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For Sale: Impressive Lamborghini collection owned by Adam Carolla  -  PerformanceDrive
Approach this article with caution, there is some serious automotive exotica within. High-profile personality Adam Carolla has announced plans to sell his collection of five classic Lamborghinis. He's the host of the most downloaded podcast in history ...

Rétromobile 2016 – Lamborghini Islero S de 1969  -  4Legend.com
Présentée lors du Salon International de Genève en mars 1968, la Lamborghini Islero succède au modèle 400 GT 2+2. Ce coupé 2+2 doit son dessin à Mario Marazzi, ancien dessinateur de la Carrozzeria Touring. La version S est équipée du système de ...

8 Lamborghini's you didn't even know existed  -  Wheels.ca
The Islero was a short-lived successor to the 400GT that spawned only 225 models between 1968 and 1969 – making it a true rarity. Named after a bull that killed famed matador Manuel Rodriguez, this was Ferruccio Lamborghini's personal vehicle of choice ...
Roger Moore's Lamborghini Islero S  -  Opumo
You know how you've always yearned to be James Bond- or at least tried to capture any element of loosely related James Bond activity to claim as your own? Well this Lamborghini Islero S could just be that illusive jigsaw piece you have long been craving.

Video: Jay Leno Reviews 1968 Lamborghini Islero  -  Top Speed
Essentially a re-bodied version of the 350GT and 400GT, the Islero was Lamborghini's third ever model and the first to be named after a bull. You can imagine that with only 125 units built of the regular Islero and another 100 units of the Islero S, it ...

Leno and Corolla take a spin in a rare 1968 Lamborghini Islero  -  Digital Trends
Leave it to our favorite denim-clad TV show host to show us the increasingly rare sight of classic Italian sports cars on the move. In the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage, Jay takes the 1968 Lambroghini Islero out for a spin around Burbank. Brought ...

Jay Leno Drives Adam Carolla's 1968 Lamborghini Islero: Video  -  Motor Authority
Adam Carolla isn't as enthusiastic about using cars like his 1968 Lamborghini Islero for their intended purpose. The vintage Lambo was fresh off a repaint and Jay decided to do Adam—and us—a favor and give it some exercise on Jay Leno's Garage.

Jay Leno drives a classic Lamborghini Islero  -  Driving
When people think “Lamborghini,” images of scissor-doored supercars immediately jump to mind. But the fabled Italian marque started out building gentlemanly grand touring cars like this 1968 Islero owned by comedian Adam Carolla. The V12 that powers ...

Adam Carolla Bring His Lamborghini Islero to JLG  -  Motorward (press release) (blog)
Lamborghini Islero is one those rare names in the car world, the mere mention of which is a cause for our intense attention. What we have here though is something a lot cooler, seeing as the Islero in question here is the private property of one Adam ...
Pebble Beach concours d'elegance 2013 - show gallery  -  Autocar
Other standout models include the Icona Vulcano hybrid supercar, the 1100bhp, Corvette-based Laraki Epitome concept, Touring Superleggera Disco Volante and Lamborghini's oldest known car, the 350 GTV prototype alongside its Veneno hypercar.

Lamborghini Islero Videos

Adam Carolla's 1968 Lamborghini Islero - Jay Leno's Garage
Adam Carolla's 1968 Lamborghini Islero - Jay Leno's Garage
Lamborghini Islero           Close Up
Lamborghini Islero Close Up
1969 Lamborghini Islero at Cars and Coffee Scottsdale
1969 Lamborghini Islero at Cars and Coffee Scottsdale
Lamborghini Islero first drive
Lamborghini Islero first drive
1968 Lamborghini Islero $137,500 SOLD!
1968 Lamborghini Islero $137,500 SOLD!
1969 Lamborghini Islero S
1969 Lamborghini Islero S
Lamborghini Islero 400 GT at Classic Remise Dusseldorf
Lamborghini Islero 400 GT at Classic Remise Dusseldorf
Lamborghini Islero Run 2015
Lamborghini Islero Run 2015

Lamborghini Islero Images

1024 x 768 jpeg 375kB
Lamborghini Islero S - Entrant: A. Shammas - 2013 Pebble Beach ...
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1969 Lamborghini Islero | 1920 x 1080 | Download | Close
1920 x 1080 jpeg 884kB
Lamborghini Islero
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Islero - Lamborghini | drive | Pinterest
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Lamborghini Islero interior
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File:Lamborghini Islero german licence registration ME QR 7 H pic1.JPG ...
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Lamborghini Masterpieces
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lamborghini reventon coupe
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... cars lamborghini diablo vt lamborghini diablo vt roadster lamborghini
1024 x 768 jpeg 278kB
Lamborghini Islero
500 x 339 jpeg 41kB
Lamborghini Miura P400 SV US-spec '1971–72
3600 x 2400 jpeg 4677kB
Porsche 930 Turbo | Meiser Klassik – From Collector to Collector
1000 x 664 jpeg 215kB
Lamborghini Concept S Will Be Auctioned In November | car News @ Top ...
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roger moore net worth Quotes
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Historia de Lamborghini (Con fotos de todos los modelos) - Taringa!
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964 Cabrio-Heck | Meiser Klassik – Von Sammler zu Sammler
1000 x 664 jpeg 281kB
Lamborghini Miura P400 SV ' 03. 1971– 12. 1972 дизайн Bertone
2048 x 1536 jpeg 592kB
El deseado caballo de Ferrari tiene su origen en un piloto de ...
495 x 278 jpeg 39kB

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The Lamborghini Islero is a sports car produced by Italian automaker Lamborghini between 1968 and 1969. It was the replacement for the 400GT and featured the ...
LAMBORGHINI ISLERO GT - 24H LE MANS 1975. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY. torov12@proximus.be . Copyright 2013-2016
The Islero’s sheet metal improved upon the awkward-looking 400 GT. Designed by Milanese coachbuilder Mario Marazzi, it featured a long nose and a smooth face with ...
Lamborghini models year 1960: Technical specifications performance, engine and interior/exterior pictures of the Islero
The Lamborghini Islero S is a car with extraordinary DNA, it’s fitted with a V12 developed by Giotto Bizzarrini (the father of the Ferrari 250 GTO), its ...
Lamborghini Islero S. Islero; Produktionszeitraum: 1968–1970: Klasse: Sportwagen: Karosserieversionen: Coupé: Motoren: Ottomotor: 3,9 Liter (250–257 kW) Länge:
La Lamborghini Islero, également appelée Islero 400 GT, est un modèle du constructeur automobile italien Lamborghini. Présentée lors du Salon international de ...
Islero. A principios de 1968, cuando la producción del 400 GT se estaba acabando, Lamborghini empezó a pensar en un sustituto para este modelo. Debido a que ...
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The Lamborghini Islero is a sports car produced by Italian automaker Lamborghini between 1968 and 1969. It was the replacement for the 400GT and featured the Lamborghini V12 engine. The car debuted at the 1968 Geneva Auto Show. The Islero (Italian pronunciation: [izˈlɛːro], Spanish: [i(z)ˈleɾo]) was named after a Miura bull that killed matador Manuel Rodriguez "Manolete" on August 28, 1947 (Lamborghini also produced a car named the Miura, from 1966 to 1973).