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New AC Cobra 378 review  AutoExpress

With a 6.2-litre GM engine at its heart, the new 378 is arguably the best AC Cobra ever.

1966 AC Cobra 427 for sale: CSX 3315, the real deal!  AutoClassics

The AC Cobra is a true four-wheeled legend with a fascinating history and a cult following today. These cars now sell for eye watering sums, so it comes as no ...

Video: Crashing a Classic AC Cobra at Spa!  TURNology

During a quick lap at Spa, this man runs his AC Cobra wide out of Pouhon into the wet grass, which prompts a 180-degree spin and a crash at high speed.

1962-1968 AC Cobra Buying Guide  AutoClassics

Nearly six decades after it was launched, Carroll Shelby's performance icon remains instantly recognisable. Here's how to buy perhaps the mos...

The Stoneman's AC Cobra Sports Car 'Stolen,' Returned, Ready for Its Closeup - By VICTORIA FORD  The SandPaper

Mike “The Stoneman” Locasale loves his toys. Those who drive past his shop on Route 9 in Mayetta may notice parked outside the various cars and trucks he ...

The SandPaper
Rare 1997 racing AC Cobra going on sale in France  AutoClassics

A one of a kind AC Cobra built by AC in the 1990s and eligible for historic competition is heading the sale list for the Aguttes auction in Septe...

Ever wondered why the Shelby Cobra is still so popular?  DriveMag

Cobras generally and especially ones that bear the Shelby badge are known for offering some of the most thrilling four-wheeled experiences you can have on ...

Driving a 1963 AC Cobra So Hard Its Engine Blows  RoadandTrack.com

With Scottish BTCC madman Gordon Shedden on your tail, there's really no other option than going flat out, no matter what the dials say.

AC Cobra - a racing certainty at auction  Daily Record

This beautiful car - a copy of a 1960s icon - will set your heart aflutter and empty your wallet, too. It's coming under the hammer shortly – a fine collector's item for ...

Daily Record
1.3m Shelby Cobra heads the Bonhams sale  Goodwood Road and Racing

That's what the UK registration number went for, including the premium, and which now will shortly be adorning the new owner's Rolls-Royce. For money like ...

Goodwood Road and Racing
Raining on 30th anniversary car show parade  Sunshine Coast Daily

Given the day was a celebration of British marques for its 30th anniversary edition, it seemed only fitting the show featured dreary English weather.

Sunshine Coast Daily
A New Version of the Old AC Cobra Is Coming Next Year With a 550-hp V8  RoadandTrack.com

Earlier this year, AC Cars announced it would build a limited run of new Cobras built to original 1962 specifications. Featuring a 260-cubic-inch V8 like the first ...

2017 AC Cobra 378 - new pics of 550bhp V8 model  Autocar

The AC Cobra 378 will be produced in 2017 as a reborn version of the classic sports car with a V8 engine and a traditional ladder chassis. These new pictures ...

The First Shelby Cobra Sold for $13.75 Million  RoadandTrack.com

A lot of great cars went up for auction at Pebble Beach this past weekend, but arguably, this was the most historically important of them all. It's the very first Cobra ...

Bear Eats Cobra  RoadandTrack.com

Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter was recently driving his 1965 Shelby Cobra 289 on a tour through Alaska, when a uniquely Alaskan disaster struck. A grizzly bear ...

This original Shelby Cobra 427 should fetch millions at auction  Fox News

It's amazing what you can do if you just think outside the box a little bit. That's what Carroll Shelby did when used a hefty dose of American ingenuity to transform ...

Fox News
The Cobra 427 Makes a V8 Rumble You Won't Soon Forget  RoadandTrack.com

Whether it's a replica or the real thing, the Shelby Cobra is an event on wheels. This one's a continuation 427 model built in 2008, and according to Hagerty, ...

Shedden's Mighty Cobra pole lap at Goodwood Revival - Vintage Videos  Motorsport.com, Edition: Australia

Vintage Videos. AC Cobra leads the way in the practice for RAC TT Celebration at Goodwood Revival. Watch all the action on Motorsport.tv On Demand!

Motorsport.com, Edition: Australia
Watch This 900-HP AC Cobra Rip Down the Drag Strip  The Drive

The Shelby Cobra has stalked car meets since the 60s and no one has been complaining. Each Cobra is unique and its a rarity you see one pushing less than ...

The Drive
Grizzly attacks cobra in Alaska. Shelby Cobra, that is  Fox News

When Tom Cotter walked outside into the crisp Alaska on Wednesday morning, he stopped dead in his tracks. His 1965 289 Shelby Cobra was right where he ...

Fox News
Bear tears through valuable Shelby Cobra in Girdwood  KTUU.com

GIRDWOOD, Alaska (KTUU) - A beautifully maintained convertible came up against a bear in Girdwood Wednesday morning with the car coming up a distinct ...

Muscle Car Memoirs: a Cobra in the Wild  Hot Rod Network

Roger C. Johnson reminisces about a wild ride he took in a brand-new Shelby AC Cobra back in 1965 through the back roads of northeastern Ohio.

Hot Rod Network
Lego AC Cobra 427 Idea Needs To Happen  Motor1.com

One creative Lego designer has come up with a kit for the AC Cobra 427... now that project just needs to become a reality.

The very first Shelby Cobra: sold for £10,332,020  Telegraph.co.uk

The first ever AC Cobra, the Carroll Shelby creation that revolutionised the sports car market, is to be sold after remaining in the family's ownership since it was ...

Dream car for sale: Shelby Cobra 427  iNews

This is a nearly-new version of a decades-old classic Carroll Shelby's classic take on the AC Cobra is an iconic global legend, but the price you pay for such ...

15 Shelby Cars That Completely Missed The Mark (And 5 We'd Spend A Fortune On)  HotCars

The following are 15 cars that we consider the worst Shelby products ever made and 5 that we would spend a fortune to purchase.

This LEGO AC Cobra 427 Needs to be a Reality  The Drive

There are a lot of great LEGO car ideas out there, but this one really needs to happen.

The Drive
Globalization 4.0- A Revelation in Natural Intelligence- Part I  Thrive Global

Humanity's Moment of Chaos and Compassion- Crisis and Opportunity.

Thrive Global
The Racecars Are Allards. He’s an Allard. There’s Just One Issue.  The New York Times

Head-turning Allards, precursors to the hugely popular AC Cobra, are being built again by Roger Allard, who is not related to the original family.

The New York Times
Ex-racer sues after £250,000 Cobra loses historic status  Evening Standard

A former racing driver whose prized car “plummeted” in value when it was stripped of its historic status is suing the DVLA for £150000. Julian Seddon, 75, bought ...

Evening Standard
A conversation with Mr. Cobra  CNET

In a special episode of the Carfection podcast, we talk to the fascinating Lynn Park, aka Mr. Cobra, to talk about the car that's been the center of his world for ...

Original Shelby Cobra Sound - Cobra Exhaust Noise Video  RoadandTrack.com

It's fair to say that many of the original Shelby Cobras sit in climate-controlled garages for most of their lives. But every once in awhile, an owner is brave enough ...

1963 AC Cobra crashes in the rain at the 2017 Goodwood Revival  autoweek.com

We've made it abundantly clear how much we love the automotive events put on by the Goodwood organization -- you'll rarely get a better chance to see ...

AC Cobra - Best classic sports cars  AutoExpress

It's tempting to say there's nothing quite like the awesome AC Cobra from 1962, but that would be to ignore the amazing diversity of kit cars and replicas the ...

From the Archives: Original Dodge Viper RT/10 vs. Shelby 427SC Cobra  Car and Driver

Our original 1992 comparison test between the first-gen Viper and continuation 427SC Cobra CSX3056. Read the full story at Car and Driver.

Car and Driver
AC Cobra takes international journey  SFGate

A former Marine, he went to San Jose State and was a member of the 1959 NCAA champion boxing team. When he wasn't coaching wrestling at Skyline High, ...

Classic AC Cobra Review  Telegraph.co.uk

Ahead of a thrilling one-model race at the hair-raising Goodwood circuit, Andrew English takes to the track in a unique Cobra – after talking tactics with its owner.

Oh Boy, Nine New AC Cobras To Be Built To Original Specifications  Jalopnik

As if there weren't already enough AC Cobra restorations and copy-jobs running around the universe, AC Cars is planning to produce nine new, factory-original ...

Unsung movie cars: Porsche 964 (and Cobra) from Bad Boys  Top Gear

Whatcha gonna do when these two come for you? Craig Jamieson. 21 Aug 2018. Facebook · Twitter · Google+ · WhatsApp · Mailto · Copy link. Show/hide. 10.

Top Gear
Soar, Ride and Shine Bathurst, 2018: Car registrations open  Western Advocate

DREAM CAR: Stacey Whittaker has entered her AC Cobra Revival replica in the upcoming Soar Ride and Shine event at Bathurst Airport. Photo:CHRIS ...

Western Advocate
AC Cobra 378: 10 things you should know  Recombu

The AC Cobra is a car most petrolheads would swap for their least useful limb if it meant they could own one, which is why the 2017 378 remake is kind of a big ...

Buy the last 1965 Shelby Cobra 289 made available to the public  AutoClassics

The legend of the Shelby Cobra will never end, but the original production run did. Mecum Auctions is selling CSX2588, the last ever 289 Cobra to be sold to the ...

A rude car salesman did me a huge favor, says jazz icon Herbie Hancock  CNBC

A snooty salesman compelled musician Herbie Hancock to buy a car in 1963 for $6000. It's now worth $2 million.

Shelby's Cobra at 50, Still an Icon of Sex and Power  New York Times

FIFTY years have passed since the first Shelby A.C. Cobra, CSX2000, landed, heralding the emergence of an automotive sex symbol and a racetrack legend ...

New York Times
AC Heritage Will Build Nine Factory-Spec 1962 AC Cobra Mk1s: Report  Automobile

If you're sick of the official Cobra replicas emerging from Shelby's Las Vegas factory, you might want to give AC Heritage a call. According to a report from ...

Tesla motor, Shelby Cobra body, Kia battery: watch electric Cobra stun a race crowd  Family Car Guide

In 1962, a 39-year-old Carroll Shelby stuffed a Ford V-8 into an AC Ace to create one of the most sought after performance cars ever made, the AC Cobra.

Family Car Guide
This Restored Dark Green 427 Shelby Cobra Is Arguably the Perfect Spec  RoadandTrack.com

Original Shelby Cobras are rare, expensive cars no matter the condition, but a nicely specced one like this example is exponentially more difficult to come by.

At Pebble Beach, Where Rare Is Common, a Shelby Cobra Stands Out  The New York Times

HE had hired five vintage auto inspectors to pore over every inch of the gleaming red roadster. But Evan Metropoulos, a collector, had never actually laid eyes ...

The New York Times
The AC Cobra Returns To US With Up To 550 Horsepower.  Gas 2.0

The AC Ace was a hand built two seat sports car built on a steel tube frame covered in hand formed aluminum panels. It began life with a straight 6 engine built ...

Gas 2.0
Sports car owners battle over original AC Cobra  Telegraph.co.uk

The owners of two identical classic cars are in a legal battle over who owns the original.

Here's a valuable replica of one of the world's scarcest cars (photos)  Syracuse.com

The two most duplicated cars in the United States are the 1932 Ford and Ford AC Cobra. There are thousands more '32 Fords on the road than were ever ...

First right-hand-drive AC Cobra MkVI to launch at Autosport International  Autocar

The first AC Cobra MkVI to be offered in right-hand-drive form will be launched at the Autosport International show this month. The two-seater sports car is based ...

Andre Lotterer compares Cobras with LMP  Goodwood Road and Racing

Wherever you go at the Goodwood Revival you can be sure a Le Mans 24-Hour winner will never be far away. And this year there is a new face among the elite ...

Goodwood Road and Racing
A day at the workshop with Shelby American legend Allen Grant  Classic Driver

A man with a racing career intrinsically linked to the Cobra, Allen Grant was part of the fabled Shelby American driver line-up during the 1965 championship ...

Classic Driver
What Happens When You Strap A 900-HP Coyote Engine To An AC Cobra?  CarBuzz

It's got better power to weight than a Chiron but none of the aerodynamic aids or grip. What do you think is going to happen? Though it doesn't dilute the overall ...

$4M Barn Find: Ferrari 275 GTB and 427 Cobra Hidden for Decades  The Drive

This 1966 Shelby Cobra 427 and 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB barn find is nothing short of astonishing. Tom Cotter, host of Barn Find Hunters has a pretty amazing gig.

The Drive
Classic icon shoot-out: Corvette vs. Cobra 289  RoadandTrack.com

In 1963, we had a question: Chevy Corvette, or AC Cobra? It's the same thing fans of big V8s and silly speed were wondering all over the country. See what we ...

Roadkill Nights heats up the track at Pontiac's M1 Concourse  The Oakland Press

Dream Cruise week kicked off a few days early for thousands of local car lovers and drag racers with the return of Roadkill Nights on Saturday, Aug. 11.

The Oakland Press
Watching Race Car Drivers Thrash a Miniature Cobra is Delightful  RoadandTrack.com

A race car driver will race anything you put them in, even if that thing is designed for children. For its latest video, Goodwood Road & Racing put Anthony Reid, ...

Home-built AC Cobra car stolen in Canberra  ABC Local

Burglars have stolen a home built, one-of-a-kind AC Cobra car from an address in Canberra's north.

ABC Local
Retro: 1953 AC Ace  WhichCar

Years before Carroll Shelby dealt it a V8, the AC Ace was a six-pot Brit with brio.

For $18,750, This 1965 Shelby Kit Car Could Let You Join The Cobra Club  Jalopnik

It's a plain fact that there are more kit car Shelby Cobras in the world than there are the real deals. Today's Nice Price or Crack Pipe homage car may be a ...

Pilot enjoys attention AC Cobra attracts  SFGate

Gary Brauch is a retired United Airlines captain of 39 years, and a long-time car enthusiast and former racer. Since retiring from piloting, Gary works as an ...

Restored Cobra has gone on a nice ride  Temple Daily Telegram

Hollis Lewis of Cameron bought an original 1962 Shelby A.C. Cobra in January 1976 in Ogden, Utah. Lewis had the car restored in 2011 by Jeff Snyder.

Temple Daily Telegram
Seven Favorites from the Petersen’s Carroll Shelby’s Birthday Cruise-In  Automobile

Late last month, in celebration of Carroll Shelby's birthday, the Petersen Museum played host to a group of Shelby fanatics. The crowd turned up in all manner of ...

New Ford Mustang Cobra Jet is quicker than Dodge Demon  Motoring

Ford Performance has officially entered the high-horsepower drag racing arena, unveiling the 2018 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet overnight.

The AC Aceca Could Have Been the Shelby Cobra Coupe  RoadandTrack.com

The base for the Shelby Cobra was a small roadster from England called the AC Ace. Before the fender flares and big V8, the Ace was an attractive narrow body ...

This Abandoned Ferrari 275 GTB And Shelby Cobra 427 Make For A Perplexing Barn Find  Jalopnik

Sometimes, for whatever reason, people abandon cars others can only dream of owning in the first place. That was the case with this 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/2 ...

The long life of the best-selling Ford Mustang  CNBC

The Ford Mustang is the best selling two-door sports car in the world and can make the rare claim of being in production since the 1960s.

2004 Ford Shelby Cobra Concept Purchased by Engineer Who Helped Developed It  The Drive

A forgotten concept car has just been sold to one of the engineers who lead its development. It's the 2004 Ford Shelby Cobra concept that debuted at the 2004 ...

The Drive
Prized AC Cobra Crashes While Racing At Goodwood Revival  Carscoops

Unfortunately, a Ferrari 250 GTO wasn't the only classic car damaged during racing at last weekend's Goodwood Revival, a once-pristine AC Cobra also fell ...

Four "million-dollar barnfinds" go to auction this week  New Atlas

There's something about a "barn find" that tickles the public's imagination. So it was exciting to find not one, but three, or maybe even four, million dollar ...

New Atlas
The beauty and the brawn from Bonhams' Goodwood Revival 2018 sale  Classic Driver

If you can drag yourself away from the on-track action at the Goodwood Revival this coming Saturday, Bonhams will be offering over 100 collector cars at its ...

Classic Driver
A new era of AC that never was  AutoClassics

AC is etched into automotive history for its contribution to the world of sports cars. The AC Ace famously served as the platform for the Shelby-engined Cobra that ...

The world's fastest convertibles, ever  Autocar

How about hurtling towards the horizon with a 200mph-plus gale tugging at your follicles? Welcome to the world of super-fast convertibles. Who cares if you'd ...

'97 Cobra eligible for track and road goes to auction  The ClassicCars.com Journal

A one-of-a-kind 1997 AC Cobra Mk II 289 FIA will be offered up for bidding September 30 when French auction house Aguttes stages a sale at the ...

The ClassicCars.com Journal
Classic Shelby Cobra Gets Powerful Electric Makeover  CleanTechnica

January 8th, 2018 by Jo Borrás. Originally published on Gas2. The guys at EPower Racing are geniuses. They see things differently than you and I do. They see ...

Shelby's first Cobra is for sale  Stuff.co.nz

One of the most important Ford-engined sports cars is headed for the auction block.

How To Lease A $3 Million Bugatti Chiron Or Pagani Huayra, Or $5 Million Collector Sports Car  Forbes Now

Want to lease a luxury, exotic or collector car? Putnam Leasing offers open-end individually tailored leases. Their most expensive car currently on the books is a ...

Forbes Now
Why Are Brands Making Million-Dollar Cars That Are Both New and Old?  Bloomberg

Despite their popularity among high dollar buyers, continuation cars from brands like Jaguar and Aston Martin are polarizing—and potentially risky.

AC Invacar Model 70 review: 'Terrifying but exhilarating' | Martin Love  The Guardian

The ice-blue three-wheel invalid carriage that was such a feature of the 1970s rides again in a heroic adventure, says Martin Love.

The Guardian
'Garage find' Shelby Cobra and Ferrari parked since 1991 sold for millions  Fox News

A pair of classic sports cars that sat unused next to each other in a garage for 27 years were sold at auction on Friday for a combined $3575000.

Fox News
Dream Car Friday: Ac Cobra 289 | CCFS UK  Classic Cars for Sale

All Blogs It might be a kit car and replica favourite, but you can't beat a genuine AC Cobra – in presence or pace. A glorious shape with enough power to make ...

Classic Cars for Sale
Behind the scenes with the Ferrari-fixing panel beaters  Autocar

Apparently, there are over 100 billionaires living in the UK, 72 of them in London. Any one of them could afford to buy the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO that will go ...

The ORIGINAL Shelby Cobra Is Going Up for Auction  RoadandTrack.com

CSX 2000, the very first Cobra built by Carroll Shelby, will go up for sale at the Monterey auction in August.

20 Huge Engines Forced Into Tiny Cars  HotCars

Here are 20 examples of tiny cars that have huge engines.

AC Cobra Returns For 2017, Mark VI Model Available in RHD Form  autoevolution

While AC Automotive is currently working on a continuation series of the Cobra, the UK distributor for the Anglo-American sports car announces that the new ...

A classic 427 Shelby Cobra powered by a Tesla electric motor & Kia Soul EV battery pack  Electrek

As the electric vehicle market grows, the salvaged electric vehicle market is bound to grow also and that opens up opportunities for hobbyists to use electric ...

The Shelby Cobra: Why It Was Dad's Favorite Car  The Cheat Sheet

A quick look at the Shelby Cobra's timeless appeal.

The Cheat Sheet
My Car: A replica AC Cobra with a difference  The National

A pricey kit and nine months later, the Dubai-based pilot's wheels even impressed Tom Cruise.

The National
Darren McKittrick's $45,000 life dream taken when AC Cobra was stolen  The Canberra Times

When Darren McKittrick saw his garage had been broken into on the weekend he felt sick.

The Canberra Times
Quartet at the Revival auction  Motor Sport

Four picks from Bonhams' Goodwood Revival auction.

Motor Sport
Classics gearing up for 2018 Knysna Motor Show  Wheels24

The 2018 Knysna Motor Show will host some of the most collectable cars on the African continent.

AC Cobra 378 announced  Pistonheads.com

Older MkIV design returning as 6.2-litre special, priced at less than £100000 | PistonHeads.

1967 Shelby Cobra and 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB hidden for decades bring $3.5 million  autoweek.com

Gooding and Co.'s Amelia Island auction had a number of Shelby Cobras on offer over the weekend and more than a few Ferraris to choose from, but two of the ...

Watch this Cobra rebuild live at the Rand Show  Independent Online

Members of the Cobra Club will be rebuilding a Backdraft Cobra, starting from a bare chassis, at the 2017 Rand Show.

Independent Online
Dragsters have smokin' good time at Roadkill Nights  Detroit Free Press

Dragsters put the pedal to the metal on Woodward in Pontiac as others took thrill rides that a person described like a part of a roller coaster ride.

Detroit Free Press
Shelby AC Cobra 289 vs. Ford Mustang Boss 302, Chevy SS454 Chevelle, Plymouth Duster 340  Car and Driver

Through the windshield the horizon is tilted. Neck muscles strain against G-forces to support the weight of a crash helmet. Senses are bombarded with sounds ...

Car and Driver
Engineer buys Ford Shelby Cobra Concept he helped develop  Family Car Guide

Many engineers have the opportunity to see their concept cars evolve from sketch to clay to production vehicle, but, alas, not every concept finds its way to a ...

Family Car Guide
10 Classic Cars You Can Buy Brand New In 2019 | HotCars  HotCars

Classic cars are more popular than ever. They are so popular major manufacturers have brought back retro styling and famous names of their past successes.


AC Cobra Videos

AC Cobra Reaction Video!
AC Cobra Reaction Video!
Coyote Powered 900hp AC Cobra- ZERO TRACTION
Coyote Powered 900hp AC Cobra- ZERO TRACTION
1965 SHELBY COBRA WITH A MODERN TOUCH - Miayota & Generation Oldschool
1965 SHELBY COBRA WITH A MODERN TOUCH - Miayota & Generation Oldschool
Superformance Shelby Cobra Review - The Baddest Car Around?
Superformance Shelby Cobra Review - The Baddest Car Around?
Top Gear 1994: The AC Cobra Story + 2 other clips compilation
Top Gear 1994: The AC Cobra Story + 2 other clips compilation
AC Cobra - Insane Backfire! - Lovely Accelerations! - 1080p HD
AC Cobra - Insane Backfire! - Lovely Accelerations! - 1080p HD
Superformance AC Cobra Replica review
Superformance AC Cobra Replica review
AC Cobra 427 loud sound !!
AC Cobra 427 loud sound !!
Test Driving 575 HP 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 SC CSX4891
Test Driving 575 HP 1965 Shelby Cobra 427 SC CSX4891
Con estilo: AC Cobra Shelby 427 Mark VI | Al volante
Con estilo: AC Cobra Shelby 427 Mark VI | Al volante

AC Cobra Images

1965 AC Cobra - The Iron Garage
1965 AC Cobra - The Iron Garage
1965 AC Shelby Cobra 427 Interior | Chassis # CSX 3119 The ...
1965 AC Shelby Cobra 427 Interior | Chassis # CSX 3119 The ...
AC Cobra | Motorclássico, Lisbon, Portugal History and ...
AC Cobra | Motorclássico, Lisbon, Portugal History and ...
Sold: Dax AC Cobra Replica Roadster Auctions - Lot 16 ...
Sold: Dax AC Cobra Replica Roadster Auctions - Lot 16 ...
1965 Shelby Cobra / Backdraft Racing 408ci by Advanced ...
1965 Shelby Cobra / Backdraft Racing 408ci by Advanced ...
1962 Ford/Shelby AC Cobra (Custom), 1:16
1962 Ford/Shelby AC Cobra (Custom), 1:16
AC Cobra Crash | 16th September 2011 - 365 day 259 ...
AC Cobra Crash | 16th September 2011 - 365 day 259 ...
Backdraft RT3 #0744 with Roush 427 SR+TW Startup and Rev ...
Backdraft RT3 #0744 with Roush 427 SR+TW Startup and Rev ...
1962-1967 Shelby Cobra - Hemmings Motor News
1962-1967 Shelby Cobra - Hemmings Motor News

AC Cobra WebSites

In an effort to improve top speed along the legendary Mulsanne Straight at the 24 Hours of Le Mans race, a number of enclosed, coupe variations were constructed using the leafspring chassis and running gear of the AC/Shelby Cobra Mark II. The most famous and numerous of these were the official works Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupes.
With these low miles this is the ultimate Collector car! The first 13 cars all have the Shelby AC Cobra badge on the hood. None after that authentically carry the AC badge, only a Cobra badge as AC wa...
Displaying 1 - 15 of 26 total results for classic AC Cobra Vehicles for Sale.
1965 AC Cobra Color N/A Engine N/A Miles 2,900. 1965 Cobra Hurricane that was only driven 2.900mls after it was built. Powered by a 331cui Ford stroker backed by a 5 Speed transmission this Cobra is the pure fun to drive.
1965 ac cobra-replica color custom engine n/a miles 1,759. featured is a 1965 backdraft p51 cobra,one of only four built with the p51 fighter plane theme and one of onl;y 6 built with rousch supercharged 4.6l p51 v8 engine pushing 629 horsepower.
Find Ac Cobras for Sale on Oodle Classifieds. Join millions of people using Oodle to find unique used cars for sale, certified pre-owned car listings, and new car classifieds. Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood.
Find and save ideas about Ac cobra on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Ac cobra 427, 427 cobra and Shelby truck.
Cobra Country--since 1996, it’s where you’ll find the best selection of Shelby Cobras and Cobra replicas--great deals on 427 and 289 Cobras and Ford GT40s.
This was the day I first revealed to everyone that I had bought a Dax Cobra. I went to Goodwood for the Saywell International track day in the rain with my girlfriend, and surprised a bunch of ...
The Built, Not Bought Company! Factory Five Racing was founded in 1995. Over the years we have grown from a start-up business in a small garage to become the world’s largest manufacturer of "build-it-yourself" component car kits.

AC Cobra Wiki

The AC Cobra, sold as the Shelby Cobra in the United States, is an Anglo-American sports car with a Ford V8 engine, produced intermittently in both the UK and the US since 1962.