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Honda S800 NEWS

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This Adorable And Ultra-Rare Honda S800 Racing Could Be Yours  Motor1.com

An ultra-rare Honda S800 Racing sports car will roll across the auction this weekend. It's one of two ever built, and it has a value of around $100000.

Delight in the Loveliness of the Honda S800  RoadandTrack.com

The S800 was a tiny roadster from Honda. It had an engine that was barely 800cc, but it revved all the way to 10,000 rpm. Cars these days don't even rev that car ...

Legends Of Speed! 1968 Honda S800 Racing MKII  stupidDOPE.com

When we think of Honda, we think of dependable, durable forms of transportation. However, Honda wasn't always a well-known name in the automotive industry ...

Rare Honda S800 Racing for sale  www.MICEtimes.asia

Honda S800 Racing sell at auction. It is expected that the final cost of the rare Honda S800 Racing may be $ 100 000. This sports car was released in 1967, just ...

The Honda S800 is better than coffee  RoadandTrack.com

Do the guys behind beloved Japanese automotive series Best Motoring just hang out and be awesome all day? The short answer is "yes," but don't take

In pictures: 70 years of Honda  Autocar

Celebrating seven decades of one of the world's most forward-thinking companies.

Classic Honda S800 buying guide  Telegraph.co.uk

The diminutive Honda S800 sports car is proof that good things came in small packages.

10 Times Honda Actually Built Unreliable Cars (And 10 Built Like Tanks)  HotCars

Honda is know for building reliable cars, but there are a few exceptions that dot their storied history.

Immaculate 1967 Honda S800 Coupe Goes For $22,000 [w/Video]  Carscoops

One glorious Honda S800 Coupe in a near-mint condition goes up for sale and it's only natural for someone to grab it with both hands. Described as “almost ...

Honda S2000 Reimagined With 2019 Civic Styling  autoevolution

Right before the S2000 launched in 1999, Honda came up with the Type R line of vehicles. Ranging from the Civic to the Integra, Accord, and even the NSX, the ...

Rearview Mirror: Honda S800 was sidelined before the starting gate  The National

The Honda S800 was only the second car produced by the company, but the US prevented importation due to a supposedly dirty engine, effectively ending its ...

The National
Honda needs to make this cute Sports EV concept  The Verge

It's the second EV concept with AI the automaker has shown this year.

The Verge
The best Japanese sports cars  Motoring Research

What's the greatest Japanese sports car of all time? Once again, this feels like a poison chalice, as not every car can make a 25-slide showcase. However, we've ...

Motoring Research
For Sale: Mint Honda S600 With 40,000 Miles  The Drive

Only 100 miles have been driven in it since a full restoration on this classic roadster.

The Drive
Mugen founder Hirotoshi Honda on why he didn't follow in his father's footsteps  Autocar

Hirotoshi Honda is half an hour late. We're supposed to meet at the UK headquarters of the Mugen Motorsports engineering company he founded in Japan more ...

The man who designed the McLaren F1 owns these cars  Top Gear

Gordon Murray's name should be familiar to you. He's Brabham's former F1 technical director – where he helped the team win two F1 world titles. Soon after, he ...

Top Gear
Daikoku Sundays: The World's Greatest Pop-Up Car Meet  Driving Line

Japan's Daikoku Parking Area might just be the greatest car gathering spot on the planet. Here's why.

Driving Line
The Classic Japanese Car You Want Is Shooting Up In Value  Jalopnik

I got quite a bit of my love of cars from my father, but the people his age that I knew never seemed to understand why I loved Toyota Supras, Mazda rotary ...

The S660 Neo Classic Is The Retro Honda Design We Wish Was Real  Jalopnik

Recently new series of Kei cars from Honda, especially the N-One, have harkened back to the classic design language. You can see it on the front ends of the ...

The Honda Collection Hall Is A Salute To Ingenuity And Dreams  Jalopnik

Honda's always been one to do things differently. Take VTEC as a prime example of Honda's ingenuity. Whereas other manufacturers went with turbocharging, ...

The modern classic, Honda style: Bolt's 1995 Seven Fifty  Bike EXIF

By the time the nineties rolled around, the reputation of the Honda CB750 was losing its luster. The iconic straight four had softened, and the F2 model was more ...

The 2019 Honda Pilot Wins at Off-Roading! | Video  stupidDOPE.com

Available right now, the 2019 Honda Pilot boasts a laundry list of exciting upgrades that make it one of the most sought-after SUVs in the nation.

14 Cars With the Best-Sounding Four-Cylinder Engines  Interesting Engineering

Here are fourteen cars with four-cylinder engines with sounds that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and maybe a nostalgic tear.

Interesting Engineering
Honda celebrates 50th year of roadster that started it all  Classic Car News

The first four-wheeled Honda seen in Great Britain was a roadster very much in line with the small sports cars made famous in the UK by the likes of MG and ...

Classic Car News
Here's the Easter Egg Found in the Honda Civic's Console | News  Car and Driver

Honda hid a special design feature inside the center console of many 2016 and 2017 Civic sedan and coupe models. Read more and see photos at Car and ...

Car and Driver
A pair of different but awesome Hondas star in the latest Forza Horizon 3 car pack - Autoblog  Autoblog

Hondas of two different eras join the pack – one a rear-drive roadster, the other a powerful front-drive hatch.

Here Are 77 Japanese Cars You Can Drive in Forza Motorsport 7  The Drive

As the road to its October 3 release marches on, the drip-feed of details surrounding the next installment of Xbox's flagship racing franchise, Forza Motorsport 7, ...

The Drive
Old Hondas Keep Him Running  New York Times

For decades, Brian Baker has pursued two passions: running and mid-60s Honda sports cars.

New York Times
Gordon Murray Divulges The Classic Car That Outhandles McLaren F1  Motor1.com Canada

In an interview with Gordon Murray, he talks about modern Formula One car design and the favorite vehicles in his collection.

Motor1.com Canada
20 Of The Sickest Used Sports Cars That Cost Less Than $20,000  HotCars

Whatever the case, here's a list of the top 20 used sports cars available for under $20000.

Honda Debuting Sports EV Concept With AI in Tokyo | News  Car and Driver

It will share its platform with the Urban EV Concept. Read more at Car and Driver.

Car and Driver
Top 10 best ever fast Hondas  AutoExpress

Honda has a heritage rich in performance but which are the best ever fast Honda cars? Our top 10 countdown rates the living legends.

Why Honda sold cars in Canada before it went to the U.S.  Autofocus

Before it set foot in the U.S., Honda dipped its toe in the North American market in Canada in the 1960s.

Auto Expo 2018: Honda Sports EV Concept showcased  Overdrive

Honda is leading the charge with making beautiful electric cars, and it has showcased one of its best, the Honda Sports EV Concept at the Auto Expo 2018.

Honda Sports EV concept combines retro looks with electric drive, AI  Fox News

Honda's latest sports car concept looks like something its design department could've dreamed up as a vision of the future back in the 1960s. (Honda).

Fox News
Inside The Shop Where Spoon Teaches Hondas To Kick More Ass  Jalopnik

After hitting up the STi gallery in Mitaka and seeing all the magnificent things that can happen to ordinary Subarus there, the next place to visit is Spoon's Type ...

Japan's Answer To The Goodwood Festival Of Speed Is Totally Awesome  Jalopnik

If there's one event you should experience in Japan, it's the Richard Mille Suzuka Sound of Engine. Now in its third year, the Sound of Engine is possibly the ...

Honda recalls 900,000 Odyssey minivans  USA TODAY

Honda says it has received 46 reports of minor injuries related to the issue.

The Deepest Dive Into JDM Rarities You'll Ever Take  RoadandTrack.com

The Petersen Automotive Museum's two Japanese-themed exhibitions will take you further into JDM history than a year's worth of Tokyo car-spotting.

At the Dawn of the Rising Sun  Automobile Magazine

From cheap and chintzy to dull and boring, Japanese cars have often battled a bad reputation among American and European enthusiasts. On the eve of the ...

Automobile Magazine
12 of the Highest Revving Production Cars Ever Made  RoadandTrack.com

We love low-end torque, but there's something undeniably fantastic about a production car that screams like a race car. These are some of the rev-happiest ...

Image gallery: Honda Sports EV concept at the Auto Expo 2018  Overdrive

The Sports EV Concept is a two-seater sportscar, and was unveiled at Auto Expo 2018. The car presented by Takahiro Hachigo at Tokyo, CEO, Honda Motor ...

Turn10 Studios reveals 77 Japanese cars for Forza Motorsport 7 - Autoblog  Autoblog

We've entered the third week of Forza Motorsport 7 car reveals, and this week's portion of the list should get fans of Japanese cars excited, since all 77 of the ...

The McLaren F1 GTR Is Better Than Coffee  RoadandTrack.com

Every sound that comes from the McLaren F1 is a good sound. Welcome to Better Than Coffee, your daily dose of car sounds designed to help you kick that ...

The tenth-generation Honda Civic has a seriously cool Easter egg  Family Car Guide

Plenty of automakers like to throw a little something special into their vehicles, but sometimes, it can take a bit of searching before a hidden trait reveals itself.

Family Car Guide
Honda Will Show Motorcycle-engined Super Lightweight Car  The Truth About Cars

Honda will show off its Project 2&4 car this year at Frankfurt and 14,000 is the number that stands out the most. That's the redline for its V-4 engine, which is ...

The Truth About Cars
'Forza Horizon 3' Playseat Car Pack: February Update Features 2016 Civic Type R, Aston Martin DB11 And More [TRAILER]  Player.One

Another month, another Car Pack! February brings us the latest Forza Horizon 3 Playseat Car Pack for Xbox One and PC. In this new update, a total of seven ...

The Lexus LC500 Is Better Than Coffee  RoadandTrack.com

Naturally aspirated is the correct way to be aspirated.

Geneva Auto Show: Top Weird and Wonderful Creations  Wheels.ca

2018 Geneva Auto Show: it's the spot where some great concepts and straight up weird stuff gets revealed; and the main OEMs are here, too.

If You Love Japanese Classics Then This Show Is A Must  Jalopnik

You probably haven't heard of the the Nostalgic2days show before. It's not a big international motor show like the Tokyo Motor Show, and it's not as crazy as the ...

Drive your mom's car in Forza Motorsport 7 with this week's list of cars, featuring small imports  OnMSFT

For the third week in a row, the doors to the Forza Garage are once again and Turn 10 is offering Forza fans another look at the cars which will be heading to ...

News Yet more alleged Forza Horizon 4 cars leaked  Team VVV

Yet another batch of car *content* for Forza Horizon 4 has been allegedly leaked. Claimed to have been spotted by the Reddit user 'umisery' in one of Forza ...

Team VVV
When did each foreign car brand arrive in the UK?  Autocar

From Peugeot in 1895 to Tesla in 2009, we detail when sales of foreign car makers began in the UK.

For $27K This 2001 Honda S2000 Rocks A Viper Motor. That Is All  Jalopnik

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe car is called SNIPER. That's owed to its being an S 2000 with a Dodge Viper V10 wedged into its engine bay. I wonder if that ...

Future classic: Honda S2000  FOXSports.com

The Honda S2000, or S2K, is one of the most likely future classics out there. The car first showed up in 1995 as a Sports Study Concept that was put into ...

Crazy time: Clocks in older Hondas reset themselves to 00:00  USA TODAY

The clocks in older Odyssey minivans and Pilot SUVs appear to have a mind of their own.

1964 Honda SM600 roadster gets elemental in Jay Leno's Garage - Autoblog  Autoblog

Jay Leno shows off a classic Honda SM600 roadster with dual chain-drive and a 9500-rpm redline that he and his team exhaustively restored.

Sorry Ferrari, But Honda Beat You To The First Production 9,000 RPM Car  Jalopnik

Ferrari claims that the 458's 9000 RPM limit is "a first on a road car." We hate to break it to you Ferrari, but Honda beat you to it with the S2000. By over 12 years.

Top 10 Best Honda Cars Ever Made In History  Auto World News

With the upcoming arrival of the new Honda Civic Hatchback and the Honda Civic Type-R, Honda is on the top of the automotive world again making us want to ...

Auto World News
25 Best-Sounding Four-Cylinder Cars - 4 Cylinder Cars That Make the Greatest Noises  RoadandTrack.com

Sounding great isn't just for cars with V8s and V12s. Even a car with a four-cylinder engine can sound amazing. Here are some of the best, according to you.

Talk about future classics: Early Miatas to race at Road America  The ClassicCars.com Journal

Mazda Miata Heritage Cup for 1990-93 roadsters on the schedule this weekend at SVRA Spring Vintage Festival - by Larry Edsall - last modified May 14, 2018.

The ClassicCars.com Journal
Forza Horizon 3 Adding These 7 Cars Tomorrow, See Them All Here  GameSpot

Forza Horizon 3's lineup of cars grows this week with the Playseat Car Pack. Due out for Xbox One and PC tomorrow, February 7, the add-on introduces seven ...

Honda Makes Us Dream Again  Speedhunters

People, Honda is back! Or at least it's well on its way to being back. With the new Civic Type R hitting dealerships in Europe and Japan, and the much-awaited ...

Why The Honda S2000 Is A Future Classic  Jalopnik

I try hard, dear reader, to avoid obvious answers when I pen these Future Classics stories. You don't need me to tell you that the Toyota Supra or the E46 BMW ...

Honda 600 too small for North America  Driving

By the 1960s, Honda Motor Co. had become the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer. Building on its two-wheeled success, Honda decided to enter the ...

Auto-Themed Attractions for Car Lovers in Michigan  pride source.com

BY BTL STAFF Detroit has a rich automotive history that car enthusiasts can enjoy beyond the annual North American International Auto Show in January.

pride source.com
Honda S660 Concept: Nearly Ready For Production  MotorTrend Magazine

In 1991, Honda launched a radical, 660cc mid-engine minicar called the Beat. Built exclusively for the Japanese market, it was the last car that company founder ...

MotorTrend Magazine
Honda Civic Type R 2007-2010  AutoExpress

8th place in our top 10 best fast Hondas list goes to the 2007 Honda Civic Type R.

Our Favorite Cars (and Not-Cars) at The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering  Car and Driver

Everything incorporated into Pebble Beach weekend, which is headlined, of course, by the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, is both fancy and golf course ...

Car and Driver
Forza Horizon 3 Car Pack “PlaySeat” Launches Tomorrow  Future Game Releases

Forza Horizon 3 Car Pack introduces a new "PlaySeat" starting from tomorrow, February 7. This new "PlaySeat" Car Pack brings you 7 new cars. The car range.

Future Game Releases
Honda Civic Type R 2001-2005  AutoExpress

The first Honda Civic Type R to be sold officially in the UK sits 3rd in our greatest Hondas list.

Tokyo motor show 2015 - show report and picture gallery  Autocar

The 2015 Tokyo motor show was a true mixture of talents - as home-grown Japanese brands fought for attention alongside big Western names and even a ...

Forza Motorsport 7 Cars - New Forza 7 List of Cars Added (So Far) in 2017  RoadandTrack.com

Leading up to the game's launch in October, Turn 10 has started to reveal all the cars to be featured in Forza Motorsport 7. It's announced 667 cars so far, ...

Tremendous Targas! (and a few terrible ones too)  Autocar

Where coupes meet convertibles - the tops & the flops.

US-spec Honda Civic comes with a hidden Easter egg  Paul Tan's Automotive News

Most of us are familiar with Easter eggs in computer games and movies - hidden clues and artwork to past movies, characters, even friends of the crew and.

Paul Tan's Automotive News
'Forza Horizon 3' Playseat Barn Find: Is There A New Hidden Vehicle For Feb. DLC?  Player.One

Here's where to find the Feb. 2017 'Forza Horizon 3' Playseat Car Pack barn find.

The man behind the McLaren F1 is launching a new supercar  Motoring Research

Gordon Murray's IGM supercar takes inspiration from the McLaren F1's engineering principles. It's been teased as part of a special exhibition in Surrey.

Motoring Research
‘Forza Horizon 3’ Update Accidentally Leaks Future Content, Creates Bugs  NESN.com

Gamers who couldn't wait to discover future downloadable *content* for "Forza Horizon 3" got a surprise this week by a PC update, but some probably wish they ...

Forza Horizon 3 Playseat Car Pack out today  Videogamer.com

The Forza Horizon 3 Playseat Car Pack is launching today, offering players seven new cars to race through the open roads of Australia. The cars are also ...

Honda Civic: Seventies classic  Telegraph.co.uk

Andrew Roberts traces the rise of Honda, whose diminutive Civic saw off bigger rivals with a simple formula.

Champions League in 2021 may cease to exist  www.MICEtimes.asia

The German newspaper “Der Spiegel”, referring to the information of “Football Leaks”, said about secret talks “Bavaria” with the other top clubs in Europe about ...

The Toyota Sports 800 Is 1,268 Pounds Of Joy  Jalopnik

Toyota had to cheat the wind in the sixties since there wasn't much gas around to burn, but compared to how they do it today, the Sports 800 is a true beauty ...

Classic Cars, Classic Stars! John Oates' 1960 Porsche 356 Coupe  stupidDOPE.com

Music fans have a wide range of interests, especially if their favorite artists are attached. Today we get a look at a piece of rolling music history, as we get a look ...

Rose wins Turkish Airlines Open, retakes No. 1 ranking  Yahoo News UK

ANTALYA, Turkey (AP) — Justin Rose defended his Turkish Airlines Open title on Sunday to ensure he will return to the top of the world rankings.

Yahoo News UK
Kovalenko goal in injury time brought Shakhtar a victory over the "Dynamo"  www.MICEtimes.asia

Donetsk “Shakhtar” in the Central match of the 14th round in Kharkiv, has won strong-willed victory over the “Dynamo”. A request for another victory against FC ...

Latest list of Forza Motorsport 7 cars puts the spotlight on Honda, Mazda, Nissan and more  GameZone

The developer behind Forza Motorsport 7, Turn10, kicked off July by revealed the first set of the 700 cars that will be featured in Forza Motorsport 7 at launch.

Tour de Cebu: road trip down memory lane  Inquirer.net

The Tour De Cebu ran another successful vintage car rally this weekend, the third successful staging of this event by the Cebu-based Performance And Classic ...

Hanyu wins Grand Prix skating gold in dominant style  Yahoo News UK

HELSINKI (AP) — Olympic figure skating champion Yuzuru Hanyu started his Grand Prix season with a commanding victory by almost 40 points at the Helsinki ...

Yahoo News UK
Interceptor VFR800-Powered Honda N600 – The Micro Machine  Super Street Network

Dean Williams's VFR800-Powered Honda N600 is a little bit motorcycle, a little bit Miata, a little bit Camaro, and a whole lotta wicked fun.

Super Street Network
Nostalgic 2 Days 2017  Super Street Network

Come with us as we head to the Pacifico Yokohama Convention Center for Japan's largest old-car trade show, Nostalgic 2 Days 2017.

Super Street Network
No Toyota Street Cars for Forza Motorsport 7  IGN

77 JDM vehicles confirmed but Toyota production vehicles won't be present.

Electric Transportation! The GM E-Bike  stupidDOPE.com

The future of transportation is electric. It's no big secret that things are changing and that modern technology will soon propel how we travel.

Forza Motorsport 7 car list D to H  Red Bull

Over the next week we're going to be presenting you with a bite-sized series of lists detailing every currently-known car coming to Forza Motorsport 7! In Part 2 of ...

Red Bull
Bring a Trailer: Three Honda S600 Roadsters  AutoWeek

Three -- count 'em, three -- Honda S600 Roadsters are crossing the virtual auction block through eBay via our friends at Bring a Trailer. Three engines come with ...

Delectable delights from France's largest classic show  Autocar

Collectors from all over Europe attend the three-day event to swap cars, parts and tales from the road. While the actual show takes place inside a convention ...

1993 Mazda RX-7 Review  MotorIllustrated

I've said it a few times over the last few years but Mazda's brilliant. They're brilliant because they truly want to share their passion for the automobile with ...

John Simister: Learning the Gordon Murray formula  Goodwood Road and Racing

There has been much in the motoring press recently about the extraordinary fact that the ever-youthful, always free-thinking designer Gordon Murray created his ...

Goodwood Road and Racing
Cars You Need To Drive Before You Die  Jalopnik

The Citroën Déesse is commonly cited as being one of the most comfortable cars of all time, and inarguably one of the most innovative. I need to be inside of ...

#Forzathon March 24-27: Take home a Nissan Silvia HE during the “Spring Festival”  Techaeris

There's a Horizon Edition (HE) car up for grabs this weekend as well as XP, Credits, and 3 Wheelspins during the #Forzathon March 24-27th event.

Top 10 Best Toyota Sports Cars of All Time  AutoGuide.com

When a company has been around as long as Toyota, it's hard to narrow down a list to just the top 10 best Toyota sports cars of all time. But here it is.


Honda S800 Videos

Vintage - the Honda S800 | drive it!
Vintage - the Honda S800 | drive it!
Honda S800 racing with Datsun, MGB and Mini Cooper
Honda S800 racing with Datsun, MGB and Mini Cooper
Honda S800: The latest addition to the Honda UK heritage fleet
Honda S800: The latest addition to the Honda UK heritage fleet
Honda S800 9000rpm
Honda S800 9000rpm
1964 Honda S600 Hot Rod - Jay Leno's Garage
1964 Honda S600 Hot Rod - Jay Leno's Garage
Con estilo: Honda S800 | Al Volante
Con estilo: Honda S800 | Al Volante
1967 Honda S800 Coupe for sale - walk around and drive
1967 Honda S800 Coupe for sale - walk around and drive
HONDA S800 coupe '1968
HONDA S800 coupe '1968
mini 1000 / Honda S800
mini 1000 / Honda S800

Honda S800 Images

Seven Rear-wheel-drive Cars Honda Ever Built | Carsut ...
Seven Rear-wheel-drive Cars Honda Ever Built | Carsut ...
Honda S600 with a F20C – Engine Swap Depot
Honda S600 with a F20C – Engine Swap Depot
Honda S800 cabriolet, 1969 details
Honda S800 cabriolet, 1969 details
2018 Honda Civic - Overview - CarGurus
2018 Honda Civic - Overview - CarGurus
Pin by Slammer on Honda S600's & S800's | Pinterest | Honda
Pin by Slammer on Honda S600's & S800's | Pinterest | Honda
Garage Hocher GmbH - Verkauf & Reparaturservice aller ...
Garage Hocher GmbH - Verkauf & Reparaturservice aller ...
2003 Honda CR-V - User Reviews - CarGurus
2003 Honda CR-V - User Reviews - CarGurus
Ford Gran Torino Sport hardtop coupe "Starsky and Hutch ...
Ford Gran Torino Sport hardtop coupe "Starsky and Hutch ...
Panhard PL17 Tigre berline - 1959 à 1962 - Oldiesfan67 ...
Panhard PL17 Tigre berline - 1959 à 1962 - Oldiesfan67 ...
Rétromobile 2016 : Les 50 ans de la Honda S800
Rétromobile 2016 : Les 50 ans de la Honda S800

Honda S800 WebSites

The S800 is a sports car from Honda.Introduced at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show, the S800 would replace the successful Honda S600 as the company's image car and would compete with the Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget, Triumph Spitfire and Fiat 850 Spider.. History. Like the S600, it was available as either a coupe or roadster and continued the advanced technology of its predecessors.
Der Honda S800 ist ein Cabriolet oder Kombicoupé mit längsliegendem Frontmotor und Hinterradantrieb.Dieser Sportwagen kam 1967 als erstes japanisches Automobil auf den deutschen Markt und wurde von 1966 bis 1970 in der Fertigungsstätte Suzuka gebaut.
En 1966, le constructeur Honda présente en France ses coupés et ses cabriolets S800 dérivés des S500 et S600 déjà connus au Japon. Ils seront commercialisés à partir de 1967 dans une version plus aboutie.
honda sports s800. クルマ好きなら誰でも知っている、 いまや伝説のスポーツカー。 それがホンダs800。 「世界に類の無いものをつくろう」───これは、いつも、ホンダのスローガンだった。
|思い出の名車コーナートップへ| s800物語 復刻版パーツリスト s800|s800m フォトライブラリー. パーツのご提供につきましては、ご相談させていただきますが、ご希望に添えない場合もございます。
Quickly find vehicle and model-specific information or browse the full catalog of Honda auto options. We make it easy to find, shop and compare Honda cars.
Welcome! The Honda Sports Registry is a unique organization, more than 2 decades in the making; dedicated exclusively to the preservation and enjoyment of the Honda S-Series sports cars and their relatives; the T, L, and P-Series commercial cars and trucks.
s800(エスはっぴゃく)は、本田技研工業がかつて生産、販売していた小型スポーツカーである。. 略称は「s8(エスハチ)」。 概要. ホンダ・s500、ホンダ・s600に引き続き、sシリーズの第3弾として1966年1月から1970年5月の間に生産され、それまでと同様に京浜精機製作所製の4連cvキャブレターと ...
Honda Motor Company, Ltd. (Japanese: 本田技研工業株式会社, Hepburn: Honda Giken Kōgyō KK, IPA: (); / ˈ h ɒ n d ə /) is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment. Honda has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959, as well as the world's largest ...
The Japanese automotive tradition is a long and storied one, with the reputation surrounding the cars of that nation being one that prizes technical wizardry as well as a certain sporty, chic class.

Honda S800 Wiki

The S800 is a sports car from Honda. Introduced at the 1965 Tokyo Motor Show, the S800 would replace the successful Honda S600 as the company's image car and would compete with the Austin-Healey Sprite, MG Midget, Triumph Spitfire and Fiat 850 Spider.