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Mazda restoring popular 1980s Familia car for public showing:The Asahi Shimbun  Asahi Shimbun

FUCHU, Hiroshima Prefecture--In an open competition, 15 employees from various Mazda Motor Corp. departments were selected to work on a project that isn't ...

Asahi Shimbun
LA Auto Show 2018: supercars and crazy custom creations  Motoring Research

There's good news for custom car fans visiting this year's LA Auto Show. Galpin Auto Sports, one of LA's biggest car dealership networks, has a dedicated ...

Motoring Research
Mazda Celebrates Production of 50 Million Vehicles in Japan  The Drive

On May 15 Mazda Motor Corporation announced that the total production number in Japan has reached 50 million vehicles. The Japanese automaker held a ...

The Drive
Gallery Mazda Museum Frey  Autoweek

1960 R360 Coupe -- This cute little thing is the R360 Coupe and it's the first four-wheeled vehicle Mazda sold in Japan. It's just under ten feet long and was put ...

A tour of Mazda's obscure classic car collection  Top Gear

Visit Stuttgart and you've two of the world's most famous car museums to visit. They belong to Porsche and Mercedes, companies with vast histories rich in exotic ...

Top Gear
Twenty Cool Cars from Frey’s Mazda Classic Car Museum  Automobile

One of the best vintage Mazda collections in the world can be found not in Japan, but in Germany, just an hour's drive from Munich.

8 gems from the Mazda Classic Museum in Germany  autoweek.com

The Mazda Classic Automobile Museum Frey is nestled in a college town named Augsburg in southern Germany. It's situated in an old tram depot, and its ...

Mazda Has Built 50 Million Cars In Japan  Motor1.com

Mazda is celebrating a great milestone with its 50 millionth car produced in Japan. From a three-wheeled truck to amazing vehicles powered by SkyActiv ...

The history of the kei car  Autocar

Japan's kei car class was created almost 70 years ago, but a focus on economy hasn't stopped car makers from being very creative.

Mazda Reaches New Production Milestone in Japan  AutoGuide.com

Mazda has announced it has produced 50-million vehicles in Japan since October 1931. Learn more about it at AutoGuide.com.

Mazda Reaches 50 Million Units Production Milestone in Japan  autoevolution

Born in 1920 as Toyo Cork Kogyo Co. in the ill-fated Hiroshima, Japan, Mazda has slowly grown to become one of the landmarks of Japanese car ...

The Deepest Dive Into JDM Rarities You'll Ever Take  RoadandTrack.com

The Petersen Automotive Museum's two Japanese-themed exhibitions will take you further into JDM history than a year's worth of Tokyo car-spotting.

La Jolla Concours d'Elegance returns to perch on the cliffs above the beautiful blue Pacific  autoweek.com

La Jolla may or may not mean “The Jewel,” in Spanish (it may also mean “Land of Holes” in the Native American Kumeyaay language, but let's go with “The ...

Retro Nobe 100 EV, the Perfect Ride for a Summer on the Riviera  autoevolution

Nobe is a car manufacturer few heard of until the end of last week, when the company announced the start of a crowdfunding campaign.

Father of the Mazda Rotary Kenichi Yamamoto Dies at 95  Motor Trend

Former Mazda engineer and president Kenichi Yamamoto may not have invented the rotary engine, but he's the reason the design made it to mass production ...

Motor Trend
Inaugural Japanese car show at Pebble Beach worth the uphill hike  The ClassicCars.com Journal

You had to hunt some to find it, but it was worth the search — and the walk — to seek out the inaugural Japanese Automotive Invitational, staged up on Peter ...

The ClassicCars.com Journal
The Treasures Inside This German Mazda Museum Blew My Mind  Jalopnik

Earlier this week, Mazda took me to Frey's Mazda Classic Car Museum in Augsburg, Germany—a gorgeous museum in an old 19th century tram depo filled with ...

There's a museum with drool-worthy Japanese car collection  Top Gear Philippines

Take a look inside an LA car museum’s Japanese collection. Many wonderful items of Japanese automotive culture.

Top Gear Philippines
Tokyo Motor Show 2017: Mazda Reveals Kai Concept And Vision Coupe  NDTVAuto.com

Mazda revealed two concepts at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. The Mazda Kai concept, a compact hatchback that heralds a new generation of inspired vehicles ...

Mazda takes out top concept car accolade  Paint and Panel

The Mazda Vision Coupe ha been named the “Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year” at the 33rd Festival Automobile International held in Paris, France.

Paint and Panel
If You Love Japanese Classics Then This Show Is A Must  Jalopnik

You probably haven't heard of the the Nostalgic2days show before. It's not a big international motor show like the Tokyo Motor Show, and it's not as crazy as the ...

Look at the Japanese classics shown at Pebble Beach this year!  AutoClassics

Japanese or JDM cars have never featured heavily at Pebble Beach – but 2018 changed that with the Japanese Automotive Invitational. Here are th...

Mazda - 50 Million Vehicles Made in Japan  The Auto Channel

HIROSHIMA, Japan, May, 28 2018; Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that cumulative production in Japan reached 50 million units on May 15.

The Auto Channel
If You Love Interesting Cars, You Owe Kenichi Yamamoto A Debt Of Gratitude  Jalopnik

Outside of Japan, Kenichi Yamamoto isn't a household name. Not the way Henry Ford and Carroll Shelby and Lee Iacocca are. Yet most people who enter the ...

mazda unveils vision coupe concept car at 2017 tokyo motor show  Designboom

mazda's vision coupe'concept expresses a minimalist japanese aesthetic .

Mazda celebrates 50 million cars built in Japan  Wheels24

Mazda has announced that production in Japan reached 50 million units in May 2018, 86 years after producing its first three-wheeled truck.

Classic Mazda Museum Germany - Photo Gallery  Sports Car Digest

The first Classic Mazda Museum in Europe — and indeed the only one outside Japan — opened on 13th May in Augsburg, Germany. Mazda Classic Automobil ...

Sports Car Digest
Mazda had no use for baby steps | Festival of Motoring  Telegraph.co.uk

Mazda launched its first passenger car, the R360 coupé, throughout Japan on May 28, 1960. The launch coincided with a period of improved income levels and ...

Concours and events: Bloomington Gold's Corvette party  Classic Car News

Bloomington Gold, the longest-running all-Corvette show in the nation, stages three days of events Thursday through Saturday at the Indianapolis Motor ...

Classic Car News
Mazda rolls out its 50 millionth vehicle in Japan  Autocar Professional

Mazda took 86 years to achieve this feat after it rolled out its first three-wheeled truck in 1931.

Autocar Professional
Top 10 Best Mazdas of All Time  AutoGuide.com

We take a look at what the Top 10 Best Mazdas of All Time are. Yes there are a few rotaries on the list, but there may be a few surprises.

Exploring Hiroshima’s Finest in the Mazda Heritage Collection – RX-7 Road Trip, Part II [Video]  TFLcar.com

You've seen our 1985 FC Mazda RX-7 in action. Now, for Mazda fans the world over, we explore the Mazda Heritage Collection in Irvine, California.

Mazda's 10 Most Significant Rides  MotorTrend Magazine

90 Years of "Zoom-Zoom" - Taking a Closer Look at the Emotion of Motion.

MotorTrend Magazine
Sparky is slow, but fun ride for dentist  Norman Transcript

Gabriel Bird, DDS, admits he has a fondness for fast cars with big, loud engines. The Norman dentist enjoys ripping through a gearbox and thrilling to speedy ...

Norman Transcript
The most unusual and ridiculous cars in the world. Photo  www.MICEtimes.asia

The Network showed a selection of the most bizarre machines. Since the release of the first production vehicles the automotive world has evolved, perhaps ...

Mazda unveils stunning Vision Coupe concept  Yahoo News

Japanese manufacturer Mazda has pulled out all the stops by taking the covers off a stunning new concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. The vehicle in question is ...

Yahoo News
Classic Mazda Museum Now Open in Augsburg, Germany  The Drive

Want a break from looking at Audis and BMWs on your next trip to Germany? Why not head to the newly opened Mazda museum in Augsburg for an afternoon of ...

The Drive
This is what a 1,200-hp twin-turbo 4-rotor looks like in a Miata - Autoblog  Autoblog

Pulse Performance Race Engineering is installing a 1200-hp, twin-turbo four-rotor engine into a Mazda Miata for New Zealand drifter 'Mad Mike' Whiddett.

Take a look inside an LA car museum's Japanese collection  Top Gear

The Roots of Monozukuri isn't, sadly, an animated adventure that takes place in a surreal world of magic and monsters, but instead just one part of a new ...

Top Gear
A Quartet Of Microcars  Jalopnik

I was introduced to Jonee Eisen by a mutual friend at a flea market in Echo Park. "He's into cars, too." So, I asked, what sort of cars do you have? "A couple of ...

The first Mazda museum in Europe opens its doors | Car News  Auto123.com

If the Mazda Museum in Hiroshima is a little far for you to get to, now a similar one exists in Augsburg, Germany. It's the first Mazda museum in Europe.

Rotary engine heaven: Inside the Mazda Museum  Autofocus

Few, if any, mainstream automakers have inspired such devoted fans as Mazda. Here's why.

RX-7, Miata and more: A tour of Mazda's factory museum  CNET

Step inside Mazda's Hiroshima factory and museum, where the company started and where it still makes many of its cars.

We go to Motorclassica and ignore everything that wasn't tiny and weird  Stuff.co.nz

Melbourne's Motorclassica is a world-class classic car show that regularly features a vast array of classic cars. This year it took a tiny turn.

San Marino Motor Classic 2017 - Photo Gallery, Results  Sports Car Digest

Photo gallery, award winners and results from the San Marino Motor Classic 2017, held June 11 at Lacy Park in San Marino, California.

Sports Car Digest
Mazda Opens Classic Car Museum In Germany  autoevolution

Toyota, Honda, Nissan. All of the three major Japanese automakers have a fairly long and quirk-laden history to them. Although small in terms of volume ...

Mazda celebrates turning 90, looks back at logos - Autoblog  Autoblog

Mazda celebrates 90 years and we look at its changing logo – Click above for high-res image gallery.

How Mazda Transformed Itself From Also-Ran to World-Leader  The Cheat Sheet

Mazda has made one of the most incredible transformations in automotive history. Here's how it rose from back of the pack to industry leader.

The Cheat Sheet
The best Mazda museum in the world isn't in Japan  CarsGuide

Roadpacer, Parkway, AZ-1, MX-5 Coupe, Luce R130, Rotary Pick-up and Pathfinder are some of the rarest Mazdas ever built, but you'll have to follow our ...

Let's Wish A Happy 50th Birthday To The Mazda Rotary Engine  Jalopnik

The Tokyo Motor Show has always been a place full of zany surprises. But 50 years ago this week, the company that would become Mazda dropped a zany ...

TOP 10 concept cars of 2017  Designboom

continuing our TOP 10 round ups of 2017, designboom highlights ten of most quirky yet beautiful concept cars that grabbed our readers' attention over the past ...

Happy Birthday Mazda!  New York Daily News

Mazda Motors is celebrating its birthday and, to help get this party started, the Daily News Autos team has compiled some of the coolest, fastest, and downright ...

New York Daily News
Three-Wheeled Cars: Mazda K360  CarBuzz - Car News and Reviews

For an automaker as young as Mazda was at the time, the K360 was a huge success which helped to establish the way forward for the company. Easily the most ...

CarBuzz - Car News and Reviews
New Mazda museum to open in Germany  Evo

Mazda's first museum outside of Japan opens tomorrow.

Dog attack victim's mother claims R360 000 | Pretoria News  Independent Online

THE mother of a boy who was just 2 when he was mauled by a Rottweiler while playing in the backyard of a relative's house, is claiming R360000 in damages ...

Independent Online
Mazda museum never gets old  Motoring

No visit to Mazda's Hiroshima HQ is complete without a side trip to the company's museum. While the small facility lacks the modernity of the stand-alone Honda ...

Mazda CX-5 - the 'quick-thinking' SUV  News24

I HAVE never been a fan of bulky SUVs simply because I don't have a big family, and they're a pain to park.

Classic Mazda museum opens its doors  iNews

First museum outside Japan to be dedicated to classic Mazdas opens in Germany Up to now, if you wanted to see a dedicated display of old Japanese cars ...

Toyota Pixis Mega is Japan's Newest Ultra-Cute Kei Car  autoevolution

The Japanese language has a particular word combination for 'light vehicle', what some petrolheads might know as kei car, k-car or kei jidMsha. We're telling ...

Mazda Cosmo Sport is $169500 on eBay  autoevolution

Believe it or not, Mazda made its first proper car in 1960. It is called the R360 and it's the precursor of the modern kei car. But the first rotary engine-powered ...

Mazda Cosmo: The Great Japanese GT We Never Got  The Cheat Sheet

Long overlooked by gearheads, the Mazda Cosmo is finally starting to get the credit it deserves.

The Cheat Sheet
BMW X7: South African pricing confirmed  Independent Online

Johannesburg - Just a day after BMW's biggest-ever SAV was revealed to the world, pricing has appeared on the South African website, so here's how much ...

Independent Online
Auto Sleuth: Rumour: Subaru eyeing switch away from 'boxer' engine design  Times Colonist

Is Subaru getting out of the “boxer” engine business? That's a distinct possibility, according to intel being forwarded to the Sleuth's electronic in-basket. All the ...

Times Colonist
Mazda - new car reviews - pics - info - specs  Auto Spectator

The Japanese international car manufacturer Mazda was founded in 1920 by Jujiro Matsuda, and as of 2015, produced no less than 1.5 million cars worldwide.

Auto Spectator
Here are Gauteng’s new car license fees for 2018  BusinessTech

This is how much you can now expect to pay to licence or register your car in Gauteng.

Mazda 3 is a 'party on wheels'  News24

THE new-look Mazda 3 can only be described as a 'party on wheels'. With its new safety features, snazzy looks, sound system like no other and fuel economy ...

Hockey National Tournaments at Maritzburg College  News24

THE KZN Schools Hockey Association are delivering and hosting six National Hockey Tournaments in Pietermaritzburg during the July school holidays. This is ...

Waste Connections buying R360  San Antonio Express

Booming oil and gas production is creating a boom in gunky mess — and a Houston-area waste company is betting $1.3 billion on the prospect of cleaning it up.

San Antonio Express
One dead as assailants open fire on a Verulam family  News24

One person has been killed and another injured in a shooting on Neptune Drive in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal.

Coin-covered classic Mini goes on sale  Independent Online

Fifty years later, up pops the 'Penny Lane' car that was commissioned by the Beatles.

Independent Online
South Africa’s best cars in 2017 – ranked by affordability  BusinessTech

Consumer website Cars.co.za has revealed a list of semi-finalists for its annual consumer awards, in conjunction with Wesbank. The vehicles were selected by ...

We test the Mazda CX-5  News24

THE SUV market is certainly booming all over the world and in South Africa, and customers are faced with many models to choose from with all the ...

8 Cars The BMW M850i Can Beat To 62mph  Car Throttle

With an M8 on the way the M850i isn't even the fastest version of the 8-series we'll ever see, but it's still stupidly quick.

Car Throttle
Mazda SA probes 1.6mln more bag recalls  News24

JAPANESE automaker Mazda is recalling another 1.6?million cars equipped with Takata crash bags, bringing its global total to an estimated 2.02 million.

Updated Toyota Hilux range: Check out SA pricing here...  Carmag South Africa

As we recently reported, Toyota South Africa has rolled out the Hilux's latest face (first seen on the Dakar edition models) to SRX and Raider derivatives in its ...

Carmag South Africa
DA Cape Town loses another member as Brett Herron resigns  News24

City of Cape Town mayoral committee member for transport and urban development Brett Herron has announced his resignation with immediate effect.

Mashaba apologises for 'ebolas' remark but not for protecting residents  News24

Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba has apologised for the "ebolas" comment made on social media earlier this week when he arrested an informal trader ...

PICS: Lamborghini, Mazda wrecked in crash  News24

A man has been injured in a collision between a Lamborghini and a Mazda CX5 along Witkoppen Road in North Riding, Johannesburg.

Multiple stabbing 'incident' in Melbourne  News24

Multiple people have been hurt in a rush hour stabbing incident in Melbourne's central business district, police say, after they apprehended a suspect near a ...

Epic racing returns to Aldo Scribante race track  News24

RACING faithful can look forward to the sound of powerful engines, the scent of race fuel and the squeal of rubber as epic racing returns to the newly resurfaced ...

The Bubbly Festival is happening at Meerendal Estate  Independent Online

The Bubbly Festival Champagne and Bubbly to be held at the prestigious and upmarket Meerendal Wine Estate in Durbanville.

Independent Online
Mazda RX-Vision concept wins automobile design prize  News24

THE Mazda RX-VISION has won the 2016 Car Design Award in the concept car category. Bestowed for the most noteworthy contribution to the evolution of ...

New look, better engines for Peugeot 2008  Independent Online

Johannesburg – Peugeot will be hoping to bolster its fortunes in the burgeoning compact crossover market with its thoroughly revised 2008, which goes on sale ...

Independent Online
Violent acts threaten jobs at KZN mining firm | The Mercury  Independent Online

RBM, which is partly owned by the mining giant Rio Tinto, has faced labour challenges from disgruntled contracted workers ...

Independent Online
Protesters dig trench across R360  Independent Online

Residents of Magatle in Limpopo dug a trench across the R360 during a *service* delivery protest.

Independent Online
All-new Peugeot 3008 SUV wins Family Car of the Year award  News24

THE multi-award-winning Peugeot 3008 SUV was named Drive 360's Family Car of the Year at a ceremony in Rosebank at the end of last year.

How to keep your pet happy during thunderstorms and fireworks  Independent Online

Fireworks are a brilliant way to celebrate special occasions such as Diwali, New Year's Eve and Guy Fawkes Night, as well as big sporting events and ...

Independent Online
Stranded people begin leaving typhoon-hit airport in Japan  News24

People stranded at an offshore airport begin returning by boat and bus across a partially damaged bridge to mainland after a typhoon sweeps across part of ...

Cars that underwhelmed in 2017 - Part 2  Wheels24

Before the new year properly sets in, Egmont Sippel analyses seven 2017 cars that disappointed in one or the other way. Herewith instalment 2...

High tea at 54 on Bath is a lavish experience  Independent Online

While the glacial temperatures are steering many of us towards coffee shops and their decadent desserts, high tea is a fitting alternative.

Independent Online
Kia adds 7 new Sportage models  Citizen

The Kia Sportage has been around for about three decades now. . Their ever-increasing numbers on the road attests the compact SUV is a much-preferred ...

Uncertainty mounts over costly nuclear deal | Sunday Independent  Independent Online

Cape Town - South Africa's decision on the nuclear programme is likely to be clarified in the next two weeks when Minister of Energy Jeff Radebe briefs ...

Independent Online
Volkswagen Unveils 355 HP Golf R360S Exclusively For Switzerland  Carscoops

With the help of tuning company ABT Sportsline, Volkswagen has introduced a limited-run variant of the Golf R exclusively for Switzerland, dubbed the Golf ...

The new Tiguan is the SUV Volkswagen desperately needs  Wheels24

'The new Volkswagen Tiguan is a huge departure from its predecessor', Wheels24's Sean Parker experiences the new SUV in Gauteng. Will the new model ...

We test drive the Mazda BT-50 double cab  News24

SOME of the most difficult vehicles for me to test drive and write about are bakkies – in any shape or form. I find them, especially the big double cabs, a huge ...

Killarney Power Seriesmeeting promises thrills  News24

With a selection of the fastest sports and saloon cars in the country in action, Saturday's Power Series meeting at Killarney, sponsored by Wingfield Motors and ...

Next Mazda CX-5 arrives  News24

MAZDA SA has introduced a CX-5 facelift model with, the automaker says, advanced technology, better functionality and a more refined cabin and shell.

#Listeriosis: 78 of killer disease deaths were infants  Independent Online

Johannesburg - As anger erupted over the dismal handling of the listeriosis outbreak, it emerged that a shocking 78 of the 180 deaths from the killer disease ...

Independent Online
First look: Opel's Crossland X here in SA  Independent Online

Crossland X gives Opel two models in the crossover B segment, with the new arrival as a more family-orientated vehicle.

Independent Online
Crossland X: We drive Opel's new EcoSport rival  Independent Online

Opel's new compact crossover is based on the Peugeot 2008, but does it have enough Opel flavour? Let's find out:

Independent Online

Mazda R360 Videos

mazda R360
mazda R360
MAZDA R360クーペ
MAZDA R360クーペ
Episodio “Mazda R360 Coupé” de la serie Mazda Evolución Sin Límites
Episodio “Mazda R360 Coupé” de la serie Mazda Evolución Sin Límites
MAZDA R360 Coupe マツダR360クーペ 軽自動車
MAZDA R360 Coupe マツダR360クーペ 軽自動車
LHD Mazda R360 Torq Drive
LHD Mazda R360 Torq Drive
Spotted: A spotless Mazda R360 Coupe
Spotted: A spotless Mazda R360 Coupe
MAZDA R360 1960
MAZDA R360 1960
MAZDA R360 マツダR360クーペ
MAZDA R360 マツダR360クーペ
MAZDA  R360 TORQDRIVE 3  マツダR360 トルクドライブ 3
MAZDA R360 TORQDRIVE 3 マツダR360 トルクドライブ 3

Mazda R360 Images

File:Mazda R360 Coupé.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
File:Mazda R360 Coupé.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
File:1963 Mazda R360 Coupe (5060905683).jpg - Wikimedia ...
File:1963 Mazda R360 Coupe (5060905683).jpg - Wikimedia ...
Mazda R360 - car classics
Mazda R360 - car classics
Twenty Cool Cars from Frey’s Mazda Classic Car Museum ...
Twenty Cool Cars from Frey’s Mazda Classic Car Museum ...
Easiest/best car for a 13b swap? - RX7Club.com - Mazda RX7 ...
Easiest/best car for a 13b swap? - RX7Club.com - Mazda RX7 ...
Mazda AZ-Wagon Blueprint - Download free blueprint for 3D ...
Mazda AZ-Wagon Blueprint - Download free blueprint for 3D ...
Logo mazda - Mazda logo - Mazda, más de 90 años de ...
Logo mazda - Mazda logo - Mazda, más de 90 años de ...
Mazda Vision Coupe Concept Hints at RWD, Non-Rotary ...
Mazda Vision Coupe Concept Hints at RWD, Non-Rotary ...
mazda r360 coupe 1960 (Salon mondial auto Paris 2010)
mazda r360 coupe 1960 (Salon mondial auto Paris 2010)

Mazda R360 WebSites


Mazda R360 Wiki

The Mazda R360 is a kei car that was produced by Mazda. It was Mazda's first real car - a two-door, four-seat coupé. Introduced in 1960, it featured a short 69 inch (1753 mm) wheelbase and weighed just 838 lb (380 kg). It was powered by a rear-mounted air-cooled 356 cc V-twin engine putting out about 16 hp (12 kW) and 16 lb·ft (22 Nm) of torque. The car was capable of about 52 mph (84 km/h). It had a 4-speed manual or two-speed automatic transmission. The suspension, front and rear, was rubber "springs" and torsion bars.Within a few years of introducing the R360, Mazda had captured much of the lightweight (kei car) market in Japan. It was augmented by the Mazda P360 "Carol" 2+2 in 1962, as well as a convertible version in 1964. Production of the R360 lasted for six years.