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Saturn's rings help astronomers finally calculate the length of a day  National Geographic

The gas giant was long the only planet in the solar system missing this vital piece of information.

National Geographic
Saturn’s Rings are Only 10 to 100 Million Years Old  Universe Today

A new study says that Saturn's rings are younger than we thought. Data from Cassini shows they're between 10-100 million years old.

Universe Today
Saturn's rings are a relatively new addition, NASA says  CNET

The Cassini spacecraft is long gone, but it's still helping scientists make new discoveries about the giant planet.

Dive deep into the mystery of Saturn's ring system  KTAR.com

Saturn exhibits one of the most amazing structures in the entire solar system, a true well developed ring system.

Lincoln Promises 'Elegant' EVs, but Will They be Visible?  The Truth About Cars

Numerous observers walked away from the North American Auto Show, and more specifically Cadillac's NAIAS Eve unveiling event, wondering whether electric ...

The Truth About Cars
50 Years Ago in Photos: A Look Back at 1969  The Atlantic

A half century ago, humans first set foot on the moon, hundreds of thousands of young people gathered in New York's Catskill Mountains for a music festival that ...

The Atlantic
New pictures from NASA’s New Horizons show a pancaked peanut  The Verge

At first glance, the mysterious space rock that NASA's New Horizons zoomed by on New Year's day looked like a lumpy snowman, or maybe a misshapen space ...

The Verge
Watch Kurt Vile Perform “Yeah Bones” on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”  Under the Radar Mag

Kurt Vile released a new album, "Bottle It In," back in October via Matador. It was one of our Top 100 Albums of 2018. Last night he stopped by Late Night with ...

Under the Radar Mag
East vs. West: Why General Motors Is Obsessed With China  The Truth About Cars

Last month, General Motors announced a plan to introduce more than 20 new and refreshed models in China in 2019 to “maintain its growth momentum in the ...

The Truth About Cars
Global Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) Market Advancement Analysis and Precise Outlook: Nissan (Japan), Peugeot (France), Toyota (Japan) - Press Release  Digital Journal

Rest of Middle East & AfricaTo Browse a Full Report Click Here: ...

Digital Journal
The Magicians' Cast Breaks Down Big Changes for Their Characters in Season 4  Rotten Tomatoes

The Syfy fantasy series hits the reset button with a new season that features some characters without powers – or memory.

Rotten Tomatoes
Goodbye to Saturn's rings | Space  EarthSky

Scientists have long said that Saturn's glorious rings may be only temporary. New research confirms a "ring rain" onto Saturn that'll leave the planet ringless in ...

Junkyard Gem: 1996 Saturn SC1 - Autoblog  Autoblog

A last-year example of the original small Saturn sports coupe, spotted in a Denver self-*service* wrecking yard.

Cassini data reveals Saturn's layer of imprisoned protons  Cosmos

The planet plays gaoler to an isolated inner belt of radiation. Ben Lewis reports.

Hubble observes energetic lightshow at Saturn's north pole  Hubble Space Telescope at ESA

30 August 2018. Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space telescope have taken a series of spectacular images featuring the fluttering auroras at the ...

Hubble Space Telescope at ESA
GM to add third vehicle to Spring Hill plant, despite sweeping $6 billion cost-cutting plan  The Tennessean

General Motors will add a third vehicle to its production lineup at its Spring Hill plant next year, news that came in contrast to the company's announcement ...

The Tennessean
'Justice League vs. The Fatal Five' Release Date Announced  Comicbook.com

Warner Bros. Animation has revealed the official release date for its upcoming new animated feature, Justice League vs. The Fatal Five, on the heels of the new ...

A Letter to the Cassini Mission, a Year After Its Grand Finale  National Geographic

A year after our ambassador to the ringed planet plunged to its doom, one writer reflects on its enduring legacy.

National Geographic
Taking The Plunge, A Modest Lowering of and Expectations  The Truth About Cars

Just about all of my daily drivers have been stock, more or less. I did some engine, transmission and overdrive swaps on Volvos back in the 1980s, but ...

The Truth About Cars
Maui Crime July 22-28, 2018: Burglaries, Break-Ins, Thefts  Maui Now

Maui police responded to 18 burglaries, 6 vehicle thefts and 18 vehicle break-ins in Maui County over a seven day period from July 22-28, 2018.

Maui Now
Spotted in China: first generation Saturn S-Series SL sedan  CarNewsChina

A blue green Saturn S-Series SL sedan, Spotted in China inside a compound in Shunyi District in north Beijing, with thanks to Reader Jeph for showing me the ...

Crime Watch | News, Sports, Jobs  Maui News

THIS IS A LIST of residential burglaries, stolen vehicles and vehicle break-ins in Maui County reported to the Maui Police Department from July 22 to 28. The li.

Maui News
‘Black Panther’ Reigns at Saturn Awards, ‘Better Call Saul’ and ‘Twin Peaks’ Top TV Field  Variety

Disney-Marvel's blockbuster "Black Panther" reigned at the Saturn Awards with five wins, followed by "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" with three.

Saturn's beauty is fleeting  CNN

Perhaps it's time to dig out that old telescope and take another look at Saturn and its beautiful rings -- because future generations won't be able to, writes Don ...

Here's Why Saturn's Inner Moons Are Shaped Like Ravioli and Potatoes  Space.com

The odd shapes of. The new finding may help to explain how moons in general may form, researchers said in a new paper describing the work. The Cassini ...

A 1997 Saturn SC2 Coupe is About as 1990s as a Car Can Get  RoadandTrack.com

Saturn officially stopped producing cars in October 2009, but you could argue it died in the late 1990s. Our friends at Regular Car Reviews tackled a 1997 Saturn ...

Piston Slap: Saturn Squeaks for a New Serpentine Belt?  The Truth About Cars

Josh writes: I've asked you a few questions over the years, and the answers have always been excellent. Well now… I've yet another: about a month ago I ...

The Truth About Cars
How I May Have Helped Create the Saturn Red Line Badge  The Drive

To this day, the internet still makes fun of Al Gore claiming to invent the Internet (which, by the way, isn't true). With that in mind, I'm not claiming to have invented ...

The Drive
QOTD: Are You Feeling Any Love Yet for Saturn?  The Truth About Cars

You don't know what you've got till it's gone, but is the long-defunct Saturn brand deserving of a piece of your heart?

The Truth About Cars
'Traffic Jam' from Collapsing Ring May Have Carved Saturn Moon  Space.com

A collapsing ring may have formed the unusual ridge on Saturn's walnut-shaped moon, Iapetus. New simulations reveal that a slow-falling ring of debris may ...

Editorial: The Truth About Saturn  The Truth About Cars

When I went car shopping in the early '90s, my priorities were fun-to-drive, reliability, and economy. Style— not so much, or so I thought. But the first time I saw a ...

The Truth About Cars
Saturn's Famous Hexagon May Tower Above the Clouds  Jet Propulsion Laboratory

A study using Cassini data reveals a warming, high-altitude, hexagonal vortex emerging at Saturn's northern pole.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Listen as Saturn and its moon interact  EarthSky

Spacecraft observations reveal plasma waves moving from Saturn to its rings and its moon Enceladus. Researchers converted a recording of the plasma waves ...

Diving within Saturn's rings  Science Magazine

Launched in 1997, the Cassini spacecraft arrived at Saturn in 2004 and spent the following 12 years orbiting far outside the planet's rings. Among the mission's ...

Science Magazine
Ingredients for alien life found in icy geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus  USA TODAY

Scientists have discovered complex organic molecules erupting from Enceladus, one of Saturn's moons, into space, boosting the idea this ocean-world hosts ...

Saturn's moon could be harboring alien life  New York Post

Complex organic molecules have been discovered originating from one of Saturn's moons, Enceladus, adding to its potential to support life, researchers said on ...

New York Post
20 Cars The Rest Of The World Wouldn't Touch With A Ten-Foot Pole  HotCars

There's a prevailing opinion held among other countries that US cars are inferior. These opinions don't speak on behalf of entire countries; instead, they come ...

Grover raises €37M Series A to offer latest tech products as a subscription  TechCrunch

Grover, the Berlin-based startup that offers “pay-as-you-go” subscriptions to the latest consumer tech as an alternative to owning products outright, has raised ...

3rd Annual Six Of Saturns To Revolve Around Jazz Fest At Ace Hotel  OffBeat Magazine

This spring, Ace Hotel New Orleans will be hosting an exciting festival series, the third annual Six of Saturns. Sponsored by the hotel's music venue Three Keys, ...

OffBeat Magazine
Student of the Week: Evan Sekerak, Cardinal Stritch High School  Toledo Blade

FAVORITES: School Subject: Engineering Extracurricular Activities: Musical Hobbies: Learning, finding out how things work Car: Saturn S-Series Store: ...

Toledo Blade
What Needs to Happen for Ford to Set a US F-Series Sales Record In 2018?  The Truth About Cars

Ford Motor Company is currently on track to sell 939,809 F-Series pickup truck sales in the United States in calendar year 2018. That number is hugely ...

The Truth About Cars
What Made Saturn's Ravioli-Shaped Moons?  Scientific American

The odd shapes of Saturn's inner moons, which resemble objects ranging from ravioli to potatoes, may be due to mergers of tiny moonlets, a new study finds.

Scientific American
'Black Panther,' 'Walking Dead' Rule Saturn Awards Nominations  Variety

Black Panther” nabbed a leading 14 Saturn Awards nominations, followed by “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” with 13.

The translucent beauty of Saturn's rings revealed by NASA's Cassini probe  Daily Mail

NASA has released a stunning unseen image of Saturn's rings taken by its Cassini probe before it crashed into the planet on a kamikaze mission.

Daily Mail
Energetic Lightshow at Saturn's North Pole  Space Ref

Astronomers using the NASA/ESA Hubble Space telescope have taken a series of spectacular images featuring the fluttering auroras at the north pole of Saturn.

Space Ref
Cassini’s Final Dive Provides Insight Into Saturn’s Ring Rain  ValueWalk

scientists got to know a lot about Saturn's Ring Rain during Cassini's final dive, which occurred between planet's rings.

Tesla Week: Model 3 Production 'Unlock' -- Or 'Head Fake'  Forbes Now

Can Tesla shift production into high gear, aka, Ludicrous Mode? Or is this another Musk "head fake?"

Forbes Now
Here are 7 of Saturn's moons | Today's Image  EarthSky

Saturn has 62 moons with confirmed orbits, 53 of which have names and only 13 of which have diameters larger than about 30 miles (50 km). Here are 7 of ...

GM brings back third shift to Spring Hill, returning 700 jobs cut in 2017  The Tennessean

General Motors will add back a third production shift in September at its Spring Hill manufacturing plant, the company said, a move expected to bring back 700 ...

The Tennessean
Awkwafina to star in self-titled Comedy Central series  Time Out

Over the next few years, New York may degenerate into a post-L train, Mad Max Hellscape, sink underwater with the next flood or become an automated ...

Time Out
'Outlander' Beats 'Game Of Thrones'; Wins Best Fantasy TV Series At The Saturn Awards For  Korea Portal (English Edition)

The cast and crew of Outlander, as well as it fans, are rejoicing after the show took home the Best Fantasy TV Series award from the Saturn Awards 2018.

Korea Portal (English Edition)
Wilmer Valderrama of 'That '70s Show' kicks off UTRGV's Distinguished Speaker Series  Valley morning Star

Best known for his role as exchange student Fez on the hit TV comedy, “That '70s Show,” Wilmer Valderrama will bring his passion, charisma and humor as the ...

Valley morning Star
Here Are Some Fun and Cheap 2000s Cars You Should Keep Your Eyes On  Jalopnik

For some reason, I have encountered a good amount of negativity from folks when it comes to 2000s cars, and I don't know why. Maybe it's because they're too ...

14 Cars That Are Notorious Rust Buckets (And 15 That Never Rust)  HotCars

Here is a list of 15 cars that have a history of poor rust protection, and 15 that have been known to go a long time without rusting.

Dust Storms Spotted on Saturn's Moon Titan  Geek

NASA's Cassini spacecraft revealed what appear to be giant dust storms on Saturn's largest moon, Titan. The discovery, described in a paper published by the ...

‘Veronica Mars’ Revival Ordered to Series at Hulu  Variety

The planned "Veronica Mars" revival has officially been picked up at Hulu.

Junkyard Find: 1997 Saturn SC2, With Rare Badass Flame Job Option  The Truth About Cars

Even though the Saturn S-Series has been one of the most common vehicle types in American self-*service* wrecking yards for at least the past decade, I've ...

The Truth About Cars
Lincoln County Sheriff's Office: Busy week responding to accidents  Wiscasset Newspaper

Sheriff Todd Brackett reports the following: The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office responded to 232 calls for *service* between Nov. 20 and Nov. 27. Year to date ...

Wiscasset Newspaper
Amazing NASA images give 'best view ever' of Saturn's stunning aurora  Evening Standard

NASA's Hubble Telescope has captured impressive images of Saturn's dazzling aurora. Astronomers using the ESA Hubble Space telescope took a series of ...

Evening Standard
10 '90s Cars That Are Still Totally in Demand or Whatever  TheStreet.com

For a decade in which a Volkswagen Jetta on Beverly Hills 90210 was considered "iconic," the '90s did a great job of making its more practical cars last.

Coupé-tastic: BMW Brings Back the 8 Series  The Truth About Cars

Fair warning: this post will include more photos than a normal news item. Why? Because BMW is once again applying an 8 Series badge to the trunklid of a ...

The Truth About Cars
Monday Mileage Champion: Saturnalia  Truth About Cars

I told you that I would report back to the TTAC faithful when something new came up. Well, for quite a few weeks there has been the usual distribution of ...

Truth About Cars
Saturn's largest moon may hold key to cleaner engines  FIU News

The atmospheric haze of Titan, Saturn's largest moon (pictured here along Saturn's midsection), is captured in this natural-color image (box at left).

FIU News
Every Upcoming Video Game Movie Adaptation  Rotten Tomatoes

From case-cracking Pokemon to Master Chiefs, your map to every video game movie and show coming up!

Rotten Tomatoes
Outlander defends Saturn Awards title of Best Fantasy TV Series  Claire and Jamie

It was the Saturn Awards last night. For the third year running, Outlander has claimed the title of Best Fantasy TV Series.

Claire and Jamie
Cutting-edge car technologies come to life in Tennessee  The Tennessean

Cars produced in the Volunteer State feature some of the most advanced technology features available on the market.

The Tennessean
100 Images From Cassini's Mission to Saturn  New York Times

NASA's Cassini spacecraft burned up in Saturn's atmosphere on Friday, after 20 years in space.

New York Times
Cadillac CTS-V, ATS-V Production To End Before Spring, As V-Series Expands  GM Authority

Production of the Cadillac CTS-V and ATS-V will end this winter, Cadillac says, although V-Series will grow with the CT6-V and other future models.

GM Authority
The 25 best fighting games to play right now  GamesRadar

Fighting games are a wonderful niche within the industry - they can be flashy or grounded, newbie friendly or impenetrable to all but the experts, and perhaps ...

2002 Saturn SL2 Power Lock Chatter - Piston Slap  The Truth About Cars

Gary writes: Good Afternoon,. Today when I got into my 2002 Saturn SL2, the power door locks started chattering. Each door, over the space of about 45 minutes ...

The Truth About Cars
Electronics Retailer Ceconomy Latest Victim of Retail Crisis  Bloomberg

Ceconomy AG, Europe's biggest consumer-electronics retailer, eliminated its dividend and warned that earnings will decline another year in the retail industry's ...

The Tennessean  The Tennessean

This is the idyllic Maury County countryside July 15, 1985, where General Motors is slated to build its massive $3.5 billion Saturn plant near Spring Hill. In the ...

The Tennessean
Ringless Saturn? The Planet's Famous Feature May Be Surprisingly Young.  National Geographic

The signature ring system may be no older than the age of dinosaurs.

National Geographic
5 Hotels Booking Live Music Events  The New York Times

These brands want you to settle in and listen to the band.

The New York Times
2018 Tesla Model S Review, Ratings, Specs, Prices, and Photos  The Car Connection

The 2018 Tesla Model S still delivers unequaled battery-electric performance, though its style and safety are beginning to show their age. Find out why the 2018 ...

The Car Connection
The Cassini spacecraft crashed into Saturn, ending a successful 20-year mission  The Washington Post

PASADENA, Calif. — NASA scientists just received their last message from the Cassini spacecraft, which plunged into Saturn early Friday morning. Those final ...

The Washington Post
Saturn's moon Dione covered by mysterious stripes  Phys.org

Mysterious straight bright stripes have been discovered on Saturn's moon Dione, says research by Planetary Science Institute Associate Research Scientist Alex ...

For Spooky Halloween Art, No One Tops Goya, Now On Display At Kimbell Art Museum  Forbes

If Halloween had an official artist, it would undoubtedly be Francisco Goya. No figure in art history has created as many lasting creepy, spooky, dark, haunting ...

Jet Set Radio Series Tops Sega AGES Poll As Most Wanted Retro Release  Nintendo Life

Before the 2018 Tokyo Game Show began, Sega ran a poll asking fans what games they would like to see adapted to the Sega AGES line. The results are now ...

Nintendo Life
This Dazzling 'Inside Out' Movie Was Shot Inside Saturn's Rings  NBCNews.com

NASA's Cassini space probe offers a never-before-seen perspective on Saturn's intricate rings just weeks before its mission-ending plunge into the planet.

2018 Hyundai Accent SE Review – Car, Distilled  The Truth About Cars

The marketing executives at Hyundai Motor America would likely prefer you forget about their first offering on these shores, the extraordinarily low-priced Excel.

The Truth About Cars
Series Elite Will Let You Race Jaguar XE SV Project 8 [UPDATE]  Motor1.com

Jaguar is once again launching its Series Elite concept for rich drivers over 50, this time with the XE SV Project 8 as the car of choice.

Automotive parts company Faurecia expanding to Spring Hill, bringing 143 jobs  The Tennessean

SPRING HILL — Faurecia Interior Systems officials announced today that the automotive parts manufacturer will locate new operations in Spring Hill, where it ...

The Tennessean
Review: Business Wars' Sony/Nintendo Six-Part Series, Featuring an Interview with Author Tristan Donovan  thirdcoastreview.com

In June of 1991, Chicago played host to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Summer Show, featuring all the latest tech—music, TVs, games and other ...

Family mouse from children's book to visit schools, Saturn  Petoskey News-Review

GAYLORD – The booksellers at Saturn Booksellers in downtown Gaylord will visit local elementary schools with The Cookie Mouse, a costumed character from ...

Petoskey News-Review
Panzer Dragoon remakes are in development  Polygon

Forever Entertainment announces Panzer Dragoon: Remake and Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei: Remake, two 'refreshed' remakes of the original Sega Saturn games.

'The Orville' Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed  Comicbook.com

Fox has officially revealed the season two premiere date of Seth MacFarlane's The Orville.The second season of MacFarlane's comedic Star Trek homage will ...

Don Mancini Thanks Fans for Child's Play TV Series Support  Bleeding Cool News

Don Mancini, co-writer of the first Child's Play movie, wanted to make sure he thanked fans for their support in the strange case of warring Chucky projects.

Bleeding Cool News
Greensboro filmmaker's space odyssey finally lands in North Carolina  Greensboro News & Record

"In Saturn's Rings," the technologically-groundbreaking film created by Greensboro filmmaker Stephen van Vuuren, will be shown at Marbles IMAX in Raleigh.

Greensboro News & Record
10 GM Cars From The 90s That Make No Sense (And 9 From The 80s)  HotCars

There is no question that GM cars over the years have been absolutely fantastic and that is largely because of the fact that they own some of the best car ...

Own A Piece Of Art History With This 1998 Saturn ‘Art Car’: Craigslist Find  GM Authority

The seller of this 1998 Saturn S-Series for sale on Craigslist for $50000 claims it is an "Art Car".

GM Authority
Junkyard Find: 2004 Saturn Ion Sedan with Manual Transmission  The Truth About Cars

One of just 831 silver Saturn Ions made for the 2004 model year, now languishing in a Denver self-*service* wrecking yard with its rare manual transmission.

The Truth About Cars
Donald Kuspit on Michael Zansky's Van Gogh Portraits  whitehotmagazine.com

By DONALD KUSPIT November, 2018. Ah! portraiture, portraiture with the thoughts, the soul of the model in it, that is what I think must come. - Vincent Van Gogh ...

21 Crazy Facts About The Forgotten Marvel Show, Mutant X  Screen Rant

Uncover some of the mysteries of the long-forgotten Marvel TV series, Mutant X.

Screen Rant
Confused About Last Night’s ‘Westworld’ Season 2 Finale? Here’s What to Read  New York Times

“These violent delights have violent ends” was the de facto refrain of “Westworld” Season 1, which concluded with a revolt among the titular theme park's robotic ...

New York Times
Cars of The Simpsons – 30 Years of Vehicular Mayhem  The Truth About Cars

Yes, dear reader — that cartoon family from Springfield turns thirty today. A brief list of items not yet invented or discovered in 1989 include the internet, reliable ...

The Truth About Cars
The 18 Best Booths at Frieze London and Frieze Masters  Artsy

The 16th edition of Frieze London and the seventh edition of Frieze Masters opened on Wednesday. We combed the aisles to bring you 18 standout ...

Ford Considers Smaller Pickup For US, Is It Time For A New Chevy S-10?  GM Authority

Ford is considering a smaller unibody pickup for North America and we think Chevrolet and General Motors should roll out a new S-10 small truck.

GM Authority
Why getting back to the moon is so damn hard  MIT Technology Review

The $20 million Lunar X Prize was supposed to send startups into space. The cost turned out to be far higher than the reward—but the competitors were never ...

MIT Technology Review
Ferrari ‘Icone’ series debuts with 1950s-style Monza roadsters  Driving

Let's get the salient points out of the way first. These two 'Monza' models are the first in Ferrari's new 'Icone' series that 'draw[s] inspiration from the most ...


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