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1979 BMW M1 Procar Restored By Canepa  -  Top Speed
The BMW M1 is an absolute icon. Widely considered Bimmer's only true supercar, the M1 is a unique milestone in the Bavarian brand's history. Draped in dramatic Italian styling and powered by a sonorous German six-cylinder mounted just behind the cabin, ...

BMW Birthday Bash at Amelia Island  -  Sports Car Digest
Other models have also defined the profile of the BMW story, and the Concours d'Elegance would not be complete without them: they are the BMW 328, the BMW 507 and the BMW M1. The weekend of classic cars held on Amelia Island is not simply a stage ...

Ridin' In Classics! 1979 BMW M1 Procar  -  stupidDOPE.com (blog)
Well today we get a look at something that fits all of those qualities, and offers up quite a clean design in the process; a 1979 BMW M1 Procar. This stunning design comes from the folks at car restoration firm Canepa, who have done quite an amazing job.
Classic Car of the Week: 1979 BMW M1  -  Opumo
Everyone knows the story of the M1 – the car that BMW built because they became increasingly annoyed with the dominance of Porsche, and particularly the fact that the 911 won – pretty much – every race that it was eligible to compete in. In fact, the ...

This Restored 1979 BMW M1 Procar Is Achingly, Painfully Wonderful  -  RoadandTrack.com
The Giugiaro-designed M1 is one of the rarest BMWs ever produced, and the rarest of them all are the BMW M1 Procars. Raced for only two seasons in the one-make M1 Procar Championship, only 40 of these cars were ever produced. This particular car ...

Rare BMW M1 Stripped For Rebuild Reveals Amazing Find  -  CarBuzz
We've spotted the BMW M1 up for sale a few times, some in better condition than others, but this one at Canepa is the best to date. It arrived at the shop in need of a restoration, which the company usually does for cars in need thanks to an in-house ...

BMW M1 Procar Looks Good As New After Spectacular Restoration  -  Car Throttle
Look at that beauty. Just 40 BMW M1 Procars were ever made and No.31 has gone through a complete and exquisitely-done restoration by Canepa. The No.31 served as a spare car during the BMW M1 Procar Championship, so it never actually hit the track ...

You want this road-legal BMW M1 Procar  -  Top Gear
The 31st of 40 BMW M1 Procars has just popped up for sale in California, and we want it. Quite badly, in fact. Chassis 31 was never raced, but instead rebuilt as a road car and sold to its first, German owner in 1979 as a normal, production ...

This BMW is probably the coolest car for sale in the world  -  GQ.com
You already know about the M1. It's that Seventies race car that BMW built because it was annoyed with Porsche because the 911 kept winning everything. The same car that was actually made of plastic, vastly expensive and took so long to reach the road ...

Second life delivered to BMW M1 Procar  -  INAUTONEWS
This example was among the ones chosen to serve as a replacement car in the BMW M1 Procar Championship racing series, but this particular unit never saw the circuit. It was given the full race-ready treatment in the factory but it was later assembled ...

BMW M1 Videos

BMW M1: The Forgotten Supercar - XCAR
BMW M1: The Forgotten Supercar - XCAR
BMW M1 (Top Gear) HQ
BMW M1 (Top Gear) HQ
BMW i8 vs BMW M1 track battle
BMW i8 vs BMW M1 track battle
EPIC BMW M1 Procar, two of this Monsters at Swiss Hillclimb Gurnigel 2015.
EPIC BMW M1 Procar, two of this Monsters at Swiss Hillclimb Gurnigel 2015.
Should I Buy A Classic Car? £500k BMW M1 Review
Should I Buy A Classic Car? £500k BMW M1 Review
BMW M135 Vs VW Golf GTI - Top Gear - Series 21 - BBC
BMW M135 Vs VW Golf GTI - Top Gear - Series 21 - BBC
DINAN's 450 HP BMW S3R 1M Coupe: Too Fast for Public Consumption?
DINAN's 450 HP BMW S3R 1M Coupe: Too Fast for Public Consumption?
Insanely Loud BMW M1 Procar Onboard on Track!
Insanely Loud BMW M1 Procar Onboard on Track!
BMW 1M - Walls - MPowered Performance Part 1
BMW 1M - Walls - MPowered Performance Part 1
BMW M1 ProCar - Onboard, Flames, Accelerations - FANTASTIC SOUND!
BMW M1 ProCar - Onboard, Flames, Accelerations - FANTASTIC SOUND!

BMW M1 Images

1972 BMW M1 pictures
1024 x 768 jpeg 257kB
bmw-m1-pro-car-race-bbs-bmw-north-america | From Bavaria, with love.
1200 x 800 jpeg 553kB
Bmw M1
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700 x 583 jpeg 99kB
BMW M1 Group 4 - Chassis: 4301076 - Driver: Guenther Schindler - 2014 ...
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Bmw M1 2012 Hatchback Images & Pictures - Becuo
4928 x 3264 jpeg 1560kB
Bmw M2 2014 2014-bmw-m235i-18
1280 x 853 jpeg 895kB
BMW i8 by Bengala Rendered Online | BMWCoop
831 x 471 jpeg 49kB
The Land Before Time: Inital Dino!! 'Drake's Car' by SusenM74 on ...
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Fichier:BMW M1 (Apeldoorn, NL).jpg — Wikipédia
3872 x 2592 jpeg 1712kB
1500 x 938 jpeg 356kB
Bmw M21 Bmw 3 series e30 1985 - 1991
1800 x 1197 jpeg 368kB
BMW i9 2016: BMW plant Supersportler zum 100. Geburtstag - Jubiläums ...
664 x 443 jpeg 19kB
M1-1 : Suche BMW R45 oder R65 : Motorrad Oldtimer : #203523646
1280 x 961 jpeg 463kB
Photos > Salons > Hotesses EICMA 2013 >
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Photos > Jeep > Patriot >
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Immagini Di Moto Bmw | HD Walls | Find Wallpapers
1569 x 985 jpeg 388kB
Test Facility Map - BeamNG DRIVE - BeamNG DRIVE Mods
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audi rs7 audi rs7 – occasion pas de calais (62) audi rs7 occasion ...
1600 x 1067 jpeg 487kB
550 x 383 jpeg 50kB

BMW M1 WebSites

The M1 coupe was hand-built between 1978 and 1981 under the motorsport division of BMW as a homologation special for sports car racing. The body was designed by ...
Unfortunately for BMW, and fans of racing, BMW’s M1 Procar racing series wasn’t very successful. It lasted a couple of seasons, but then ended and, …
The BMW M1 is a car that’s remarkable for a few reasons, it was to be BMW’s first mid-engined car and quickly became one of the most iconic supercars of the late ...
Der BMW M1 (interne Bezeichnung E26) war ein Supersportwagen von BMW, der von Herbst 1978 bis Ende 1981 hergestellt wurde.
The fourth Bmw Art Car, a BMW M1, was created in 1977 by the Pop Art legend Andy Warhol who, unlike the previous artists, worked directly on the full-scale vehicle ...
El M1 fue construido a mano entre 1978 y 1981 por la división Motorsport de BMW como una homologación especial para las carreras de coches. La carrocería fue ...
To see our latest film before it's on YouTube: http://www.carfection.com Subscribe for more XCAR videos: http://bit.ly/U9XDKc BMW only ever made one proper ...
La M1, ou BMW E26 est un modèle d'automobile du constructeur allemand BMW, produite de 1978 à 1981. Bien qu'elle soit un échec commercial lors de sa production, en ...
For the later German touring car series, see ADAC Procar Series. The BMW M1 Procar Championship, sometimes known simply as Procar, was a one-make auto racing series ...
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BMW M1 Wiki

The BMW M1 (E26) is a sports car produced by German automaker BMW from 1978 to 1981.In the late 1970s, Italian manufacturer Lamborghini entered into an agreement with BMW to build a production racing car in sufficient quantity for homologation, but conflicts arose that prompted BMW to produce the car themselves. The result was sold to the public, from 1978 to 1981, as the BMW M1. It is the first mid-engined BMW to be mass-produced, the second is the BMW i8. It employs a twin-cam M88/1 3.5 L six-cylinder petrol engine with Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection. A version of this motor was later used in the South African version of the BMW 745i, of which 209 examples were built between 1984 and 1986, as well as the E24 BMW M6/M635CSi and E28 BMW M5. The engine has six separate throttle bodies, four valves per cylinder and produces 277 PS (204 kW; 273 hp) in the street version, giving a top speed of 260 km/h (162 mph). Turbocharged racing versions are capable of producing around 850 hp (634 kW).The M1 coupe was hand-built between 1978 and 1981 under the motorsport division of BMW as a homologation special for sports car racing. The body was designed by Giugiaro, taking inspiration from the 1972 BMW Turbo show car. Originally, BMW commissioned Lamborghini to work out the details of the car's chassis, assemble prototypes and manufacture the vehicles, but Lamborghini's financial position meant that BMW reassumed control over the project in April 1978, after seven prototypes were built. Since the engineering of the car was still incomplete, a group of former Lamborghini engineers that had founded a company named Italengineering offered to complete the car's design. Less than 10 miles away from the Lamborghini shop, the engineering for the M1 was finished. Only 453 production M1s were built, making it one of BMW's rarest models. Of the 453 produced, 20 were race versions created for the BMW M1 Procar Championship. The spirit of the M1 lived on in the M635Csi and the first-generation M5, which use a modified version of the M88/1 engine, the M88/3.The M1 had various successes in motorsports. In 2004, Sports Car International placed the car at number ten on their list of top sports cars of the 1970s.The M1 is not related to BMW's 1-series compact executive car which started production in the 2004 model year, nor is it related to the BMW 1 Series M Coupe which started production in the 2010 model year.