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Forget the Qashqai – the Matra Rancho was the original crossover  -  Motoring Research
Chrysler had enjoyed some success with the Simca 1200 Campero, a Spanish-built vehicle based on the Simca 1100 and designed for unmade roads and forest tracks. Launched in 1973, the Campero's styling, hardware and approach almost certainly led to ...

Talbot Matra Rancho – Too far ahead of the curve?  -  Classic and Performance Car
A decade into its life, the 1967 Simca 1100 definitely was. This small, French, front-wheel-drive hatchback – think Volkswagen Golf, seven years before Giugiaro's spectacular rescue of VW took off – had one year left to run, ending an unexpectedly ...

Volkswagen Golf GTI MK1 - Rewind Wednesday  -  What Car?
First let's settle an age-old debate because there are some who question whether the VW Golf GTI was indeed the first ever hot hatch. Yep, they argue that the original Mini Cooper S kicked things or more than a decade earlier. Or that the 82bhp Simca ...

The Simca Rancho, or how the French built the Discovery 12 years before Land Rover  -  CarsGuide
The Rancho shared a platform with the Simca 1100. At the time, the little Simca was kind of France's Volkswagen Golf and the versatile front-drive floorpan was the basis of sedans, wagons and hatchbacks. This meant that the Rancho was front-wheel drive ...

Georges Martin est décédé, Matra est en deuil  -  The Automobilist
Au moment où la Simca 1100 arrive sur le marché, Georges Martin a déjà changé d'employeur puisque depuis fin 1966, il travaille chez Matra où il est entré sur les conseils de Philippe Guédon. Il arrive chez Matra dirigé par un jeune et bouillant patron ...

FORGOTTEN HERO: THE MATRA RANCHO  -  Classic Cars for Sale (blog)
Matra used an elongated and strengthened platform of the Simca 1100 pick-up for their new project – a vehicle that would combine practicality with glamour. In order to save on costs, the front brakes were from the 1100Ti while the front wings, side ...

Our mystery car is a Simcar  -  Darlington and Stockton Times
A FORTNIGHT ago in this space, we showed a photograph of Northallerton High Street in December 1980 and wondered about the identity of the white car heading north. We also wondered whether it was not vintage to interest many people, but it certainly ...

Fast, fun & affordable: Britain's hot hatch love affair  -  Car Keys
Way back in 1973, 82bhp was enough to land the Simca 1100 TI the title of the world's first performance hatchback. Things have certainly changed since then, but one thing's still true: the fact that Brits can't get enough of the hot hatch. At the root ...

Detection of UV-induced cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers by near-infrared spectroscopy and aquaphotomics  -  Nature.com
(B) Discriminating power of SIMCA (1100–1850 nm) showing characteristic peaks in the first overtone region for water (around 1400–1500 nm), with small peaks outside of the 1300–1600 nm interval. (C) SIMCA using NIR data representing the first overtone ...

Junkyard Find: 1964 Simca 1000  -  The Truth About Cars
During my recent trip to Sweden, I took in a Folkrace, saw many old American cars on the street, visited a farm full of restored classic Chryslers, and, of course, went to the junkyard. We've seen this 1966 Toyota Crown station wagon and this 1963 Ford ...

Simca 1100 Videos

Simca 1100
Simca 1100
Simca 1100 GLS ride
Simca 1100 GLS ride
1968 Simca 1100 GLS.
1968 Simca 1100 GLS.
Simca 1100 TI
Simca 1100 TI
SIMCA 1100
SIMCA 1100
SIMCA 1100:1969.
SIMCA 1100:1969.
Simca 1100 Special
Simca 1100 Special
A wonderful springride with our Simca!
A wonderful springride with our Simca!
Simca 1100 LX Spécial
Simca 1100 LX Spécial
Simca 1100 TI au Castellet 2017
Simca 1100 TI au Castellet 2017

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La Simca 1100, qui est la première automobile à traction de la marque Simca, fut fabriquée à plus de deux millions d'exemplaires entre 1967 et 1981 à Poissy.La Simca 1100 est la première compacte française, suivie par la Renault 14.
De Simca 1100 was een model van de Franse autofabrikant Simca, onderdeel van Chrysler Europe (na 1978 PSA).In totaal werden er meer dan twee miljoen exemplaren van geproduceerd tussen 1967 en 1985.
Der Simca 1100 bzw.Talbot-Simca 1100 war ein Personenkraftwagen des französischen Automobilherstellers Simca.. Modellgeschichte. 1967: Nach dreijähriger Entwicklung wurde der Simca 1100 im Mai 1967 der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt.
Proyecto. El 1100 fue el resultado del "Proyecto 928", iniciado en 1962, finalizado por los ingenieros Philippe Grundeler y Charles Scales.El diseño fue concebido mediante una investigación de mercado realizada por Simca a principios de la década de 1960, que mostró la creciente popularidad de los vehículos de tracción delantera, ya que ...
Een dubbele doorstart. In de jaren 70 raakte het Amerikaanse moederconcern Chrysler in de problemen. De eerste Chrysler-Simca, de 1307/1308-serie, een sportief gelijnde en snelle, maar ook uitzonderlijk ruime en praktische hatchback, werd Auto van het jaar 1976, al gauw gevolgd door de opvolger van de 1100, de Horizon, die het eveneens tot Auto ...
Le forum dédié entièrement à la populaire SIMCA 1100 et au rancho.
The Simca 1307 was a large family car produced by Chrysler Europe and latterly PSA Peugeot Citröen from 1975 to 1986. Codenamed C6 in development the car was styled in the United Kingdom by Roy Axe and his team at Whitley and the car was engineered by Simca at Poissy in France.
The Simca 8 is a small family car built by Simca and sold in France between November 1937 and 1951 (including wartime), available as a saloon, coupé or cabriolet.It was a rebadged Fiat 508C "nuova Balilla" made at Fiat's Simca plant in Nanterre, France
Die Société Industrielle de Mécanique et Carrosserie Automobile, bekannt als SIMCA, war ein französischer Automobilhersteller. Das Unternehmen wurde 1934 gegründet, um Fiat-Fahrzeuge in Lizenz in Frankreich herzustellen.
Historique Au début la Safaf. L'histoire de Simca débute avec Ernest Loste, un ancien coureur cycliste de talent qui, pour sa reconversion, décide d'ouvrir un garage automobile à Paris.

Simca 1100 Wiki

The Simca 1100 is a car built from 1967 to 1982 by Simca. It was replaced by the Simca-Talbot Horizon.

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