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Ferrari F430 NEWS

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Ferrari unveils one-off built on top of the 770-hp F12tdf  Driving

Ferrari's Special Projects has pulled the covers off its latest one-off model, the open-top two-seater SP3JC, designed specifically for a Ferrari client and collector.

This Ferrari F430 Has 157,000 Miles - High-Mileage Ferrari 430 Convertible  RoadandTrack.com

This thing has over a quarter-million kilometers on the odometer, but you wouldn't know it from a quick glance.

Gated Manual Ferrari F430 for Sale - Rare Six-Speed Mid-Engine V8 Ferrari  RoadandTrack.com

This 20000-mile three-pedal Ferrari could be your perfect investment-worthy weekend toy.

The return of Lancia's legendary Stratos | The Week Portfolio  The Week UK

Raw, claustrophobic and designed to race without compromise, the original Lancia Stratos was not the ideal car in which to do the school run or potter to the ...

The Week UK
Someone is asking £2.1m for this bizarre rebodied Ferrari F430  Top Gear

Meet the E.C. OnlyOne P8, inspired by 1960s racing cars. Yes, really. Ollie Kew. 8 Nov 2018. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto · Copy link. Show/ ...

Top Gear
The Only One Ferrari F430-Based E.C. OnlyOne P8 Costs $2.85M  Motor1.com

Remember the weirdly beautiful one-off creation called E.C. OnlyOne P8? It was born in Bologna, Italy, as the brainchild of former racing driver Enea Casoni.

The 2019 Mercedes-AMG GLC63 S Is the Quickest SUV Ever at the Nurburgring  RoadandTrack.com

The high-riding twin-turbo V8 crossover laps a 7:49.37 time around the Green Hell, taking the SUV crown from the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio.

Barcelona v Tottenham: From Harry Kane’s fleet of British cars to Lionel Messi’s £1.5m Pagani Zonda  The Sun

IT'S possibly the match-up of the week involving British clubs, as Spurs take on Barcelona at the Camp Nou desperate for a result in the Champions League.

The Sun
A Horse-Loving Madman Stuffed a Ferrari V-8 Engine Into a 1968 Ford Mustang  The Drive

In a typical case of "hold my beer," hot rod builder American Legends went all out for SEMA 2018 and stuffed a Ferrari V-8 engine into a 1968 Ford Mustang and ...

The Drive
Bertone Treasures Up for Sale in Final Bankruptcy Auction in Torino, Italy  Automobile

Buy a piece of history from the Bertone brand at the Italian design house's final bankruptcy auction in Torino, Italy. Check it out.

E.C. OnlyOne P8 Supercar Is A Retro Curvaceous Ferrari F430  Motor1.com

Former racing driver Enea Casoni is behind this new Italian supercar, which combines the Ferrari F430's platform with a new body featuring gullwing doors.

Crazy Ferrari F430 Is A $2.8-Million One-Off  CarBuzz

The peculiar-looking supercar was built by a former Italian racing driver and is looking for a new home. Here's a strange supercar you've probably never heard ...

This Ferrari Enzo V12 Would Be The Ultimate Engine Swap  CarBuzz

Those who bought a Ferrari Enzo back in 2002 are very fortunate today. You see, that V12-powered, Pininfarina-penned supercar cost around $670,000 back ...

2007 Audi R8 vs Lamborghini Gallardo vs Porsche 911 Carrera S comparison review: classic MOTOR  WhichCar

Audi's 2007 R8 supercar certainly hits the mark, but how good is it compared to the establishment? We pitch it against the Gallardo and 911 Carrera S ...

The F430's Racing Engine Sounds Glorious  RoadandTrack.com

It's actually smaller than the road car's V8. But it sounds a whole lot better.

Tell Me How To Feel About This Ferrari F430 Spider Interior  Jalopnik

No, really, tell me how to feel about it, because when I laid eyes on it, I stopped feeling anything at all. I don't know up from down anymore, right from left.

2004 Ferrari F430 review: classic MOTOR  WhichCar

Though its styling wasn't its strong point, the 2004 Ferrari F430 more than made up for it by being a bloody good steer as our classic MOTOR review reveals ...

This isn’t your typical E92 335i  Top Speed

On paper a bmw e92 335i has no business engaging a ferrari f430 scuderia in a drag race. it s a hilarious mismatch if both cars come in standard form. (...)

Top Speed
Westlife star Brian McFadden: 'I lost £1m in property crash and will never buy a house again'  This is Money

Pop star Brian McFadden has lost so much money on property over the years he says he would rather not own a home. McFadden, who rose to fame as a ...

This is Money
22 Cars No One Should Ever Buy Used (Or New)  HotCars

This list will provide some examples of cars you should not buy new, or used.

E.C. OnlyOne P8: Ferrari F430 Based Supercar for Sale at € 2,500,000  GTspirit

E.C. OnlyOne P8 supercar based on Ferrari F430 - 600hp and weighs 1200kg. Details and photos inside.

'People assume you’re either rich or a jerk': What it's like to own a Ferrari  USA TODAY

The newest Ferrari sold out before it even hit the market, but driving an older model of the luxury vehicle is still a "pretty emotional experience."

25 Cars The Fast And Furious Cast Drive In Real Life  HotCars

Check out the list below to find out what cars the stars of the Fast and Furious movies drive in real life.

Just Listed: 2007 Ferrari F430 with Six-Speed Manual Transmission  Automobile

If you want to relive the glory days when Ferrari still offered a manual transmission, check out Bring a Trailer's 2007 Ferrari F430 up for grabs.

2006 Ferrari F430  Top Speed

In 1999 ferrari replaced the f355 with the ferrari it boasted a 3.6-liter tipo v-8 that produced 400 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque. it could (...)

Top Speed
New Lancia Stratos Buyers Will Need A Used Ferrari 430 Scuderia And More Than $600,000  Jalopnik

We live in a sad world where automakers only care to make new crossovers that look like their existing crossovers and patent convertible concepts for SUVs.

1988 Chevrolet Corvette and 2006 Ferrari F430 Spider Go to Block for Charity  Automobile

Another 1988 Chevrolet Corvette 35th Anniversary Edition is up for grabs at Barrett-Jackson's Palm Beach Auction this weekend.

11 New Cars Under $65K as Quick as a 10-Year-Old Ferrari  Motor Trend

This weekend, RM Sotheby's will auction off one of the first Ferrari 250 GTOs ever built. Initial estimates suggest it will go for more than $45 million, making it the ...

Motor Trend
A Ferrari-Powered 1968 Ford Mustang? #MTSEMA18  Mustang 360

Yes, American Legends Hot Rods and Muscle Cars built a 1968 Ford Mustang hardtop into a radical restomod with a Ferrari F430 engine, and called if Corruptt.

Mustang 360
Donald Trump's Former Ferrari F430 F1 Is Up for Auction  Forbes

Want to know what life was like in the fast lane for Donald Trump? A 2007 Ferrari once owned by the president is going up for auction in April.

Watch John Cena Go Full Auto Geek Over The Ferrari F430  Motor1.com

The Bella Twins have brought us another episode of John Cena: Auto Geek, and at first glance it doesn't appear to be much different than the last one we talked ...

The man behind iconic Ferrari and Mini designs is now making flying cars ready for flight in 2025  CNBC

Lilium, a German electric flying car start-up, has hired a well-known designer to help bring its science-fiction concept to reality. Frank Stephenson was behind the ...

Turns out, the beautiful car and his distinctive signature just wasn’t enough  Top Speed

Back in 2007 donald trump spent a little bit of cheddar on himself and purchased a 2007 ferrari f430 f1 coupe. you ve got to hand it to the man for (...)

Top Speed
How Will History Remember The Ferrari F430?  Jalopnik

I remember when Ferrari released their hard-lined successor to the 360 Modena. The older car was looking very blobby and very '90s by the mid 2000s, and the ...

This Straight-Piped Ferrari F430 Will Make You Squeal  The Drive

There's no better argument for naturally aspirated engines than this.

The Drive
This Ferrari F430 Challenge Art Car is Being Auctioned for $160,000 USD  HYPEBEAST

British pop artist Ben Levy has submitted an art car based on a Ferrari for RM Sotheby's upcoming auction in Fort Lauderdale. The F430 Challenge model from ...

The New Stratos Is Coming With 550 HP And A Safari Version (UPDATED)  Jalopnik

Every so often in this trash world, we get to wake up to some good news that's like a ray of sunlight on a gray and stormy day. Today's breath of *fresh* air ...

13 Custom Cars Better Than The Original (12 That Attract Shame)  HotCars

If automobiles were perfect, custom cars wouldn't exist. Car owners aren't always *content* with the car they drive away from the dealership with. They then ...

Ferrari Owner Wrecks $288,000 F430 Scuderia Just One Hour After Buying It  Jalopnik

Ever purchase something above-par—say, a nice pen—and then go on to lose it later that day? Agh, that's the worst. Ever drop $288000 on a Ferrari F430 ...

The Ferrari F430 - Owners Perspective  Autofluence

WHO IS DANIEL HURLBERT AND WHY DID HE BUY A FERRARI F430 Born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I've been a car guy ever since I could drive.

Car dealer discriminated in who they hired to sell Ferraris and Porsches, agency says  Miami Herald

Coral Gables and Miami car dealer The Collection entered into a conciliation agreement with the EEOC after the agency found the seller of Ferraris, Maseratis, ...

Miami Herald
John Cena Loves the Gated Manual Transmission in His 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider  The Drive

It's no secret now that John Cena is a huge car guy, as his Auto Geek series on The Bella Twins YouTube channel has grown immensely the past few months.

The Drive
Forget the Ferrari—Today Is an El Camino Day  The Wall Street Journal

A car-lover finds himself favoring the classic half-car, half-pickup truck from Chevrolet in his collection.

The Wall Street Journal
The New Stratos Is a Wild Recreation of the Legendary Original  RoadandTrack.com

The new Stratos is a fitting tribute to the original. We got up close with Manifattura Automobili Torino's creation at Pebble Beach to see how it compares.

This supercar is a retro curvaceous Ferrari F430  Yahoo News UK

Among the Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and McLarens that took part in this year's Gumball 3000 event, there was also a mysterious vehicle born near Bologna in Italy ...

Yahoo News UK
Watch This Ferrari F430 Scuderia Rip Around the Nürburgring  RoadandTrack.com

As a follow up to the very cool Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale, Ferrari graced us with the also very cool and neat F430 Scuderia. An ECU update bumped the ...

Austin owner Daniel Hurlbert becomes Ferrari fix-it YouTube star  Austin American-Statesman

Former F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone has said, “F1 is Ferrari and Ferrari is F1.”The Italian manufacturer has a long and storied history in Formula 1 — and that ...

Austin American-Statesman
Is A Manual Ferrari Really Worth $200000 More Than A Normal One?  CarBuzz

There's a famous expression: "You don't know what you got till it's gone." This line has been used in various song lyrics for decades, but we think we've finally ...

Ferrari F430 Challenge Art Car Headed to Auction  duPont REGISTRY

Headed to RM Sotheby's Fort Lauderdale 2018 auction is one of the three Ferrari's that were painted by artists for Miami Art Basel 2015. This F430.

Peugeot 208 GTI (2012) first official pictures  CAR Magazine

CAR magazine UK lists the top 10 best art cars to ever exist with pictures and info.

CAR Magazine
Dealership Hit With $5.8M Verdict For Selling Lemon Ferrari  Law360

An Arkansas federal jury on Wednesday slammed a Mercedes-Benz dealership with $5.8 million in punitive damages for defrauding a man who bought a ...

The New 600 HP Lancia Stratos Sounds Incredible With a Ferrari V8  Jalopnik

While the prospect of warping a Ferrari 430 Scuderia under a body designed to look like a modernized Lancia Stratos and charging over $600000 for it sounds ...

Is €113,000 Too Much For A Novitec-Tuned Ferrari F430?  Carscoops

Like most tuners, Novitec offered numerous aftermarket parts for the Ferrari F430 back in the day, and now, one of its creations is up for sale. Registered in ...

Ferrari Pizza Bar, real Ferrari and all, opens in East Rochester  Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

A Ferrari Pizza Bar has opened in East Rochester, and as in its original Chili location, a bona fide Ferrari is the star of the space. A white 2008 Ferrari F430 ...

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Ferrari F430 Specs, Price, Photos & Review: The World's Best Coupe  Autofluence

Ferrari F430 Specs, Price, Photos & Review is our take on one of Ferrari's most prolific models. The Ferrari F430 specs include strong styling and smooth power.

Ferrari F430 With Stick Shift Is What Purists Dream Of  Carscoops

Nowadays, Ferrari doesn't offer cars fitted with manual gearboxes, as in the past few years the vast majority of its customers opted for the automated or ...

Ferrari F430 Scuderia Totaled Barely An Hour After Purchase  The Art of Gears

This British driver must be the unluckiest person on Earth as his new Ferrari F430 Scuderia crashed an hour minutes after the purchase was made.

The Art of Gears
Visit Florida, Come Back With Your Own Ferrari F430 Challenge Art Car  Carscoops

Art cars are being made all the time – some more tasteful or artistic than others. It's rare to see one come up for sale, though. But that's just what we have here.

You can buy President Donald Trump's old Ferrari F430 - Autoblog  Autoblog

Auctions America will sell a 2007 Ferrari F430 that was originally owned by the current President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

F1: Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari car collection PICTURED for Italian GP | Daily Star  Daily Star

SEBASTIAN Vettel will be hoping to win big for Ferrari at the Italian GP – and his passion for the Scuderia can be seen in his personal car collection.

Daily Star
Ferrari F430: PH Buying Guide  Pistonheads.com

When Ferrari pulled the covers off the F430 at the 2004 Paris Motor Show, they didn't just unveil their new compact V8 sports car, it heralded a new era for the ...

RETNA Ferrari F430 Art Car for Sale  duPont REGISTRY

Art cars always hold a special place on duPontREGISTRY.com. They come in all makes and models, and a variety of different artists create them. Today, we.

Ferrari 458: My poster car  Overdrive

My passion for cars started in 2006, when my father and I watched Scuderia Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher claim first place at Ferrari's home race in Monza.

Pennsylvania to unload seized Ferraris, Rolls Royce at Tuesday auction  PhillyVoice.com

Two Ferraris and a Rolls Royce will be among the more than 300 vehicles on the block Tuesday at the Manheim Keystone Pennsylvania Auto Auction.

Ferrari F430 vs Ford GT: Can America Defeat Italy?  RoadandTrack.com

We've finally driven the new Ford GT, so we thought it was a good time to revisit our comparison test between the 2005 GT and its Italian rival, the Ferrari F430.

I See Nothing Wrong With This Celica-Based Ferrari F430 Replica  Jalopnik

Ferraris are far too expensive for a normal person to own, right? What if I told you that you could own your very own “Ferrari” “F430” “Scuderia” (winking ...

E.C. OnlyOne P8 based on Ferrari F430 is being sold for $2.85 million  Drivers Magazine

E.C. OnlyOne P8 is being sold on James Edition and the asking price of this supercar is €2.5 million. Read this post to know about this one-off model.

Drivers Magazine
From His Ferrari F430 to the Lamborghini Diablo: A Closer Look at Trump's Car Collection  Men's Journal

No limos to see here. Trump's past cars include a Ferrari, Lambo, and a Rolls-Royce Phantom.

Men's Journal
These 10 open-top Ferraris are cheaper than you think  Classic Driver

Open-top Ferraris from the 1990s and 2000s are the ultimate style statements for the summer — and they can be had for comparatively cheap prices. These 10 ...

Classic Driver
Absolutely the last mention of my Ferrari F430  Telegraph.co.uk

This, I promise, is the last time I'll talk about the Ferrari F430. I know I'm becoming a bit boring about it.

Ferrari F430 vs. F430 GTC - Find Photos of Ferrari's Street and Race Steeds  RoadandTrack.com

The fact that a race car is faster than a street car is nothing surprising. What shocks the senses, though, is to see just how far the gap between two seemingly ...

Mallya's fleet of supercars seized by bailiffs  The Drinks Business

The High Court in London has instructed bailiffs to seize a fleet of supercars, including two Ferraris and a Porsche, belonging to Vijay Mallya, the former head of ...

The Drinks Business
Inside the World's Most Exclusive Auto Shop  Bloomberg

Where $7000 radar-detectors are the starting point and seven-figure sound systems the checkered flag.

Ferrari Patents New Targa Top Design For First Time In 20 Years  CarBuzz

The last time Ferrari offered a targa top option for one of its supercars was back in 1998, specifically the 355 Targa. Since then, targa tops haven't been used by ...

Surprise! The Ferrari SP38 is Maranello's latest one-off  Top Gear

488-based SP38 was built for a very special client... Tom Harrison. 23 May 2018. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto · Copy link. Show/hide. 80.

Top Gear
Eleven Crazy One-Offs From Ferrari Special Projects  RoadandTrack.com

In 2008, Ferrari established Special Projects, a division of the company responsible for creating one-offs for its best, wealthiest customers. It's created a number ...

Used car buying guide: Ferrari 360  Autocar

Interested in having a Ferrari 360 in your garage? Consider for a moment the owner of a Modena F1, who last April lavished £9000 on servicing it. With such ...

Tour De France Blue 2006 Ferrari F430 Spider For Sale  duPont REGISTRY

Not all convertibles are created equal, which is why research and test drive are an important part of the purchasing process. If you have been considering.

No regrets after buying a Ferrari F430  Telegraph.co.uk

Motoring nirvana is owning a Ferrari F430 – at least a discreet one.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need A Ferrari F430  duPont REGISTRY

We love finding great deals on amazing cars, and this week's hottest commodity is Ferrari's flagship from 2004 to '09. The Ferrari F430 for sale was a.

Ferrari Targa Top Design Patented  AutoGuide.com

Ferrari has filed a patent for a new targa top design with the European Patent Office. The patent is for an invention that “relates to a car with a 'Targa Top' body,” ...

Low Mileage 2009 Ferrari F430 For Sale  duPont REGISTRY

Customer retention is a problem in our modern connected world. The internet and smartphones have leveled the playing field in many areas of retail, which.

This Celica-Based Ferrari Replica is Wrong on So Many Levels  The Drive

Craigslist finds are something of an art form in the car community. Sometimes they're so bad that it seems like the owner is selling his or her car as a joke.

The Drive
Speaking Of Auto Tariffs, Here Are 6 Cars In Trump's Private Collection  CarBuzz

Before he became president, Donald Trump the billionaire real estate mogul and TV host liked to buy stuff. Lots of it. He also liked exotic cars. Can't blame him ...

Maserati Quattroporte Exhaust Sound Video  RoadandTrack.com

The Maserati Quattroporte of the mid-2000s used a slightly detuned version of the V8 engine found in the Ferrari F430. Cut the mufflers off, and you have one of ...

John Cena Showcases His Manual Ferrari F430 Spider  Carscoops

Many celebrities purchase supercars and other exotics purely to flaunt their wealth but as we've learnt, professional wrestler John Cena isn't like that, as he ...

What's so special about a Ferrari, anyway?  The Verge

Ferrari is one of the world's most recognized brands. Not just car brands — brands, period. Which is amazing when you consider that production has always ...

The Verge
Beautiful Ferrari F430 Spider is an Italian stallion  The Queensland Times

THIS beautiful 2007 Ferrari F430 Spider was spotted at the Sheraton hotel in the Sydney CBD. The Italian stallion is equipped with a 4.3-litre, 32-valve, ...

The Queensland Times
What cars does Ronaldo drive? Ferraris, Bugattis and other vehicles owned by the Real Madrid superstar  Goal.com

Cristiano Ronaldo has spent millions on his collection of luxury cars, but which is his favourite and just how many does he own?

Here's how to rent a classic car to take on your next fall day trip or date night  St. Cloud Times

Want to surprise your sweetheart with a special ride? Just want to indulge your fantasy of driving a Maserati? We know folks who can help with that.

St. Cloud Times
Your Ridiculously Awesome Ferrari F430 Wallpaper Is Here  Jalopnik

Fall is one of those times of the year that pretty much all of us get excited about. It can be hard to express that excitement in a non-stereotypical way—the furry ...

"Optioned-Out" 2007 Ferrari F430 F1 Spider For Sale  duPont REGISTRY

When is the last time you saw a Ferrari in pearl white? Contrary to popular belief, Ferrari does build cars in finishes other than red and black. Painting.

South Africa's millionaires choose these luxury sports cars  Independent Online

South Africa's wealthiest people chose to buy luxury sports car brands like Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Porsche.

Independent Online
25 Modern Lancia Stratos Coming With 550-Plus Horsepower  The Drive

The original Lancia Stratos carved out its role in motorsport history by dominating the early years of the World Rally Championship, securing the constructors' ...

The Drive
Dream of owning a Lamborghini? Two owners offer some critical advice  USA TODAY

Lamborghini is celebrating its 55th anniversary in 2018. Two owners of the supercar say that buying one used is more reasonable.

Watch a Ferrari F430 Smack Into a Lamborghini Gallardo  The Drive

Today's unfortunate car crash video features not one, but two of the coolest cars of 2004. Namely, a Ferrari F430 and a Lamborghini Gallardo. Judging from the ...

The Drive
Witness the Greatest Facepalm in All of Motorsports  RoadandTrack.com

You might think hillclimbs are a lot like racetracks. The road is a closed of section of pavement, full of turns and elevation changes, where drivers try to set the ...

Ferrari bringing back Targa top  Motoring

Ferrari has been caught filing a patent for an all-new 'Targa Top' roof design that could herald the famous supercar body design returning to the range.

Here's Your Chance to Own the Only Ferrari Race Car Driven by a Senna  AutoGuide.com

Offered at RM Sotheby's Monaco 2018 auction, the race car is understood to be the only Ferrari ever raced by a member of the Senna family. Bruno managed to ...

Department Of Motor Vehicles Errs In Calculating Sales Tax On Hundreds Of Luxury Cars  Hartford Courant

The state Department of Motor Vehicles will have to refund more than $100,000 to owners of luxury cars across the state because of a computer error that went ...

Hartford Courant

Ferrari F430 Videos

Ferrari 430 review part 1 | Top Gear | BBC
Ferrari 430 review part 1 | Top Gear | BBC
Owning A Ferrari F430 - An owner's Review Ep.2
Owning A Ferrari F430 - An owner's Review Ep.2
I Bought The Cheapest Ferrari F430 In The USA!
I Bought The Cheapest Ferrari F430 In The USA!
Ferrari F430 Maintenance Cost and Repair Invoices
Ferrari F430 Maintenance Cost and Repair Invoices
Ferrari F430 Manual - One Take
Ferrari F430 Manual - One Take
Here's Why the Ferrari 430 Scuderia Is Worth $250,000
Here's Why the Ferrari 430 Scuderia Is Worth $250,000
Ferrari F430 with Straight Pipes Exhaust INSANE SOUND!!
Ferrari F430 with Straight Pipes Exhaust INSANE SOUND!!
My Ferrari F430 Cost Of Ownership For 3 Years
My Ferrari F430 Cost Of Ownership For 3 Years
My New Car? FERRARI 430 F1 - Test Drive
My New Car? FERRARI 430 F1 - Test Drive
CRAZY SOUND Ferrari F430 Scuderia DMC Accelerations & Revs
CRAZY SOUND Ferrari F430 Scuderia DMC Accelerations & Revs

Ferrari F430 Images

Ferrari 430 Scuderia (2007) - Ferrari.com
Ferrari 430 Scuderia (2007) - Ferrari.com
Ferrari Wallpapers, Widescreen Ferrari Full HD Wallpapers ...
Ferrari Wallpapers, Widescreen Ferrari Full HD Wallpapers ...
Ferrari Logo | HD Wallpapers (High Definition) | Free ...
Ferrari Logo | HD Wallpapers (High Definition) | Free ...
Ferrari 488 Pista Rendered As An Open-Top "Aperta" | Carscoops
Ferrari 488 Pista Rendered As An Open-Top "Aperta" | Carscoops
2006 Ferrari F430 Spider Logo | This makes a great desktop ...
2006 Ferrari F430 Spider Logo | This makes a great desktop ...
Ferrari Paint Codes - Ferrari Life
Ferrari Paint Codes - Ferrari Life
Ferrari Cars Wallpapers, Full HD 1080p, Best HD Ferrari ...
Ferrari Cars Wallpapers, Full HD 1080p, Best HD Ferrari ...
Cristiano Ronaldo's car collection: Three Ferraris, a ...
Cristiano Ronaldo's car collection: Three Ferraris, a ...
Top 5 Cars Owned by LeBron James
Top 5 Cars Owned by LeBron James
Audi A6 ~ autosmr
Audi A6 ~ autosmr

Ferrari F430 WebSites

The Ferrari F430 is a sports car produced by the Italian car manufacturer Ferrari from 2004 to 2009 as a successor to the Ferrari 360.It was unveiled at the 2004 Paris Motor Show. It was succeeded by the Ferrari 458 which was unveiled on 28 July 2009.
View Motor Trend's Ferrari car lineup and research Ferrari prices, specs, fuel economy and photos. Select a Ferrari model and conveniently compare local dealer pricing.
La Ferrari F430 est une automobile sportive de luxe construite et commercialisée par Ferrari depuis 2004, remplaçant ainsi la Ferrari 360 Modena.Elle est présentée au Mondial de l'automobile de Paris 2004 [2], et se distingue de sa devancière par son V8 porté à 4,3 L, par un emploi important de l’aluminium, mais surtout par une série d’innovations issues de la F1
Il contesto. Presentata ufficialmente durante il Motor Show di Parigi nel settembre 2004, la F430 segna l'arrivo di una nuova generazione di modelli, con Motore V8, prodotti dalla Ferrari.. Questa autovettura porta con sé uno sviluppo nell'uso dell'alluminio, iniziato con la 360 Modena.L'auto offre inoltre molte innovazioni significative che derivano dall'esperienza accumulata in Formula 1.
Ferrari F430 – samochód sportowy produkowany przez włoską firmę Ferrari, zaprezentowany podczas Paris Motor Show w 2004 roku. Podobnie jak jego poprzednik 360 nazwę wziął od pojemności silnika - 4,3 l. Auto oferowane było także w wersji Spider (roadster, 2005-2009) z nieco gorszymi osiągami, sportowej Scuderia (2007-2009) oraz torowej Challenge (2005-2007).
Getting to the Autodromo di Modena. The Autodromo di Modena circuit is around 25 minutes from both the Museo Enzo Ferrari (MEF) in Modena and the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, and is located at Pomposiana no. 255/A, 41123, Modena (Marzaglia district).
The Ferrari 458 Italia is a mid-engined sports car produced by the Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari.The 458 replaced the Ferrari F430, and was first officially unveiled at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. It was replaced by the Ferrari 488, which was unveiled at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show.
Save $14,497 on a used Ferrari F430. Search pre-owned Ferrari F430 listings to find the best local deals. CarGurus analyzes over 6 million cars daily.
An exact replica of the steering wheel of the new F430 with
De Ferrari F430 is een instapmodel van de Italiaanse sportwagenfabrikant en Fiatdochter Ferrari die leverbaar was tot medio 2009. De F430 was de opvolger van de 360 Modena en debuteerde in 2004 op de Mondial de l'Automobile.De F430 heeft een achtcilinder in V-configuratie met 490 pk, dat is bijna 100 pk meer dan zijn voorganger. De motor is middenin geplaatst en is net als bij de 360 te zien ...

Ferrari F430 Wiki

The Ferrari F430 is a sports car produced by the Italian car manufacturer Ferrari from 2004 to 2009 as a successor to the Ferrari 360. It was unveiled at the 2004 Paris Motor Show. It was succeeded by the Ferrari 458 which was unveiled on 28 July 2009.