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BMW Z1: Buying guide and review (1986-1991)  AutoExpress

A full buyer's guide for the BMW Z1 (1986-1991) including specs, common problems and model history...

BMW Z1 Review  Top Gear

This, the 1989-1991 BMW Z1, is the origin of the modern-day BMW small-roadster line that runs through the Z3 and three generations of Z4. Sadly, never again ...

Top Gear
The BMW E1 Proves EVs Were Way Cooler In The '90s  Jalopnik

Back in the early 1990s, electric car tech was taking off with the quickness. Manufacturers were dabbling with BEVs in a way that actually looked like could fill a ...

Here's How The BMW Z1's Awesome Sliding Doors Worked  Jalopnik

BMW has a new Z4 roadster out soon, and there's one thing it definitely does not have: possibly the coolest doors ever put into production, which were on the ...

Top Gear drives the BMW Z1  BMWBLOG

Now that the BMW Z4 is here and has been driven by our own Editor-in-Chief, Horatiu, we know that it's a very fun car to drive. In fact, the cars he said In this new ...

BMW Z1 - The origin of the modern-day BMW roadster family  BMWBLOG

The 1989-1991 BMW Z1 is the origin of the modern-day BMW small-roadster family that includes the Z3 and Z4 models. This particular model belongs to BMW ...

This BMW was once a vision for the future  Business Insider

The BMW Z1 was a revolutionary car from the late '80s. It was the first BMW to feature a plastic exterior and the only car to every have vertical sliding doors.

Business Insider
Wunderbar! This collection of BMW legends is a must-see  The ClassicCars.com Journal

This legends collection is sehr gut because it brings together 13 rare BMW models in one place -- four M3s, a Z1, a Z3 M Coupe, a Z4 M Coupe, a Z8, two M5s, ...

The ClassicCars.com Journal
BMW Z1: Spotted  Pistonheads.com

Drop the doors but not the ball with one of BMW's most iconic sports cars | PistonHeads.

How much would it cost you to own a collection of BMW legends?  BMWBLOG

Enthusiast Auto Group has announced that a special collection of BMWs is up for sale. The collection comprises 13 rare BMW models, including four M3s, ...

Collection of BMW Legends Available for USD 2.3 Million  Tires & Parts News

Enthusiast Auto Group has announced that a special collection of BMWs is up for sale. The price tag is a bit steep at USD 2.3 million but the BMW legends in the ...

Tires & Parts News
Buy this upcoming BMW Z4 or this classic BMW Z1?  BMWBLOG

Aside from the upcoming BMW 8 Series, the next-gen BMW Z4 is likely the second most exciting car to come from BMW. Not only is it the long-awaited.

The 2018 Michelin Choice Award goes to the BMW ALPINA Z1  BMWBLOG

The owner of this Top Rott ALPINA Z1 is Hideki Akiba from Japan who purchased the car in California earlier this year and now won the Michelin Choice Award.

Get The Coolest Doors On The Market And Bag A BMW Z1 For Free  Carscoops

The BMW Z1 is not just the German company's original Z model, it's also one of the most unique classic roadsters you can buy at the moment. This lovely ...

From Z1 to Z4: the history of BMW Z cars  Motoring Research

The new BMW Z4 made its European debut at the 2018 Paris Motor Show and is the latest in a long line of Z cars dating back to the 1980s. Here, we chart the ...

Motoring Research
Kawasaki Z1: PH2 Heroes  Pistonheads.com

With the Honda CB750 to beat, Kawasaki's Z1 needed to be fast, refined and cool. It was all of that and more... | PistonHeads.

Top Gear's Retro Review of the BMW Z1  BMWBLOG

As automotive enthusiasts, we often look back at classic cars from bygone eras with seriously rose-tinted glasses. Often times, the nostalgia of classic.

25 Photos Of Cars With The Weirdest Doors Ever  HotCars

Contrary to popular belief, unconventional car doors are not the exclusive domain of exotic sports cars and expensive supercars. Unique and unusual doors can ...

Production 2019 BMW Z4 breaks cover at Pebble Beach  Wheels.ca

A year after the concept version was first revealed at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in southern California, BMW took the wraps off the production ...

Watch And Cringe As Philippines Crushes Rare BMW Z1, Renault 5 Turbo, Maserati And More  Carscoops

You might want to look away if you're a car enthusiast, as the Philippine government crushed more than a dozen luxury, sports and classic vehicles, including a ...

A car for the new era? A 1990 BMW Z1 Roadster sells for £57,713  Telegraph.co.uk

When the BMW Z1 was presented at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show, the gasps at its loveliness were mixed with scepticism.

The BMW Z1's Incredible Vertically-Opening Doors  Core77.com

In the 1980s BMW began flexing their design muscles, forming an internal division called BMW Technik to develop new vehicle concepts and technologies.

Driving BMW’s back-to-the-future cars  Business Day

From the quirky ZI to the stunning Z8, these classics still deliver an exciting drive, writes Mark Smyth.

Business Day
Rare Rides: The 1990 BMW Z1, a Little Bimmer Time Forgot  The Truth About Cars

Our Rare Ride today is a tidy example of the very rare BMW Z1: a plastic roadster with no AC, and doors that sunk into the body.

The Truth About Cars
BMW Z1 goes for a ride in Transylvania  BMWBLOG

One of the most intriguing cars in BMW's history has to be the BMW Z1. Here is a photoshoot with the BMW Z1 from Transylvania.

Could this 1989 BMW Z1 be the perfect Springtime roadster?  BMWBLOG

If you live in areas with a relatively normal climate (not New Jersey, apparently), it's currently Spring. That means birds are chirping, flowers are budding …

The BMW Z1 Is A Beautiful Work Of Art That's Underwhelming To Drive  Jalopnik

I was 18 in 1989. It was my most formative year on many levels. What I liked then has resonated stronger and longer than any other year. That is the case for ...

For $27,000, This 1990 BMW Z1 Could Be In Your Near Zukunft  Jalopnik

Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe BMW Z1 may not drop panties like its Z8 big brother, but it will drop its doors making underwear a requirement for drivers and ...

VIDEO: The BMW Z1 is a hilariously fun roadster  BMWBLOG

We love the BMW Z1, here at BMWBLOG. As the first roadster BMW had built since the 507 Roadster, the BMW Z1 was a bit of an experiment in the late '80s.

Want to look like a 1992 Moscow mobster? Get genuine BMW Z1 sunglasses!  Autoweek

Last week, we admired -- if that's the right word -- the exquisitely early-1990s items for sale in the 1992-93 BMW Accessories Catalog. The Tyvek BMW ...

2019 BMW Z4 Price, Release Date, Reviews and News  Edmunds.com

Edmunds has the latest news on the 2019 BMW Z4, including pricing information, release date, review, pictures, specs and first impressions from our automotive ...

Is this 1991 BMW Z1 worth $100,000?  BMWBLOG

The BMW Z1 is one of the rarer and quicker cars BMW ever made, but is this pristine example worth $100000?

Inspired by the flagship 8 Series  Top Speed

The third-generation bmw z4 combines styling features seen on the z4 concept from 2017 and the flagship 8 series coupe. the roadster broke cover at (...)

Top Speed
BMW Z1 Barn Find... Sort Of  Top Speed

If you re a fan of bmw you surely know about the m1 that was built in the late 70 s and early 80 s. finding a rare m1 would be rather exciting but (...)

Top Speed
BMW Z1: Goodwood Retro Road Test special  Motoring Research

The BMW Z1 was first seen in 1986, first shown at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show and first went on sale in 1988. The first two-seat BMW since the 1959 507, ...

Motoring Research
1990 BMW Z1 on sale in Philadelphia  BMWBLOG

Ahh, Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. Home to Rocky Balboa, the Eagles and drunkenly throwing broken beer bottles at children because they were.

1990 BMW Z1 Roadster Sold at Auction  BMWBLOG

A 1990 model year BMW Z1 Roadster just sold for a lot of money at the Bonham's Auction in Chantilly, France.

Custom Bikes Of The Week: 25 November, 2018  Bike EXIF

A new Kawasaki Zed from the Japanese restomod kings AC Sanctuary, a retro-futuristic BMW R80 from Holland, and a $30,000 Yamaha WR450F supermoto ...

Someone Is Selling A Brand New 1990 BMW Z1  Jalopnik

BMW only built 8000 Z1 roadsters between 1989 and 1991, but have no fear, you can still buy yourself a brand new one if you have around $100000 sitting ...

Watch In Horror As The Philippines Bulldozes Priceless Sports Cars To Combat Smuggling  Jalopnik

Grab a box of tissues, because you're about to witness 14 amazing sports cars—including a BMW Z1, Porsche 911 GT3, Mercedes SL55 AMG, Opel Manta and ...

Sweet Christmas: Get a Load of This $2.3 Million BMW Dream Car Sale  Jalopnik

If you're like me—and God help you if you are, legitimately—you've browsed the website of Ohio's Enthusiast Auto Group and said “Yeah, one day when I get on, ...


The BMW Z1 is one of the rarest BMW convertibles of all time, with only 8000 produced. This model seems a bit pricey, at $59991.

The Philippines crushed 14 rare luxury and classic cars that were smuggled into the country  DriveMag

Including a BMW Z1, Maserati Quattroporte, Porsche 911 GT3, and Renault 5 Turbo.

Delivery-mileage BMW Z8 emerges from single ownership  Classic Driver

When the original owner of this BMW Z8 collected it from the dealership in 2001, he drove it home, parked it in a climate-controlled garage, and never drove it ...

Classic Driver
Doug DeMuro Checks Out The BMW Z1, Says It’s A Great Beach Car  Carscoops

The BMW Z lineup has produced hits such as the Z3 and Z4 but long before those models were launched, the company introduced the Z1. Originally unveiled at ...

Driving BMW's greatest roadsters  The Car Expert

With the all-new BMW Z4 on its way, we take a look back at – and have a drive of – some of its predecessors, from the 327 to the most recent Z4.

The Car Expert
This BMW Z1 From The '80s Was Once A Vision For The Future  Manufacturing.net

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Is THIS The Ultimate BMW Collection? OR, Is It Just An Overpriced Package? $2.3 Million Takes ALL...  AutoSpies.com

Is THIS The Ultimate BMW Collection? OR, Is It Just An Overpriced Package? $2.3 Million Takes ALL...

BMW Concepts We'd Love To See On The Road  CarBuzz

BMW has a rich history of actually producing the concepts they build, and in most cases, the production versions bear more than just slight resemblances to the ...

The greatest cars displayed in the BMW museum  Autocar

Instead, it's a neatly-arranged assortment of the brand's most significant cars. All of the greatest BMWs have a spot in the collection, including the 2002, the Z1 ...

Delivery-mileage BMW Z1 heads to auction  AutoWeek

If we were to make a list of fun cars from the last 30 years that North America never received, that list would be pretty long and it would be littered with Italian and ...

Paris Motor Show 2018: First Look of BMW Z4  News18

BMW has finally unveiled the all-new 2019 BMW Z4 M40i First Edition, the latest chapter in the history of BMW Z Roadsters which began thirty years ago with the ...

Z First: Celebrating 25 Years of the BMW Z1 in Photos  MotorTrend Magazine

Before the BMW Z3, Z8 Z4 convertibles hit the road, BMW developed the Z1. After four years of development, the BMW Z1 roadster debuted to journalists at an ...

MotorTrend Magazine
Keith Harring Z1 on Display at Petersen Automotive Museum  BMWBLOG

The Petersen Automotive Museum will be hosting a 1991 BMW Z1 in the "The Unconventional Canvases of Keith Haring”

Happy 25th Birthday, BMW Z1 Roadster  Automobile Magazine

BMW Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the Z1 Roadster, Which Debuted at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Automobile Magazine
These youngtimer summer convertibles can be imported via the 25 year rule  Autoweek

Summer is in full swing, and that means it's time for some top-down driving with uncomfortably warm wind in your hair and a gallon on sunblock on your face.

BMW’s Z1 Looks As Quirky As Ever Among Modern Cars  Carscoops

BMW first introduced the Z1 to the world at the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show, with roughly 8,000 units scheduled to go into production until the plug was pulled in ...

Take a look at this $2.3million BMW collection  Top Gear

Building up a decent collection of cars is tricky. Finding the right ones – the models you really want, in the right spec and condition – can take years. And then ...

Top Gear
BMW Z1 still commends a high price  BMWBLOG

A 1991 BMW Z1 listed on RightDrive sells for $54985. The car has only 14000 miles and looks in mint condition.

This $3.2 Million Collection Of M And Z Cars Is A BMW Enthusiast’s Dream  Carscoops

If you're a busy person, starting a car collection can be a time-consuming enterprise. It goes without saying that you need to have a better-than-average financial ...

2020 BMW Z4 vs 2017 BMW Z4  Top Speed

The new bmw z4 is a totally different car compared with the one from before. bmw officials are adamant about the new positioning of the z4 which has (...)

Top Speed
7 BMWs America never got  Autoweek

Over the years BMW has kept certain models from us for various reasons. Some of those reasons were understandable -- a 728i with a 2.8-liter inline-six sounds ...

Most Iconic BMWs Ever Made  CarBuzz

Throughout the decades of its existence, BMW has gone through everything from tumultuous times to raging success. Since 1927, when it released its first car ...

For $54,900, Could This BMW Be Z1 For You?  Jalopnik

In German, Zukunft means future, and that's what the Z in BMW's sports cars points to. Surprisingly, today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe Z1 arrives from the past.

BMW Z1, Z3 and Z5 in the Works  Top Speed

BMW appears to be in the process of turning the spotlight to its Z Series after a report by Motor.es suggests that the German company wants to reignite the lineup ...

Top Speed
Greenwich concours 2018 preview with classic American and European car galleries  autoweek.com

Next weekend the tony New York City burb of Greenwich, Connecticut, about 40 minutes east of Manhattan, will welcome over 200 cars for two days of classic ...

BMW Z1: Where it all began  AutoWeek

For the launch of the new Z4 sDrive 28i, BMW brought out a bit of a history in the Z1, which started the company on its trip down the Z roadster path. The car ...

2018 Legends of the Autobahn - Another Successful Year  BMWBLOG

The Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance is one of the most prestigious car shows in the world, showing off some of the most beautiful exotics, priceless.

The Ultimate BMW Collection Will Only Cost You $2.3 Million  CarBuzz

BMW fans will be aware of Enthusiast Auto Group (EAG) in Cincinnati, Ohio. This privately-owned dealership has become the go-to place to buy modern and ...

New info on BMW Z1, Z3 and Z5  BMWBLOG

BMW is looking to reinvent its Z series and wants to create a new standard of avant-garde and seductive models: BMW Z1, BMW Z3 and BMW Z5.

Collection of BMW Legends for sale for $2.3M  Motor Authority

BMW enthusiasts, scrape your change together and think about a double mortgage. Enthusiast Auto Group announced on Wednesday it is selling a collection of ...

Motor Authority
BMW Z4 roadster revived  Automotive News

BMW is wading back into the roadster market with the revival of the Z4 -- a car whose predecessor helped spark a renaissance in small sporty coupes and ...

Automotive News
New BMW Z4 expected to premiere at Pebble Beach  CTV News

BMW has confirmed that a new production model will break cover in a world premiere at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California.

CTV News
What's the best BMW Z car?  BMWBLOG

The upcoming BMW Z5 will be the latest in a long line of great BMW Z cars, but which of them is the best?

History: BMW Z1 Coupe  BMW BLOG

With its plastic body, vertical sliding doors and fascinating handling properties, the BMW Z1 was not simply the first milestone in the history of BMW Technik ...

FIRST DRIVE | The new 2019 BMW Z4 M40i is a true driving enthusiast’s car  TimesLIVE

With a back-to-basics approach and a weight-saving cloth roof, the Z4 M40i is aimed at those who appreciate the joy of driving.

#MontereyCarWeek: MORE Pictures Of The All-new BMW Z4 — Are You IMPRESSED or DEPRESSED With BMW's Latest Roadster?  AutoSpies.com

MontereyCarWeek: MORE Pictures Of The All-new BMW Z4 — Are You IMPRESSED or DEPRESSED With BMW's Latest Roadster?

Gorgeous 1991 ALPINA Z1 RLE up for auction  BMWBLOG

The ALPINA Z1 RLE is one of the rarest BMWs ever made, with only 66 ever made, and number 55 is up for auction right now, with a very high asking price.

Philippines Government Crushes 14 More Smuggled Luxury Cars With a Bulldozer  The Drive

The Philippines continued its quest to eradicate every cool car in the Asian archipelago this week, with controversial President Rodrigo Duterte staging another ...

The Drive
Here's The Most Comprehensive Look At The BMW Z1's Weird Doors You'll Ever See  Car Throttle

Doug DeMuro takes a closer look at the BMW Z1, and some of the quirky design features that emerged as a result of its unusual door arrangement.

Car Throttle
The history of the BMW 3 Series  Motoring Research

Ahead of the launch of the seventh generation BMW 3 Series, we take a look at the history of this executive saloon.

Motoring Research
Someone Opened The Roof On The Z4 At 110 mph And It Worked  Top Speed

As with every new car manufacturers are trying to reinvent the wheel. well not literally but at least they are trying to make the most of it. it is (...)

Top Speed
This hurts to watch - Police seize and destroy a Ferrari 458!  Wheels24

Watch as this gorgeous Ferrari 458 is destroyed by police. If you're a fan of sports cars you might want to brace yourself.

You know you want to... 1991 BMW Z1  Pistonheads.com

The Z in Z1 supposedly stands for 'zukunft' or 'future', which is somewhat ironic, because the Z1 fell so far short of BMW's sales expectations that it could have ...

BMW i8 Roadster Launched in Britain, Costs £124735  autoevolution

The 2+2 BMW i8 has evolved past its coupe form into a lovely roadster with butterfly wings. However, there's one thing that could stop many UK buyers from ...

The history of the BMW 3 Series in pictures Motoring Research  MSN Autos

Launched in 1975, the BMW 3 Series changed the shape of the compact executive sector. Since then, some 14 million units have been built, making it one of the ...

MSN Autos
We all know now what identity of the new 2 Series, including the M2, will be  Top Speed

The next-generation bmw 2 series is going to be built to drift at least if there s anything to take away from its drift machine internal nickname. bmw (...)

Top Speed
The i4 will fill the vacuum between the "too small" and "too big" in the Bavarian’s EV lineup  Top Speed

Bmw is adding yet another all-electric car to its portfolio the ibmw chairman harald kr ger has announced at the ongoing paris motor show that the i4 (...)

Top Speed
The Audi Q7 and Mercedes GLE better watch out...  Top Speed

The 2019 bmw x5 has been completely redesigned for 2019 with a new revitalized exterior look all-new interior tons of new technology and even more (...)

Top Speed
BMWBLOG Classic Test Drive: BMW Z1  BMW BLOG

BMW's Z1 is a classic roadster that embodies the spirit of BMW design quite well. It is bold, innovative, and utterly different.

BMW Z1, With 41,622 “Careful Miles,” Yours For $55,000  Carscoops

The Z1 is one of the most unique small European sports cars created in the 1990s, partly due to the way it looked and mostly just down to the cool doors – the ...

The new 2018 Aston Martin Vantage revealed in pictures  CAR Magazine

The new 2018 Aston Martin Vantage: everything we know, from photos to specs, dimensions, prices, on sale dates.

CAR Magazine
BMW Z1 Spotted in Austria, Still Looking Funky  autoevolution

1989 was a controversial year from many points of view. The wall of Berlin was taken down and with it went the so-called Iron Curtain and the downfall of the ...

Love It or Leave It - The 2019 BMW Z4  Top Speed

After years of rumors and proposed names the bmw z4 moved onto a new generation with a completely new platform and a brand-new design. inspired by the (.

Top Speed
BMW’s entry in the sports tourer market  Top Speed

The bmw 327 was the german manufacturer s foray into the production of more up-market sports cars that offered agreeable performance elegant styling (...)

Top Speed
A Close Look at the New Toyota Supra Reveals Some Major BMW Parts [Updated]  Jalopnik

The new Toyota Supra was sort of half-revealed at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed. While we didn't get a clear, camo-free look at the car, keen eyes on ...

1989 BMW Z1 [w/video]  Autoblog

We had ventured out to California for a BMW event tied to the huge Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, and there it sat, unapologetically sassy. It was there ...

The BMW i4 should launch in 2021  Top Speed

Bmw has revealed that the i4 will be its third electric model and will essentially be a 4 series gt with an electric powertrain. the i4 which is due (...)

Top Speed
Not bad for an open-top sports machine!  Top Speed

We got an eye-full of the new bmw z4 at the quail a motorsports gathering last month during monterey car week and while it was great to see the (...)

Top Speed
It will use diesel in its car in the foreseeable future  Top Speed

Bmw makes and sells many diesel engines in europe and other parts of the world that are not north america and it doesn t plan on stopping anytime in (...)

Top Speed

BMW Z1 Videos

Here's Why the BMW Z1 Is the Strangest Modern BMW
Here's Why the BMW Z1 Is the Strangest Modern BMW
Wheeler Dealers | The 80's Classic: BMW Z1
Wheeler Dealers | The 80's Classic: BMW Z1
Joias sobre Rodas  - BMW Z1
Joias sobre Rodas - BMW Z1
BMW Z1 Doors Open Close
BMW Z1 Doors Open Close
BMW Z1 | Kapısı olmayan otomobil | Sadece 19 bin km'de
BMW Z1 | Kapısı olmayan otomobil | Sadece 19 bin km'de
BMW Z1. 25 years.
BMW Z1. 25 years.
BMW Z1 awesome doors in action on the move
BMW Z1 awesome doors in action on the move
BMW Z1 review
BMW Z1 review
BMW Z1 deal - Wheeler Dealers
BMW Z1 deal - Wheeler Dealers

BMW Z1 Images

File:BMW-Z1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
File:BMW-Z1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
BMW Z1 Coupe Prototype 1991 wallpapers (1600x1200)
BMW Z1 Coupe Prototype 1991 wallpapers (1600x1200)
BMW Z1 Roadster - 2006 EyesOn Design
BMW Z1 Roadster - 2006 EyesOn Design
BMW i Vision Future Interaction concept debuts at CES ...
BMW i Vision Future Interaction concept debuts at CES ...
BMW Photo gallery
BMW Photo gallery
BMW Z1 - Kaufberatung: Macht tief die Tür - auto motor und ...
BMW Z1 - Kaufberatung: Macht tief die Tür - auto motor und ...
2018 BMW X3 - Overview - CarGurus
2018 BMW X3 - Overview - CarGurus
BMW Alloy Wheels & Performance Tyres - Buy Alloys at Wheelbase
BMW Alloy Wheels & Performance Tyres - Buy Alloys at Wheelbase
2019 Corvette ZR1 Sets Lap Record at Virginia ...
2019 Corvette ZR1 Sets Lap Record at Virginia ...
2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 HD - United Cars - United Cars
2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 HD - United Cars - United Cars

BMW Z1 WebSites


BMW Z1 Wiki

The BMW Z1 is the first model in BMW's line of Z series roadsters (two-seater convertibles), and was produced in limited numbers from 1989 to 1991.The Z1 is unique for its plastic body panels and vertically sliding doors which drop into the door sills. It is one of the first BMWs to use a multi-link rear suspension. The sole drivetrain specification is the 2.5-litre straight-six engine and 5-speed manual transmission from the E30 325i.In 1996, the Z1's successor, the mass-produced Z3, began production.