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Skoda Vision iV: a view into Czech's first production EV  CAR Magazine

CAR magazine reveals the first details of the new Skoda Vision iV electric concept car.

CAR Magazine
In the era of fake news, trusted journalism is more important than ever  Devon Live

Ed Oldfield has seen a broad range of changes during his 30-year career in journalism.

Devon Live
'Woeful' - Wolves fans are all saying the same thing about this man  Birmingham Live

It was a disappointing performance for WWFC at the New Meadow.

Birmingham Live
A Grand Monday: Austin Allegro 1.0L  Honest John

It's amazing how, suddenly, cars that you previously couldn't give away take on a collectable status. And that's what's happened to the Austin Allegro.

Honest John
Quirky new Northfield bar called Allegro – after 'worst car of all time'  Birmingham Live

The Allegro bar in Northfield will be music to the ears of motoring fans.

Birmingham Live
Brexit causing automotive industry to splutter to a halt like an Austin Allegro  Business MattersBusiness Matters

I've been keeping a close eye on how our automotive sector is doing, because anyone with an understanding of business and the economy would appreciate ...

Business MattersBusiness Matters
Austin Allegro: how the worst car of all time came to be made  Telegraph.co.uk

Harris Mann and the cars he designed have received a lot of flak over the years but, as he tells Martin Buckley, he was stymied by dated technology, interfering ...

Once they were common as dirt..soon they'll be rust a memory!  Birmingham Live

They are the Midlands motors that were once commonplace on our roads – and many were much-maligned.

Birmingham Live
The much-maligned Midlands motors once commonplace on our roads  Coventry Telegraph

But they have become Britain's rarest cars, and real collectors items - and in some cases worth a fortune. Share. By. James RodgerAdvanced *Content* Writer.

Coventry Telegraph
Bar named after 'worst car of all time' opens near Longbridge  Birmingham Live

Northfield bar named after the Austin Allegro opens close to its spiritual home in Longbridge.

Birmingham Live
Prince William County home sales  Washington Post

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Black Knight Inc. To find sale and assessment records for homes elsewhere in the ...

Washington Post
Move Over, Napa  The Boca Raton Observer

Oenophiles Are Toasting To A New Wine Country: Walla Walla, Washington.

The Boca Raton Observer
The Austin Allegro at 40  Telegraph.co.uk

As it turns 40, Andrew Roberts looks at the Austin Allegro's place in motoring history.

Guess What This Austin Allegro Actually Is Underneath  Jalopnik

I'm sure for our regular readers who spotted my byline here, this isn't really a difficult question. Yes, under that 1980 Austin Allegro body beats the air-cooled ...

Wealth's so fleeting — except Aunty Liz's | Comment  The Times

The Queen's nephew, the 2nd Earl of Snowdon, has defended the fabulously rich, which takes courage in the current political climate. Apparently being loaded ...

The Times

Southeast Minnesota is currently under a Winter Weather Advisory.

13 long-lost Ford Mustang concept cars  AutoClassics

The Ford Mustang has a history spanning five decades, with each generation defining its era. But what about the Mustang concept cars that never m...

How to take a living room from boring to bold with fun colors and accessories  The Washington Post

Judy Hollar and Derek Erdmann want to convert the 11-by-15-foot living room of their Herndon, Va., home into a sports memorabilia and music room, where they ...

The Washington Post
Review: Mozart vs. Varèse | Dallas Winds | Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center  TheaterJones Performing Arts News

Dueling Orchestras - Dallas Winds begins the year with innovative programming of side-by-side orchestras and the music of Mozart and Varèse.

TheaterJones Performing Arts News
Austin Allegro Review  Classic Cars for Sale

Tips on how to find an Allegro you can depend on... In 1973 British Leyland unleashed the Austin Allegro on to a world that probably wasn't quite ready for it.

Classic Cars for Sale
Award long time in making for Austin Allegro  Driving

It's been 40 years since the Austin Allegro was launched and it has finally won an award. Its name may have been a moniker for “fast, cheerful and lively,” but the ...

Why don’t car makers turn out brown cars any more?  The Guardian

Why hasn't any car manufacturer ever produced a solid brown-coloured car since the Austin Allegro back in the 60s? What is so wrong with brown? It's not as if ...

The Guardian
UK’s rarest cars: 1978 Triumph Dolomite 1500 SE, one of only a handful left  The Telegraph

During the 1970s, British Leyland offered a spate of limited-edition versions of its cheaper models.

The Telegraph
Austin Allegro voted worst car in Britain  Telegraph.co.uk

The Austin Allegro has been voted Britain's worst car - 25 years after production ceased.

These 10 cars were once common on our roads but are now close to extinction  Chronicle Live

Ford Sierras and Cortinas are among the models which have seen their number plummet, despite being hugely popular back in the day.

Chronicle Live
UK’s rarest cars: 1976 Renault 12 TL, one of only nine left  The Telegraph

We thought it rather distinctive, even for a car produced in the mid-Seventies, although owner Andrew Cleal says of his Renault 12 TL:

The Telegraph
Whole Foods Resuming Rollout Pace as Newtown Square Opens  Winsight Grocery Business

It's been about five years in the making, but the Whole Foods Market in Newtown Square, Pa., is finally open for business. And it could be.

Winsight Grocery Business
Celebrating 40 years of the wonderfully woeful Austin Allegro  Birmingham Mail

Allegro fan club marking the occasion with a drive to Belgium - if their engines start.

Birmingham Mail
Festival of the Unexceptional 2018: meet the unloved classics with a cult following  Motoring Research

Photos from the 2018 Festival of the Unexceptional at Stowe House, near Silverstone – from an original Invacar to a Datsun Cherry estate.

Motoring Research
Why Donald Trump Is An Austin Allegro | CCFS UK  Classic Cars for Sale

In many ways it seems harsh to compare Donald Trump to the Austin Allegro, as the Allegro hasn't really done anything wrong, but there are some striking ...

Classic Cars for Sale
The 10 Worst Cars of All Time  The Drive

A true hater's guide to the least loved cars ever made.

The Drive
Manufacturing is actually a huge success in the UK, says ROSS CLARK  Express

So it was yesterday with the news that Jaguar Land Rover is to cut 5,000 jobs in Britain, mostly administrative roles. Remarkably, presenters continued to push ...

Taxing times: what you need to know about VED and MoT requirements for historic vehicles  The Telegraph

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the late 20th century for enthusiasts of old cars and motorcycles was the 1995 Budget announcement that vehicles constructed ...

The Telegraph
Forget the Austin Allegro, the Morris Marina and even the Lada, the ugliest car is the SsangYong Rodius thanks  Daily Mail

Voted for by the readers of Auto Express magazine, the SsangYong Rodius was said to be the worst car ever made with one critic commenting: 'If it were human, ...

Daily Mail
these bloated motors exemplify an era of shoddy seventies cars  Designboom

a trio of shoddy seventies vehicles have been digitally resurrected as a series of comical animations by creative studio ink in 'bloated motors'.

The cars we really wanted to love  Autocar

Autocar writers choose the cars that disappointed them the most.

Land's End To John O'groats By Austin Allegro  Classic Cars for Sale

All Blogs Practical Classics Contributors Calum Brown and Martin Domoney hit the road in an Austin Allegro to raise money for Help For Heroes. It didn't all go ...

Classic Cars for Sale
Austin Allegro fan spends £8500 restoring £800 'flying pig'  Daily Mail

Isobel Billingsley has spent £8500 painstakingly restoring a 1973 series 1 Allegro since buying the clapped out banger for £800 in 1997.

Daily Mail
I Don't Totally Get What's Going on With These Inflated British Car Animations But I Sure Like Them  Jalopnik

The British creative studio INK has been having some fun lately, sort of both at the expense of and in glorification of some of the most notorious British cars from ...

Black suit, white sneakers and a grand piano  BYU-I Scroll

Austin Roylance entered the stage at 7:31 p.m. wearing a dark suit, white high-top Converse and colorful socks. He took his place at the elegant Grand Piano.

BYU-I Scroll
FLASHBACK THURSDAY: A very 1970s advert and the showing of a controversial film  Basingstoke Gazette

HAPPY New Year and welcome to the first Flashback Thursday of 2019.

Basingstoke Gazette
Driving with kids: What to look for in a family car  Irish Mirror

When buying a new car there are many things you need to consider – engine size, fuel, number of doors, etc. – but once you have kids it gets even more ...

Irish Mirror
Austin Allegro voted world's worst car  Mirror.co.uk

It came as no surprise the Austin Allegro has been voted world's worst car.

The road to nowhere – Britain’s most endangered cars  iNews

Britain loves its classic cars but time hasn't been kind to them all and now many of the most-loved and some of the most-hated models, including the likes of the ...

Festival of the Unexceptional: Is this the 'worst' car ever?  AutoClassics

Hagerty insurance celebrated its 5th anniversary supporting the Festival of the Unexceptional for 2018, and the winning car from this year's even...

Merger that killed our car industry Business  shropshirestar.com

It was all smiles for the media, but behind the facade lay bitter acrimony. Sir George Harriman, chairman of British Motor Holdings, and Sir Donald Stokes, his ...

From the archive: 'The Two Ronnies' advertising British Leyland  Birmingham Mail

We've found comedy gold in footage of the Two Ronnies advertising for British Leyland .

Birmingham Mail
Has Britain finally shaken off the legacy of the Allegro?  Telegraph.co.uk

A new survey has placed a high value on products "Made in Britain" but it has taken a generation to rebrand a nation.

The CAR Top 10: delusions of grandeur  CAR Magazine

When 'pushing your brand upmarket' goes wrong. Very wrong. Top 10 delusions of grandeur by CAR magazine UK.

CAR Magazine
Man crashes into facade after losing control of car  Times of Malta

A 38-year-old man was grievously injured on Tuesday when he lost control of the car he was driving and crashed into a facade in Fgura. The police said the ...

Times of Malta
New MOT test rules could result in more road accidents, experts warn  The Independent

The new MOT exemption for classic cars more than 40 years old could result in more road accidents, experts have warned. Rule changes coming into force ...

The Independent
Classics for sale: 1960 Austin 152 Omnibus  AutoClassics

There was a time when vans were new, cool and predominantly British. Next time you need to transport a bunch of your mates somewhere, ditch the L...

The 10 cheapest classic cars - and ones to watch  RAC

With some classic cars now changing hands for the price of a small house (and that's saying something) it might seem impossible to get started on your ...

Enz seizes the moment, captures Miss Auburn crown  Auburn Reporter

Douglas wins Teen title during scholarship program at the Performing Arts Center | PHOTOS.

Auburn Reporter
How the 'world was a very different place' the last time Leicester City won at Arsenal  Leicestershire Live

Gary Silke looks back at 1973, the year City last beat the Gunners in their own back yard.

Leicestershire Live
Jaguar Land Rover is selling a part of the James Hull classic car collection  autoweek.com

The Jaguar Land Rover collection is parting with a few dozen cars from its vault, a rare event in itself and one which presents collectors from all over the world ...

Classic car owners warned they risk fines as thousands no longer need annual MOT  The Telegraph

Classic car owners are at risk of fines, experts have warned, as new MOT rules mean thousands are exempt from the annual test and could overlook problems.

The Telegraph
Concours de l'Ordinaries celebrates unexceptional vehicles  The ClassicCars.com Journal

In the United States, we have the Concours d'Lemons. In England, a similar event is called the Hagerty Festival of the Unexceptional/Concours de l'Ordinaire ...

The ClassicCars.com Journal
NOSTALGIA: Mothers celebrate Christmas Day babies  Bracknell News

Five mothers celebrated Christmas with their new born babies in 1980, all delivered on the big day itself, and then posed proudly for the Bracknell…

Bracknell News
Five cars that really shouldn't make a comeback  Stuff.co.nz

Here's our pick of terrible cars that should never make a comeback.

Super, smashing, great – remembering Jim Bowen and the cars you could have won on 'Bullseye'  The Telegraph

Between 1981 and 1995 Bullseye, hosted by Jim Bowen, was as essential an aspect of a Sunday afternoon as last-minute homework. For the whole 30 minutes ...

The Telegraph
The nine strangest rebadged cars  Goodwood Road and Racing

Familiar cars, but re-branded as something else, date back to the dawn of the motor car, with 'badge engineering' in particular proving to be a popular ...

Goodwood Road and Racing
Bad car quiz - how much do you know about the world's worst motors?  BT.com

1. The Lada Riva was sold in the UK from 1983, following on from the earlier 1200 and 1300 models and often criticised for its stodgy driving experience and ...

Marmite motors: the cars we hate to love  Motoring Research

The automotive landscape would be a dull place if we all bought the same vehicles. While it's easy to agree that the latest Audi A4 is A Good Car, and the ...

Motoring Research
The 10 most endangered British cars  Telegraph.co.uk

A new 'Save our Classics' campaign has been launched to encourage the preservation of endangered 'everyday' British cars.

Austin Maestro 30th anniversary  Telegraph.co.uk

It's easy to forget the Maestro had geniune potential when it was launched in March 1983, although history hasn't been kind to the replacement for the Austin ...

Running out of road: Classic cars like the Allegro, Montego, Maestro, Marina and Ital are on verge of extincti  Daily Mail

A generation of popular cars that once dominated the nation's highways and kerbsides are now on the brink of extinction.

Daily Mail
10 of the worst production cars of all time  Sunday Times Driving

Not all turkeys have two legs; some have four wheels. They're our Christmas turkeys: the motor industry's unloved motors that gobbled up cash in depreciation ...

Sunday Times Driving
North Carolina governor says state still in open negotiations with Apple for expansion  9to5Mac

Last week, Apple announced plans to invest in a new one billion dollar campus in Austin, Texas. The company further announced massive job expansions in.

Talking big on exports and relying on a weak pound is not the answer  The Times

This week began with disturbing news from manufacturers. The purchasing managers' index for the sector, a key measure of activity, dropped to its lowest level ...

The Times
These apartments drop you right in the middle of Addison's awesomeness  CultureMap Dallas

Looking to strike the ideal chord between city and suburban living? Make your new home in Allegro, where luxurious amenities blend with an abundance of ...

CultureMap Dallas
Aston Martin Vantage | The Engineer Car Review  The Engineer

An all-new design brings the baby Aston Martin bang up to date, writes Chris Pickering. There's something unmistakably Aston Martin about the new Vantage.

The Engineer
Full boil: foreign language entry wins 2018 Diagram Prize  The Bookseller

For the first time in the 40-year life of the world's most prestigious literary gong, a foreign-language tome, Joy of Waterboiling, has won the Diagram Prize for ...

The Bookseller
10 cars that should never have been built  Telegraph.co.uk

So many questionable vehicles have been produced over the decades that they've spawned their very own publishing genre; the Crap Cars book and ...

Britain's best dead car companies - which ones do you remember?  Autocar

We take a trip down memory lane and look at some of the UK's most notable deceased car companies.

Allegro Pearland Academy of Music opens storefront on Feb. 5  Community Impact Newspaper

After serving the area for over six years, Allegro Pearland Academy of Music opened its own standalone studio on Feb. 5 at 1801 Country Place Parkway, Ste.

Community Impact Newspaper
JLR Selling 100 Affordable Classics From Its Own Collection  Motor1.com

Jaguar Land Rover is to sell off many of the surplus, non-JLR vehicles from its ex-James Hull Collection, at a dedicated Affordable Classics sale by Brightwells at ...

Hanwha Total Goes Live on Allegro's CTRM Software After 10-Week…  Virtual-Strategy Magazine

Hanwha Total Goes Live on Allegro's CTRM Software After 10-Week Implementation Global Leader in Commodity Management Solutions Continues to Build on ...

Virtual-Strategy Magazine
Newsline: The Millennial Con Trick  MediaTel Newsline

A few months back, writing in Marketing Week, Professor Mark Ritson urged those attending a meeting during which a consultant mentions the word 'Millennials' ...

MediaTel Newsline
Opinion: Why the world’s best car show is full of forgotten British bangers  Motoring Research

From Morris Marinas to Austin Allegros, our man says the annual BMC/BL Day in Peterborough is one of the best shows in the world.

Motoring Research
The ugly cars our parents drove are back in demand on British roads  Mashable

Youngtimer” drivers are learning to love the “ugly” family cars of the '70s and '80s.

Festival of the Unexceptional to celebrate mundane classics  AutoClassics

Owners of classic cars high in rarity but with a dearth of prestige are gearing up for their marquee concours event, as Hagerty's 'Festival of the Unexceptional' ...

2016 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Facelift Unveiled, It's Similar to the Austin Allegro  autoevolution

Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen are arguably the laziest automakers when it comes to facelifts. But Alfa Romeo surpassed the German trio with the 2016 Alfa ...

Cipriani opens in November  Eater Vegas

Cipriani's long-awaited expansion to Las Vegas has been pushed back a month from a previously announced October debut. The original plan called for the ...

Eater Vegas
RE: Rover 825 Sterling: Shed of the Week - Page 1 - General Gassing  Pistonheads.com

Many of us now believe that the world has either gone mad or is rapidly heading in that direction. The languishing in PH Classifieds of this mint condition, ...

NOSTALGIA: The formation of The Ortons - Allegros, art and the Cheeky Girls  Peterborough Telegraph

The Ortons were originally the historic villages of Longueville and Waterville but in the 70s the area was transformed into a modern township as part of the city's ...

Peterborough Telegraph
Bye bye buy-to-let … but where next for your money?  The Guardian

Investing in buy-to-let has been the easy way to make money for two decades. But from this year a raft of tax changes will make it far less profitable. Are there ...

The Guardian
World's best police cars  CAR Magazine

Browse the world's craziest, fastest and wildest police cars: CAR magazine UK looks at police cars around the globe.

CAR Magazine
10 worst cars ever sold in Britain  Telegraph.co.uk

Readers of Auto Express magazine have voted on the 10 worst cars ever to be offered to the British public. Here, in reverse order, is a rundown of the cars you ...

The life of Longbridge: A transition from boom to bust  BBC News

Ten years ago mass car production at Longbridge plant in Birmingham came to an end. Before that though the factory, which Herbert Austin set up in 1906, ...

BBC News
High school baseball: 2018 all-league teams  The Olympian

All-league teams in the greater Olympia area, as voted by coaches.

The Olympian
Allegro Builders To Break Ground On Mixed-Use Project In The Heights  Bisnow

Allegro Builders is constructing 841 Yale, a three-story mixed-use project. The 8400 SF property is set to deliver by the third quarter of 2019.

Top Austin Tech and Startup Hires and Departures in June 2018  American Inno

We report on hiring announcements and executive departures in the Austin Inno Beat newsletter, along with insights on how these personnel moves may impact ...

American Inno
Is this the most quintessentially British car ever?  AutoClassics

Forget the Jaguar E-type, Range Rover or Rolls-Royce. The car that sums up Britain perfectly is the humble Morris Minor. Here's why...

Amazon Prime Day Deals Extend to Whole Foods Groceries This Year  Eater

Groceries at Whole Foods will be discounted for Amazon Prime members on Prime Day when the retailer's annual made-up “holiday” rolls around next week.

The 25 Strangest Steering Wheels Ever Designed  HotCars

Read on and decide for yourself if these so-called “innovations” in steering wheel design are really advancing the thrill of driving.

Once-loved cars on brink of extinction as Allegros, Maestros and Metros dwindle  This is Money

More than 600 models of once much-loved cars are now on the brink of extinction as the last of the line head towards the scrap-heap, new figures revealed ...

This is Money
Top 5 classic cars you never knew were made in Scotland  AutoClassics

It's St Andrew's Day! To celebrate all things Scottish, we look back on Scotland's automotive history – including the controversial Argyl...

A Very English Scandal, episode 3 review: Hugh Grant has given a Bafta-worthy performance as Jeremy Thorpe  The Independent

Having lived through a dramatised version of the real life of Norman Scott, the one-time male model who, it was alleged, the leader of the Liberal Party plotted to ...

The Independent
10 of the most inappropriately named cars in history  Autocar

A lot of thought, time and money goes into deciding the name of any new car, but despite this, some manufacturers still end up with some odd choices for their ...


Austin Allegro Videos

Driven: 1975 Austin Allegro 1100 Deluxe 'Worst Car' Naaaaah!
Driven: 1975 Austin Allegro 1100 Deluxe 'Worst Car' Naaaaah!
Austin Allegro: The Car's the Star Part One
Austin Allegro: The Car's the Star Part One
Austin Allegro Estate | Retro Car | Car Review | Drive In | 1975
Austin Allegro Estate | Retro Car | Car Review | Drive In | 1975
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Austin Allegro Vanden Plas | Retro Car | Car Review | Drive in | 1974
The WORST Car Ever Made? | Allegro vs Marina | Clarkson's Car Years | Top Gear
The WORST Car Ever Made? | Allegro vs Marina | Clarkson's Car Years | Top Gear
Austin Allegro 1.3 HLS - Bradley James Classics
Austin Allegro 1.3 HLS - Bradley James Classics
Austin Allegro Development/Introduction Pt1
Austin Allegro Development/Introduction Pt1
This FRANKENSTEIN Austin Allegro is the Ultimate Hot Rod!
This FRANKENSTEIN Austin Allegro is the Ultimate Hot Rod!
Quite Possibly the Best Unrestored Austin Allegro 1100 DeLuxe with 10,190 Miles - SOLD!
Quite Possibly the Best Unrestored Austin Allegro 1100 DeLuxe with 10,190 Miles - SOLD!
BMC Crash Test (1961-1965) | British Pathé
BMC Crash Test (1961-1965) | British Pathé

Austin Allegro Images

Austin Maestro 30th anniversary - Telegraph
Austin Maestro 30th anniversary - Telegraph
Featured Cars - Austin - Allegro - 1974 Austin Allegro ...
Featured Cars - Austin - Allegro - 1974 Austin Allegro ...
Austin Allegro launch and growing pains in 1973 – the ...
Austin Allegro launch and growing pains in 1973 – the ...
Austin Allegro – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
Austin Allegro – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre
BMC ADO16 - Wikipedia
BMC ADO16 - Wikipedia
Sold: Austin 1800 Sedan Auctions - Lot 2 - Shannons
Sold: Austin 1800 Sedan Auctions - Lot 2 - Shannons
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The cars : Ford Capri development story - AROnline
Essay : Devil's Advocate - the MG ZT 260 and Rover 75 V8 ...
Essay : Devil's Advocate - the MG ZT 260 and Rover 75 V8 ...
80s cars at simplyeighties.com - old cars videos and ...
80s cars at simplyeighties.com - old cars videos and ...
TopWorldAuto >> Photos of Peterbilt 377 - photo galleries
TopWorldAuto >> Photos of Peterbilt 377 - photo galleries

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Austin Allegro Wiki

The Austin Allegro is a small family car that was manufactured by the Austin-Morris division of British Leyland from 1973 until 1982. The same vehicle was built in Italy by Innocenti between 1974 and 1975 and sold as the Innocenti Regent. In total, 642,350 Austin Allegros were produced during its ten-year production life, most of which were sold on the home market.