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This Hellcat-Swapped 1999 Plymouth Prowler Rights a Historic Wrong  The Drive

There are no do-overs in life, and few things exemplify that more than the Plymouth Prowler. The nouveaux hot rod was supposed to be a daring sequel to the ...

The Drive
At $34,000, Could This Twin Turbo 2001 Plymouth Prowler Rock Your World?  Jalopnik

With a modern but fairly milquetoast V6 engine, the crazy retro Plymouth Prowler had hot rod looks, but lacked hot rod performance. Today's Nice Price or Crack ...

13 Cars Prince Actually Owned (And 5 It's Weird That He Didn't)  HotCars

Here are 13 vehicles Prince owned, and 5 he definitely should have.

Junkyard Treasure: 2004 Chrysler Crossfire  autoweek.com

The Chrysler Crossfire made quite a splash, back when it was launched for the 2004 model year. Based on the late-1990s Mercedes-Benz SLK, the Crossfire ...

Southland family honors dad's memory by driving his ashes down Dixie Highway in convoy of Plymouth Prowlers  Chicago Tribune

Driving with the tops down, four siblings and other family members rolled down the Dixie Highway last month in a convoy of Plymouth Prowlers. They were ...

Chicago Tribune
Ranking The 25 Biggest Car Flops Of The 90s  HotCars

The automotive industry in the 1990s was a rough world governed by remnants of emissions choking, fuel crises, and the strong, continued rise of imported ...

25 Cars That Are Legendary For All The Wrong Reasons  HotCars

Some of these cars were actually so bad that laws were changed in order to keep us all safer on the roads.

Plymouth Prowler: Spotted  Pistonheads.com

The Prowler is about as well suited to Britain as a rodeo clown. But if you're aching to stand out... | PistonHeads.

Collector Classics: Plymouth/Chrysler Prowler  Driving

Ken Grahame couldn't wait to get his first Plymouth Prowler. He was the dealer principal at Coquitlam Chrysler when he heard in the early 1990s that Chrysler ...

Single-Owner ’99 Plymouth Prowler Coming Up For Auction (With Matching Trailer)  Carscoops

Remember the Plymouth Prowler? If you were alive in America around the turn of the millennium, it was pretty hard to miss. For better or worse, it's been out of ...

Worst Sports Cars: Plymouth Prowler  Motor1.com

Underpowered, weird-looking, and expensive - Prowler's the last sports car to come from Plymouth, a brand known for its great muscle cars in the past.

Is the Chrysler Prowler a monster or just misunderstood?  AutoClassics

Often derided for its awkward attempt at retro hot-rod styling and lumped with its PT Cruiser cousin, the Prowler might finally be coming of age....

The Plymouth Prowler Was Great  RoadandTrack.com

The Plymouth Prowler doesn't have a sterling reputation in the automotive press. At the time of its 1997 debut, it was criticized for packing a 3.5-liter V6 in a body ...

Plymouth Prowler With 134 Miles And Matching Trailer Hits The Auction Block  autoevolution

Back when Chrysler was in cahoots with Daimler instead of Fiat, the American automaker came up with a handful of notable designs. The PT Cruiser is the first ...

A Plymouth Prowler Trailer Bra Will Solve All Of Your Problems, Except One  RoadandTrack.com

The Plymouth Prowler, that rolling vehicular equivalent of shouting "The Good Ol' Days!" after an Eagles song plays at the weekly Cruzzin' Dreams Car Show at ...

23 Cars From The 2000s That Had NO Style (But We All Bought Them Anyway)  HotCars

We've left the 2000s with some pretty cool rides from that decade. Here are 23 that weren't cool but people bought anyway.

This Retro Review Reminds Us How Hot the 1997 Plymouth Prowler Was  RoadandTrack.com

By the late 1990s, Plymouth hadn't had a brand-exclusive car since the 1969 Barracuda. So when it was announced that the 1993 Prowler concept car would ...

This Retro Review Reminds Us How Odd The Plymouth Prowler Was  CarBuzz

The Plymouth Prowler is one of the oddest cars that we have ever seen. It started off as a concept in 1993 and was eventually put into production from 1997 to ...

4 Chrysler Cars From The 90s That Make More Sense Every Day (And 21 That Never Made Any To Begin With)  HotCars

Chrysler's cars in the 90s ranged from a few great designs to others that were basic and even total blunders.

Here's why the Plymouth Prowler is the weirdest car of the 1990s  Madison.com

"I had a chance to drive a pristine Plymouth Prowler -- and examine all of its unusual quirks," auto reviewer Doug DeMuro writes. "Here's a review of the Prowler ...

Behind the wheel in a Plymouth Prowler, 'the weirdest car of the 1990s'  Twin Falls Times-News

The Plymouth Prowler is fast. It's stylish. And it's full of quirks.

Twin Falls Times-News
19 Cars That Rolled Off The Production Line Straight To The Junkyard  HotCars

Even the best make mistakes sometimes. This same idea applies even to the biggest and best automakers as well. When one considers all the risks and ...

Rare Plymouth Prowler on Mumbai streets: Strangest sight! [Video]  CarToq.com

Mumbai is home to some really expensive cars, including the likes of Ambani's Bentley Bentayga. However, as you can see in the video below, the traffic cops ...

27 Models Chrysler Probably Ended Up Regretting  HotCars

Here are 27 models that ultimately led to regret by Chrysler for one reason or another (good or bad).

1999 Plymouth Prowler featured with 3.5-liter V6 Chrysler SOHC engine is now raised for auction  Drivers Magazine

1999 Plymouth Prowler was implemented with many features, which includes- power door and window locks, dual airbags, keyless entry and many more.

Drivers Magazine
The 1997 Plymouth Prowler Is A Purple Reign  Jalopnik

For everything that is right about the Plymouth Prowler, there are about 13 more things that are wrong. Just don't tell that to MotorWeek.

25 Car Concepts Of The 2000s (And The Downgrade We Got Instead)  HotCars

The automotive industry is a strange beast, with lots of interesting cars and concepts that have graced our vision over the last few decades. There's no doubt that ...

Dodge Holds Viper Memorabilia Auction to Benefit United Way  The News Wheel

At the end of August last year, FCA officially shut down production of the Dodge Viper, leading to the model's discontinuation. Nevertheless, the legacy of the ...

The News Wheel
Remember The Plymouth Prowler? Here's What People Think of It Today  autoevolution

If there's one thing hipsters love, it's looking at unpopular, quirky cars that make little to no sense. So somehow, the Plymouth Prowler falls into the same category ...

25 Chrysler Cars That Went Straight To The Junkyard  HotCars

Chrysler is a brand that's been around since 1925 and was founded by Walter Chrysler, and the brand has been a staple of the US automotive industry for every ...

These Are the Cars With the Coolest Retro Designs  RoadandTrack.com

When it comes to retro looks, these cars lead by example.

The 24 Rarest Badge-Engineered Cars Of The 2000s  HotCars

Badge-engineering has been around for a while, and sometimes it can lead to the coolest cars. The definition, however, can fog things up. Badge-engineering ...

The Ten Worst Retro Cars Ever Made  Jalopnik

Sometimes a look into the world of automotive history is all a car designer needs for some proper inspiration. Sometimes, they can take it a bit too far. These are ...

Car show pulls into Sharon | Local News  Sharonherald

SHARON — When he first bought his 2004 Corvette Convertible, the car was brand new and Dan Bika was looking forward to retirement.

This 400-HP Beater Toyota Corolla With a 3S-GTE Engine Swap Is the Ultimate Sleeper  The Drive

Nothing we've seen before truly exemplifies the sleeper spirit like this 3S-GTE-swapped, 408-horsepower Toyota Corolla with a beater body.

The Drive
20 V6 Cars That Are Worse Than A Moped  HotCars

Many cars with V6 engines actually wind up being fairly slow and underwhelming on the road.

Is the Plymouth Prowler Really One of the 50 Worst Cars of All Time?  AutoSpies.com

Tag Links: Worst Cars, Hot Rod, V8, Chrysler, Plymouth, V8. SHARE THIS ARTICLE. There are some things in life that go so well together that they are famous ...

QOTD: What Was Your First Showroom Vision?  The Truth About Cars

There's not a soul in here who doesn't, from time to time, go and make a nuisance of themselves in a dealer showroom. I'm not talking about wasting the time of ...

The Truth About Cars
20 Collectible Cars That Are Outrageously Overpriced  HotCars

If you want a reasonably priced collectible car, avoid these 20 overpriced machines.

2001 Chrysler Prowler – Digestible Collectible  The Truth About Cars

This 2001 Chrysler Prowler is an odd car not suitable for daily driving, but it seems to be holding value among certain collectors.

The Truth About Cars
25 Forgotten Cars No One Will Ever Write A Song About  HotCars

These cars will be forgotten forever because uninspiring and unimportant cars don't deserve to be written into songs.

20 Great Concept Cars That Became Reality  Popular Mechanics

Decades ago, concept cars were strictly dream machines—vehicles built to showcase an automaker's new technology or vision for a far-flung future. But concept ...

Popular Mechanics
25 Cars From The 2000s People Should Stop Driving ASAP  HotCars

Here's a 25 list of 2000s cars you shouldn't be driving anymore for one reason or another.

Dodge Viper plant to house historic vehicle collection, meeting space  CNET

The Dodge Viper was one of the silliest, most extreme and most misunderstood sports cars to ever come out of Detroit. We are all poorer for its having ceased ...

SRT belatedly claims Plymouth Prowler as one of its own - Autoblog  Autoblog

Before Chrysler had Street and Racing Technology, it had Performance Vehicle Operations. What the two entities have in common, before SRT became its own ...

Add Volkswagen Beetle to this list of car models we miss the most  USA TODAY

With Volkswagen announcing it will kill its iconic Beetle, we thought we should look at some other famous models that are either on the chopping block or are ...

Prince car collection revealed in legal probate documents  Autoweek

Music stars are notorious for accumulating cars, and these collections can be placed into a number of major categories. Some buy the flashiest rides of the year ...

Lost American Car Brands of the Past Two Decades  autoevolution

Being a highly competitive, yet lucrative enterprise, vehicle building has led to the apparition of numerous car brands over the years. These brands either ...

Prowler Gets a Hemi Conversion  CarBuzz - Car News and Reviews

A hot rod needs a V8. One owner in New Jersey determined to set the Prowler right by commissioning this one-of-a-kind hot-rodded hot rod. Lots of automakers ...

CarBuzz - Car News and Reviews
These cars should’ve fared better than they did  Top Speed

There s a saying in the auto industry that every new idea is a good idea. there s a kernel of truth in that because the best and most popular cars are (...)

Top Speed
The 1997 Tokyo Motor Show Debuted One Big Hint At What Our Future Would Become  Jalopnik

We've got a big deal in town at the moment, a little gathering called the New York International Auto Show. And while recent car shows have turned into the ...

At $2,500, Is This 1987 Mercedes 190D Beater The One to Beat?  Jalopnik

The odometer on today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 190 reads 318K but the seller says its broken and the mileage is closer to 380K. Could that make this an ...

Crazy Cool Cars from the Best Minneapolis Museums  Automobile

I really want to show you photos of Prince's 1981 Honda CM400 Hondamatic motorcycle from “Purple Rain” but these cars are even cooler.

Stunning Retro Concepts That Should Have Been Made  CarBuzz

Concept cars are incredible for so many reasons, yet only a small number ever make production as they tend to be created as design and/or technology ...

6.1 Hemi Plymouth Prowler test run- Oct-12 Dash view  6.1 Hemi Prowler (Trey B)

6.1 Hemi Prowler (Trey B)
Junkyard Gem: 1965 Plymouth Valiant V-200 Sedan - Autoblog  Autoblog

A 1965 Plymouth Valiant V-200 four-door sedan, found in a Denver wrecking yard.

Plymouth Barracuda Fan Render Takes Us Back To The 1970s  Motor1.com

Ever since the Dodge Challenger returned in 2007, people have talked about a new Plymouth Barracuda. These renderings show how the car might look.

The Spirit of ’76: Drive Small, the Comfortable Way in This Plymouth Volaré  Car and Driver

Replacing the humble Plymouth Valiant after a decade and a half, the new Volaré arrived *fresh* on the scene for 1976. While the Valiant, a darling of Consumer ...

Car and Driver
Here's What It Was Like to Pick up the Boring Company's Not-a-Flamethrower  The Drive

Elon Musk's companies love to sell crazy things. The self-built billionaire takes a brand without a marketing budget and enables free press by propelling said ...

The Drive
In Coplay, 5,000 turn out for Saquon Barkley Day  Allentown Morning Call

Saquon Barkley's hometown of Coplay held a parade to recognize the former Whitehall High and Penn State star who is headed to the NFL.

Allentown Morning Call
1972 Plymouth Road Runner 340 Is a Rare Bird, For Sale Just over $35K  Car and Driver

Any time talk turns to the Plymouth Road Runner, there is a complex and fascinating back story that begs to be told; but let's start with the automobile at hand, ...

Car and Driver
The Story of BJ Motors, Vipers and Track Records  Autofluence

When Bernie Katz first saw the Dodge Viper back in 1991, he was immediately in love. At the time, he was building up his own business, so he knew it.

The Rock’s Birthday: Cars he owns and a Ferrari he can’t even get in!  The Financial Express

The Rock's Birthday: On Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's 46th Birthday, we take a look at some of the strange, exceptional and unique cars in the Rock's Car ...

The Financial Express
Overlooked Performance: 2003-2005 Dodge Neon SRT-4  Driving Line

In the world of sport compact cars, the Dodge Neon SRT-4 can lay perhaps the greatest claim to being the heir apparent to late comedian Rodney Dangerfield.

Driving Line
Club Holds 42nd Annual Antique and Custom Auto Show | GantNews.com  GANT News

This 1948 Dodge B100 was the Central Mountains Region AACA's “Car of the Year.” It is owned by Walt and Jean Gormont of Clearfield and was on display ...

20 Rides In The Rock's Collection That Would Make Jay Leno Jealous  HotCars

The Rock is know for riding in style, so much so that even famous car collector Jay Leno would be envious of his collection.

Drivin' the Dixie meets Porsches & Pastries to give Homewood abundance of classy cars  The Homewood-Flossmoor Chronicle

Cars and more cars descended upon Homewood on Saturday, June 16, as two road rallies converged on the village. The day included the annual Drivin' the ...

The Homewood-Flossmoor Chronicle
10 Of The Sickest DIY Trailers (And 10 That'll Raise Eyebrows)  HotCars

At its most fundamental, a trailer is like an extra limb added to an automobile. It doesn't have its own engine; instead, it's reliant upon the automobile's motor to ...

Way back when: Today in history  Tulsa World

A time capsule containing a 1998 Plymouth Prowler, with hundreds of other items stored beside it, was buried at Centennial Park, 1028 E. Sixth St., to be opened ...

Tulsa World
20 Concept Cars That Made It To The Streets  HotCars

Some of the most popular cars nowadays started out as mere concepts and when the market was ready, the automaker sent the car to production.

Ten Garbage Cars That Had Every Right To Be Good  Jalopnik

All the ingredients were there, and yet the end results simply didn't add up.

Used Car Connoisseur: Plymouth Prowler not for the shy  driving.ca

Used Car Connoisseur: Take a look at this 1999 Plymouth Prowler we found on Kijiji. Scanning Kijiji's used cars on Driving brought a red 1999 Plymouth ...

Poll Reveals Most Sinister Car Names, Just In Time For Halloween  Carscoops

After polling its team of editors and analysts, HPI has revealed a Top 13 list of cars with some pretty creepy, or at least mildly sinister or intrusive names.

Spotted in China: Plymouth Prowler in Yellow  CarNewsChina

One brilliant Plymouth Prowler seen by reader Josh F. in the garage of a Brilliance dealer in the great city of Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, thank you for the ...

9 Domestic Cars From The 90s Still Worth Buying (And 10 That Weren't Worth It Then)  HotCars

We've put together a list of 9 cars from the 90s that are still great and 10 that weren't even good then, let alone two decades later.

10 Cars That Will Become Valuable Collectors Items (And 10 Classics No One Will Want Anymore)  HotCars

Many cars that are currently sought after may be pricing themselves out of affordability, meaning some new models may take their place.

Dodge Challenger Soldiers On As Retro-Styled Cars Are Still In Demand  Carscoops

Like with fashion, design trends in the automotive industry tend to be cyclical, as proven by all the retro-themed cars on sale in the last 20 years. Despite many ...

Police: Man mistakes couple's car for spaceship, harasses them  KTRK-TV

An Arkansas man landed himself behind bars after he harassed and threatened a couple driving what he thought was a spaceship.

20 Cars People Definitely Regret Buying At Auctions  HotCars

Let's take a look at the 20 worst cars people actually bought at auctions!

Plymouth Prowler: a Valuable Lesson for SRT  autoevolution

From the depths of the Daimler-Chrysler era comes the the Plymouth Prowler. It's a perfect example of what comes out when you give designers and engineers ...

25 Cars From The 90s That Didn't Age Well (At All)  HotCars

Here are 25 cars released in the 90s that were iffy when new, and haven't aged well, at all.

Are these the 10 ugliest cars ever made?  Sunday Times Driving

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say, but that doesn't explain how a car can be brought to market that looks like it drove through the ugly forest, ...

Sunday Times Driving
Prowlers highlight Ogden car show | Lifestyle  Standard-Examiner

OGDEN -- A car show Saturday will feature at least a handful of Plymouth Prowlers, organizer Bob Quintana said.

Why Enthusiasts Love Boxy and Beautiful Volvos That Are Coming Back  Torque News

Are Boxy Volvos like the 745 the next big thing for car enthusiasts? Old Volvos are the ugly ducklings of the car world, but the 1980s are back, and they brought ...

Torque News
6 Cars We’d Swap Dodge’s Hellcat Crate Engine Into  Motor1.com Canada

In case you hadn't heard, Dodge's 707-horsepower (527-kilowatt) Hellcat engine is one of the most powerful engines ever built. And among tuners, one of the ...

Motor1.com Canada
2018 John C. Fremont Days Cruisers on Main Car & Bike Show Results  Fremont Tribune

This year's John C. Fremont Days Cruisers on Main Car & Bike Show featured 392 cars, bikes and trucks.

Fremont Tribune
Wanna see Prince's badass car and motorcycle collection?  City Pages

Well, do ya? 0. That's too bad, because we don't have images of Prince's actual collection of cars and motorcycles. We do, however, have an inventory of his ...

City Pages
20 Cars That Should Be Made Illegal (Because They Aren't Any Good)  HotCars

The manufacturers should've been able to avoid the egregious mistakes that they made.

Maybe These Hated American Cars Don't Deserve The Hate  Jalopnik

Nobody really ever sticks up for cars like the last Ford Thunderbird, the Chevrolet SSR, or the Plymouth Prowler. But OppositeLock's Jarod Rose argues that they ...

From the Rumor Mill: FCA Expected to Discontinue the Chrysler Brand  autoevolution

Friday's conference in Balocco, Italy is of great importance for the automotive industry, but more so for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. According to older reports, ...

Oak Bluffs Police Seek Public's Help to ID Masked Prowler  Cape Cod Today

From the Oak Bluffs Police Department: A resident of Pond View Drive encountered a masked individual outside their home at about midnight last night.

Cape Cod Today
Halloween machines: the scariest car names ever  Motoring Research

From the Lamborghini Diablo to the Plymouth Prowler, we round up 13 cars with terrifying names.

Motoring Research
Is This Dodge Caravan Pickup the Worst Custom Ever Built?  The Truth About Cars

There aren't too many vehicles that can really heat up the bile in your stomach like a botched custom. The Plymouth Prowler isn't for everyone and the Mustang II ...

The Truth About Cars
The end is here: The Dodge Viper dies on August 31  Fox News

The end is nigh for an American sports car icon: The Dodge Viper will officially exit production on August 31, 2017, and the Connor assembly plant where all ...

Fox News
FCA Plans For Heritage Museum In Detroit, Should GM Follow Suit?  GM Authority

Fiat-Chrysler Autos will open its own museum at the former Dodge Viper plant, and we ask if General Motors should do the same.

GM Authority
Looking back: 1993 Detroit auto show: Plymouth Prowler, Porsche Boxster debuted 20 years ago  AutoWeek

The Detroit auto show in 1993 was filled with over-the-top reveals and a sense of automotive passion. At the show, we were introduced to the Plymouth Prowler ...

There’s a new energy in Hamilton — and it’s attracting more businesses, city leader says  Hamilton Journal News

A company's reasons for moving out of Hamilton were a wake-up call to lift quality of life for residents and create a more desirable place to work.

Hamilton Journal News
Spotted in China: Plymouth Prowler is still crazy in black  CarNewsChina

A very beastly and very black Plymouth Prowler, seen in a second hand super car dealer on the Beijing Tuning Street. The Prowler was one of the maddest cars ...

The Chevrolet Corvette ZR1's 755-HP V-8 Is Now a Crate Engine, and GM Dropped it in a Chevelle  The Drive

The ZR1's fiery V-8 is actually one of three new crate engines on tap from GM, and the company is bringing a trio of swapped classics to Vegas to showcase their ...

The Drive
Fun-Loving Genius Is Swapping a Supercharged Hellcat V-8 Into a Nissan 350Z  The Drive

The Nissan 350Z is sort of like the middle-child of Nissan Z cars. It was significant for modernizing the Z car back in the day, sometime around the early 2000s, ...

The Drive

Plymouth Prowler Videos

Here's Why the Plymouth Prowler Is the Weirdest Car of the 1990s
Here's Why the Plymouth Prowler Is the Weirdest Car of the 1990s
Plymouth Prowler Review - Yuri's Dream Car
Plymouth Prowler Review - Yuri's Dream Car
2001 Chrysler (Plymouth) Prowler Mulholland Edition Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review
2001 Chrysler (Plymouth) Prowler Mulholland Edition Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review
It's a total miracle that this 2000 Plymouth Prowler with a Factory Trailer was ever built - Review
It's a total miracle that this 2000 Plymouth Prowler with a Factory Trailer was ever built - Review
Old Top Gear 1996 - Plymouth Prowler
Old Top Gear 1996 - Plymouth Prowler
2000 Plymouth Prowler Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour
2000 Plymouth Prowler Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour
2000 Plymouth Prowler Review (A Fucking Classic) !! From A Tall Guy's Perspective....
2000 Plymouth Prowler Review (A Fucking Classic) !! From A Tall Guy's Perspective....
Retro Review: 1997 Plymouth Prowler - Concept Car for the Street
Retro Review: 1997 Plymouth Prowler - Concept Car for the Street
Plymouth Prowler CROMADO | 01 (Auto muy Raro)
Plymouth Prowler CROMADO | 01 (Auto muy Raro)

Plymouth Prowler Images

Plymouth Prowler - 12 January 2014 - Autogespot
Plymouth Prowler - 12 January 2014 - Autogespot
2000 Plymouth Prowler for sale
2000 Plymouth Prowler for sale
Plymouth Prowler - 6 May 2013 - Autogespot
Plymouth Prowler - 6 May 2013 - Autogespot
PLYMOUTH Prowler input output speed sensor. - YouTube
PLYMOUTH Prowler input output speed sensor. - YouTube
Plymouth Howler wallpapers, Vehicles, HQ Plymouth Howler ...
Plymouth Howler wallpapers, Vehicles, HQ Plymouth Howler ...
2002 Chrysler Prowler - Information and photos - ZombieDrive
2002 Chrysler Prowler - Information and photos - ZombieDrive
1973 Cuda 340 Rear
1973 Cuda 340 Rear
Pontiac Solstice with a ls2 V8 motor swap- it started with ...
Pontiac Solstice with a ls2 V8 motor swap- it started with ...
Prowler Products by Gary
Prowler Products by Gary
1971 Duster 340 Wedge Trunk Decal
1971 Duster 340 Wedge Trunk Decal

Plymouth Prowler WebSites

The Plymouth Prowler, later the Chrysler Prowler, is a retro-styled production car manufactured and marketed from 1997 to 2002 by DaimlerChrysler, based on the 1993 concept car of the same name.. The Prowler was offered in a single generation in a front-engine, rear-drive, rear-transmission configuration — with an overall production of 11,702.
We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.
Welcome to TheProwlerStore.com! We are a HotCarAccessories, inc. company. Here at "The Prowler Store" we are proud to present the World's Largest selection of Prowler Parts & Accessories.
Want to make your 1999 Plymouth Prowler one of a kind, keep it running at its peak, or turn it into a high-powered beast? Our vast selection of premium accessories and parts ticks all the boxes.
Motor Trend reviews the 2001 Plymouth Prowler where consumers can find detailed information on specs, fuel economy, transmission and safety. Find local 2001 Plymouth Prowler prices online.
Save $4,923 on a used Plymouth Prowler. Search pre-owned Plymouth Prowler listings to find the best local deals. We analyze millions of used cars daily.
Find Plymouth Prowler for Sale. Find car prices, photos, and more. Locate car dealers and find your car at Autotrader!
Though it was just one of 250 ideas put forward in a 1990 brainstorming session at Chrysler's Pacifica Design studio in California, the Prowler made the cut for further development.
Thousands Of 1997 To 2002 Chrysler/Plymouth Prowler Parts (Original) New And Used. We only sell OEM parts.
We found 7,948 products that fit the 2001 Plymouth Prowler, in these categories:

Plymouth Prowler Wiki

The Plymouth Prowler, later the Chrysler Prowler, is a retro-styled production car manufactured and marketed from 1997 to 2002 by DaimlerChrysler, based on the 1993 concept car of the same name.The Prowler was offered in a single generation in a front-engine, rear-drive, rear-transmission configuration — with an overall production of 11,702.