exhaust parts. Coupes built in 2008 ...

Daimler starting electric cup with Smarts  www.electrive.com

Daimler has announced the Smart EQ ForTwo E-Cup for this year. The race will feature a small series using 16 electric Smart cars in Italy. The races will ...

The Ever-Changing IoT Standards Landscape: What Will 2019 Hold?  IoT Evolution World

IoT Analytics, one of the most active market insights and competitive intelligence firms covering and reporting on the Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, and Industry ...

IoT Evolution World
Assembly, School District Approve Policy on Reserve Funds, OK Roof Repairs at 2 Schools  KUAC

The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly and the Board of Education have worked out how to use $35 million in taxpayer money that the School District has.

Smart ForTwo Bursts Into Flames After Driver Pours Gasoline Into Wrong Hole  CarBuzz

A scary incident recently happened in the UK when a woman became trapped in a 2005 Smart ForTwo that erupted into a fireball while filling up at a gas station.

Facebook Quietly Copies Mogu to Challenge Amazon  The Motley Fool

The social media giant clones another app to expand its e-commerce ecosystem.

The Motley Fool
Smart Turned The ForTwo EQ Into A Mobile Disco  Carscoops

Smart wants to get the party started with a special concept version of the ForTwo EQ. Created by product designer Konstantin Grcic, the study features a platform ...

As Driving Evolves, Smart's Fortwo Could Be More Relevant Than Ever  Forbes Now

The latest smart fortwo cabrio is huge improvement over the prior model and also shows the future potential of cars purpose-built for life in the city.

Forbes Now

Smart Fortwo Videos

2018 Smart Fortwo EV – The Epitome of Cute Cars
2018 Smart Fortwo EV – The Epitome of Cute Cars
Smart ForTwo hatchback review - Carbuyer
Smart ForTwo hatchback review - Carbuyer
2009 Smart Fortwo Passion Coupe Start Up, Exhaust, In Depth Review, and Test Drive
2009 Smart Fortwo Passion Coupe Start Up, Exhaust, In Depth Review, and Test Drive
2018 Smart Fortwo EQ Electric Cabriolet Review - The Ideal City Car
2018 Smart Fortwo EQ Electric Cabriolet Review - The Ideal City Car
smart fortwo - pequeño, divertido y con mucha onda | Autocosmos
smart fortwo - pequeño, divertido y con mucha onda | Autocosmos
2005 Smart Fortwo. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.
2005 Smart Fortwo. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.
Test Drive Smart Fortwo 2013 Facelift. Part 1
Test Drive Smart Fortwo 2013 Facelift. Part 1
Smart Fortwo 2018 (PRUEBA DE MANEJO) Car One TV Autos nuevos
Smart Fortwo 2018 (PRUEBA DE MANEJO) Car One TV Autos nuevos
smart fortwo: Tres generaciones | Prueba / Test / Review en español | coches.net
smart fortwo: Tres generaciones | Prueba / Test / Review en español | coches.net

Smart Fortwo Images

smart fortwo Reviews: Research New & Used Models | Motor ...
smart fortwo Reviews: Research New & Used Models | Motor ...
2016 Smart fortwo: Good News Comes in Small Packages - 4/43
2016 Smart fortwo: Good News Comes in Small Packages - 4/43
Smart Fortwo #3 - high quality Smart Fortwo pictures on ...
Smart Fortwo #3 - high quality Smart Fortwo pictures on ...
Small Cars
Small Cars
Smart Fortwo Review (2017) | Autocar
Smart Fortwo Review (2017) | Autocar
Smart ForTwo micro car pictures | Carbuyer
Smart ForTwo micro car pictures | Carbuyer
Smart logo | Logok
Smart logo | Logok
Auto Expo 2018: Uniti One electric car concept showcased ...
Auto Expo 2018: Uniti One electric car concept showcased ...
The 25+ best Smart fortwo ideas on Pinterest | Smart car ...
The 25+ best Smart fortwo ideas on Pinterest | Smart car ...
Carro Smart Fortwo - Vermelho - 1:24 - DTC - Comprar no ...
Carro Smart Fortwo - Vermelho - 1:24 - DTC - Comprar no ...

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Smart Fortwo Wiki

The Smart Fortwo (stylized as "smart fortwo") is a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 2-seater hatchback city car manufactured and marketed by the Smart division of Daimler AG, introduced in 1998, now in its third generation.Marketed in 46 countries worldwide, Fortwo production had surpassed 1.7 million by early 2015.The brand name Smart derives from its early history as a cooperative venture between Swatch and Mercedes: Swatch Mercedes ART. The Fortwo nameplate derives from its two-person seating capacity. Until 2004, the Fortwo had been marketed as the smart City-Coupé.