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This is a Litchfield-tuned Alpine A110  Top Gear

British tuner adds power to TG's reigning performance car of the year. Tom Harrison. 7 Feb 2019. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto · Copy link.

Top Gear
This 11,000-RPM Widebody Alpine A110 Is Wonderful  RoadandTrack.com

Though this car may look like a widebody Alpine A110, it's actually a completely custom tube-frame race car underneath, with an A110-style body placed on top.

Acceleration test: Alpine A110 vs Porsche 718 Cayman S  Top Gear

Here's how the numbers match up against two quite evenly-matched sports cars. Ollie Marriage. 22 Jan 2019. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto ...

Top Gear
The Goodwood Test: Alpine A110  Goodwood Road and Racing

Reviving a classic name carries a big risk, but it seems to have worked for Alpine...

Goodwood Road and Racing
Andros Trophy in an Alpine A110 (kind of)  Pistonheads.com

Being deeply impressive on road and circuit is one thing, but an Andros Trophy ice track? That's something else altogether... | PistonHeads.

Alpine A110 at Val Thorens: Pic of the Week  Pistonheads.com

Back by popular demand, the A110 on ice | PistonHeads.

Meet the COTY finalists: Alpine A110  WhichCar

You know that thing about working smarter rather than harder? Yep, that.

This crazy Alpine A110 might be the ultimate hillclimb car  AutoClassics

This classic Alpine A110 revs to 11000rpm thanks to a Kawasaki motorbike engine.

Does the new Alpine A110 live up to its legendary past?  AutoClassics

The original A110 is a legendary machine that redefined lightweight sports cars, and won the first ever WRC title in 1973. Does the new car deser...

WRC rally-winning Alpine A110 joins Artcurial Paris auction  AutoClassics

Winning in Portugal and finishing 2nd on the Monte Carlo Rally, this Alpine A110 contributed to the marque's WRC title in 1973.

UK Car of the Year 2019 shortlist announced  The Telegraph

The UK Car of the Year Awards have recognised 11 manufacturers as class leaders across 12 different categories. The judging panel – which has expanded in ...

The Telegraph
James May Bought An Alpine A110, His Favorite Car Of 2018  autoevolution

Even if Jeremy and Richard call him Captain Slow from time to time, James May owns or used to own a number of cars that don't fit his description.

BMW Z4 Convertible review  AutoExpress

BMW's front-engined, rear-drive sports car is an old-school delight, but it's a less engaging driver's car than a Boxster.

Alpine A110: 'The perfect car to escape to the country' | Martin Love  The Guardian

Neat, nimble and light… the reborn Alpine A110 has everything you need to tackle Devon's toughest roads, says Martin Love.

The Guardian
Alpine A110 Could Get 50-HP Bump and Convertible Variant: Report  The Drive

The Alpine A110 is one of the cars we covet the most here in the U.S. where it isn't available. Now it sounds like Alpine is going to make it even more painful for ...

The Drive
The Alpine A110 Is Very French and Very Good  Automobile

Following in the tracks of a legend is never particularly easy, but Renault's revival of the Alpine A110 has fared better than most.

Alpine A110 is not a Renault!  Motoring

The new Alpine A110 is built at a Renault factory but local boss insists it is not a glorified Renault.

Renault's Alpine A110 Is a Lithe and Lively Mid-Engined Sports Car  Car and Driver

The French automaker Renault brings back the high-performance Alpine brand name for the light and lively mid-engined A110 two-seat sports car.

Car and Driver
Alpine A110: TG mag's Sports Car of the Year  Top Gear

TG's Performance Car of the Year winner scores highly in our overall CotY awards. Tom Harrison. 30 Dec 2018. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto ...

Top Gear
Alpine A110 review - The sports car Porsche should be worried about  Express

THE saying goes that you should never meet your heroes. So by all rights, I shouldn't be driving this car.

Alpine’s A110 is an instant classic  Wallpaper*

Wallpaper* reviews Alpine A110, an instant classic, light sports car that is a thoroughly convincing piece of car design.

The All-Aluminum Alpine A110 Is Lighter Than a Lotus Exige  RoadandTrack.com

The Alpine A110 is the current poster car of the French automotive industry, and a lightweight two-seater we're all glad Renault made. And because Alpine didn't ...

Alpine A110 - has Renault made a Porsche beater?  just-auto.com

The reinvention of Alpine as a high priced sports car marque seems to be working, as deliveries of the A110 accelerate towards the 2000 level a year after ...

Alpine A110 vs. McLaren 570S - Best Mid-Engine Sports Cars for 2019  RoadandTrack.com

We're not getting the new Alpine A110 in the US, but we're still obsessing over it. Why? It's a gorgeous French alternative to the Porsche Cayman and Lotus ...

Could A Droptop Alpine Be On The Way?  Motor1.com

The resurrected Alpine brand is reportedly considering a convertible version of the A110 as well as a more powerful version.

Alpine A110 2018 Video Review  Motoring

The new Alpine A110 is one of this year's most exciting new cars and we got to drive it at Targa High Country. Watch it now.

Alpine A110 review: Renault reinvents a classic sports car  The Independent

There lots of things to say about the Alpine A110 sports car. The most obvious, I hope you can see for yourself, it is a very striking car, in a slightly froggy sort of ...

The Independent
New Renault Clio RS Render Is The Hot Hatch We’re Waiting For  Motor1.com

It was only a few days ago when Renault published images of the all-new Clio, and someone has already dreamt up the RS performance version.

The Alpine A110 Reboots The European Coupé For 2018  Esquire.co.uk

The pacy and elegant new A110 has the spirit and style of the classic Sixties European sports car.

Renault Alpine A110 is a Porsche-baiting blast from the past  Australian Business Traveller

Another 'back for the future' brand has just landed in Australia, this one promising the potential to punish Porsche. It's a relatively obscure French sports ...

Australian Business Traveller
The BMW M2 Competition Weighs 1150 Pounds More than the Alpine A110  RoadandTrack.com

The most fun BMW has two more cylinders for an extra 155 horsepower, yet there's no way it could shake off an Alpine A110.

All of the Alpine A110 Premiere Editions are now finished  Top Gear

Alpine's completed 1,955 first-edition A110s, so now it's onto the cheaper versions. Ollie Kew. 21 Nov 2018. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto ...

Top Gear
Next French super car Alpine A110 is arriving soon  Free Malaysia Today

The Alpine A110 is equipped with a new 1.8-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine developed by the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

Free Malaysia Today
Alpine A110 first drive review 2019  Drive

Launching its revived brand for the first time (officially) in Australia, the Renault-owned Alpine is something of a mystery to many. Our debut drive of the new ...

Meeting the UK's first Alpine A110 owner  Autocar

Few cars have caused as much of a stir as Alpine's A110, and the first right-hand-drive example has just landed in the UK. We meet its proud owner.

The Grand Tour season 3 episode 5 recap  Entertainment Focus

Finally The Grand Tour has delivered an almost flawless episode. Gone are the forced jokes and cringe-worthy scripting and acting. This episode is, for me at ...

Entertainment Focus
2019 Alpine A110 review: Sports car as daily driver  CarAdvice

Can a relatively rare, ultimately focussed mid-engined coupe designed to make short work of race tracks on a regular basis be any kind of daily drive?

Litchfield Alpine A110 2018 UK review  Autocar

The Alpine A110 is one of a small handful of cars to have earned itself a coveted Autocar five-star road test verdict in 2018. A perfect rating doesn't necessarily ...

The Alpine A110 is now five grand cheaper  Top Gear

You want an Alpine, and now you've a slightly better chance of getting one. Stephen Dobie. 6 Jun 2018. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto · Copy ...

Top Gear
Here's What The New Renault Clio RS Could Look Like | HotCars  HotCars

If you're wondering what Renault's Clio RS might look like, then look no further (than the end of this page). The company unveiled the fifth-gen Clio last week, ...

Motor 2019 Alpine A110 Premiere performance review  WhichCar

Alpine is back and their latest 2019 A110 Premiere is a convincing effort by the revived brand to put its name back on the performance car map – WhichCar is ...

2018 Renault Alpine A110 road test review  Autoblog

The 'French Porsche' will only ever be that, and that's a damned shame. It's awfully wonderful in the real world, in a way no Porsche can touch.

2019 Alpine A110 launches in Australia  WhichCar

The 2019 Alpine A110 has arrived in Australia at Melbourne's Motorclassia 2018, sporting a price tag of AUD106,500 for the Australian Premiere Edition ...

2019 Alpine A110 Review  Practical Motoring

Paul Horrell's 2019 Alpine A110 Review with price, specs, performance, ride and handling, safety, verdict and score.

Practical Motoring
The Alpine A110 will cost £51,805  Top Gear

Alpine gives us prices for the (sold out) A110 Premiere Edition... Tom Harrison. 26 Apr 2018. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto · Copy link. Show/ ...

Top Gear
Watch Alpine A110 Coupe Maniacally Tackle The Magny-Cours Track  Carscoops

The Alpine A110 was taken to the Magny-Cours circuit not long ago, where it posted a lap time of 2:03.25 in the hands of pro racing driver Romain Monti.

Is This The First Tuning Job For The New Alpine A110?  Carscoops

It was expected that someone, somewhere, would eventually take the modern Alpine A110 and give it a few visual and performance mods. That someone is ...

The Winners Circle 2018, Rob Margeit: Alpine A110  CarAdvice

This is an unashamed love letter. From the moment I first laid eyes on the Alpine A110, I was smitten. It was December 2017 and I was in France for the ...

Price (mis)match comparison: Alpine A110 vs. McLaren 570S  Autocar

An A110 costs one third of the price of a 570S and has less than half the power, but is the McLaren better to drive?

The New Alpine A110 Is Everything You’d Hope For – And Then Some  Carscoops

After a 22-year hiatus, in 2017 Renault revived the Alpine name and launched a small sports car that's reminiscent of the original A110. It's still called the Alpine ...

2019 Alpine A110 review: Targa High Country  CarAdvice

It's been 41 years since we last saw a new Alpine A110 roll out of the factory in Dieppe, but it's been worth the wait, because this just may be the most enjoyable ...

Litchfield Alpine A110: Driven  Pistonheads.com

The A110 could hardly be anymore lovely to drive. But could it be just a smidge quicker... | PistonHeads.

Alpine Built Over 2000 A110s Already  RoadandTrack.com

Alpine is done building Premiere Edition A110s. Now, it's time for even more to leave Dieppe.

Dallara Stradale vs Lotus Exige Cup 430 vs Alpine A110  Top Gear

When it comes to track driving, weight is inversely proportional to fun. Stephen Dobie. 9 Nov 2018. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto · Copy link.

Top Gear
Bad News Americans: The New Alpine A110 Is as Good To Drive as We All Feared  Jalopnik

We always knew the Alpine A110 was an important car, bringing back one of the greatest names in the automotive world and also bringing back lightweight ...

Alpine A110 Tipped To Gain 300 PS Variant, Cabriolet Is On The Cards  Carscoops

The lightweight construction and perfect weight distribution of the modern Alpine A110 to shine in all reviews so far despite having less power than most of ...

Speed Week '18 Team France: Bugatti Chiron and Alpine A110  Top Gear

Welcome to Top Gear's Speed Week. The 14 best performance cars in the world will descend upon a mildly terrifying Seventies-spec F1 circuit, for several days.

Top Gear
Alpine A110 review: French sports car hits Britain  Top Gear

Isn't that the car that caught f…? Don't. We're not going to dwell on what may have made the Alpine A110 infamous, rather celebrate what ought to make it ...

Top Gear
Alpine A110 goes on display at Singapore Motor Show  Paul Tan's Automotive News

It's not often you get up close with the new Alpine A110, but that is exactly what is being displayed at the 2019 Singapore Motor Show. The two-door.

Paul Tan's Automotive News
Alpine A110 Is The Little French Sports Car That Sticks It To The Germans  Carscoops

If you want a compact sports car but would also like something other than the default choices in the segment, such as the Porsche 718 Cayman and Audi TT RS, ...

Waldow Performance Alpine A110  Pistonheads.com

Need an A110 with more performance, more carbon and more, er, luminous green? German specialists Waldow have you covered | PistonHeads.

Alpine A110 here in October  Motoring

Renault's hotly anticipated Alpine A110 coupe will arrive in Australia later than promised and in more limited numbers.

Renault's revived Alpine races to keep pace with demand  Automotive News Europe

The positive reaction to the first car produced by Alpine, Renault's revived sports-car brand, was "humbling," the company's interim managing director, Sebastien ...

Automotive News Europe
Alpine A110 gunning for Porsche 718 in Australia  CarAdvice

Alpine is a name that won't mean much to most Australians, but the French manufacturer has set the mark high with its (re-)entry to the market, with its sights ...

Is The Alpine A110 A True Affordable Alternative To The McLaren 570S?  Carscoops

The Alpine A110 and McLaren 570S are two entirely different cars with little in common. However, that didn't stop Autocar from comparing them to find out which ...

Litchfield Gives The Alpine A110 Porsche 911-Levels Of Performance With A Simple Remap  Carscoops

Good news for the lucky few that got a brand new Alpine A110: Litchfield has just rolled out their Stage 1 tune package for the lightweight mid-engine sports car.

Quick group test: A110 vs 718 Cayman vs Elise 220 Cup vs TT RS  CAR Magazine

CAR magazine UK compares the Alpine A110 sports car with the Audi TT RS, Porsche 718 Cayman and Lotus Elise 220 Cup with pictures, specs and verdict.

CAR Magazine
Alpine will boost A110 output to reduce wait times  Automotive News Europe

Renault's Alpine brand is raising production of its A110 coupe to 20 cars a day from 15 to try to reduce waiting times that stretch more than a year.

Automotive News Europe
Alpine A110 Premiere Edition Production Ends With 1,955 Units Made  Carscoops

Renault's newly-revived Alpine brand has ended production of the limited-run A110 Premiere Edition model. The entire batch of cars was sold in just a few days ...

Alpine A110 makes European Car of the Year finals  Pistonheads.com

On its first go, Alpine has produced a sports car in with a shout of winning the motor industry's biggest award | PistonHeads.

Alpine A110 v Porsche 718 Cayman S v Audi TT RS – Supertest review  Evo

The Alpine A110 has made waves in sports car circles, but it'll have to get through the Porsche Cayman S and Audi TT RS to claim its crown.

Alpine stops producing launch-edition A110  Motor1 UK

Resurrected French sports car maker Alpine has wrapped up production of the A110 Premiere Edition.

Motor1 UK
Alpine A110 2018 - UK price and specs revealed for Pure and Legende models  Express

THE all-new new Alpine A110 2018 UK price and specs for the Pure and Legende variants have been revealed.

Chris Harris on that Alpine A110 fire  Top Gear

“It began as an entire car with a bit of flame, but ended up as molten metal”. Chris Harris. 23 Apr 2018. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto · Copy ...

Top Gear
Alpine A110’s Strong Demand Leads To Production Ramp Up  Carscoops

Alpine will boost the A110's production output in a bid to reduce waiting times that currently stretch to more than a year. Renault's gamble to revive the historic ...

Drifting The Alpine A110 On Track Will Put A Smile On Your Face  Carscoops

If you thought that Porsche and Alfa Romeo have a monopoly on mid-engined, rear-wheel drive coupes with the Cayman and the 4C respectively, think again, ...

New BMW M2 Competition vs Alpine A110  What Car?

These sports cars have evolved in very different ways, but both promise to be thrilling to drive. Only one can be king of the jungle, though.

What Car?
The Long Read: Alpine A110  Pistonheads.com

Renault said we could have the first A110 for half a day. We drove it till they made us stop... | PistonHeads.

BMW M2 Competition Vs. Alpine A110: Different Worlds Clash For The Title Of Best Sports Car  Carscoops

For years the Porsche Cayman dominated the compact sports car world, but since the German company decided to switch to four-cylinder turbo engines, ...

Back in time with the new Alpine A110  AutoClassics

Is the new Alpine A110 the modern sports car classic fans can love too? We take a classic French roadtrip to the Alps to find out. Well, someone ...

Renault offers 3 new Alpine A110 variants  Automotive News Europe

Renault is seeking to broaden the appeal of the Alpine A110 sports coupe with three new versions: a minimalist Pure edition, a comfort-oriented Legende model, ...

Automotive News Europe
Alpine A110 Premiere Edition 2018 UK review  Autocar

Alpine's A110 comeback car manages to be both fun and interesting on UK roads at almost any speed.

Alpine A110 GT4 vs Goodwood FoS  Top Gear

Alpine is getting serious about racing. Good. Time to test the 337bhp full GT4 car. Ollie Marriage. 14 Jul 2018. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto ...

Top Gear
Alpine A110 vs. Porsche 718 Cayman  Pistonheads.com

So can the French interloper really steal a march on the German stalwart? Funny you should ask... | PistonHeads.

Alpine A110 and Ford Fiesta ST twin test review  CAR Magazine

CAR magazine UK drives the Alpine A110 alongside the Ford Fiesta ST and find out they're much more similar than they initially seem.

CAR Magazine
Alpine A110 Pure, Legende Versions Live From Geneva Motor Show  Motor1.com

The Alpine A110 Pure will be the lightest version available, while the A110 Legende will be the most luxurious. Both will attend the the Geneva Motor Show.

Litchfield Alpine A110: PH Trade-Off!  Pistonheads.com

Half the cost of the tweaked Alpine we drove this week now buys you a track toy from those fine folk over at Hethel... | PistonHeads.

Watch The Alpine A110 Catch Fire During Top Gear Filming  Motor1.com

Remember when in February this year we reported about Top Gear's unsuccessful attempt to hit a rally stage with the Alpine A110 sports car? It all ended with a ...

Poll: Porsche Cayman asserts itself over Alpine A110  CarAdvice

Alpine Australia managing director, Andrew Moore, made no bones about the fact the new A110 is targeted directly at the Porsche 718 Cayman.If our latest poll ...

Alpine A110 test drive | New car reviews  The Car Expert

With French tricolour badges emblazoned across the inside and outside of the Alpine A110, it's got Parisian passion seeping through its fuel lines.

The Car Expert
The Alpine A110 is incredibly fast in Stig's hands on the Top Gear track  DriveMag

If Chris Harris and Eddie Jordan had to run for their lives to escape a burning A110 in a hill climb competition, the Stig had no problems to be extremely fast ...

Alpine A110 review - style, speed, agility; French coupe delivers  Evo

The Alpine A110 is a refreshing tonic to Teutonic rivals. Agile, fast and gorgeous to look at, it almost justifies its hefty price tag.

Alpine A110 Named Top Gear’s 2018 Performance Car Of The Year  Carscoops

The time for the big buff magazines to name their respective car of the year is here, with UK's Top Gear giving the title of the 2018 Performance Car of the Year to ...

Alpine A110 review: unique and thrilling  iNews

Early reviews of the Alpine A110 took everyone by surprise. We reckoned it was a five-star car straight out the box, even before we were able to test it on UK ...

Waldow Performance unveils stronger, better Alpine A110  Forma car News

The Alpine A110 is a lightweight sports car that used to be produced between 1961 and 1977 and is wildly popular among collectors. Alpine hasn't built ...

Forma car News
New Alpine A110 Proves Its Mettle On Monte Carlo Rally Stages  Carscoops

Despite being less powerful than the Ford Escorts of the era by around 100 HP, the original Alpine A110 managed to win the Monte Carlo rally in 1973 thanks to ...

Alpine A110 Gets 300 HP from Waldow Performance  autoevolution

The Alpine A110 is awesome. It's both old-school and new-school, not powerful but still fast, sexy but not overstated. So are we surprised that people want to ...

Litchfield Stage 2 Alpine A110 Levels Up To 320 PS  autoevolution

It's been ages since Alpine launched the A110, and so far, the Superleggera with 300 PS or thereabouts is nowhere to be seen. On the other hand, tuners like ...

Rally legends tested: Alpine A110 vs Abarth 124 Spider vs Ford Focus RS  Autocar

We've driven the modern-day equivalents of cars that topped rallying's world championship 45 years ago.

Stig vs the Alpine A110: watch the TG lap here  Top Gear

Stig puts the lightweight new Alpine through its paces around Dunsfold.

Top Gear

Alpine A110 Videos

Alpine A110 2019 in-depth review - better than a Porsche  Cayman or Audi TT RS?
Alpine A110 2019 in-depth review - better than a Porsche Cayman or Audi TT RS?
Alpine A110 vs Monte Carlo rally stage | Top Gear
Alpine A110 vs Monte Carlo rally stage | Top Gear
2018 Alpine A110 real-world review
2018 Alpine A110 real-world review
NEW Alpine A110: Better Than A Porsche Cayman? - Carfection
NEW Alpine A110: Better Than A Porsche Cayman? - Carfection
Alpine A110 vs BMW M2 Competition review | Which is the best sports car? | Autocar
Alpine A110 vs BMW M2 Competition review | Which is the best sports car? | Autocar
Renault Alpine A110 - A Review By A Lotus Owner
Renault Alpine A110 - A Review By A Lotus Owner
Alpine A110 vs Porsche 718 Cayman | Which is better?
Alpine A110 vs Porsche 718 Cayman | Which is better?
2019 Alpine A110 | Snow Drive & First Impressions!
2019 Alpine A110 | Snow Drive & First Impressions!
Alpine A110 2019 in-depth review - Carbuyer
Alpine A110 2019 in-depth review - Carbuyer

Alpine A110 Images

Alpine A110 (2017) vs Berlinette 1600 SC (1973) - YouTube
Alpine A110 (2017) vs Berlinette 1600 SC (1973) - YouTube
Shotgun in the new Alpine A110 | Top Gear
Shotgun in the new Alpine A110 | Top Gear
Wallpaper Alpine A110, concept, Geneva Auto Show 2017 ...
Wallpaper Alpine A110, concept, Geneva Auto Show 2017 ...
Tamiya Renault Alpine A110 at Monte-Carlo '71 - YouTube
Tamiya Renault Alpine A110 at Monte-Carlo '71 - YouTube
ALPINE RENAULT A110 "Berlinette" jaune | Salon Rétromobile ...
ALPINE RENAULT A110 "Berlinette" jaune | Salon Rétromobile ...
Alpine A610 - Wikipedia
Alpine A610 - Wikipedia
Neurenberg 2018 - Norev 1:18 - NAMAC en Auto in Miniatuur ...
Neurenberg 2018 - Norev 1:18 - NAMAC en Auto in Miniatuur ...
Renault 5 Turbo de Griotte88 dans la vitrine de Forza ...
Renault 5 Turbo de Griotte88 dans la vitrine de Forza ...
Renault Clio RS 197 de emywouf dans la vitrine de Forza ...
Renault Clio RS 197 de emywouf dans la vitrine de Forza ...

Alpine A110 WebSites

The Alpine A110 is a sports car produced by French automobile manufacturer Alpine from 1961 to 1977. The car was styled as a "Berlinetta", which in the post-WWII era refers to a small enclosed two-door Berline, better-known as a coupé.
The 2018 Alpine A110 strikes a blow for automotive biodiversity. On paper this compact coupe looks like a surefire 718 Cayman clone. Midmounted, turbocharged four-cylinder engine: Check.
A110 Absolute agility Lightweight construction and elegant design: the A110 is Alpine’s all sports car. Inspired by Alpine’s rich heritage, the A110 places driving pleasure front and centre.
The Alpine A110 is a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive sports car introduced by French car manufacturer Alpine at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show in March 2017.
Alpine has finally revealed the new A110 and the production car is exactly what we've been wishing for: the gorgeous concept from last year with bigger mirrors. Built around a new mid-engined ...
A member of the Alpine team will handle your request as soon as possible. ok Your personal data are processed by Alpine, the data processor, in order to reply to your requests, manage your subscription to the newsletter and share sales offers that are liable to interest you.
DIECAST CAR & LED DISPLAY CASE 2012 RENAULT ALPINE A110-50 W/NOREV 185147 1/18 See more like this Otto Mobile Renault Alpine A110 1600 Rally Cevennes 1972 #12 1/18 LE of 2000 Brand New
It’s the new Renault Alpine A110. And it’s something very different. On the surface it’s perfectly straightforward, a compact two seat coupe in the mould of the Porsche Cayman and Audi TT.
The Alpine A110 is back. We witness the rebirth of the French sports car maker and drive the wonderful A110, one of the best driver's cars in years Find an Autocar car review
The new Alpine A110 has a lot to live up to. The car that gave it its name and style won the World Rally Championship and established Alpine as a worthy contender to the likes of Porsche and Lotus.

Alpine A110 Wiki

The Alpine A110 is a sports car produced by French automobile manufacturer Alpine from 1961 to 1977. The car was styled as a "Berlinetta", which in the post-WWII era refers to a small enclosed two-door Berline, better-known as a coupé. The Alpine A110 succeeded the earlier A108. The car was powered by a succession of Renault engines. A modern iteration of the A110 was introduced in 2017 developed under Renault-Nissan partnership.