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Performance Porsches race to top at Silverstone auction  -  Classic Car News
The auction also offered several so-called transaxle Porsches, the front-engine sports cars and GTs, with an example of every model sold since they started 50 years ago with the 924. A show-winning 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S sold for £35,440 ($44,000); ...

Restoring the Porsche 924 GTP: bringing a racing icon back to life  -  Motorsport.com, Edition: Global
The 924 Carrera GTP 002 that competed at Le Mans in 1980 is back. After over 35 years in storage, the only Porsche Factory owned race car to have competed under a British flag has been lovingly restored back to its former glory by the four UK Porsche ...

Reader's Car of the Week: Porsche 924 S  -  Pistonheads.com
Buying any car for £500 is a brave decision, let alone when said car is a Porsche. But when a yellow 924 S popped up on eBay, OP 'jahbrown' put in a last ditch bid to stop an overseas bidder from winning the auction. After a phone call and some ...

AvD-Oldtimer-Grand-Prix: Porsche-Korso mit Derek Bell und über 100 Autos  -  Auto-Medienportal.Net
Neben besonderen Ausstellungsautos zeigt das Museum des Sportwagenherstellers außerdem einen restaurierten Porsche 924 GTP von 1980, der von vier Porsche-Classic-Partnern aus Großbritannien restauriert wurde. Ehrengast auf dem Porsche-Stand ...

Watch Porsche Restore One of Its Greatest Le Mans Race Cars  -  RoadandTrack.com
The car was an international effort: British, American and German teams all participated. To reflect Porsche's emphasis on its newfound future, these were the only race cars Porsche sent that year: no aging 935, no 1976-season-winning 936. The 924 was ...

Restored Porsche 924 Carrera GTP Stars At Silverstone Classic  -  Carscoops (blog)
A beautiful Porsche 924 Le Mans racer makes its UK debut at the Silverstone Classic, headlining Porsche's 40th anniversary since the 924 first came out. This is the factory race car #2 that raced at the 1980 24 Hours of Le Mans, finishing 12th at the ...

Porsche has lovingly restored this 1980s 924 Le Mans racer  -  Top Gear
Here's a proper good news story to cheer your Friday. What you're looking at is a 1980 Porsche 924 Carrera GTP, fresh from a thorough restoration to working order 35 years after it last raced in competition. The story of how the GTP arrived in such ...

When Porsche Bet Its Future on Front-Engine Sports Cars  -  RoadandTrack.com
Porsche executives in the mid-1970s imagined a very different future for their company than the one it ended up with. The rear-engined 911, in their eyes, was a flawed and aging design, so they set out to replace it with two front-engine cars, the 924 ...

A classic Porsche power show  -  Speedcafe
The Porsche Club of Great Britain is paying homage to this 40th anniversary with special displays plus a track parade featuring a large number of 924, 928, 944 and 968 models. Continuing the theme, one of the rarest and most desirable of the 'transaxle ...

Le Mans Classic 2016 – Porsche 924 Martini de 1977  -  4Legend.com
En cherchant bien, on peut trouver de véritables raretés au Le Mans Classic 2016, comme cette Porsche 924 Martini de 1977. Cette Porsche est l'un des 2 seuls exemplaires fabriqués en conduite à droite. La Porsche 924 Martini est la première série ...

Porsche 924 Videos

Porsche 924 classic car review
Porsche 924 classic car review
Porsche 924 GTP Restoration No Copyright 1080p MP4
Porsche 924 GTP Restoration No Copyright 1080p MP4
Porsche 924
Porsche 924
Porsche 924 - Restoration by GM
Porsche 924 - Restoration by GM
Porsche 924 test run 2015
Porsche 924 test run 2015
Wheeler Dealers Porsche 924 part 1
Wheeler Dealers Porsche 924 part 1
Restoring the Porsche 924 GTP: bringing a racing icon back to life
Restoring the Porsche 924 GTP: bringing a racing icon back to life
Honda Civic vs Porsche 924
Honda Civic vs Porsche 924
Porsche 924 Collector review motorsport
Porsche 924 Collector review motorsport
Porsche 924 TV Advertisements
Porsche 924 TV Advertisements

Porsche 924 Images

1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GT | CLASSIC CARS TODAY ONLINE
750 x 531 jpeg 609kB
Porsche 924
640 x 480 jpeg 42kB
Slammed Porsche 944 The porsche 944 is a sports
1320 x 794 jpeg 1285kB
Porsche 944 Custom 1989 porsche 944 turbo
640 x 480 jpeg 123kB
Porsche 944 Slammed Jared fessler // porsche 944
640 x 426 jpeg 163kB
Porsche 944
640 x 480 jpeg 110kB
1981 Porsche 924 Carrera GTS Clubsport €285,000 (USD$387,845) - f l ...
924 x 616 jpeg 196kB
Rare Series One Porsche 924 Turbo Carrera GT Recreation in ...
1280 x 720 jpeg 52kB
Porsche 944 Stanceworks Stance works - brian
1200 x 800 jpeg 431kB
Slammed Porsche 911 One more porsche!
1280 x 928 jpeg 347kB
Porsche 944 Turbo (951) -85 Interior | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
500 x 375 jpeg 105kB
... : Porsche 917 Concept , Porsche 928 Concept , Porsche Concept
779 x 494 jpeg 58kB
Steves 1991 Porsche 944 S2 Cabriolet | Beautiful Scenery Photography
1000 x 499 jpeg 276kB
... this 1989 Porsche 944 which had been sold to the scrap yard for metal
634 x 362 jpeg 41kB
Porsche 944 Custom Interior Lumbergs lackey mmmm ray s2
800 x 600 jpeg 94kB
Viewing Gallery For - Bad Boys Porsche
1280 x 720 jpeg 96kB
porsche 944(1) | PORSCHE 924-924S-944-914 CLUB
1318 x 876 jpeg 227kB
porsche 924 carrera gts
707 x 400 jpeg 51kB
Porsche 924 Carrera GT - Undici HP
800 x 533 jpeg 91kB
la Une , Dépôt Vente , Proposée à la vente , Simca Featured
1024 x 576 jpeg 113kB

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The Porsche 944 is a luxury sports car that was built by Porsche from 1982 to 1991. It used the 924 platform that remained in production until 1988.
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In model year 1982, a fourth Porsche model line came onto the market. The 944 bridged the price and performance gap between the 924 and the 911 SC.
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Model descriptions, technical help, a forum, and a registry of Porsche 924, 931, and Carreras searchable by model or owner.
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Porsche 924 S. 924; Produktionszeitraum: 1976–1988: Klasse: Sportwagen: Karosserieversionen: Kombicoupé: Motoren: Ottomotoren: 2,0–2,5 Liter (92–276 kW)
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Porsche 924 Wiki

The Porsche 924 is a luxury sports car which was produced by Porsche AG of Germany from 1976 to 1988. A two-door, 2+2 coupé, the 924 replaced the 914 as the company's entry-level model, and was the model that finally retired the 912. In production terms, the 924 was the first Porsche model powered by a water-cooled, front-mounted engine although the similarly configured 928 was designed first. The front-engine, rear wheel drive arrangement was normal for most other manufacturers, but it was unusual for Porsche having previously only used mid- or rear-mounted engines of a boxer configuration, all of which had been air-cooled. It was the first Porsche to be offered with a fully automatic transmission.The first official appearance of the 924 took place in November 1975 (as a press launch rather than a motorshow appearance) at the harbour at La Grande Motte, Camargue in the south of France. The model was a qualified success with just over 150,000 produced (from 1977-1988), and it helped to take Porsche out of financial ruin. The 924 was meant to be replaced by the closely related 944 in 1983 in the U.S. market, but it returned in 1986 and continued to be produced until 1988.For the 1986 to 1988 model years, the car acquired the powerplant from the 944 model and became the Porsche 924S.