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Sweet City Ride  PoPville

Thanks to Sean for sending: “This was parked at Vermont & K this morning. I believe it's an old Citroen 2CV.” Sweet City Ride is made possible by readers like ...

Citroën urban mobility concept to debut at Geneva  Paul Tan's Automotive News

Citroën has announced that it will be unveiling an "urban mobility" concept at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show next month. The car was confirmed by CEO.

Paul Tan's Automotive News
Fiat 500 honored at MoMA in New York  Motoring Research

More than just a car, the tiny first generation Fiat 500 (1957-1975) was an important cultural icon. Like the Model T, the Volkswagen Beetle, the Mini, or the ...

Motoring Research
Citroën 2CV: 70 years of the ‘tin snail’  The Telegraph

As the Paris motor show of 2018 prepares to open its doors, visitors to the same event in 1948 were astonished and aghast in equal measure at the unveiling of ...

The Telegraph
Snetterton welcomes Citroen 2CV  Automotive News

This month, Snetterton, an English racetrack accustomed to hosting the elite of British motorsports, welcomed a collection of one of Europe's most iconic vehicles ...

Automotive News
Taking a Citroen 2CV for a drive in Paris  BBC News

The Citroen's classic 2CV turns 70 this year. Around five million of them were built between 1948 and 1990 when the production lines were closed. The name of ...

BBC News
Watch Chris Harris Fling This Citroen 2CV Race Car Around  Jalopnik

There isn't much to this video, if I'm honest. It's just a small man in a small French car having a great time wailing around the track. Chris Harris loves Citroen ...

A 45HP Citroën 2CV Is the "Bugatti Chiron of 2CVs"  RoadandTrack.com

2CVs weren't designed to go around corners. Citroën came up with the concept in 1937 to give farmers an alternative to horse-drawn carriages in rural France.

Everything you need to know about the Citroen 2CV  Top Gear

A lollopy, characterful, ancient Citroen that has become legend. Produced between 1948 and 1990 (yes, that really is 42 years of production), the 2CV ...

Top Gear
This Small French Tuning Shop Made Citroën 2CVs Into Race Cars  Jalopnik

The Citroën 2CV is an iconic car, and famous for many things: extreme simplicity, an almost unholy ability to not roll over, and an almost lethal concentration of ...

The Citroën 2CV – celebrating 70 years of a French design icon  The Telegraph

It is apt that a car so evocative of freshly-baked baguettes was the product of a Pierre-Jules Boulanger.

The Telegraph
The Dordogne by Citroën 2CV | Travel  The Times

I can do this, I thought, and I could, but only just. The Citroën 2CV, hired an hour earlier, was lurching around the hotel car park, lunging at luxury cars. German ...

The Times
Wheels Retro: 1949 Citroen 2CV  WhichCar

A focus on simplicity and functionality kept the 2CV relevant for more than 40 years.

70 years of the Citroën 2CV  AutoClassics

The iconic Citroën 2CV is 70 years old this year. It has been everything from a humble vehicle for the farmyard, to a James Bond getaway car - w...

Check out this beautiful Citroën 2CV...motorcycle?  AutoClassics

Italian motorcycle specialist South Garage has turned the iconic Citroën 2CV design into a working motorcycle.

70 years of Citroen 2CV horseplay  Daily Record

The Citroen 2CV has a brilliant CV, as you can see in our celebration of 70 years of this iconic car, with 25 fascinating facts to entertain you – along with some ...

Daily Record
This All-Citroën 2CV And Méhari Dirt Race Is My Everything  Jalopnik

The Citroën 2CV and Méhari are delightfully rugged little cars, and as with all things, their redeeming qualities shine best through motorsport. Dirt-track ...

Hated by Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson - but Norfolk loves a Citroen 2CV  Norfolk Eastern Daily Press

Pete Sparrow in the Team Lion 97 car which he and team-mates David O'Keefe and Alec Graham will be hoping to take their fifth victory in a row in the 2CV 24 ...

Norfolk Eastern Daily Press
Paris 1948: Citroen introduces the 2CV. Paris 2018: Citroen celebrates the 2CV  The ClassicCars.com Journal

It was 70 years ago at the 1948 Paris Motor Show that Citroen unveiled the minimalist 2CV. The French automaker is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the ...

The ClassicCars.com Journal
Beacon Downe buckle up to win 24-hour Citroen 2CV race  Reuters UK

Newcomers Beacon Downe triumph in 24-hour Citroen 2CV race}

Reuters UK
Iconic Citroën 2CV celebrates its 70th anniversary The iconic Citroën 2CV car, beloved in France since  The Connexion

The iconic Citroën 2CV car, beloved in France since 1948, is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, as it continues to be enjoyed by enthusiasts across the ...

The Connexion
TG TV s25, ep4: Harris and the Citroen 2CV  Top Gear

Allow Chris Harris to explain the finer points of his beloved little 2CV; one of the stars of Top Gear series 25. Share this page: Facebook · Twitter · Google+ ...

Top Gear
Citroen 2CV enthusiasts to take four-day circuit from Whanganui  New Zealand Herald

Citroen 2CV trip coincides with the first public release of the car 70 years ago.

New Zealand Herald
Video: carrying eggs in a Citroen 2CV  Top Gear

Ready your finest egg-based puns: episode four of all-new TG TV showcases the Citroen 2CV's ability to carry eggs across a field… Sunday, 18 March, BBC ...

Top Gear
Crazy supercharged Citroen 2CV at the Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb  AutoClassics

The Citroen 2CV is well known for being a symbol of French innovation, the car that got the country moving. It was never designed for motorsport,...

Enthusiasts celebrate Citroen 2CV's 70th birthday with a Kiwi convoy  TVNZ

Some love them, some hate them, but these Citroens are instantly recognisable.

Used car buying guide: Citroen 2CV  Autocar

A Citroën 2CV will charm you with its quirky looks, loveable character, real-world practicality and honest simplicity. We reveal how to track down a good one.

Citroen 2CV Sells For Almost $85,000 At French Auction  Motor1.com

Prices for the much-loved 2CV have only been climbing for the last few years, with some notable sought-after examples. The market for the cute French car hit a ...

Can you guess how much this humble 1950s Citroen 2CV is worth now?  The Sun

The Citroen 2CV is one of the most iconic cars of all time and is famous for delivering cheap-as-chips motoring - but not in this case.

The Sun
The Citroen 2CV: Why life is good in the slow lane  The Globe and Mail

Citroen's 2CV may not be the most technical or luxe car on the road, but its history places it in an elite class.

The Globe and Mail
Is the Renault 4 in fact better than the Citroen 2CV?  Autocar

The other, if you're wondering, was a Citroen 2CV van. Although many reckon the small-engined, soft-sprung, lightweight R4 was a shameless rip-off of the ...

This Weird Twin-Engined Citroën 2CV Is a Dakar Veteran  RoadandTrack.com

Between 1958 and 1971, Citroën built 694 twin-engined 2CV Saharas. This isn't one of those, but a more recent build that took on the Dakar Rally in 2007.

Watch Top Gear's Chris Harris Passionately Explain The Genius Design Of His Citroen 2CV  Jalopnik

You might think a guy like Chris Harris, who frequently drives cars engineered to the highest degree of performance, has no patience for anything resembling a ...

TG TV recap: Dodge Demon, Citroen 2CV and Kia Stinger  Top Gear

Matt LeBlanc channels his inner devil for a spin in the Dodge Demon. In America there is a car company called Dodge. And, in frankly hilarious news, Dodge ...

Top Gear
Collectible Classic: 1948-1990 Citroën 2CV  Automobile

Of all the post-war solutions to affordable, working-man's transportation, the Citroën 2CV (known as the Deux Chevaux) is perhaps the most charismatic.

You Absolutely Want To Watch A Citroën 2CV Getting Tossed Around A Test Track  Jalopnik

One of the great things about Maryland Public Television's Motorweek is that it puts even the least sporty cars through their paces, meaning we get to watch a ...

Thieves strip £10k 2CV Citroen of body shell and windows leaving owner ‘devastated’  The Sun

The vintage Citroen 2CV Dolly was towed away from outside owner Clare Howarth's home in Greater Manchester.

The Sun
The Road Makes Kids Love Cars  RoadandTrack.com

I told my daughter we were going for ice cream. I didn't tell her it was going to take two days of driving, in a car slow as cold mud, along some of the prettiest ...

Car makers see vision of the future in 1947 Citroen 2CV  Irish Times

What can a classic in modern Paris tell us about the French auto industry?

Irish Times
Happy 70th to the Citroën 2CV  Goodwood Road and Racing

In the manufacturers area of the main Hall at Retromobile, the anniversaries of not one, but two of France's most iconic and important cars are being celebrated, ...

Goodwood Road and Racing
Frenchman builds working Citroën 2CV out of wood  Telegraph.co.uk

A Citroën 2CV made out of wood is on the point of getting official approval from the French authorities to be taken onto the road.

This Guy Turned His Citroen 2CV Into a Motorcycle After it Was Totalled in the Desert  The Drive

An obliterated front axle and a ruined chassis didn't stop French engineer Emile Leray from getting home when his Citroën 2CV hit a big rock in the Moroccan ...

The Drive
Little Citroens in raid on Waitara  Stuff.co.nz

Celebrating 70 years since the Citroen 2CV was first made, 20 of the cars are going for a road trip around the central North Island.

Rare twin-engined, four-wheel-drive Citroen 2CV 'Sahara' up for auction  The Telegraph

An example of the rare, twin-engined 2CV produced by Citroen between 1960 and 1968 is being sold at auction. The 2CV Sahara is a four-wheel-drive car, with ...

The Telegraph
WATCH: Want to own a classic car? This French carpenter built his own iconic Citroen 2CV... out of wood  Wheels24

While owning classic cars can be unattainable for most, Michel Robillard is making his dream of driving a vintage vehicle come true by building his own... albeit ...

For $7,500, Is This "1963" Citroën 2CV Worth A Deux-Over?  Jalopnik

In contrast to some actresses who strive to pass as younger, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe 2CV is a more recent model trying to pass as older to get by certain ...

Buying used: Citroen 2CV  iNews

They're not for everyone, but there's no denying the quirkiness and alternative appeal of the Citroën 2CV. Here's how to get one Character is a diminishing ...

This Engine-Swapped Citroën 2CV Is My New Favorite Drift Machine  Jalopnik

I'm used to seeing old Citroëns lean way over into turns, but here's a “2CV Speciale” rally car that gets delightfully sideways instead. It's a car worthy of many, ...

Look how the world's smallest food truck (a 2CV) was revealed!  AutoClassics

Ever seen a Citroën 2CV food truck? How about one dangling from a helicopter? Welcome to 2CVat70, the record-breaking project just revealed at B...

Citroën 2CV Lives On Eternally As Amazing Wooden Sculpture  Motor1.com

Famed French cabinetmaker Michel Robillard took six years to complete this stunning Citroen 2CV wooden sculpture.

Did you know the 2CV is 70 years old?  The Connexion

Citroën, Renault and Peugeot will be showing off their history at the upcoming Retromobile exhibition in Paris, with Citroën marking the 70th anniversary of the ...

The Connexion
Gap Year Adventures: Driving Around The World In A Citroen 2CV  Forbes

My adventures editor from long ago, Chris Bibb, has raised two adventurers, and the photos below served as a mental reset after my full immersion in the high ...

Classic cars of the future: Citroen 2CV and Renault 5 named among the best  Express

Experts say the 'old bangers' could not only be worth a fortune a years to come, but could rise in value faster than the average pension. Research by organisers ...

This vintage Citroën 2CV embodies cheerful simplicity  Driving

If you can forgive the low-tech features and lack of horsepower, this car is the definition of driving in style.

What it's like to drive a 1978 Citroen Dyane, an evolution of the famed 2CV  autoweek.com

Don't worry, we ain't goin' soft on ya'. As soon as the photos arrive and then as soon as we write the words you'll be reading reviews of a Shelby Cobra, ...

This Is a Citroen 2CV With a Ferrari F355's V8  RoadandTrack.com

The thing about Nimik's crazy Citroën 2CV Fourgonette with a Ferrari 355's V8 in its back is that despite being the sensation of 2009, the guys still use it to grab ...

Wooden Citroën 2CV drives on road for first time A Citroën 2CV constructed nearly entirely from  The Connexion

A Citroën 2CV constructed nearly entirely from wood has been driven on a real road for the first time. The car, which first made headlines in August, was created ...

The Connexion
This Timelapse Of The Ultimate Citroën 2CV Teardown Is Beyond Satisfying  Jalopnik

Never have I wanted to go into a garage, tear an entire car apart and put it back together more than after watching this video.

2CV owner ‘absolutely distraught’ after thieves steal her vintage car  Manchester Evening News

Clare Howarth, who has owned the car for 21 years, said her Citroen 2CV 'Georgie' was stolen from Old Lansdowne Road in West Didsbury on Friday evening.

Manchester Evening News
Is It Possible To Flip A Citroën 2CV?  Jalopnik

The old Citroën 2CV's suspension was so soft, so prone to lean, it seemed impossible to actually flip over. That sounds like a challenge, doesn't it?

Wood you drive this Citroen 2CV?  Independent Online

It took the retired cabinetmaker six years to build a full-sized working replica of this iconic French car - in wood!

Independent Online
Subaru 360, Citroën 2CV, VW Type 3 Highlight Quirky Forza Car Pack  Motor1.com

Forza Motorsport 7's Totino's Car Pack is a very cheesy name for a delicious collection of downloadable *content* for the racing game. If you're tired of driving ...

The Citroën 2CV Sahara, a love story  Classic Driver

The Citroën 2CV Sahara is one of the forgotten milestones in automotive history. But it still has its faithful lovers, as this wonderful French short film ...

Classic Driver
This Frenchman just made a working Citroën 2CV out of wood  The Local France

A retired cabinet maker in central France has handbuilt a wooden 2CV Citroen Car... which is about to pass its first technical inspection.

The Local France
Incredible pictures show life-size Citroen 2CV made of WOOD  Express

A RETIRED cabinet maker spent more than six years building a life-size replica car - out of wood.

Ready, set, slow! British Citroen 2CV enthusiasts stage 24-hour race  Reuters India

Roaring engines and squealing tyres - though not especially great speeds - were the ordre du jour at a 24-hour endurance race in Britain celebrating one of ...

Reuters India
This Lego Citroën 2CV Is Nearly As Sophisticated As An Actual 2CV  Jalopnik

I know there's really gifted Lego-builders out there, but I admit, I'm fallible, and sometimes forget just how good some of these builders are. Then I see something ...

Here’s What Happens When A Volkswagen Up GTI Tries To Keep Up With A Madman In A Citroën 2CV Van  Jalopnik

Sometimes form follows function. Sometimes form has nothing to do with function. Sometimes you have to take a hairpin turn in your Citroën 2CV van at speeds ...

The irrational appeal of the astonishingly slow car  RoadandTrack.com

After driving a Citroen 2CV for a week, exploring both semi-certain death and excessive hyperbole, Sam Smith discovers the allure of the slow and dangerous.

Horsepower: A Citroen 2CV rally through Spain and France  The Independent

I shared a victorious glance with Charlie. “117 ... 123 ... 130 ...” Downhill, on a straight, windows clipped shut and the wind behind us, Team Dizzy had clocked ...

The Independent
This Citroen 2CV has been given the Picasso treatment  CarsGuide

The Citroen 2CV is a very recognisable classic car - known as the umbrella on wheels by some European car enthusiasts. It was a car built with a purpose - to ...

How the Citroën 2CV became a design icon  ABC Online

With more than eight million manufactured between 1948 and 1990, the Citroën 2CV is one of France's most recognisable symbols. Designed to carry 'two ...

ABC Online
How Bananas Saved A Citroën 2CV  Jalopnik

Today is the 25th anniversary of the last Citroën 2CV rolling off the line in Portugal, the last factory to make the legendary Tin Snail, which had been in ...

Car choice: Morris Minor or Citroen 2CV for a practical classic?  The Independent

David Ellis has owned Citroen 2CVs and loved them. Now he wants to sell his BMW 330d – but is buying another 2CV a good idea? James Ruppert; Friday 22 ...

The Independent
They left England in a funny little car 25,000 miles ago. Latest stop: Tacoma  The News Tribune

A Chinese family from England is in the middle of an around-the-world road trip. They plan on traveling 70000 miles over two years in their journey across ...

The News Tribune
A Citroen 2CV Is Silly Fun With 95 HP And A Lunatic Behind The Wheel  Jalopnik

The Citröen 2CV is an entertaining steer, even with half the ponies of your lawnmower. But swapping in a 95 horsepower motorcycle engine makes it pure ...

Roger Moore's James Bond Citroën 2CV Car Chase  Jalopnik

Sir Roger Moore, the third James Bond, passed away this week at the age of 89. As a lifelong diehard Bond fan, I am extremely sad. Of course the only remedy is ...

Citroen's 2CV goes electric for Paris  Independent Online

Paris - The humble “Deux Chevaux”, once ubiquitous in the French countryside, chugging down tree-lined roads - cue accordion music - is now more of a ...

Independent Online
For $6,500, This 1972 Citroën 2CV Is A Blue Jean Baby Queen  Jalopnik

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Deux Chevaux has upholstery made out of denim. That means every trip is going to be by the seat of your pants, but will its ...

An alternative tour of Paris: sightseeing at night in a Citroen 2CV  iNews

I'm loitering outside the Hotel du Petit Moulin in Paris's fashionable Marais district, eyes scanning the narrow street for a bright green car. A 1975 Citroën 2CV ...

Parked In Drive: 1974 Citroën 2CV Camionette  The Truth About Cars

Is the Citroën 2CV the best vehicle to survive the next 100 years of motoring?

The Truth About Cars
Bradford company rebuilds Citroen 2CV French classic  BBC News

A Bradford company which revamps old Citroen 2CVs says more of the cars are being sold to France.

BBC News
Twin-engine Citroen 2CV Sahara sells for £68,000  This is Money

A super-rare Citroen 2CV that twice crossed the Sahara desert in the 1960s has sold at auction for a staggering fee, along with some other headline-grabbing ...

This is Money
Madagascar's love affair with the 2CV  BBC News

The 2CV is a vintage French car. But it is the car of choice for taxi drivers in the African island of Madagascar.

BBC News
Citroen 2CV racing  Telegraph.co.uk

Racing a classic Citroen 2CV is great fun and relatively cheap - and there's even a 24-hour race to rival the spectacle (if not the pace) of Le Mans.

The Citroen 2CV is the most badass car of all time  Car Keys

It might seem unlikely, but the Citroen 2CV was, and still is, the most outrageously awesome car of all time. 25 years after it ceased production, here's why.

Car Keys
Paris entrepreneur's 2CV tours to go electric  Phys.Org

The humble "Deux Chevaux", once ubiquitous in the French countryside, chugging down tree-lined roads—cue accordion music—is now more of a curiosity ...

Rare Sahara-Crossing Citroen 2CV Is Super Cool, But Comes At A Steep Price  Carscoops

Built to cope with difficult terrain and climates, this Citroen 2CV proved to be a reliable companion for its first owner, and not only. It has a pretty interesting story ...

New Citroen 2CV - Most Wanted Cars 2014  AutoExpress

The Citroen 2CV is a motoring icon but our readers would love to see an update on the 1940s classic design. Here's how it could look...

Wooden replica of Citroen 2CV ready to rumble  The New Paper

Tech News - A wooden replica of Citroen's iconic “ 2CV”, crafted by a French cabinetmaker using a mix of lumbers including apple, pear and cherry, is ready to ...

The New Paper
Citroen 2CV crossed with Ferrari to create 180mph hybrid  Telegraph.co.uk

Two friends have crossed a Citroen 2CV with a Ferrari – and produced a bread van which can travel at 180mph.

How Citroen 2CV wrecks are being restored in Britain... and then sold back to France for a nice little earner  Daily Mail

Prices for the 600cc deux chevaux are now rocketing - with refurbished cars made by 2CV City, near Bradford, selling for up to £11000.

Daily Mail
Horrible Small Cars: Citroen 2CV  CarBuzz - Car News and Reviews

Citroen's 2CV may have been the right car for France and other parts of Europe post-WWII, but it was low on power, safety and general refinement. Think of the ...

CarBuzz - Car News and Reviews
Never say die - Citroen 2CV vs the Mini: CAR+ archive, April 1978  CAR Magazine

... ▻ Survival power: our cover story from April 1978 ▻ Iconic road test, as Mini meets Citroen 2CV ▻ Another iconic gem from our new CAR+ *service*.

CAR Magazine
Europe | Citroen 2CV: France's iconic car  BBC News

One of France's most iconic cars, the Citroen 2CV, is celebrating its 60th birthday this October. The BBC's Emma Jane Kirby in Paris has been looking at how this ...

BBC News
Join the Armée! 1979 Citroën FAF A 4x4 for Sale! – News  Car and Driver

In the late 1960s, a couple of Frenchmen living in the Ivory Coast took the robust mechanicals of Citroën's long-running 2CV and built a utility body to fit.

Car and Driver
Have Citroën, Will Travel  New York Times

Two Frenchmen have crossed four continents and traveled 25000 miles in a a 1977 Citroën 2CV — the French equivalent of the Volkswagen Beetle.

New York Times
Meeting the Cars of the Beijing Citroen 2CV Club in China  CarNewsChina

A flock of Citroen 2CV's, seen on the the FB-Show 2015 (intro) in Beijing. It was the very first time ever that I met a 2CV in China, and here they had four at once, ...

Imagining the Past Life of a Beautifully Restored Citroen 2CV  Highsnobiety

A new short film from Maison Vignaux imagines the past life and adventures of a beautifully restored Citroen 2CV. The 2CV is the only twin engine, ...

So Chris Harris Bought A 1957 Citroën 2CV And It's Amazing  Jalopnik

DRIVE's Chris Harris, noted master of extremely high-end speed machines, has purchased a new car. It is very old, very French, and very slow. And it is ...


Citroen 2CV Videos

Citroen 2CV Egg Challenge | Top Gear: Series 25 | BBC
Citroen 2CV Egg Challenge | Top Gear: Series 25 | BBC
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Citroen 2CV: Can The Classic Still Cut It? - Carfection
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Citroen 2CV POV Drive
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1950s Citroen 2CV Gets Brand Spanking New Roof | Wheeler Dealers
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1983 Citroen 2CV: Regular Car Reviews
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Crazy Citroen Dyane 6 Rally | Drifts & Maximum Attack | Alberto Miera 2007 - 2009
Citroen 2CV We go for a ride! Cutest car in the whole wide world??
Citroen 2CV We go for a ride! Cutest car in the whole wide world??

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Citroneta... | Citroën 2cv Citroneta, made in Chile ...
Citroneta... | Citroën 2cv Citroneta, made in Chile ...
Citroën 2CV Dolly 1987 | Citroën BX / GS / GSA meeting, 28 ...
Citroën 2CV Dolly 1987 | Citroën BX / GS / GSA meeting, 28 ...
Citroen TPV, 2CV prototype, interior & hammock seats detai ...
Citroen TPV, 2CV prototype, interior & hammock seats detai ...
Entmontage-Sales promotion 1950 to 1959
Entmontage-Sales promotion 1950 to 1959
Citroen C4 Cactus Has the Spirit of the 2CV [Real Life ...
Citroen C4 Cactus Has the Spirit of the 2CV [Real Life ...
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Burton Car Company – Wikipedia
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2cv Fourgonnette Gris Cormoran (1971) - Mehari - 2cv Club ...

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